Do you know about window glass?

Types of window glass

As an important part of the home decoration, the installation of door and window glass will directly affect the light and ventilation in the room.

With such many materials for doors and windows, this is undoubtedly a big challenge for the homeowners. You need to understand the relevance of the doors and windows glass.

In this article, you will know the several types of window glass and the characteristics of each type of glass. we will also introduce detail on how to properly repair and replace the glass when the glass of the window is damaged.

sliding windows glass
sliding windows

About window tempered glass

Tempered glass is heated by the float glass in the tempering furnace near the softening point, and then it is quickly and uniformly cooled to form a uniform compressive stress on its surface to improve its mechanical strength.

It effectively improves the wind pressure and impact resistance of glass, and improves the thermal shock resistance of glass. Tempered glass is also acid and alkali resistant. The general thickness is 2, 5mm, and its size is 400 × 900mm, 500 × 1200mm. If the glass on both sides of the room is made of toughened glass, the impact resistance and safety of the glass are greatly improved both indoors and outdoors

Characteristics of tempered glass

1. Safety:

When damaged by an external force, the glass will break into small particles similar to honeycomb obtuse angles, which is not easy to cause serious harm to the human body, and ordinary glass is more sharp and large pieces of debris when broken, which is very easy to human Causes serious injury.

2. High strength:

3-5 times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness.

3. Stable heat resistance:

It has good thermal stability, can withstand about three times the temperature of ordinary glass of the same thickness and can withstand temperature changes of 200 °C.

What is insulating glass

sliding windows

Window Insulating glass is composed of two or more layers of ordinary flat glass. It is surrounded by a high-strength, high-air-tight composite adhesive, which seals two or more pieces of glass with sealing strips and glass strips, fills with dry gas in the middle, and fills the frame with desiccant to ensure air between the glass.

Dryness. Its characteristics are that it has good heat insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and other properties due to a certain gap. It is mainly used for outer glass decoration of heating, air conditioning, and noise reduction facilities

Its optical performance, thermal conductivity, and sound insulation coefficient should meet national standards. Because the thermal conductivity of the sealed intermediate air layer is much lower than that of glass, the insulation performance of insulating glass can be doubled compared to single glass, which can greatly reduce the power consumption of buildings with air conditioning

Characteristics of insulating glass

1.Sound insulation performance:

Insulating glass is an ideal noise insulation material, which can generally reduce noise by 30 decibels.

2.heat insulation performance:

It can effectively reduce the value of the heat transfer coefficient.

3.Anti-condensation and fogging performance:

Because the spacer of the hollow glass is filled with sufficient desiccant, it can effectively absorb the inner cavity and the water vapor that may be infiltrated from the outside to ensure that the air in the hollow glass cavity is absolutely dry. Therefore, Has good anti-condensation and fogging performance

About laminated glass

Laminated glass is a composite glass made of tough PVB sandwiched between two or more pieces of glass and subjected to high temperature and pressure. Because the toughness of the PVB film is very good, when the laminated glass is broken by a strong impact, the film will absorb a large number of punching skills and rapidly decay.

Laminated glass is difficult to penetrate. Even if the laminated glass is broken, glass fragments are basically attached to the film, keeping the whole piece of laminated glass from falling off, so it becomes a true “safety glass”.

 Characteristics of window laminated glass    

1. Safety:
The laminated glass installed on the building receives any external force impact, and even if the glass is broken, it can be completely maintained in the original frame, and it can also shield the wind and rain.

2. Anti-ultraviolet:
It has a great blocking effect on ultraviolet rays in sunlight, up to more than 99%, and avoid ultraviolet radiation.

3. Bulletproof and explosion-proof:
Multi-layer laminated glass can be used to produce multiple levels of bulletproof and explosion-proof glass.

4. Security :
Because the laminated glass cannot be effectively cut with a glass knife, and the use of other tools to break through the laminated glass takes a long time and has a loud sound, it is difficult to enter the room by cutting or breaking the laminated glass.

 What is LOW-E glass

Low e glass

LOW-E glass, also known as Low-E coated glass, is a series of films made of multiple layers of metal or other compounds coated on the glass surface.

In winter, it can reflect the heat emitted by heating, household appliances and human body back to the room, and reduce the glass’s own conduction, thereby greatly reducing heat loss. In summer, it can reduce outdoor heat radiation to the room and play a good role in heat insulation.

LOW-E glass, its film layer can block the heat transfer formed by indoor infrared radiation, has a high reflectivity to far-infrared rays, and has excellent thermal insulation performance.

Characteristics of LOW-E glass

1. Effectively improve the visible light transmittance, ground reflectance, low emissivity, and range of daylighting. The light quality is soft, can avoid light pollution, and create a good ecological environment.

2. Effectively control solar radiation, block infrared radiation from COSCO and foreign countries, lower U value of heat transfer coefficient, enhance heat insulation performance, and have good heat preservation and energy-saving effects.

3. Effectively block ultraviolet light transmission and prevent indoor furniture, fabrics, and artworks from fading.

How to repair if the window glass ages and leaks

1. Remove the strips on the four sides of the window glass and choose the middle part of the long side to apply force. There are two cases:

(1) For fixed windows, the sealing strips are crimped on the edges and there are protruding parts. Use wooden bars or adjustable wrenches to clamp Hold it, hit it with a small hammer, it will come out of the card slot, and then hit on both sides to make it nearly come out, hold the middle with your hand to make it curved and bow-like, you can remove it; just remove the first one It is much easier to remove the bead on one side and the other three sides in order.

(2) For sliding windows, the sealing bead is flush with the window frame. You can only use a kitchen knife, press and hold in the seam, and tap with a small hammer to make the knife stuck in the seam. Use a wooden bar to hold the bottom of the knife. Then hit it with a small hammer, the bead will come out of the card slot, and the other methods are the same as above.

maintenance Windows

 2.  Place the removed window double-layer glass flat on a small stool. Using a wallpaper knife, cut off the sealant, separate the glass and the middle aluminum frame into three pieces, and clean them separately. The contact surface of the aluminum frame is cleaned, and the sealants on the four sides are cut to the same width; the glass needs to be cleaned with hot vinegar or glass water, steel wire balls to remove scale.

3. Put a piece of clean glass on the round bench first, place the aluminum frame on it, and apply black special sealant on the outer edge of the aluminum frame. Then, two people turn the aluminum frame to align with the window glass, and the four sides are even. Squeeze the edges side by side and stick tightly.

After that, evenly seal the sealant on the outer edge of the aluminum frame, and then lift and place another piece of glass with the four sides facing each other. Press the four sides one by one and fasten them tightly. The total thickness of the double-layer glass is required. There should not be a significant increase due to glue application, preferably not more than 1mm, so as not to affect the installation of the bead.

4. Fill the double-glazed glass room with sealant and scrape off the excess; check for leaks on all sides; sealant should be cured for 20-24 hours, and the double-glazed glass should be left to install the next day.

5. The next day, double-layer glass is placed on the window frame, and the cushions underneath are damaged or deformed and need to be replaced, and the height is appropriate. After that, install the short side bead first, and then install the long side bead. What you saw at this time is a clear window

Window glass replacement procedure

 #1 First, the broken glass needs to be removed: Use a grated knife or a thin blade to remove the bead on the glass window. Note that you must first remove the long bead, insert the greasy knife between the bead and the window frame and pry it.

The position is mainly selected in the middle section because this part is better to pry. After prying out the gap, carefully open the two ends to avoid hurting the bead. Remove the two long strips, then remove the two short ones, and then remove the double-glazed glass to clean up the debris, taking care not to hurt the contact surface of the sandwiched strip, and insert it with a grated knife to cut open.


 #2 Replace with new glass: After measuring the size and thickness, buy a glass of proper size and a bucket of glass glue. Wipe the new glass clean, and at the same time clean the inner surface of the original glass, otherwise, you won’t be able to wipe it when it is installed.

Place the glass, make sure that there are no sundries and dust, and seal it with glass glue. Be sure to make sure that the air is not leaked. After installation, the bead can cover the glue, so you don’t need to worry about the beauty

#3 Reinstall the glass: After the glass glue is 80% dry, replace the double-layer glass, as opposed to when disassembling, first install the short bead and then the long bead. Then polish the glass and replace the plastic steel window glass!

Tips you need to know when replacing window glass

1. Do not move the sash at will after the glue is applied. Should lie flat. After the glass glue is completely cured, stack it up as required.

2. The environment of the glue application site should be clean, dry and ventilated. It is necessary to air-dry the fan.

3. Clean the glass and aluminum surface before gluing.

4. The cutting angle and size of the plastic nozzle should meet the requirements.

5. The windows should be installed horizontally and vertically, leaving a certain gap with the wall of the opening. The gap should not be filled with cement mortar. The material should be filled with an elastic material and the surface should be sealed with sealant.

6. The window frame must be installed firmly, the number, location, embedding method and frame connection method of the embedded parts must meet the design requirements. It is strictly forbidden to use nails to install doors and windows on the masonry. The method should meet the design requirements.


Windows and doors are the most important indoor and outdoor connection channels, that’ s why the quality must be good. Therefore, you should be careful when you buy a window glass, When there is a problem with the glass, it should be repaired or replaced with new glass as soon as possible

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