The windows and doors market is growing at a rapid pace today. This is the result of the thriving real estate and construction industry.

The Windows and Doors Market size was USD 160.25 billion in 2018 and will grow at a CAGR of 5.1% from 2019 to 2026.] (source:

windows and doors market


The number tells us the market of windows and doors poses a steady growth in these coming years. At least by the year 2026 expectedly.

One of the causes of market growth is prevailing construction activities across the globe. And the following factors are the main contributors:

  1. The demand for residential buildings grows as an increase in the urban population.
  1. Governments spend more money today in commercial buildings.
  1. Development and innovation in technology.
  1. More and more people tend to replace their aging households.

Alongside, people’s requirements for the quality of windows and doors become higher.

This is not surprising, because windows and doors are critical to buildings. They serve as the key structure of the buildings in architecture. Windows and doors support the weight of the building as well as the walls and pillars.

On the other hand, modern technology has developed more features of the products. Therefore, more expectation of the windows and doors than the past.

These all result in the increasing demand and the growth of windows and doors market.

In this article, we are going to talk about the windows and doors market in various aspects including

  1. Materials
  1. Applications
  1. Regions

Windows and doors market by materials

The main materials in the market of windows and doors today are aluminum, uPVC, and wood (timber).


Aluminum has served for the industry of windows and doors over the decades. And it is still one of the main roles in the industry today. The aluminum earns popularity thanks to its outstanding features and high-level performance.

Windows and doors made of aluminum alloy are strong. Because aluminum is resistant to corrosion and does not rust. You will find aluminum windows and doors to retain their performance and beauty even for a long time.

And the aluminum doors and windows remain durable even in tough weather conditions. This makes it a nice alternative over the windows and doors made of wood materials. Plus, other features such as easy to maintain, 100% recyclable, and lower cost than the timer.

All in all, aluminum has become one of the most popular materials for windows and doors today. Hence the continuous growth of the windows and doors market by aluminum segment.


uPVC windows and doors shall witness above average industry growth of 5.4% over the forecast period. (source:

uPVC (aka unplasticized poly vinyl chloride) windows and doors gained popularity due to several advantages.

The lower prices might take first place over the others. uPVC windows and doors tend to be cheaper than those of aluminum and wood materials. This is one of the key reasons why people start to adopt them.

After all, the increasing cost of housing and building materials tightens the budget for decoration. Although uPVC windows and doors are less flexible for designs and less durable than the aluminum ones.

Another advantage of uPVC windows and doors is the soundproof performance. This is the result of the natural attribute of the material. Houses with uPVC windows and doors are usually more silent. Because they effectively keep noise out of your house. Meanwhile, aluminum windows and doors also have better soundproof performance thanks to modern technology. That comes with relatively higher prices though.

As well, the nature of the uPVC material offers better thermal efficiency. uPVC windows and doors are more likely to keep your house warmer. While windows and doors of traditional metal materials easily take the heat away. Technology today has enabled excellent warmth-keeping performance for aluminum windows and doors though. The lower prices still propel the growth of the uPVC segment.


You can still often see wooden materials in the windows and doors market. Especially the wooden doors if you visit the doors market regularly. They still play a unique role, despite the higher prices and demand for caring.

And the windows and doors market growth by wood segment ranks just after uPVC.

This results from the benefits of the wooden windows and doors. Whether the products of hardwood or softwood, wooden windows and doors often come with a traditional appearance. And this builds a unique style in the design industry. The wooden windows and doors usually create a softer and quaint feeling for the house.

Moreover, the character of the wooden material allows more possibilities in shapes and patterns.

This has led to the prevalence of wooden windows and doors. And also, the market growth of windows and doors by the wood segment.

Windows and doors market by applications


Residential sector possesses a share of over 60% in the global windows and doors market. (source:

You probably sense the growing demand for windows and doors. One of the reasons is the continuous residential construction activities. And the demand for residential buildings results from the growth of the urban population.

Besides the population, single-family homes are another result of the rapid urbanization today. And it largely contributes to the sale of residential buildings.

For instance, sales of single homes in USA stood at 694,000 in December 2019 which is 23% above from the previous year. (source:

Also, people tend to replace their aging windows and doors. Plus, requirements for better security and privacy.

At the same time, new housing trends like transitional living drives the demand for windows and doors as well. For example, you probably prefer to stay in places with more convenient traffic to your workplace. Still, you want to get a bit far away from work during the holidays. For that purpose, buying a new house can pretty much solve the issue.

In the year 2016, AIA (The American Institute of Architects) had reported a 61% increase in architectural firms where clients were demanding transitional living. The blend of environment with home has resulted in the development of folding doors, sliding glass walls, bi fold doors and other advanced doors and windows. (source:

All the above factors propel the growth of the windows and doors market.


The growing investment by the governments has led to the growth of windows and doors market by commercial segments.

With the development of global economics, governments throughout the world invest more money in infrastructure. Office buildings, shopping malls, schools, hotels, and hospitals witness the trend.

Moreover, the commercial segment grows for other reasons. For instance, the rising awareness of invisible security in commercial spaces such as workplaces.

Windows and doors market by regions

When we look at the market by region, Asia Pacific remains the largest one. And the market size of North America and Europe followed as the top 3 together.

Asia Pacific

Asia pacific accounts for a share of over 40% in the global market. (source:

China is leading the growth as the key player in this sector. Several countries in this region also show an increasing demand for windows and doors. These countries include India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

The positive growth of the Asia Pacific sector owes to stable economic growth and favorable government policies.

North America

Among the top 3 regions, the share of North America takes the 2nd place.

As a result of the new housing trends, single-family homes will become the main power of the growth expectedly.


Energy-efficient is now a major topic in Europe. Therefore, the increasing demand for building materials basically serves for the efficiency of energy. And the demand for windows and doors is not an exception.

In Europe, almost 40% of the overall energy demand is consumed by buildings. (source:

Among the other building materials, windows and doors are of significance in energy efficiency. They are the main roles to keep the heat and warmth inside the homes. And the offices and malls when it comes to commercial applications.

This has led to the popularity of energy-efficient windows and doors in Europe. As a result, windows and doors in this region usually require better performance of insulation.

In other words, the growth of windows and doors in Europe largely thanks to the energy-efficient trend.

Forecast of windows and doors market

The 3 types of windows and doors remain the stars in the market

Windows and doors of aluminum, uPVC, and wood materials will still be the main roles in the market of windows and doors. The 3 different materials will play their parts respectively in various situations, because of their unique features.

At the same time, the mature production lines of the 3 will continue to propel the market growth. Unless new materials come over with lower costs and better performance.

Aluminum, uPVC and wooden windows and doors will still thrive for a long time.

Energy-efficient windows and doors will hit the trend

Energy-efficient has been the topic with global attention. As mentioned above, buildings consumed almost 40% of the overall energy demand in Europe.

And more energy consumption means more money to pay. Now, let’s take a closer look with solid data.

Adding draught-proofing solutions the doors and windows can save a yearly household around 20 Euros.

By installing energy-efficient windows, people can save up to 115-120 Euros every year in England, Scotland, and Wales according to a study. And the amount can reach 145 Euros in Northern Ireland.

Besides less cost, there are more benefits of energy-efficient windows and doors:

You can enjoy a more comfortable home. Because energy-efficient windows and doors keep more warmth inside your house.

Your home is more likely to be peaceful and quiet. Since windows and doors with energy-efficient features protect you from external noise.

Generally, the common energy-efficient solutions on the market include:

  1. Making the glass double-glazed or triple-glazed
  1. Adjusting the size of the gaps between the glass
  1. Adopting pane spacers in the products

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The growing demand for windows and doors is a great opportunity for companies in this industry. While the rising standards and requirements for the products is a challenge as well.

Leading companies with innovative technology and high-level service are more likely to seize the opportunity. Among these companies, EEHE is here for your choice. Find more on our windows and doors solutions.