For security reasons, the front door of a house needs to have an anti-theft function. Usually, we install two doors as front doors. The common front doors of modern houses are security doors and wooden doors. For the most part, why choose wooden front doors?

With the rapid development of the real estate, there are more and more types of wooden doors, and there are many advantages that other door types do not have. Under this circumstance, what are the types of wooden doors in the current construction market? What should we pay attention to when buying?

In any event, these questions are very important for people who don’t know much about wooden front doors when they need to buy one.

By and large, the information below may help it out.

Types of the wooden front door

Hollow-core timber doors

EEHE hollow-core timber door

What is

Generally, a hollow core timber door is built with a hollow core. It looks much like a solid wooden door, thus, it’s an alternative to solid wooden doors.

Frames of hollow-core timber doors are usually made of hardwood or pine. There are sturdy lock blocks on both sides of the door to install handles and other door trims on both sides of the door.

The interior of the door is filled with waste paper or cardboard grids or honeycombs. And the internal honeycomb structure can provide sufficient strength.

The panelling on the door is related to the insulation and strength of the door. According to the difference in exterior panelling of the door, the appearance of the door is different.

As for the weight of hollow-core timber doors, they are lighter than solid wood doors and cheaper than them.

Hollow-core timber doors can be added with specific panelling, veneer, and style, so the style of the hollow wooden door is diverse.

You can add specific panelling, veneer to hollow core timber doors, so the style of hollow-core timber doors is diverse.


At present, the most common types of hollow doors are traditional hinged doors, and sliding doors. You can add specific panelling, veneer to hollow core timber doors, so the style of hollow-core timber doors is diverse.


The outer panelling of the door provides sufficient strength and protection, so hollow doors can also be used as outdoor doors.

However, due to relatively poor strength of hollow-core timber doors, they have poor insulation. Generally, they are not as good as solid doors in other aspects. Therefore, hollow core timber doors are most commonly used as interior doors.

The hollow structure of hollow-core timber doors is more conducive to sound transmission, so its sound insulation performance is relatively poor.

Due to hollow structures of hollow-core timber doors consume less wood material, they are much cheaper than other types of wooden doors. By the same token, hollow core timber doors are much lighter and easier to install than solid wooden doors.

As for thermal insulation and weatherproof performance, hollow core timber doors don’t have much effect on them, unless they are specifically designed for this purpose.

Solid wood internal doors

EEHE solid wood internal door

What is

Solid wood internal doors are made from the same tree species, and decorate its surface with decorative veneer.

Due to the difficulty to collect same tree species for a door, the solid wood internal door is made of a piece of spliced wood, and then processed in appearance.

Whether in terms of material or quality, solid wood internal doors are the best in wooden doors. Therefore, the price of real solid wood internal doors is relatively high.


There are two types of solid wood internal doors:

The first one is log solid wood doors. They are made of natural logs from the forest, without sticking patch to the veneer and the board.

Another type is solid wood composite doors. The material of the core is made of Chinese fir or other mixed wood pressed density board with veneer.

The solid wood composite doors are made of solid wood as the door frame, and the two sides are bonded with decorative panels.

The frames of solid wood composite doors are made of solid wood. And for two sides of the frames, they are bonded with decorative panels.

As can be seen, solid wood internal doors are widely used in home decoration.


It has high hardness, good gloss, no deformation and anti-aging. It is a high-end luxury product.

As for its performance, there is moisture-proof, anti-fouling, heat-resistant, crack-resistant, strong and non-deformed, good sound insulation effect. By and large, it is a durable product.

It is an excellent green and environmentally friendly product. Since it is non-toxic, odourless, free of formaldehyde and toluene, and there is no radiation pollution. That will good for your health.

Because wood carving has a long history and mature technology, the solid wooden door is artistic, noble and elegant.

PVC coated wooden door

EEHE PVC coated wooden door

What is

PVC coated wooden door is a door formed by PVC veneer on the outermost surface of a solid wood composite door or a moulded door.

Door covers are also deal with PVC veneers. This eliminates the need to paint on the door. The price is relatively cheap compared to hollow wooden doors and solid wooden doors.

Form the outermost surface of a solid wood composite door or a moulded door with PVC veneer, and Such a door is called a PVC coated wooden door. The door cover of the PVC coated wooden door is also covered with PVC. Under this circumstance, there is no need for painting the door surface. Thus, it is more eco-friendly and has better energy efficiency.


People can choose wooden doors according to their personalities and the style of the house. Thereupon, PVC coated wood doors have various styles.


PVC coated wooden doors don’t have to be painted, so the surface is smooth, bright, and has various colour. In that case, PVC coated wood doors can add a modern sense to the wooden door. In like manner, the PVC coated wood doors avoid the harm of the toxic gas and they are very eco-friendly.

Because of the PVC surface, PVC coated wood doors have the advantages of non-self-combustion, moisture and insect resistance. So it has strong durability and can be fireproof.

However, as time goes by, PVC coated wood doors with poor quality are prone to be easily affected by factors such as humidity, temperature and air. That will cause the deformation of their surface.

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Why use a wooden door

Many families would like to use wooden front doors, let’s take a look at the reasons.

Benefit or advantage of using wooden doors

There are many advantages to using wooden front doors.

Due to its long history and mature production technology, it has many types and styles to match the styles of houses. And wooden front doors are practical and durable.

Compared with doors made of other materials, wooden front doors are safer and environmentally friendly.

Steel vs wooden front doors

Steel front doors and wooden front doors are two common types of front doors. Let’s see the difference between them.

Nowadays, there are many styles of home decoration. Due to the mature technology of the wooden front doors, the appearance of them can be very beautiful, and the material of the wood is very versatile.

However, steel front doors only have a single cold steel colour. That is difficult to match well with the various home decoration styles.

The material of the wooden door is taken from natural, the performance during use is relatively stable. As long as the correct maintenance is carried out, it can be used for a long time and remains brand new. Otherwise, The steel door will rust or be scratched during use. The material of steel may also scratch people.

As for the strength and anti-theft performance of the doors, steel front doors are better than wooden front doors. It’s widely used for outdoor doors of entrance doors.

Aluminium vs wooden front doors

The wooden front doors are made of solid wood. Hence, they have thick door panel and high density, so the wooden front doors can effectively play the role of sound insulation.

Aluminium doors are mainly composed of aluminium, glass, and hardware accessories, with high sealing and insufficient thickness. Therefore, the sound insulation is not as good as the wooden door.

The oxidized layer of aluminium door is not easy to fall off and fade, whereas the material of the wooden front doors is relatively poor in water and moisture resistance. So aluminium doors are more resistant to corrosion than wooden front doors.

Compared to aluminium doors, the price of wooden doors made of natural materials is more expensive.

How to maintain wooden doors

Since it is easy to scratch the surface with the hard cloth to removing stains on the surface of the wooden front doors, use a soft cotton cloth to wipe it away.

use neutral lotion, toothpaste or special cleaning agent for furniture to clean the difficult stains. And they dry the door.

Never rinse wooden front doors with water.

Do not open the door lock with wet hands. Meanwhile, pay attention to the rag soaked with neutral reagent or water. Do not leave it on the surface of the wooden front doors for a long time. Otherwise, it will invade the surface and discolour or peel off the surface finish material.

Do not hang heavy objects on the door leaves, and avoid bumping or scratching the door with sharp objects. When opening or closing the door leaf, do not use excessive force to open, close or beat the wooden front doors.

Be careful not to rub the corners of the wooden door too much, otherwise, it will cause the corner paint to fall off.

The accessories and the hinge position of the wooden front doors should be tightened immediately when they are loose,

Add an appropriate amount of pencil lead to the keyhole if the lock is not flexible.

To remain the bright colour of the wooden front doors, you can wax them regularly.

Keep the indoor well ventilated especially in spring and winter. And keep the wooden front doors in the normal temperature and humidity environment. It can prevent the wooden front doors from being deformed due to excessive humidity and ring of temperature.


Wooden front doors often add natural elements to the room and refresh our mind.

There are three types of wooden front doors: Hollow core timber doors, solid wood internal doors, PVC coated wooden door.

Compared to steel front doors and aluminium front doors, wooden front doors still has a lot of merits in appearance, performance, and durability. They are more easily to match your home.

The price of a good door is also expensive, and it requires correct and proper maintenance. Suitable maintenance can not only give you a better experience with the wooden front doors but also can increase their service life.

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