Either you’re looking to buy windows and doors for your home and office. Or make a big amount of purchase and resell them. It’s good to some guidance for reference. This ultimate guide on windows and doors is going to help you with that. No matter you’re a starter or a veteran in the industry.

Before we go deeper into the topic, let’s see what are popular in the market of windows and doors today.

Windows and doors by materials

Aluminium windows and doors

Highly durable. Aluminium windows & doors are the most durable option among their competitors. They stay strong and robust over a long time. You hardly find deformation or other damage on aluminium windows & doors. Also, they are weather-proof and remain safe in extreme conditions. Such as heavy rains, high wind and salty air in the coastal areas.

More options with large sizes. Thanks to the strength of the aluminium alloy. They are safe for windows & doors with large sizes. While other materials are less possible for big sizes due to the limited by the nature of the materials.

View more through the big panels. Since aluminium are stronger, they require slimmer frames than the others. Then bigger glass panels as a result. In other words, you can enjoy more views from aluminium windows & doors.

Low maintenance.

Also read The Ultimate Guide of Aluminium Windows and Doors. To know more about the pros and cons of different materials.

Fibreglass windows and doors

This kind of windows & doors have four obvious features.

Durable. Although they are not as strong as aluminium. They are still a durable option. As long as they are not attacked strongly, they will not bend, rust or corrode easily.

More possibilities for DIY elements. You can change colour of them with painting and repainting.

Good at soundproofing. You might enjoy your own time after closing the windows & doors are closed.

Energy-saving. They help you enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters.

Wooden/timber windows and doors

I believe this would be a good choice if you love the feeling of forests and nature. All kinds of wood materials and the variety of beautiful carving on the market will surprise you. The wood materials are natural insulators. They can make you cooler in summers and warmer in winters. They require more maintenance than the other popular window & doors though.

uPVC windows and doors

UPVC has been more and more used to make insulation glass window and doors. It becomes popular because of low price and good soundproofing. Meanwhile, its thermal insulation can surprise you. While the weaker strength is the major concern of the uPVC material.

Windows and doors by styles

Selecting the suitable styles of windows & doors are really important. Let’s know a few stars on the market so far.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are one of the most traditional and extensive ones. We can open them inward or outward. It has simple structure, flexible opening and wider view. Today, aluminium makes them much stronger with a lighter weight.

Awning Windows

You may open them upwards whether it is sunny or rainy. They are pretty popular in rainy places because you can still enjoy the rainy view without wetting your house inside. And it’s common to see them in lower buildings as they prevent invaders getting in.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows have simple structure and longer service life. Their big panels bring you better and bigger view. Meanwhile, large panels can keep some fresh air away because you cannot open all panels at one time.

Fixed Windows

Buildings with full glass façade you see are the obvious examples of fixed windows. For its simplicity and lower cost, they are the champions on the market. Low cost means less ventilation. So, it is not the priority for home using.

Swing Doors

As its name calls, the way we open them is similar to casement windows. This kind of doors first appeared 2600 years ago. For now, many of these doors are made of aluminium. They are light and water-proof. They also have long service time.

French Doors

French doors have 2 door leaves. Its name comes from 17th-century France because French doors came into popular use at that time. This style is elegant and classic. People like to use this between the patio and house. The amazing view comes when you open the door.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors has been much more popular today. The best feature of them is saving space on the floor. This lets more sunshine come in. However, they require bigger openings for the large glass panels stand together. Like the sliding windows, you get more views from them.

Bifold/Folding Doors

This kind of doors allows more space for people get in and out. Meanwhile, it usually requires larger space when we open the doors in a folding way. It is more common to see people install them in patios, sunrooms and gardens.

Which windows and doors are the best?

Honestly, there’s no best windows & doors in the world. But think about your needs and budget, you can find the windows & doors fitting your taste.

If you’re looking for cost-efficient options. Aluminium windows & doors are the solution. While some people who love traditional looking would choose wooden/timber windows & doors. And the uPVC windows & doors are popular for their low price. When it comes to options for colours, fiberglass windows & doors might surprise you.

If it remains too difficult to make the choice. Tell us your needs and our specialists will help you with solutions.

Trendy windows and doors

Almost half of 2020 has passed. The beginning of 2020 “surprised” us a lot. The fire in the Australian forest, the locust plague in Africa, and the global scourge of Corona Virus Disease 2019. The alarm bell of nature has sounded, and we urgently need to understand, “Protect the earth without delay!”

It is an urgent matter to protect the earth ’s resources. Although the strength of every single person is small, everyone ’s efforts can finally come together to bring big changes to the earth. We might try our best to implement the protection of the earth in all aspects of life.

For example, if we want to buy windows & doors, we might choose the ones with energy efficient features. This can help save the earth’s resources, thermal windows & doors are one of them. You may find that this is the trend of buying windows & doors in recent years.

Thermal windows and doors

Thermal windows and doors are energy efficient. Try to think about it, in our daily life, we spend quite much on the utility bills every month. Electricity, natural gas and water, all of them are precious resources from our mother earth. Especially after we have electricity, most of the families have all kinds of home appliances. When the summer and the winter comes, we almost use the air conditioner and heating every day. At this time, the utility bills usually scare us a lot! This also means we use much more energy.

We want a life comfortable and convenient. While we enjoy the comfort that modern technology brings, don’t forget to protect the resources on the earth. Thermal windows & doors are good helpers.

Let’s see how thermal windows & doors help energy-saving.

For example, in hot summer, even if the sun makes our windows & doors burning hot out there, the heat doesn’t come in easily. So, the temperature inside goes up more slowly. At the same time, when we turn on the air conditioner, the cold air does not go out easily through the windows & doors. When it comes to winter, we close these windows & doors, they keep the heat inside the house. The warm air does not go out easily. This gives a warmer winter in the house.

It is easy for us to find out the most important feature of thermal windows & doors. They help to prevent the heat getting inside or outside quickly. In summer, it can be less hot. In winter, it can be warmer. All of this makes an influence on our life. We use the air conditioner and radiator much less than before. This helps save the energy and reduce the emission.

Windows and doors are tax deductible

Windows and doors are tax deductible? Yes, you can apply for a tax deduction in some areas if you use energy-efficient windows and doors.

Energy-efficient windows and doors help you earn tax credits in the US

In the US, for example. US citizens can claim an energy tax credit on 2020 and 2021 Federal Income Tax Returns. As long as they make certain energy-efficient or energy-saving home improvements. And energy-efficient windows & doors are also on the list. The report on has revealed the maximum amount for energy-efficient windows & doors.

$500 for energy-efficient doors (installation costs do not count)

$200 for energy-efficient windows (installation costs do not count)

In other words, you can save your tax if you use energy-efficient windows & doors. And you might find preferable policies later in your country later as well. After all, energy-saving and energy-efficiency has been the major talking point worldwide today.

Energy-efficient windows and doors help reduce tax in France

French government announced in December 2018 that the government will “re-expand” the tax reduction measures for energy renewal projects. The Minister of Environmental Protection said that the tax reduction measures of the energy renewal project will “re-expand”. Homeowners can replace old windows with energy efficient windows and they can enjoy tax reduction. The country offers subsidies for homeowners who replace single glazed windows with double glazed windows. Every time, a double-glazed window is replaced, a fixed amount of subsidy will be granted, with a cap of 100 euros.

The Italian government has made great efforts to save energy!

In 2018, the Italian government launched a series of subsidies for the modification and construction of homes. The energy-saving renovation of the house would receive a subsidy. The subsidy would be 65% of the reconstruction cost, which will be paid in 10 instalments.

Some specific items below:

Energy-saving reconstruction of old buildings;

Reconstruction of building envelopes, including exterior walls, floors and top of floors;

Solar panel installation.

Replacement of lamps and sun visors can also receive a 50% subsidy

Green subsidy of Italian Government

The “green subsidy” encourages people to improve the greening through modification and make homes more liveable. The subsidy amount is 36% of the modification cost, and the maximum application limit is 5000 euros. The scope of “green subsidies” includes: greening of private buildings for external walls, purchase of electrical appliances and fences for greening, establishment of irrigation systems, construction of water wells, and establishment of green roofs.

Energy saving measures of U.S Government

The U.S. government encourages taxpayers to save energy and protect the environment. Any decoration and improvement that improves the energy efficiency of homes, can receive up to $ 1,000 in tax relief (Residential Energy Credits). Including the installation of solar panels, energy-saving water heaters, and thermal windows & doors. Tax Credits are different from various tax deductions, it is based on the taxable income (Taxable Income) calculated previously, and directly deducts the corresponding tax amount.

Analysis reveals an increasing growth of the market of energy efficient windows & doors in the future. By energy-efficient windows & doors, you are doing a kind thing for our mother earth. And you are doing a good thing to your own wallet by using them.

Windows and doors with double glazed glass

We have mentioned that French government provided subsidies to encourage people to replace old windows with double glazed ones. Then, what are double-glazed windows & doors? Let’s know more about it.

At the beginning, our windows & doors usually have one pane of glass. As the name tells us, double-glazed windows & doors have two panes of glasses. Between the two panes of glass, there is a space. The space is filled with only a little air or even no air.

The space is the key that helps us insulate sound and heat. So, some people also call this kind of windows & doors with insulating glass.

Vacuum glass

Vacuum glass windows & doors means no air in the space between two panes of glass. We all know that sound is transmitted through air. If we think about this, this kind of windows & doors are the best type for soundproofing. Once we close the windows & doors, sound cannot get in. During the manufacture process, people need to draw the air out of the space between the glasses. Besides that, people need to inject some noble gases inside the space so that the two panes of glass will not stick together. This kind of windows have very brilliant insulation performance. However, the cost will be rather high due to its complicated workmanship.

Many double-glazed windows & doors do not use Vacuum glass, because drawing out the air and put noble gases inside are not easy. It means more manufacture costs. So, people think of a smart way to have balance of cost reduction and insulation. People draw most of the air out, but there is still some left inside. The supplier injects other gases inside. So, this kind of windows and doors also have good insulation performance.

Advantages of Double-Glazed Windows and Doors

Windows and doors with double-glazed glass are more and more popular. A very important thing is because they are energy efficient. The thermal insulation is better. Like the thermal windows and doors, they don’t let the heat in or out easily. So, they help us with a lower energy bill.

Usually, windows and doors with double-glazed glass are much stronger than the single-glazed ones. At least when you have a bunch of active children, they like to play and move always. You don’t need to worry about them when they fight each other or throw the ball to the windows accidentally.

Windows and doors with double-glazed glass do good in soundproofing. You may find more details in the above contents. Our cute children make a lot of noises when they play or talk, those windows and doors help prevent our noises going out and disturbing our neighbours. The noises from planes, cars or anything outside our home can not disturb us easily. They protect our health well. We might have a better sleep under their help.

Windows and Doors with Laminated glass

Between the panes of glass, the space is filled with one or more than one layers of PVB, SGP, EVA or some other chemical materials. Those interlayers are strong and adhesive after a special process at high temperature and high pressure. The interlayers play the main role of soundproofing. Meanwhile, they have very good safety performance. In Europe and America, many buildings use windows and doors with this kind of glass. The glass might break after being attacked by bullets or a heavy ball. But when it breaks, it doesn’t fly to anywhere. The small pieces still stick to the interlayers.

Differences between laminated glass and double-glazed glass

Windows and doors with laminated glass or double-glazed glass can insulate noise and heat. However, laminated glass has excellent shock resistance and explosion-proof performance, while double-glazed glass has better thermal insulation.

In terms of sound insulation, there are differences between them. Laminated glass has good seismic performance. Therefore, when the wind is strong, the possibility of noise caused by self-vibration is small. Especially for low and medium frequencies. Double-glazed glass is prone to resonance.

But when it comes to isolating noise from outside, double-glazed glass is slightly better. Therefore, according to different places, we choose different windows and doors.

For ordinary households, double-glazed glass is the most extensive choice. If you live in high floors, the wind is strong and the noise from outside is relatively low. Laminated glass is also a good choice.

Both of them are common to see in sun rooms. They are used in different places. Generally, the roof of the sun room uses double-layer tempered glass with laminated glass. The facade glass of the sun room uses double-glazed glass.

Because if something falls on the room from a very high place, the safety of laminated glass is relatively high. And it is not easy to be completely broken. Double-glazed glass is used for facade glass because it has better thermal insulation. It keeps the sun room warm in winter and cool in summer.

Windows and doors with low-e glass

Glass is an essential part of windows and doors. So, when we talk about windows and doors, we find that having different glasses brings different characteristics to them. And they also bring various categories of windows and doors.

Among our daily major energy consumption, building energy consumption accounts for a large proportion. The energy consumption lost through windows and doors is not a small portion as well. Windows and doors that buildings use become a “big funnel” of energy consumption. To avoid this, low-e glass, one kind of energy-saving glass, appeared.

Low-E glass, also known as low-e coating glass. It is a film product composed of multiple layers of metal or other compounds coated on the glass surface. Low-E is the abbreviation of Low Emissivity in English, meaning low radiation. To make it simpler, we coat one or more than one very thin material on the surface of the flat glass. So that the glass has certain characteristics.

How are windows and doors with low-emissivity glass energy-efficient?

In daily life, all light and energy are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The visible light that we can perceive with our eyes is only a very narrow band in the spectrum. The rest is invisible light, such as radio waves, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, X-rays, etc.

According to physical knowledge, as long as the temperature of an object is above absolute zero (-273.15 ° C). It will also emit energy in the form of far infrared rays. Since the temperature is impossible to be absolute zero, all objects are constantly absorbing and radiating energy because of their thermal energy.

The sun radiates energy outwards like a giant fireball. Then it travels through the universe to the surface of the earth in the form of sunlight. When sunlight shines on an object, the object responds to light in three ways: absorption, reflection, and transmission. When sunlight shines on the glass, it will be transmitted into the room while being absorbed and reflected.

If we do something on the glass surface, such as coating a film, we can change the radiation on the glass surface. For example, coating a low-emissivity film on glass can reduce the emissivity of the glass and the absorption rate accordingly.

Different types for Windows and doors with low-e glass

The coating material coated on Low-E glass allows light we can see to pass through. Meanwhile, it blocks some of the near-infrared rays of sunlight, and also the far-infrared rays sent by most things indoor.

In summer, when the emissivity of the glass is low enough, it can block a small part of the near-infrared rays of the sunlight. Therefore, it has the function to block the sunshine and insulate the heat. We call it the sunshade Low-E glass.

People find that in winter, all Low-E glass can block about 80% of the far infrared rays sent out by indoor stuff. Thus, when the outdoor temperature is low in winter, Low-E glass can play a role in keeping heat inside. We may call this high-transparency Low-E glass.

According to the physical calculation, it is better when the emissivity of the glass is lower. However, the general Low-E glass cannot reach a very low emissivity. Therefore, the energy efficient function of common Low-E glass is mainly to keep warm in winter. It is not like what people think to stop most of the sunshine getting inside the buildings.

Application for Windows and doors with low-e glass

The single piece of high-transparency Low-E glass can allow solar radiation to enter the room as much as possible. Especially in middle and high latitudes areas. These areas have long winter time and low temperature, such as Northern Europe, Canada and Northeast China. Meanwhile, it ensures that the heat indoor can be kept well.

The energy saving effect is quite obvious all in all. In summer, if we only use the sunshade-type Low-E glass, the energy-saving effect is not obvious. Because this cannot prevent the heat from outdoor reaching the indoor.

Guess what will happen if only use the windows and doors with a single piece low-e glass? You will see water vapour and other things in the air on the surface of Low-E glass easily. It results in worse performance and shorter service life. Therefore, the Low-E glass is usually used to make with double-glazed glass. For example, the external glass is low-e glass. The internal glass is common glass. The air in the middle makes the heat go out slower. This kind of glasses has the best energy-saving performance and long service life.

Windows and doors with built-in blinds inside

Few people can associate Double-glazed glass windows and doors, blinds together. But as the time goes by, so many exotic designs come out .I just found out my neighbors got a very interesting design:Double-glazed blinds glass windows and doors that blinds can hide inside the Double-glazed glass, And this design is quiet popular in Millennials generation, because it is suitable for the housing environment. It will not block all the ultraviolet light out while keep the shade out. Also few ultraviolet light in the house have disinfection and ultraviolet light function.

This design of this glass combination is very functional. First of all, it can be anti-fired and anti-dusty. As you know, it is very hard and wasting time to get rid off the dusty form leaves since blinds is easy to the collect the dust In addition, curtains as flammable, if your house are unfortunately on fire, it also will increase the fire spread. But it you got this Double-glazed glass windows and doors; you will never have to clean up the leaves and it also have a good good fireproof effect. No wonder my neighbors don’t install curtains anymore.

There are two ways to turn on and off the built-in blinds in Double-glazed glass windows and doors. The one is controlled by hands and other is controlled by electric. Both of them can be adjusted the light from different angles. Of course, the electric ones will be more convenient to use. This kind of glass are used on windows and doors, sliding doors and partition on office, even on the sunlight rooms.

Places to install the built-in blinds-Living Room

Living room is a public space to receiving guests and family gathering. The windows and doors are normally large and most of them are floor-to ceiling sliding doors that is not suitable to install the blinds. But if the living room are not link to balcony and it has one floor-to-ceiling windows. It will be clear to install the blinds and you will not have the falling visual of curtains.

Places to install the built-in blinds- Bedrooms

The best benefit of using blinds in the room, it can block the views between the room and outsides and also let the sunlight comes in. The clean room and white blinds are perfect match. It makes the room look neater and more beautiful

Places to install the built-in blinds- Study Rooms

Generally speaking, the study needs different amounts of light at different times of the day. If the light is too strong, it will damage the eyes. If the light are too weak, you can not see things clearly. You will be more comfortable to learn and work in study if you got appropriate light. And the blinds are extremely useful to adjust the light in the study room which is the reason why so many office buildings use the blinds. If you build up the desks in the wall near the windows, you can install the blinds in the windows which is in front of the desk, That can save the space of using curtains. The small bay window with the plants and the light through the blinds make us more cozy in the study.

Places to install the built-in blinds- Bathrooms

The windows in bathrooms are usually small. If you are using the bathroom, you can close up the blinds to block the light. If you are not using the bathroom, you can open up the blinds to dry up the wet bathroom. The normal curtains are not able to close up completely and they will get molds when its wet. Compare to them, blinds have much more benefits.

Other good reason to install the blinds, the space on the edge of the windows will not be affected by the curtains. You can also put the plants or toiletries on the windows if it got enough space.

Benefits of internal blind windows and doors

Spend less time on maintaining

Suppliers say that if we use the windows and doors with built-in blinds, we don’t have to clean the blinds anymore. (But actually, some homeowners claim that they have to clean them once two years.) It really depends on how your windows are sealed. Are they well sealed? If yes, you don’t need to worry about the cleaning. Dirt and other things in the air will not fall inside the space of the glass panes like the old windows. I believe this is really a top good news to homeowners. You know, cleaning the blinds can be something tiring and tedious.

Low possible of being damaged

Blinds put behind the glass can prevent from being worn and damaged in daily life. Blinds usually get brittle and they even break over and over. Especially when your windows are installed vinyl with a cheaper price. Even though you have something with better quality, it is not safe enough. Because pets or little children can bend or break the slats. Therefore, many homeowners find that they need to change the blinds often. Almost one time every four years. However, it comes to different situation when using the built-in blinds. Though they might be damaged, but the possibility is much lower than the traditional ones. It’s totally possible that the service life of your built-in blinds is as long as the windows themselves.

More convenience for blinds operation

Sometimes it is not easy to use blinds. But it would be simpler when you use them with a magnetizing slide. There is another good way if you think using blinds by hand is a trouble. That is surely an electrical version. All-in-one blinds is an excellent choice for large glass doors. Because they will not swing and make an impact on moving from doors.

Besides your home and office. There are some other places that you will need windows and doors for. Your shed for example.

Windows and doors for sheds

Sheds are common to see in many places with gardens.

A culture of shed enthusiasts exists in several countries for people who enjoy building sheds and spending time in them for relaxation. In Australia and New Zealand there are magazines called The Shed, an association for shed hobbyists (the Australian Men’s Shed Association), and a book entitled Men and Sheds. (source:

A shed is a good place for storage. Some people also develop their hobbies there and use it as a workshop. Just like what many others do with their garage.

If you are also one of them. Then, guess you want to make it cosy and comfortable. Because the shed is another place so important other than your home. You will probably make your first great invention that improves your daily life in your shed. And even have an influence in the world. Remember Steve Jobs made his first personal computer in the garage with his partner?

And a desirable cosy shed cannot take its shape without some nice windows and doors. If you agree on that, we are glad to share the things you’ll need about windows and doors for sheds.

The importance of windows and doors for your sheds

You might be looking to replace the old windows and doors for your shed. Or planning to get the new windows and doors for your new shed from the ground up. Either way, you’ll be aware of the importance of the windows and doors.

Windows and doors introduce more lights and air in the space. At the same time, they protect the security of your sheds and your valuable things inside. Then, you don’t have to expose your small little secrets to the public. Also, as part of the structure, they can improve the appearance of you sheds as well.

Generally, there are some key factors to consider while choosing windows and doors for sheds.

Things about windows for sheds

As security comes at the first place. No window for your shed could be the best choice. When you close the door, there’s no window for the intruder to get in after all.

Meanwhile, you prefer some more fresh air and sunlights in your shed. In the case when you use it as a workshop in particular. Sun and air are essential for your seed of creativity.

And relax a bit about the safety. As adding a shed window doesn’t necessarily put your property at high risk. Think of how many windows have existed in your house. Moreover, the smart gadgets will give your shed double guarantee in safety. Such as the security cameras and sensors that could trigger the alarms when windows open or break. You could pretty much find these gadgets at the online stores. Just like you can find EEHE online, the quality manufacturer and suppliers of windows and doors.

Getting back to the windows for sheds. If you decide to have more sunlights and air by adding shed windows. Here are the things to pay attention to.

The profile material of windows for your shed

The material of windows profile matters a lot. And you need materials strong enough to stand up to wind, weather, and extreme conditions outdoor. For that purpose, aluminium windows would be a desirable option. The unique features of aluminium windows enable them to guard your sheds better than their competitors. As we talked before, the strength, durability, and low-maintenance features of aluminium windows make them stand out in their peers. It’s harder for intruders to break in your sheds with aluminium windows.

The glass of windows for your shed

While the profiles play an important role in the security of your windows for sheds. The glass of the windows worth your attention as well. Accordingly, tempered glass or laminated glass remain safer options for windows for sheds. Because both tempered glass and laminated glass are stronger than other glasses. They are resistant to break-ins as a result. Check out the fine aluminium windows for your shed on EEHE. Besides the tempered glass helping you out of break-ins. Our double/triple glazed glass series make you feel cosier in your sheds.

The style of windows for your shed

When it comes to the styles of the windows for sheds. We would recommend awning windows than the others. If you remember the features of awning windows we discussed earlier. They are a better option for safety as they are less likely to break in by the thefts and intruders. Also, awning windows can protect your shed from the raindrops. Even if you open them in rainy days. We’re not talking about rainfalls like the amazon level though.

Take a look at our aluminium awning windows for you sheds.

The lock of windows for your shed

Moreover, locks are another thing to consider while choosing your windows. Even if you have super strong windows as gold, a weak lock makes it all in vain. Therefore, it’s important to have windows with secure locks for your sheds. The quality of hardware for the windows remains critical in this part. Take the shortcut to find the windows for your shed with reliable hardware on EEHE.

Waterproof your shed windows and the openings

Last but not least, it’s important to waterproof your windows for the shed. Unlike the houses made of bricks, many sheds come with wooden skins. And moisture can cause great damage to the wood. Therefore, don’t forget to make your shed windows safe out of water and moisture. Be more careful if you live in rainy and coastal areas. And some weather stripping, foam tape, caulking and/or fillers on the openings can pretty much save them out. Hire some professionals for help when needed.

Things about doors for sheds

It’s similar to windows when choosing doors for your shed. The materials, locks, glass (if there is any on your shed doors), and performance against water. When you have gone through all these things. You can pretty much get a desirable shed door.

As for the styles of your shed doors. Find the features of the various door styles on The ultimate guide to buying windows and doors in China for more ideas.

And remember to waterproof your shed doors and the openings. Like the ways we introduced for the windows above. To make it even better for your shed door, also install a sweep under.

Some DIY make it even better, like sealing windows and doors for winter.

How to seal windows and doors for winter

In windy areas, the cold winter is severe. The wind can make its ways into the house with every possibility. The gaps between windows and the slits of the doors. And sealing the gaps and slits of windows and doors will stop the wind coming in. Without the cold sever cold wind, you will enjoy a much cosier winter at home. Besides keeping the cold wind out of your house. Sealing windows and doors can also keep the hot air out in summers.

To help you with that, we’re telling you how to seal your windows and doors below.

Ensure enough ventilation for your safety

Check and make sure there will be enough ventilation for your appliances. Especially for those that produce internal gas. Because sufficient fixed ventilation guarantees your safety when using these appliances. If sealing your windows and doors block the way for the gas to expel, DO NOT do that.

In case you don’t know if there’s enough ventilation for your house. You might ask for a professional to help before sealing the windows and doors.

Find out the gaps where the air gets in

To stop the draughts getting in the house, we need to figure out where they come from. Check carefully for gaps around the windows and doors. The gaps lead to outdoor areas in particular. Such as bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms and balconies. Since windows and doors in these places tend to draw more draughts from outside. As these rooms connect your place and the outdoor where the air mainly comes from.

Generally, you’ll find the draughts come the below places.

For doors: gaps between the door leaf and the frame, and that between the door leaf and the base.

For windows: gaps between the openable sash and the window frame.

Prepare the tools you might need for the sealing work

Tape measure. To measure the sizes and shapes of the gaps for your windows as well as doors.

Pencil. You will probably need them for the marks to cut more easily and precisely.

Get the right sealers according to the size and shapes of the gaps

When you figure out where the gaps are. It’s not hard to find the bunch of options for the sealers on the market. Typically, the draught excluders and draught stripping. They are common to see in many hardware stores. Go online if you don’t find any nearby. The various designs can pretty much cover your needs. Just make a note of the sizes and shapes of the gaps before your shopping.

Draught excluders

(image credit:

Draught stripping

(image credit:

Clean and dry the surface before applying the sealers

Before you apply sealers to the surfaces you’re going to seal. It’s best to clean and dry them up as much as you can. Since the glues and adhesive require a clean and dry surface to work properly. You want them to stick to the surfaces around the gaps of your windows and doors. But not the dirt and rust on these surfaces after all.


A quick review of the things we talked about in the article.

1. The popular types of windows and doors on the market by materials and styles.

They are aluminium, fibreglass, wooden/timber and uPVC by materials.

As for the styles, casement, awning, sliding and fixed windows are all popular. And swing doors, French doors, sliding doors and bifold/folding doors are common to see.

2. The trendy windows and doors have any of the following features:

  • Thermal-efficient.

  • Glass with enhanced treatments: double glazing, laminated and low-e.

  • With built-in blinds between the double glass panes.

3. Windows and doors for sheds.

  • Why windows and doors are important for sheds?

  • Things to consider when choosing windows for sheds.

  • Things to consider when choosing doors for sheds.

4. How to seal windows and doors to make your house more comfortable.

And that includes the steps below:

  • Check the ventilation and make sure there is enough for the gas to expel. As it affects your safety.

  • Find out the draughts by checking the gaps in place leading to outdoor. Such as bedrooms, balconies, bathrooms and etc.

  • Get the tools ready before the sealing job.

  • Find the sealers suitable for your windows and doors. Either in hardware stores or going online.

  • Make sure the surfaces are clean and dry before applying the sealers.