Welcome to the ultimate guide for buying windows and doors in China. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about windows and doors purchases from China. If there are more you want to know, feel free to tell us. And we will update it for you.

If you decide to buy your windows and doors from China. You’ve made a wise choice. Jump into the world factory and pick your desired windows and doors with cost-effective prices. Especially the options from the local suppliers do not fit your needs.

Now, you’ve completed the first step by making the right choice. Still, you probably want to know the benefits to support your final decision. Find the details below then.

Why buy windows and doors in China?

Lower prices, and the same quality

China is the factory of the world. According to a report by The Economist,

China produces about 80% of the world’s air-conditioners, 70% of its mobile phones and 60% of its shoes.

And the windows and doors in China are not an exception. You might find the same windows and doors in your local market. Both in appearance and quality. While you often need to pay only half of the price in China. You can save even more if you find the manufacturers. Because you are going to deal with the factories directly in this case. The factory prices usually come with an MOQ (minimum order quantity) though. You can still find windows and doors with reasonable prices with the right sources. And the larger quantity you order, the more money you are going to save. A result of lower cost for a unit product thanks to the mass production.

Various designs

Another benefit to deal with the windows and doors manufacturers in China. They can offer a variety of designs and styles. Because China’s factory manufacturers work with buyers throughout the world. The tastes and requirements from different markets have resulted in a wide range of designs.

So, China’s windows and doors with various designs and styles can certainly cater to your needs. Some companies of windows and doors have their own R&D (Research and Design) department. Particularly the top windows and doors companies.

Guarantee in quality

Some may have the wrong impression. “Products of China are cheap and low in quality.” This is nothing but a misleading expression. Did you know China has produced many of the iPhones and iPads? And computers with famous brands such as HP and Dell.

In fact, many doors and windows from China today comply with international manufacturing standards. And lots of OEMs in China produce windows and doors for brands all over the world. OEMs refer to original equipment manufacturers. Know more about OEM on Wikipedia.

Moreover, some of the buyers are leading global companies in the windows and doors industry. No kidding. The windows and doors you bought from the local market are most likely from China as well. Because the big brands bought them from China’s OEMs and resold it to you. A result of the lower labour cost in China.

If you’re lucky enough to find these OEMs, you get the quality of the big brands. And you just save a big piece from your budget.

Donate your money to the quality, not the traders

You might find some “Made in China” with a high price but low quality in the local. Unfortunately, you’re likely a victim of the sales trap by the vendor. Many vendors buy the goods at a super cheap price and resell it with high profit. This happens in the market of windows and doors, too.

So, save your money by purchasing your windows and doors from China. That way, you can deal with the real suppliers, manufacturers and factories from China directly. No extra loss of cost by your local agent.

A chance for relaxing while buying your windows and doors

It’s also a chance for relaxing and tourist if you can afford the traffic tickets. You probably didn’t know China’s beauty. Not only for the landscapes but the amazing culture before you make your real visit personally. And Foshan is definitely the place you want to see. Because the city is famous for building materials, including windows and doors, ceramics, furniture and more. More about Foshan economy on Overview of Foshan economy in 2019. When it comes to tourist, it is also a place of historic sites.

So, it sounds amazing to purchase windows and doors from China.

Now comes the questions

But how to find these Chinese windows and doors manufacturers and suppliers? And how to tell the good ones among the many? Especially while you’re not in China. Also, how to check the product quality when you’re at the site. There are chances you want to find more business opportunity in China. Think of the profits of the big companies. And how many products come with the label “Made in China”.

To figure out where to buy windows and doors in China, you need a buying guide to help with your purchase. After all, purchase business gets involved with many things. Especially when it comes to import and export business. Because you are dealing with companies from another country.

Here, we’re going to guide you through step by step.

Prepare yourself before looking to buy windows and doors in China

To make a better purchase, for business in particular. We need a plan in most cases. So, before visiting the windows and doors suppliers or manufacturers in China. Get well prepared. And we’re going to tell you how now.

Measure the sizes before buying windows and doors in China

Windows measurement: how to measure the sizes for your new windows

Having the right size in the first place is of importance to buying windows. Because the space of your place determines how big your windows are like. And more exactly, you need to know the right size of the opening of your windows. Both for new interior decoration, or replacement of the windows you’re using now.

To get the sizes, you’ll need a measuring tape and a ladder possibly. Before start doing the measurement, it is important to know how and where to do. Because if the windows suppliers get the wrong data, you will risk getting your beautiful windows that don’t fit. So, make sure your measurement is in the right way.

Check the guidelines below for details.

Accurate to millimetres

A small difference in size can cause a big problem in the result. Thus, for accuracy, we suggest using metric instead of imperial units. Since metric units allow a more precise measurement. And an accuracy to millimetres can just offer enough guarantee.

So, a metric measuring tape accurate to the millimetre is pretty much fine. We need precise data but we don’t need a microscope at the same time. And make sure of your safety when doing the measurement especially when you’re on a tall ladder.

If it is too hard for you to do the measurement. Don’t save your bucks, hire a professional. They might be able to help you with the installation work later.

If you’re okay with it. Keep reading for the next steps.

Measure the brickwork opening in 3 different places

To do that, we need to measure it from brick to brick. And we need the data from 3 different places. Both for height and width. In other words, measure 3 times for the height, another 3 times for the width. Each in different places of top, middle, and bottom for the width. And the leftmost, centre, and rightmost for the height. Because the opening is not always a perfect square or rectangular.

For measuring the height, do keep in mind as well. We measure from underneath the window sill. If your place is rendered, take the render off a bit so that you can measure from the brickwork edge.

That way, you get pretty much get the right size for your new windows. As in the picture below.

buying windows and doors from China: how to measure your windows

(image credit:

When you have the data of each measurement, mark them down. Because the windows manufacturers and suppliers will need them for production. And the suppliers will take the minimum for reference.

You might have the question. Why do we have to measure brick to brick, instead of the windows frame in use? Because when we install the new windows, we mount them all together with the new frames. And the size of the new frame usually come different from the old ones.

So, remember NOT to measure the old windows frame. Do the measurement brick to brick.

Minus 10 mm of the final sizes

The 10 mm is a safety line for fitting the windows into the opening. It is very important to take the 10 mm off. Each from the final height and width.

Think of the scenario and you will easily understand the logic. If the windows end up with the exact size of the opening. You will probably damage the windows or the wall. Because you need to push the windows into space.

Meanwhile, with the magic 10 mm leeway, the installation will be much easier. You can save your cost on the labour then. And lower risk of damaging the windows and the wall as well. As for the gaps between the frame and the opening, some spacers and sealants will fill them easily.

Doors measurement: how to measure the sizes for your new doors

As well as the opening for windows, every door opening is critical for your doors. Having the correct size of the door opening is the first guarantee for your door sizes. No need to speak the importance of the sizes of a door. If you buy a door that doesn’t fit your space, you’re likely to pay more to adjust the size. Otherwise, pay for another door. Even if the number doesn’t comprise much of the fortune in your investment accounts. You might as well save these bucks for other things, like helping the children in need by donation. All in all, it starts with the correct sizes.

So, we’re going to share some tips below for measuring the sizes for your new doors. By sizes here, we refer to the door opening sizes. In other words, the sizes of the space to put your door in. And in most cases, the open brickwork sizes of the wall. Today, for the reason to save cost, you might find some walls made of wood or composite materials. But the ways of measurement remain the same. And pretty much like the ways to measure the opening for the windows.

Remember the 3 principles.

  • accurate to millimetres

  • Measure the brickwork opening in 3 different places

  • Minus 10 mm of the final sizes

Details refer to the previous heading: How to measure the sizes for your new windows.

Now you pretty much figure out the sizes for your new windows and doors. And congratulations! You’ve completed the fundamental but critical step before visiting the windows and doors suppliers in China.

It’s time to choose the styles for your windows and doors. Let’s take a look at the popular styles of windows and doors today. Other than their traditional functions, windows and doors play the part of the decoration of your home after all. And we believe that you care about how your home looks like more than anyone else.

Windows styles: check before buying windows and doors in China

Casement windows

EEHE windows and doors in China

Casement windows can be the most common windows to see with their household names. Feature by the outward opening sashes, casement windows are easy to recognize as a member of the traditional windows.

The window is attached to its frame by one or more hinges at the side. They are used singly or in pairs within a common frame, in which case they are hinged on the outside. Casement windows are often held open using a casement stay.


Casement windows were once the mark of the history of windows. The appearance of sliding windows had replaced many of them though. But still, lots of homeowners today are choosing casement windows for their home decoration. The technology has enabled some new features of them. Today, you can pretty much customize your casement windows by finish, colours and materials. The budget-friendly feature has brought casement windows back in new homeowners’ portfolios. Less cost in decoration can balance a bit the overall cost of a new home. Given the increasing price of the new houses. Plus, the pursuit of traditional styles has rekindled the casement windows trend.

If you’re also interested in casement windows, we’ve got a bunch of selections here.

Awning windows

EEHE windows and doors in China

The way how awning windows work is similar to casement windows. Both casement windows and awning windows open outward. And here’s the main difference between them. Awning windows open and close from the lower edge with the other edge fixed at the top. Usually, only the top sash can be open on the awning windows. While casement windows open horizontally. And both of the sashes are free for opening.

The top outward opening feature of the awning windows make them popular. Especially for rainy areas with lots of rainfalls. Because the rain flows out of your place along with the top open sash of the window. The open top sash serves as an awning as they get their names. That way, you can still keep the windows open during the rainy days while keeping the rain away.

Also, awning windows are common in low-level buildings. To protect the safety and privacy from potential intruders. They are not likely to introduce as much fresh air as the casement windows though.

Find more awning windows for your windows portfolio.

Sliding windows

EEHE windows and doors in China

It’s possibly one of the windows styles you know the best. You can find many sliding windows both in homes and office buildings today. Typically, a set of sliding windows consist of the following parts. 2 large panels side by side with 2 tracks on the top and bottom. Both of the panels slide along the tracks to open and close. The sliding windows appeared with the application of aluminium materials in windows and doors industry.

Popular in construction during the 1950s and 1960s, sliding windows are still a choice for many homeowners today.

Sliding windows require less maintenance than the other windows styles. For their simple structure. And they are likely to serve longer for your home as a result. On the other hand, the large panels can keep more fresh air away than the others. Because you can always keep only one of them open. The other panel remains the block of the air then.

Despite that, sliding windows are still a good choice with little cost in maintenance. Click to find more sliding windows by EEHE.

Fixed windows

EEHE windows and doors in China

Have you ever seen the kind of windows that you can only see through? But you cannot open them. Yes, they are fixed windows because they are fixed and not openable. You just find them very common in the new office buildings today. Think of the skyscrapers you’ve visited before. Especially those with full glass façade.

One of the reasons for the popularity of fixed windows today is the cost. Fewer functions than the other styles of windows, thus less cost as well.

Meanwhile, the lower cost comes with less air and ventilation. So, you might understand why the office buildings need to have their A/Cs on the whole day.

If you decided fixed windows for your office building project. We can cater to your needs as well. Given our experience of bunches of projects both residential and commercial. Tell us your requirements and find out the solution with our project specialists of windows and doors.

Doors styles: check before buying windows and doors in China

Hinged/swing doors

EEHE windows and door in China

The time when the first hinged door appeared can date back to at least 2600 ago. Hinged doors have been with us for a long time in history. And they are the most common doors today.

To open a hinged door, you swing it. That’s why they have another name, swing doors.

Typically, a hinged door consists of a door frame, a door leaf and several hinges. On one end, the hinges connect the door leaf and the door jamb. The door jamb refers to the vertical side of the door frame. And the other end of the door swings open.

French doors

EEHE windows and door in China

As well as hinged doors, French doors swing open. But the structure and the way to swing make French doors different. The door leaves swing on each side. Unlike the hinged doors to open from one side. You open French doors from the centre, which enhances the view of the scene.

Sliding doors

EEHE windows and door in China

Sliding doors are popular today. Because they take up less space on the floor. You slide open them instead of swing. Thanks to the easy structure of the sliding doors. You can save more time and effort from the maintenance of sliding doors.

Meanwhile, sliding doors require a larger opening than the swing doors. If you want more space for the floor and feel okay with the big opening. Sliding doors are good to choose. Especially when you want more time out instead of doing the maintenance for the doors.

Bifold doors / Folding doors

EEHE windows and door in China

It’s not hard to find bifold doors in patios and sunroom. The typical structure of a bifold door set is like this. A track, several door leaves, and a set of hinges connect the door from one to another.

As well as sliding doors, bifold doors require a large opening. But unlike sliding doors, bifold doors allow more space for you to go in and out. Because the panels of the sliding doors always need the space to stand there. While bifold doors can fold to one end as much as you push them. When folded, bifold doors will take up more space on the floor than the sliding door though.

Materials for windows and doors in China

Aluminium windows and doors

Against deformation.

There’s no deformation on aluminium windows and doors during their outstanding service life. At least not the kind of deformation we can see and feel. You are going to see how your aluminium windows and doors keep their shapes. You’ll probably find them in the same condition.

By the time when your 7-year-old kid graduates from university. And even when he/she visit you later with your lovely grandsons/granddaughters. Additionally, EEHE’s strong profiles offer more strength for the aluminium windows and doors than the ordinary ones. As a result, you can find no deformation on EEHE’s aluminium windows and doors during the long lifespan.

Guarantee in safety and privacy.

When it comes to safety, never save your bucks and put your family at risk. Given the already cost-effective price of China’s windows and doors especially. EEHE’s aluminium windows and doors today offers strong protection for you while they come at reasonable and affordable prices. Get a quote of our latest aluminium windows and doors now. Invest more in your safety and health, and you’ll find much more value than the other items.

Also, aluminium doors protect your privacy. Especially when you have lovely kids who often play around. No kidding. Many children like to play with the doors such as hide and seek. And some of them might hit the doors during the games. Although we believe that you care more about your little ones than the doors. Meanwhile, you want your doors strong enough to hold the hits by your little Kungfu stars.

Flexible in designs and large sizes

Aluminium windows and doors are flexible in designs. Thanks to the physical features of aluminium. Take a look at the windows and doors market. You can find aluminium windows and doors with more options in shapes and patterns than the other metal doors.

Besides, aluminium windows and doors can be your best option. If you are looking for windows and doors of large sizes. For extraordinary designs in particular. As well, a result of the physical features of aluminium. A quality aluminium door can reach a height of 2700 mm. And a width of 1260 mm.

Super durable and long lifespan

As for durability, aluminium windows and doors are the supermen in the door industry. Because aluminium windows and doors are resistant to various conditions. Aluminium windows and doors remain durable even at places with chemicals like acid and alkalis.

As a result, your friends feel surprised at your new aluminium door. And you shock them by telling them the truth. You’ve got your aluminium door for more than 10 years. And you enjoy the laugh together. Because they realize they ever saw your aluminium door when your girl was still a teenager. And now she’s the mother of your grandchildren.

They wonder if you spend hours cleaning your windows and doors every day. And you giggle for the ease of maintenance.

Yes, if you choose the aluminium windows and doors in EEHE. The story is going to happen. Share the fun with your friends and family. We’re looking forward to bringing joy to your life.

Friendly to environment

EEHE’s aluminium windows and doors are not only friendly to you. But they are friendly to our environment. Because they are 100% recyclable. Both the glass and the aluminium parts. In other words, when you choose aluminium windows and doors from EEHE, you’re helping reduce the impact on our environment. Rather than choosing windows and doors of other materials.

Fibreglass windows and doors

Fibreglass windows and doors are staying for various reasons. One of the outstanding features of fibreglass windows and doors is the editable colours. If you are thinking about changing the colours of your windows and doors from time to time. The fibreglass windows and doors can be the choice for you. You might have the question. Isn’t it easy to find a variety of colour options for the windows and doors on the market? And patterns such as wood grains are also common to see for the windows and doors.

True. But did you know you can also wipe down, paint and repaint the fibreglass windows and doors? Without damage to the fibreglass windows and doors. Just like how you dye your hairs into different colours. That’s amazing, right?

Energy efficiency is another staring point of fibreglass windows and doors. Fibreglass windows and doors can keep you cooler in summers and warmer in winters. Because fibreglass windows and doors are not likely to transfer the heat and coldness, unlike the metal windows and doors. A result of the nature of the fibreglass material. But thanks to science, the thermal break technology has largely enhanced the energy performance of aluminium windows and doors. Know more about our thermal break aluminium sliding windows and doors

EEHE thermal break aluminium sliding patio doors

Fibreglass vs aluminium windows and doors

Generally, fibreglass windows and doors have most of the advantages of aluminium windows and doors.

But aluminium windows and doors are stronger. If you strike hard, fibreglass windows and doors are much more likely to crack. While the aluminium windows and doors remain fine in shape.

Therefore, if you care more about safety, rather than the colours. We will recommend aluminium windows and doors.

You can save some money for your budget by choosing aluminium windows and doors. Since the fibreglass windows and doors are more expensive than aluminium windows and doors as it’s more costly to produce a fibreglass door.

Wooden/timber windows and doors

You can find wooden/timber windows and doors almost in every traditional home. And they are still popular today. When it comes to energy efficiency, wooden/timber windows and doors are desirable for many people. Thanks to the nature of the wood material. You feel cooler in summer, and warmer in winter in places furnished with wooden/timber windows and doors. Windows and doors of wooden/timber materials are like natural air conditioners.

Another benefit of wooden/timber windows and doors is their lifetime. If you’ve got the fine wood/timber material and maintain them well. Your wooden/timber windows and doors can last dozens of years even hundreds. You probably still remember the stylish windows and doors in the historic buildings and sites. The history of those wooden/timber windows and doors can date back to hundreds of years ago.

Also, the aesthetic feature is another reason for making wooden/timber windows and doors popular somehow. Given the new trend of traditional looking styles.

Meanwhile, the high price of fine wood materials keeps many homeowners hesitating before their purchase. And the demand for frequent maintenance is not a great choice for some homeowners. Especially when you live an urban life at a rapid pace today. The wooden/timber windows and doors are more likely to warp or sag without regular maintenance. Particularly when the wood material or is not good or strong enough. Production technology also plays an important part in product performance. If you’re looking for wooden/timber doors, have a look at our wood selection.

Wooden/timber vs aluminium windows and doors

Generally, wooden/timber windows and doors are more stylish in look. And their natural attribute makes you more comfortable at different temperature. If you have a higher budget and feel okay with the regular maintenance. Wooden/timber windows and doors can be a good option.

If you are a bit tight in budget. But looking for windows and doors with high durability and low maintenance demand. Aluminium windows are doors can pretty much fit your taste. Also, you can find a variety of patterns and textures for aluminium window and doors today. Woodgrain texture and the various colours are common with aluminium windows and doors today.

uPVC windows and doors

The price is one of the outstanding features of uPVC windows and doors. They usually come with lower prices than the other popular windows and doors. A result of less cost in materials and manufacturing process.

Also, energy performance is another reason for their popularity these days. uPVC vs aluminium windows and doors tend to keep more heat in the cold days. It means you will feel warmer inside the places with uPVC windows and doors than the others.

Learn more about the uPVC windows and doors on Ideas about uPVC window and door manufacturer and the industry

uPVC vs aluminium windows and doors

In fact, aluminium windows and doors stand in the advantaged place over the uPVC windows and doors. Except for the price. Aluminium windows and doors are a bit more expensive than the uPVC ones. For the sake of material and manufacturing cost.

But aluminium windows and doors are stronger, especially in extreme weather. They are pretty resistant to the weather condition. While the uPVC windows and doors are likely to crack or damage. In the case of the big differences in temperature. Especially when you live in areas with a large temperature difference. Aluminium windows and doors are a better option.

If you prefer more views through the window. Aluminium windows and doors can cater your needs thanks to their slim frames

Moreover, the energy performance of aluminium windows and doors improves a lot today. With the thermal break technology.

All in all, we would recommend aluminium windows and doors over the uPVC ones.

Learn the manufacturing process of windows and doors in China

The manufacturing process of aluminium windows and doors

The typical manufacturing process of aluminium casement windows and aluminium swing doors follow the steps:

Profile ordering.

Profile processing. This is the key process to produce the thermal break. And energy performance of aluminium windows and doors largely relies in the thermal break technology. The advanced technology of EEHE has made their aluminium windows and doors brilliant in energy efficiency.

Mounting accessories. Accessories are the small parts that comprise the aluminium windows and doors. While the details are of importance of the product quality as the whole thing. The selected accessories used in EEHE windows and doors witness our care on every detail.

Also read Things about Aluminium Windows and Doors Accessories You Want. For the accessories of aluminium windows and doors.

Installing the glass. The glass is another key factor of the thermal performance of aluminium windows and doors. And the popular double/triple glazed glass remain the stars in that field. They are both available in our aluminium windows and doors.

finishing the product assembly. This is the final step to complete the production process of aluminium windows and doors.

Find more detail about the manufacturing process on How to Manufacture Aluminium Windows and Doors.

If you also feel interested in the manufacturing process of other types of windows and doors. The ultimate guide on Chinese window and door manufacturers will cater to your curiosity.

Packing/Packaging is important for your windows and doors from China

The packing/packaging is the protection of your windows and doors. Particularly when you make your purchase all the way from China. You probably don’t know what happens during the distant transition. If you live far enough from China, your windows and doors can travel across the globe. The glass and the corners of your windows and doors particularly.

Think about the scenario. You’ve made your final decision after days of visits and negotiations. You place the order and pay the money and fly back to your cosy home. After waiting for days and weeks, you finally get the notice. You have all the documents prepared and wait for your container at the dock. And you find your windows and door broken. Your clients keep calling you all these days for their new windows. Or your beautiful house remains hollow just longing for these windows and doors. We’ve heard several stories like those from our buyers and friends.

We understand your feeling. Thus, we understand the importance of packing/packaging of windows and doors. Particularly for business with foreign countries, considering the distance in transport. Given our over-10-year experience in the windows and doors industry.

EEHE care about the packing/packaging of windows and doors as much as the product quality

So, we don’t stint on the protection of your windows and doors. Because we believe that product quality and professional service are the key roles in business. And detail is the key to success. That’s what sets us apart from the others in the windows and doors industry. As one of the top 3 suppliers of windows and doors in China. EEHE is more than happy to help you with your windows and doors solutions.

You may feel our concern on your windows and doors by our packing/packaging process.

  1. Protect the corners of windows and doors by EPE foam or cardboard

  2. Wrap and fix the windows and doors with shrink wraps and/or bubble wraps

  3. Cover with carton box and reinforce the packaging by strapping bands

  4. Cover with a wooden case when necessary

So far, we’ve talked about much of the preparation of buying windows and doors in China. Now, we’re going to share the ways to find them. We know that you’ve been waiting for this. Please find the answers below.

How to find manufacturers and suppliers of windows and doors in China

Believe it or not? There is just a good one at hand. No kidding. EEHE windows and doors is one of the top 3 manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.

If you want to save your time busy looking for manufacturers and suppliers here and there. Here’s a shortcut to reach us.

Well. Still want some more reference before coming back to us? Certainly, feel free to find more sources below. I bet you will find it wise to come back to us as a decision.

Find China’s manufacturers and suppliers of windows and doors online by China’s eCommerce websites

Some might say, sourcing from the internet is risky. Given the prevalence of scams everywhere today. Indeed, it easy to see the scams online. But you can also learn the tricks to distinguish the scams. And there are chances you will find good suppliers for your supply chain. And we’ll teach you how to sort out these online manufacturers and suppliers. Yes, just later within the article.

Now, let’s get back to the websites. Compared with individual suppliers. These websites are pretty like department stores. An ability to contain thousand even millions of suppliers. You might end up dizzy in the huge stores. Still, it’s good to get some more information about your sourcing journey.

Made in China


headquarters: Nanjing, China

established year: 1998 is a leading B2B e-commerce platform from China. Through the years of development, it has grown to be the leading B2B portal in the world. The company who operates the website is Focus Technology Co., Ltd.

It provides Chinese products and suppliers information for global business sourcing from China. An ability to host the product information of 27 categories with 3,600 sub-categories.

According to the website, is

China’s first B2B e-commerce platform conducting a full review on paid-up suppliers. (source:



headquarters: Hangzhou, China

established year: 1999

You may have heard this name before this article. The Chinese multinational technology company is the world’s largest B2B sourcing portal now.

The company provides consumer-to-consumer (C2C), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-business (B2B) sales services via web portals, as well as electronic payment services, shopping search engines and cloud computing services. (source:

The Alibaba Group has been China’s largest technology company. And as you know, it has established its fame throughout the corners of the world.



headquarters: Hangzhou, China

established year: 2010

Under the Alibaba Group, AliExpress launched in 2010 as a B2C and C2C platform. It allows Chinese suppliers to sell their products to overseas consumers.

The purpose of AliExpress by the Alibaba Group is more of a place for transactions. As well as the global leading retailer Amazon. However, still many people use AliExpress as a place for sourcing from China. Particularly the companies/consumers who tend to buy with a low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).

Global Sources


headquarters: Hong Kong, China

established year: 1971

Global Sources has established for 49 years by the year 2020. It is a global famous sourcing platform, especially for fashions and electronics.

The company organizes export sourcing shows in Hong Kong SAR every April and October with eight events annually, including the world’s largest electronics and mobile electronics shows as well as Lifestyle and Fashion shows. (source:

The website hosts no window or door for now. But there are gadgets to make your windows and doors smarter. Such as video bells and various sensors to enhance security.

DH Gate


headquarters: Beijing, China

established year: 2011 is the world’s leading online wholesale platform for goods made in China. (source:

As an online wholesale marketplace, it hosts more than 30 million products in a wide range of categories. Usually, the products on DHgate come with competitive prices.

So far, you can find no product of windows and door though. You may as well save it as another sourcing tool for the future.

How to select the good manufacturers and suppliers of windows and doors in China?

Now that the sources are ready, how to select the good manufacturers and suppliers of windows and doors? How to tell if they have factories or only traders? Among the tremendous number of windows and doors suppliers on the websites.

Well. If you’ve got that experience, too. Or going to experience that. And want a solution to make your sourcing journey easier and more effective. You’re just at the right place now. Help yourself and get the tips for selecting your suppliers of windows and doors below. As much as you want.

No matter you’re sourcing online or making your personal visits on site. The criteria for good manufacturers or suppliers do not have much difference. And have the general principles below. You could pretty much distinguish the good ones for your windows and doors in China.

Things to consider while looking for windows and doors manufacturers suppliers in China

  • Desirable product quality

  • Have their own factory and professional manufacturing process

  • Professional pre and after-sale service

  • Enough scale and capacity

  • Experience in the industry

  • Locations and target markets

  • Certifications (eligible for your market)

  • The business process for overseas orders: from inquiry to shipment

  • Success stories or projects

Have this list with you during your inquiry and factory visit. And check the terms one by one. Watch, observe or ask the staff of the suppliers. The compare the results according to your budgets and requirements. You will have your decision of your suppliers for windows and doors soon.

And we’re going to share you some instance on the websites. This is going to save your effort and time before asking the suppliers one by one.

Select the suppliers of windows and doors in China on Alibaba

On Alibaba, for example. We are going to guide you through the following steps.

Put the keywords in the box

“windows and doors” for example.

Click “Search”

IMPORTANT NOTICE. The number of results might look scarcely. Or you might think the suppliers on the 1st page are better. Well. There could be some good ones on the 1st page. But many companies pay to jump on the top page indeed. The one pays the most to advertise might not always offer the best quality after all. So, besides the ranking on the search result, there are other reliable ways to evaluate a supplier. Keep reading and you will find them more trustworthy rather than the page ranking only.

Click on the company name instead of the product to check its scale and capacity

Then it will land on the “Company Profile” page. If not, click “Company Profile” on the navigation bar.

Check through the “Company Profile” page.

Make use of navigation and enjoy reading the page.

“Company Overview”: key points to focus on

The orange little “ticks” on the item

It means this item is verified by the 3rd party inspection company. You will find the inspection company on the upper right. In this case of EEHE, the SGS Group verifies the information.

Business Type

You can tell easily here if the company is a manufacturer or trader. When you find only “trading company” display there. Then the company is likely to be a trader who does not have a factory. And big and reliable companies have the ability to manufacture and trade. So, they are manufacturers and traders at the same time. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check the orange little tick. Only with this orange mark, the information is verified by the 3rd party inspection.

Main Products

It tells what products the company manufactures and/or supplies. The little orange tick is the signal for us. The listed products match the inspection result by the SGS Group.

Total Employees

The more employees it has, the more capable the company is. You probably find only a few companies of windows and doors have 501-1,000 people. Both online and on-site.

Year Established

It shows when did the business start as a company. And that implies how much experience does the company have with the products and the industry. The earlier, the more experienced in most cases.

Don’t confuse the Year Established with the Gold Supplier years icon. The one you saw earlier on the top of the page. The years displays on this icon only tell one thing. That is how many years the supplier has been a Gold Supplier on Alibaba. For example, the 8yrs means that EEHE has been a Gold Supplier on Alibaba for 8 years.

Product Certifications

Some markets or regions require special certification to enter the custom. Product certifications serve as the passport of the products to specific markets. As well as the evidence of quality. You can find more detail of the product certification on the “R&D Capacity” down there on the page.


The certifications here (with no product at the front) refers to the company certifications. Usually, the certification issuers will inspect the management and production process. Until the management and process pass/conform with the standards, the company then get the certificate from the issuers. Both ISO, OHSAS certificates are the common certificates with reputations. As well, you’ll find more certifications listed on the page on the “R&D Capacity” section.

Main Markets

Data on this category tells where the company sells its products to. And if a market shares a high proportion of the sales. Then the supplier makes their sales more in that market. And the products are more popular there. Find more about the market information on the lower section of “Trade Capabilities”.

“Product Capacity”

This section includes Production Flow, Production Equipment, Factory information, and Annual Production Capacity.

Production Flow displays how the company manufactures the windows and doors. It doesn’t have to be many. But it is important to have the necessary process.

Production Equipment shows the equipment and facility the manufacturer uses to produce the windows and doors. The orange verified ticks give guarantee by the 3rd party verification company.

This section shows the key factors to the capacity of the factory on production.

Especially the Factory Information and Annual Production Capacity. You can pretty much estimate the manufacturer’s ability by the factory size. And how many products they can produce on a monthly/annual basis. If they have a bigger factory, they tend to produce more than their competitors. Also, when they can produce more in a month/year, they have more developed technology. Provided the same or superior product quality over the others.

The “Quality Control” section

Besides stronger product capacity, a reliable supplier cares about the quality of their windows and doors. So, you can also see their concern on quality by the information displays here.

R&D Capacity

Before going deeper into the factory, the certifications can be the evidence of the R&D Capacity. Check the list of certificates and find out more.

Trade Capabilities

This section shows how well the supplier can do with foreign business. You can find the market share by various regions. Trade ability and business terms acceptable by the supplier. It is important to see if the supplier has an Export License Registration Number. If there is one, it means they can do the export by themselves. Some small factories produce the products and export via the export agents. We recommend you to deal with suppliers who have an export license. They tend to know more about the export process, thus more guarantee on your cooperation. Also, you are more likely to save some money for better product quality. Because you don’t have to pay the processing fee to the factories who deal with export agents. That’s another benefit if you work with a big company who can export itself. And of course, the orange verification tick makes the Export License Registration Number more reliable.

Buyer Interaction

In this section, you will see how the company response to the buyers on Alibaba. Generally, a company who keeps a response rate higher than 80% is not bad.

Transaction History

It shows the transactions of the company completed on Alibaba. Don’t care too much of the transaction numbers here. There are still many orders completed outside of Alibaba. The big companies in particular. They have customers from various fairs and exhibitions throughout the world after all.

Factory inspection reports

You can also download the factory inspection reports here. Print it out after downloading if necessary. And it will help you do the comparison with the other suppliers more easily. The function is open only for members on Alibaba though.

The above paragraph shows how to select the suppliers on Alibaba. The content and layouts may vary on different websites. But the selection pretty much shares the common principles. So, we believe that you’ll ease your selection elsewhere. As long as you complete the stages above.

Until here, you’ve got much information before your factory visit in China. Prepare your luggage and tickets. And prepare your on-site visit to the country personally.


You might have forgotten some stuff. It’s not easy to remember all these things after all. Let’s take a quick review of the content above.

It’s wised to buy windows and doors from China. Because of the below reasons:

  1. Windows and doors from China come at lower prices but the same quality,

  2. There are various designs of China’s windows and doors

  3. They provide a guarantee in quality

  4. You can deal with the manufacturers and factories directly

  5. Relax and enjoy the beauty of the country along your business trip

It’s necessary to do some preparation before buying the windows and doors from China, including:

  1. Measure the opening sizes of your windows and doors. And the measurement follows the principles. a) Accurate to millimetres. b) measure the brickwork each in 3 different places. c) Take 10 mm off the final sizes.

  2. Choose your windows and doors styles according to opening sizes.

  3. Choose the right materials for your windows and doors.

  4. Learn the manufacturing process of popular windows and doors.

  5. Mind the packing/packaging of your windows and doors from China. Because they are the protections of your products.

  6. Find the manufacturers and suppliers of windows and doors in China. Make use of China’s eCommerce websites.

  7. When selecting the suppliers, you need to consider the following things. a) Are they manufacturers or traders? b) What are their main products? c) How many people do they have to work in the company? d) When did they start the business? e) Do they have the certifications for your country or target markets? f) Where do they sell their products to? g) How is their product quality? h) how do they respond to the buyers?