How to improve home windows and doors safety

Windows and doors are an important part of the homeroom. In addition to the ventilation function, they also play a certain decorative effect. While we shouldn’t ignore the windows and doors security issues.

In this article, we will introduce how to use windows and doors safely. As for the safety of children, we can also avoid more dangerous problems by installing child safety window locks and child safety windows.

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There are many security measures for windows and doors, among which child safety locks have become one of the most popular products in recent years. Most families may prepare a child safety lock to improve windows and doors safety, and the most important thing is to ensure the child’s safety.

In order to choose a right child safety lock for the families, let’s learn more about child safety locks...

What is a child safety window lock

For the safety of children, parents are willing to install child safety window locks on their homes. This lock can prevent children from falling out of the window and protect the safety of children more effectively.
In general, the maximum safety gap width of child safety window locks does not exceed 12cm, this can prevent children from drilling the open gap and causing danger.
Children’s window locks can be divided into: bolt type, squeeze type, flap type and sectional hook lock type.
We’re going to compare the advantages of these safety window locks as below:

Bolt-type child safety window locks

Bolt type is a locking device similar to the bolt principle installed at the bottom of the sash, and at the same time, a few holes are made in the corresponding position on the outside sash to achieve the limit of the window opening position. Through the use of the lock cylinder, the functions of anti-theft and child-proof are realized. Bolt-type child safety window locks are universal but require a key structure.

Bolt-type window locks

Squeeze type safety window locks

Squeeze type is generally installation-free. It is placed on the window rail when it is used. The internal components are opened by the rotation of the key to achieve the opening of the two top blocks at the bottom. Realize that the outside sash cannot move while blocking the maximum movement distance of the inside sash.

Squeeze type window locks

Fold-type children's window locks

Fold-type children’s window locks are generally plastic parts, which are double-sided glued to a certain position on the glass, and the maximum opening distance of the window is restricted by two fold-up flips to achieve the function of preventing children from falling.


Segmented hook locks

Segmented hook locks for children’s window locks have the best comprehensive performance of all children’s window locks. They have high strength and are suitable for most sliding windows. At the same time, the special safety device design not only effectively protects children’s safety, It is also conducive to emergency escape. If you live in a high-rise building, you must install child safety window locks for the safety of your children.

windows lock

How to use child safety window lock?

#1 Turn the protective lock of the window upside down, and you will find that there is a fixed top plate on the top and a slider that can be adjusted by the lock plate on the other side. The principle of the bottom end is simple, that’s the relationship between the thread and the nut.

#2  If you observe carefully, you can see that both the top plate and the slider are equipped with high-quality silicone friction sleeves to increase their friction with plastic steel windows.

#3  Put the lock into the keyhole. The counterclockwise direction is to reduce the distance between the slider and the top plate, and the clockwise direction is to enlarge the distance.

#4. When we using, please open the inner window fan to a proper position at first, then use the lock piece to adjust the position of the slider, place the lock in the inner slot of the window, and then fix the window protection lock clockwise.

#5 If ventilation is required in the summer, remember to open the inner window to a safe width to prevent children from falling out of a small open space. Please note that if you have thin plastic steel windows and doors, do not apply too much force during the installation process to avoid the deformation of the lower frame

What is a child protection window

The child protection window is a window designed for child safety. Its role is also obvious, the first is to prevent thieves from entering the room. It also provides security for children playing on the balcony.
These two characteristics make the majority of people living in high-rise really like it. However, some families living in high-rise buildings do not like the protective window covering their view on the balcony. But it still needs to focus on the safety of children, therefore, the invisible child protection window appeared!

The advantages of invisible child protection windows are as follows:

invisible child protection window

1. No obstacle to escape evacuation.
2. Do not affect the architectural styles
3. It does not affect the normal ventilation and lighting of the building.
4. It can prevent falling objects to ensure the elderly and children’s activities at the window.
5. Intelligent anti-theft design truly realizes “physical defense, technical defense, and civil defense”.
6. Extremely low consumption of metal resources greatly reduces the waste of metal energy Green environmental protection.

Improve the windows and doors safety in daily life

The most common safety problem in life as below:

1. When cleaning and cleaning at home, they may accidentally hit the right angle or sharp place of the window when they walk around, resulting in scratches and injuries to the skin. Therefore, when choosing doors and windows, try to choose doors and windows with rounded corners.

2. Children’s high-altitude fall incidents frequently occurred, and people’s awareness of windows and doors safety gradually increased. In addition, in areas with high winds along the coast, the sash is suspended in the air when the casement window is opened. Poor quality blades or hinges are easily swayed by wind and fall off. In order to prevent such accidents, you can actively choose flat open or push-pull type windows and doors.

3. Glass breakage
At present, 80% of home windows and doors are made of ordinary glass arranged by the decorator. After this type of doors and windows are broken, glass blocks of different sizes will appear, and they are extremely easy to break. Only when single-sided or double-sided tempered glass is selected, the glass will only show a “spider web-like” slag shape after being subjected to a huge impact, and the edges are smooth, which is not easy to cause harm to people.

Tips for windows and doors safety

1. Lock your doors and windows when you closed. If your window is not equipped with a lock, you can buy a new lock at the home improvement store. Installing locks increases your windows and doors safety.

2. Install window trinkets to limit how wide you can open it. As we know children and pets can easily fall out of the window and if they are left unattended, thieves can easily come in through the spacious windows. Keep your windows open no more than 4 inches with jewelry.

3. Large furniture should be moved away from windows. Children and pets can be dangerous by climbing on the sofa or armchair.

4. Use cordless curtains; use curtains to maintain your privacy, because naked doors and windows give outsiders a glimpse of your daily life which will make your home become the main target of a thief.

How to choose a reliable windows and doors

1. Choose reliable brands
Choose a good brand, reliable brands are strictly regulated in product quality which also is recognized by people. Besides, the price of big brand products is only 30% higher than the other ordinary brands, and the product details are also the most stringent for a big brands as well.

2. There are many types of frames, ordinary aluminum alloys, injection-molded aluminum alloys, and new aluminum alloys for broken bridges. In terms of stability, the new aluminum alloys for broken bridges are the best which are bridged by high-end aluminum is more stronger, longer service life of broken bridge links!

3. The glass is recommended to use double hollow three-layer tempered glass, or two laminated glass + hollow tempered glass, which can effectively prevent cracking due to external forces. The multi-layer composite insulating glass increases the safety factor because there is a metal wire or wire mesh as the supporting skeleton in the middle of the wired glass, it has certain safety and fire protection function. It is mainly used for inlaying in fire doors, windows, partition walls and other fire and earthquake resistance The place.

Multi-layer composite glass can also provide anti-theft, bulletproof and anti-riot properties. This kind of glass is laminated or wired between two or three layers of tempered glass and is called multilayer composite laminated glass. Due to the use of toughened glass, its impact resistance can be greatly improved. Once broken, the glass slag will not fall off due to the adhesive effect of the interlayer film, and it will still play a blocking role. The installation of special multilayer composite insulating glass can increase the windows and doors safety.


Windows and doors normally enhance the security of your home. The doors and windows of your home, although they serve as a source of light and air to your home, can also cause potential disasters if they are poorly maintained. We need to enhance your window and doors safety and protect your family. The first thing to ensure the safety of children’s homes is to make the doors and windows safe and secure, so as to avoid the tragedy of accidental falls at home. Safe door and window measures can ensure the safety of children’s lives.

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