Windows are an essential part of houses and buildings. Therefore, the purchase of windows is very important. Then, importing aluminium windows from China can save a lot of money.

Moreover, the price advantage and good quality of Chinese windows have always been popular.

For example, most windows in Melbourne are imported from China. Meanwhile, most windows in Australia, the United States, and New Zealand are also imported from China.

Besides, there are various types of Chinese windows. When the local supplier cannot provide the products that users need, it is a good choice for importing aluminium windows from China

Now,let’s have look at which windows are suitable for importing aluminium windows from China. And how can you do for importing aluminium windows from China

First of all, let’s figure the pros and cons of Chinese windows out.

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Why do the importing aluminium windows from China | Pros and cons

This part we will expatiate the pros and cons of Chinese windows.

Low cost with the same quality

Usually, the price of windows imported from China is half of the local price. And then, they also meet the national standards of windows.

Various types and design you can choose

There are many styles of windows in China. Basically, materials and styles of windows in the current market are available in China. Moreover, you can also customize your windows. Especially for the Chinese ancient style. It’s unique and attractive at a reasonable price.

Besides, you can customize the size of your windows depends on your needs.

Quality insurance for importing aluminium windows in China

If you need windows with good craftwork and durability, you definitely can find one in Chinese windows market.

The quality of windows imported from China is the same as that from other places. If you want, there are a lot of windows with better quality than other places. Meanwhile, the price will not differ too much.

For the national quality standard of windows, windows imported from China are made according to the standards of the governments of different countries.

Moreover, China has strict control over quality standards. If you need windows with good craftwork and durability, you definitely can find one in Chinese windows market.

High-end professional service

In order to keep competitiveness In the international market, China has trained professional employees. They will provide a perfect after-sales service. Moreover, their reply was very timely. If you have questions about the materials and technology in the production process, they can also provide professional information.

If you want to get more information about Chinese windows market, you can visit The analysis report of the windows and doors industry

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What windows you can buy from China

Windows material for importing aluminium windows in China


UPVC is unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. Its performance in all aspects is not inferior to other materials.

Moreover, it is also very durable.

The most popular is that it requires almost no maintenance.

Therefore, it is the most cost-effective window material.

Vinyl windows

Vinyl is an abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride. Commonly, people call it PVC.

Actually, it is a synthetic material, a plastic made of ethylene and chlorine. Vinyl doors and windows can resist warping or rot, and will not rust or rot.

Because vinyl windows have a longer service life than other materials, it saves money for the long term.

Aluminium windows

Aluminium is the most popular material now. Residential and commercial buildings choose it because of its strength and durability. Moreover, the thermal insulation layer inside the aluminium windows can improve energy efficiency. Not only that, but it can also prevent corrosion and insects. Besides, its quality is very light. For modern design styles, aluminium windows can match with them well.

Wooden windows

Wood is the oldest material used for doors. Wooden doors can provide sound insulation, heat insulation and safety. They are most often used as front doors. And they are elegant, easy to install and durable.

But usually, they are expensive.

However, because wood is usually more expensive.

Stainless steel

The surface of the stainless steel has an insulating foam core.

Therefore, you also can use it for outdoors to resist changeable environmental factors.

Moreover, stainless steel windows can make the house safer.

Usually, people are also very convenient to maintain.

Types of importing aluminium windows in China

Fixed windows

People fixed the windows in the wall. And people can’t open or close them. So, people usually call them fixed windows.

Moreover,  it is equivalent to a wall that can transmit light.

Sliding windows

This kind of window can move back and forth on the sliding rail. Because it is very convenient to use and takes up less space, people often choose them.

Folding windows

Usually, people can open folding windows by folding back two or more windows panels. Therefore, people also call them two-way windows or hexagonal windows.

They are very suitable for large rooms and terraces.

So, if you want the house to be more unique and atmospheric, you can choose to use it.

Moreover, its mechanism is very flexible. Therefore, it is easy and convenient for people to use.

Pivoted Windows

China’s window market can also provide pivoted windows. Pivots can help the blinds swing the leaves.

Moreover, people don’t have to install an extra separately.

On Chinese windows market, the price of pivoted windows is very reasonable.

Moreover, its quality meets the standards of different countries.

Double Hung Windows

People can open double-hung windows from both their top and bottom. So, if you are inconvenient to open the windows to sides, double-hung windows are a good choice.

Louvred Windows

Chinese window manufacturers make the louvres with wood, glass and metal. And they also suitable for bathroom, and other private places.

Casement shutters

People fasten the shutters to the frame of the window. Also, people can open windows like doors, or open and close windows like blinds.

For Chinese casement shutters manufacturers, most of them gather in Shanghai, Guangdong and Jiangsu province.

Corner window

Through the corner windows, light can enter the room from two different directions. Moreover, it can make the building more beautiful.

Besides,Chinese window manufacturers can also provide high-quality corner windows.

Bay window

First of all, the appearance of the bay window is nice. Moreover, its ventilation and lighting performance is also outstanding among many window types.

Lantern window

Chinese people usually use lantern windows on flat roofs. It has a long history. Moreover, he is very delicate and very special Chinese style. The advantage of installing it is that there can be more light and air circulation indoors. Moreover, the lantern window bought in China is the most cost-effective in the world.

Due to the rapid development of the Chinese market, you can easily find the types of windows mentioned above.

Chinese window manufacturers | Importing aluminium windows in China

Quality of Chinese window manufacturers

The products of some irregular companies must comply with the regulations of the importing country. If they don’t meet the quality standard set by the buyers country, the importing country will prohibit the product from entering the country’s market. This will be very costly to buyers. Therefore, before ordering, be sure to confirm the qualifications and product standards of the Chinese manufacturers. This ensures that the product meets the quality standards of the buyer’s country.

Find a good supplier through internet

Nowadays, global trading is easier with the internet. So, you can find a good-quality manufacturer by checking the related comments. Meanwhile, you can choose a better manufacturer by comparing the comments.

find suppliers from internet

How to do the importing aluminium windows from China

Although importing windows from China has many advantages, the process is still complicated. Which involves tariffs, transportation, exchange rates, etc.

Know the tariffs you need to pay

Some imported windows are much cheaper than local ones.

Therefore, in order to protect local enterprises from foreign enterprises, some countries impose dumping duties on imported windows.

Moreover, the highest dumping duty is 20% of the product value.

(More information about dumping duty is here Dumping)

However, this is that dumping duties are only levied on imported product components.

If the imported windows are finished products, the government will not levy expensive dumping duties on them.

When importing windows, the buyer has to settle this account in advance.


Understand the costs of transportation

Because the freight does not include the cost of containers, terminal fees, customs clearance fees and other costs. Before deciding to import, the buyer must first understand this information.

Besides, if you don’t have extra staffs to do these tasks, you can hire a transportation company or a customs broker to do.

The price of imported complete windows is more expensive

Because some countries have established dumping duties, the price of window parts imported from China will be very expensive. However, importing complete windows from China will increase transportation costs.

Because of the different sizes of windows, people also need to consider the size of the container door during transportation.

This greatly increases the cost of importing windows from China.

This has a great impact on the buyer’s decision whether to import. People need to think about it carefully.

Set down the size of imported windows

The shipping fee is different for different window sizes. In this way, the window size has a great impact on the cost. Therefore, the buyer must confirm the window size with the Chinese sellers.

Buyers can complete the importing aluminium windows from China by themselves

Although the import process is complicated, if you have enough time or manpower, you can do the job on your own.

Entrust an agent for importing aluminium windows from China

When importing windows, there is a lot of information and bills that you need to know and calculate.

Moreover, buyers must prepare customs and product-related documents in advance.

Besides, there are a lot of tips for saving money. These all take time for buyers to learn.

So, if you do not have enough time to do it, you can entrust an agent to do the import job.

Challenges and solutions of importing aluminium windows from China

There are a lot of challenges during this transaction. Actually, they are different for different cases.

So, let’s have a quick look at them and figure them out.

Communication distance and language barrier

Because poor communication greatly affects the outcome of the transaction, distance and language are always the keys of cross-border trade.

So, when discussing transaction details with the Chinese supplier, buyers must find someone who can speak Chinese to do it together.

Moreover, if you plan to import windows for a long time, hiring a translator is a good choice.

Long delivery time and delayed delivery

There are many variables in the transportation of imported products.

So, maybe you have negotiated with the supplier in advance to complete the order within 60 days, but after 60 days, it will take another 60 days.

In this case, you can also reserve more time for the transaction. Moreover, you can also refer to the common time consumption of this supplier to transport similar products and weight.



Importing windows from China has a lot of advantages. For example, the price is lower, the quality is better. And there are more types of windows to choose from.

However, product quality standards are different according to different countries. Therefore, buyers need to pay attention to the suppliers’ qualification and product quality. Fortunately, you can easily find a supplier with good-quality through the internet. And you can also verify it through checking the related comments.

Moreover, for importing aluminium windows from China, there are three keys you need to know:

  1. Know and carefully calculate the tariffs you need to pay.
  2. The price of imported complete windows is more expensive.
  3. Windows size has a great impact on the cost.

Besides, if you have time to do the transport stuff, you can do it on your ow.

But if you don’t want to make importing aluminium windows from China so complicated, you can hire an agent to do the job.

In the end, if this article is helpful for importing aluminium windows from China, please share it with someone who needs it.

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