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Window and door design: the various styles

There are several popular types of windows and doors on the market today. Check them out below.

Window styles

Casement windows

Casement windows were once the mark of the history of windows. The appearance of sliding windows had replaced many of them though. But still, lots of homeowners today are choosing casement windows for their home decoration. The technology has enabled some new features of them. Today, you can pretty much customize your casement windows by finish, colours and materials.

Sliding windows

Popular in construction during the 1950s and 1960s, sliding windows are still a choice for many homeowners today.

Sliding windows require less maintenance than the other windows styles. For their simple structure. And they are likely to serve longer for your home as a result. On the other hand, the large panels can keep more fresh air away than the others. Because you can always keep only one of them open. The other panel remains the block of the air then.

Awning windows

The top outward opening feature of the awning windows make them popular. Especially for rainy areas with lots of rainfalls. Because the rain flows out of your place along with the top open sash of the window. The open-top sash serves as an awning as they get their names. That way, you can still keep the windows open during the rainy days while keeping the rain away.

Fixed windows

One of the reasons for the popularity of fixed windows today is the cost. Fewer functions than the other styles of windows, thus less cost as well.

Meanwhile, the lower cost comes with less air and ventilation. So, you might understand why the office buildings need to have their A/Cs on the whole day.

If you decided fixed windows for your office building project. We can cater to your needs as well. Given our experience of bunches of projects both residential and commercial. Tell us your requirements and find out the solution with our project specialists of windows and doors.

Door styles

Hinged/swing doors

Typically, a hinged door consists of a door frame, a door leaf and several hinges. On one end, the hinges connect the door leaf and the door jamb. The door jamb refers to the vertical side of the door frame. And the other end of the door swings open.

French doors

As well as hinged doors, French doors swing open. But the structure and the way to swing make French doors different. The door leaves swing on each side. Unlike the hinged doors to open from one side. You open French doors from the centre, which enhances the view of the scene.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are popular today. Because they take up less space on the floor. You slide open them instead of swing. Thanks to the easy structure of the sliding doors. You can save more time and effort from the maintenance of sliding doors.

Bifold doors/Folding doors

As well as sliding doors, bifold doors require a large opening. But unlike sliding doors, bifold doors allow more space for you to go in and out. Because the panels of the sliding doors always need the space to stand there.

While bifold doors can fold to one end as much as you push them. When folded, bifold doors will take up more space on the floor than the sliding door though.

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Window and door design ideas for your home entry

Now that we’ve learned the window and door design ideas by the popular styles, let’s go deeper to the entry.

As the first part to see in most cases, the front door remains very important.

Getting the right front door

Front door ideas

The front door is the most exposed part of your house. It’s where you greet friends and family, serve trick-or-treats, and enjoy the songs of holiday carolers.

Choosing a front door can be very difficult because there is a variety of options in style and construction. You may have a hard time deciding whether to choose a panelled or double or arched front door. Then you may have difficulty in choosing among a wood, fibreglass, and a metal front door.

But fortunately, some practical matters can help you in your decision-making process.

As the first and the last part of your house that visitors will see, the front door is a perfect place to show your design ideas.

Replacing an old or dated looking front door is actually one of the most popular ideas. It means that many people are not satisfied with the front door they chose. So, it is very important to choose a suitable front door for your new home at the beginning. It’s not only a decorative feature but also an important investment. A suitable front door won’t cost you any more money.

Both the security and style of your front door will impact your home’s worth.

When selecting a new front door, you have to consider the material, the cost, and the style.

In terms of style, your front door should architecturally fit in with the rest of your home. But don’t let the style limit your expression of personality. Make good use of the front door to show yourself.

Six-panel doors

A six-panel door is very traditional. An arched door with stained glass has more fanciful ideas. A single French door adds elegance, not to mention its great source of natural light.

Steel doors

A non-traditional steel door is also popular in modern architecture because of its strength and affordability. However, metals can conduct temperature, so a steel door is not the best choice in extreme climates.

Solid wood doors

A solid wood front door will always be a classic, though it’s a bit expensive. Due to its sensitivity to moisture and sun, a solid wood front door requires more TLC and repairs.

Fibreglass doors

Among the many, fibreglass doors are at a medium level in price and durable.

Moreover, they are available in many styles, including those with wood patterns.

Finally, no matter what material your front door is made of, the colour is key to influencing the emotions of the guests who enter your home. For example, red shows vitality, and yellow convey cheerfulness. Whatever colour you choose, make sure the colour expresses you. Not sure where to get started?

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How to choose your front door: the principals and criteria


When it comes to style, your front door should fit the rest of your home. But you can take the opportunity to introduce something about you with this element, as well. Are you the traditional type?

In this case, the classic six-panel door is probably right for you. More whimsical? Perhaps an arched door with stained glass. There is something out there for everyone, so feel free to express yourself.


A standard single door is generally 32″-36″ wide. Is your entryway standard? Or will you want a bigger one, like a 42″ extra-wide single door? Besides, there are double doors. Also, remember that an entryway may encompass more than the actual door. Sometimes decorative elements require proper framing for support.


Most of the doors today are made of wood, steel or fibreglass.

Wood: Nothing beats the natural beauty of wood, but wood doors are not cheap, or easy to buy. Another disadvantage is that wood is sensitive to moisture and sun. So, you need to check the condition of the wood door at least once a year. To lower cost and minimize warping, modern wood doors are generally a sandwich of veneers over a wood or steel core.

Steel: Steel is strong and won’t crack or bend but it will have dents. If there is small damage to the steel door, you can repair it with auto-body repair kits. But if there is a big dent, you may need to buy a new door.

Depending on the core, a steel door can be a great option for energy efficiency. But steel does conduct temperature, so it won’t work best in extreme climates. All in all, steel is one of the cheapest options, but it has a shorter life.

Fibreglass: Fibreglass composite doors are both cheap and durable. They can work for years without repair, so they are particularly well suited to harsh weather. Generally, the core of fibreglass doors is foam, an excellent insulator.


Like most investments in your home, there’s an up-front cost and a long-term cost when you buy a front door. Make sure you are well aware of the energy efficiency, maintenance requirements, and life expectancy of the door you choose. All of these affect the long-term cost of maintaining your entryway.

Whatever door you choose, use colour, hardware, and entryway accessories to make it your own. Then invite your friends, family, and neighbours to knock, and come on in.

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More window and door design ideas making your beautiful home

Update house numbers

Your house numbers should be unique and appropriate to the architectural style of your house. There are so many styles and options of house numbers to choose from. You may see individual numbers in wood, metal, and ceramic. Also, you can customize your own house numbers. With a screwdriver and a pair of mounting screws, these house numbers can be installed in minutes.

Use planters

It’s a good idea to dress up the front entry with containers filled with flowers or plants. Try an ordinary clay flower pot, or a self-watering Nantucket Planter, or other more decorative containers. By the way, when choosing containers, think about symmetry, style, and placement.

Add a decorative trellis

A trellis is an ideal way to decorate the side of a house. You might use some ready-made lattice and a couple lengths of framing lumber to make one. Or just buy one like New England Arbor’s Luxembourg Privacy Screen Trellis. It’s made of premium weather-resistant vinyl and does not require maintenance.

Replace light fixtures

Replacing an old light fixture with a new design is a great way to beautify your home. You can easily find light fixtures that fit your taste and budget. And you can even do the replacement by yourself.

Improve walkways

The walkway to your house greatly impacts the overall appearance of your house. It draws people’s eyes from the street to your front door. So, you can make your home attractive by improving the walkway. A path made of pavers, bricks, or flagstone is suitable for many house styles. You will find a lot of materials at your local home and garden centre. Help and support in improving walkways are available too.

Consider shutters

Shutters keep the house from looking dull. There are shutters made of wood, metal, and other materials. And there are various designs, such as louvred, board and batten, raised panel, etc. You are sure to find a shutter that fits your home’s style and your budget. It’s better if you install the shutters yourself.

Update the mailbox

Don’t forget to update your mailbox. A good-looking mailbox dresses up the outside of your home. You will find many styles and designs to choose from in wood, aluminium, and Rubbermaid, at a wide range of prices. We recommend an aluminium mailbox because it’s impervious to rust, insect damage, and harsh weather.

Add a doormat

Nowadays the doormat is not only a necessary front door accessory. It has become part of the decoration of the house. Take advantage of the fashion-forward designs, at the right price, to add some colours and styles to your entryway. If you want a formal doormat, the Monogrammed Coco design from Grandin Road is a good choice. It’s made from natural coir and has durability and weather resistance.

Invest in paint

A can of paint can give your home a completely new look. Why not give your home a fresh new coat? It’s a good idea to add a splash of colour to the front door or use complementing colour to decorate details. You can easily get paint tools and guides to choose a best-suited colour. Be sure to use premium-quality paint for long-lasting beauty.

Visit a garden centre

Plants, shrubs, and trees can make your home very attractive to visitors. It’s the least expensive and the most eco-friendly way to decorate your home. So, why not visit the local garden centre? Ask for advice on plants that best suit your home. Note down what your plants need and the best climate conditions. And be sure to follow planting instructions. Be well aware of the height and spread of mature species. The perfect times to pick up some plants are mid-summer and end-of-season.


In this article, we talked about several aspects of the window and door design.

  • The types and materials of window and door design
  • What is the right front door and how to choose?
  • Ideas for making your home beautiful

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