China has manufactured and supplied most of the windows and doors for the world. To better understand the products and industry. We’re going to take a close look at the Chinese window and door manufacturers.

The growing market benefits Chinese window and door manufacturers

A market report on Global Marketing Insight has pointed out. The global market of windows and doors will witness a continuous growth from 2019 to 2026.

The growing market benefits Chinese window and door manufacturers


And windows & doors with the 3 types of materials took most of the market shares in 2018. In the meantime, the growth is going to continue expectedly. The 3 materials are uPVC, wood, and metal.

the market of windows and doors by material


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As a result, this is definitely good news for window and door suppliers throughout the world. And of course, the Chinese window and door manufacturers. Since China is the factory of the world.

Thus, if you’re looking for window and door suppliers especially the manufacturers. China is the place worthy of your visit.

While, many might have the question. Are Chinese window and door manufacturers reliable?

How are Chinese window and door manufacturers?

Chinese window and door manufacturers offer same standard but require half cost

In many cases, you pay half of the cost to the Chinese window and door manufacturers. While you have the same standard as the products from local vendors. In other words, you enjoy the quality products from Chinese manufacturers. But you save 50% of your money. A bunch of large and strong window and door manufacturers in China can offer products with international standards. You can find windows and doors in China with certifications such by TÜV, CE, SGS and etc. Moreover, Chinese windows and door manufacturers produce for global leading brands as well. Chance are that, the branded windows and doors are actually produced by Chinese manufacturers.

Chinese window and door manufacturers provide a bunch of options

From the Chinese manufacturers, you will have many great options for your windows and doors.

By materials, the popular aluminium, wooden/timber, and uPVC are all available.

As for styles, you can find trendy options like casement windows, awning windows, sliding, and fixed windows. For the family of doors, the members include swing/hinged doors, French doors, sliding doors and more.

When it comes to the topic of glass. The prevailing low-E glass, double glazed glass, laminated glass, and tempered glass are all there for you.

Moreover, other special options like built-in blinds and fly/mosquito screens are common to find in China.

And the various combos come with different price ranges. It might be pleasing news for you if you’re a wholesaler of windows and doors. Because more options for prices can pretty much caters to the needs of different markets.

Chinese window and door manufacturer response quickly

The quick and timely response is another feature of Chinese window and door manufacturers. You might not find suppliers as diligent as they are in other places in the world.

It’s quite common to see that in China. When you send out your request. You are much likely to receive a reply within 24-48 hours. Especially in large and strong companies with professional services like EEHE. If you don’t believe it. Try to send us a message and check when you get our reply in your mailbox.

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In conclusion, it’s a good idea to deal with Chinese windows and door manufacturers directly. In other words, to start the import business with them.

How Chinese window and door manufacturers produce the products

Well. Before getting into the thing. We may as well do some homework, so that we know the business better. To learn what the manufactures do to make the products is a good point to start with. Find the details below.

How Chinese window and door manufacturers produce aluminium windows and doors

The typical manufacturing process of aluminium casement windows and aluminium swing doors follow the steps below:

Profile ordering

Instead of producing themselves. Almost every manufacturer of aluminium windows and doors in China order the profiles. Because extruding the aluminium profiles cost as much as the whole process of the aluminium windows and doors production. The prices of aluminium windows and doors can double or even more. Considering the maintenance cost of the extruding factory and plant.

While ordering the aluminium profiles can pretty much reduce that cost. Thus, the lower operating cost of manufacturing. As a result, more friendly prices of aluminium windows and doors for consumers.

You will find many manufacturers of aluminium windows and doors choose places for their factories. The places near the aluminium extruding factories. For the purpose to save cost on material transportation.

Profile processing

The process includes blanking, punching, pressing, drilling, and milling. Manufacturers usually introduce several sets of machines to complete these actions. So, the key factor to the success of the process is the quality of the machines. Also, the skill of the workers remains critical in this part. They operate the machines after all.

Moreover, the thermal break is critical in profile processing. Aluminium profiles with thermal breaks have much better energy performance. In other words, profiles with thermal breaks make you feel warmer in winters.

EEHE adopt the advanced thermal break technology for profiles of the aluminium windows and doors. Ease your worries of low thermal performance of traditional aluminium windows and doors.

Mounting accessories

Aluminium windows and doors consist of a bunch of accessories. Such as rubber strips, angle brackets, corner joints, hinges, handles, rollers, and etc. An accessory is small, but the bunch of accessories comprise the quality of the windows and doors. Small things matter when it comes to the entire product quality.

EEHE windows and doors select the fine accessories for the aluminium windows and doors. For the enhanced guarantee for your windows and doors by every detail.

Know more about the windows and doors accessories on Things about Aluminium Windows and Doors Accessories You Want

Installing the glass

While installing the glass might sound simple. Not every manufacturer of aluminium windows and doors can equip their products with double/triple glass.

By installing double glazed windows, people can save up to 115-120 Euros every year in England, Scotland, and Wales according to a study. And the amount can reach 145 Euros in Northern Ireland.

You can save much more from your utility bills with the triple glazed glass.

If you don’t care much of the utility bills. We believe you still prefer to stay in a place with less noise. And you want to stay warmer in the cold days rather than facing the cold. Double/triple glazed glass will do that for you. They reduce the noise and keep you warmer in winters.

Both double glazed and triple glazed glass are available in the aluminium windows and doors by EEHE.

Finishing the product assembly

When the glass installation is complete. Manufactures will finish the manufacturing process by completing the assembly of the final product.

Also read How to Manufacture Aluminium Windows and Doors. You’ll find more detail about the manufacturing process of aluminium windows and doors.

How Chinese window and door manufacturers produce wood/timber windows and doors

Wood selection

The process of wood selection is critical. Because the wood material largely determines the performance of the final products. For the long run especially. Fine wood material combined with excellent technology can protect the wooden/timber windows and doors from various issues. Like, warping, twisting, shrinking and swelling in most cases.

That’s why wood selection remains crucial in the first place. The common find wood materials include mahogany, Sapele/Sapelli, larch, walnut, white oak, black cherry, and etc.

Wood drying before use

You might find manufacturers keep the wood for some time in the warehouse. Before using the wood for the production of windows and doors. The drying process is to reduce the moisture content of the wood material. Doing so give it a double guarantee to reduce the potential issues like above said of the final products.

Also read Wood Drying on Wikipedia to know more about that.

Machining process including cutting, carving, pressing, milling and etc.

Once the wood is dry enough, the machining process begins. These machining processes prepare the wood slab for the assembly of the wooden/timber windows and doors. Also, the beautiful patterns come into reality from the design by these processes.

Assembling wood slabs and pieces

It’s easy to understand the assembly process of the wood slabs. When you have the experience of playing with the Lego stacks or seeing the others doing so. The final wooden windows and doors products are actually the results of assembling the wood slabs and pieces. After the assembling process, the wooden windows and doors pretty much take their shapes.


After assembling, it’s necessary to polish them. Otherwise, you’ll feel the windows and doors scratchy to touch. Sometimes the tough skin of the wood can make you painful. It hurts indeed. So, enough polish is very important to the wooden/timber windows and doors. The process of polishing and painting intersect often. We’re going to explain in detail later.


Usually, the 1st painting follows the first polish. And there’s a special name for the 1st painting. That is undercoat. The main purpose of the undercoat is to give the first protection from moisture. As you know, moisture is the killer of wood. After the undercoat fully penetrates the wood, the 2nd polish begins.

Then the 2nd painting after the 2nd polish. The name of the 2nd painting is the primer. In old times, the sealer painting comes prior to primer. But nowadays, most primer can serve as a sealer as well. The purpose of it is a double guarantee of moisture protection. Also, to make it easier for the final painting (aka finish) to get with the wood. Without the undercoat and primer, the wood will pretty much absorb the finish.

So, the process of polishing and painting is like this. 1st polish -> 1st painting (undercoat) -> 2nd polish -> 2nd painting (primer) -> 3rd polish -> final painting (finish)

Installing the glass and finished product assembly

When the above processes all complete. Manufactures will install the glass and close up the wooden frames and profiles to complete the production.

How Chinese window and door manufacturers produce uPVC windows and doors

Compared with the manufacturing process of windows and doors made of aluminium or wood/timber materials. The production of uPVC windows and doors requires less process. Generally, the factories follow the below steps to manufacture uPVC windows and doors.

Forming the resin compound

Forming the resin compound is the first step to manufacture the uPVC windows and doors. In the forming stage, manufacturers mix the raw materials to prepare the resin compound.

When the mixture is ready to go, the 2 chemicals (TiO2 and CaCO3) will join the party. And the purpose is to make the material more durable and resistant to UV rays.

Without this process, the uPVC windows and doors will be weak and fragile in the sun. Guess you can easily picture it. If you had the experience of exposing your PVC gloves in hot summers.

Extruding and cooling

After completing the forming stage, then the showtime of the extrusion process. A successful extrusion is key to the structure of uPVC windows and doors. Because it makes the shape of them.

And the success of an extrusion largely depends on the temperature. An environment of 200-275 degree Celsius is desirable. Then the manufacturers will invite the great helper. Large-scale automatic mixing equipment to churn the mix accurately.

After that, the factories will cast the molten mix into a die. Then the die will give the shapes to the extruded uPVC material. It happens during the process of pulling and stretching the material.

Almost immediately, manufacturers cool down the uPVC and give it a water bath. This is mainly to make the uPVC material strong and solid.

Cutting and joining

Then they cut the material into the standard shapes according to the specifications by the clients. And join the individual pieces together by heat fusion welding.

Reinforcement by galvanized steel

To reinforce the structure of the profiles for uPVC windows and doors. Manufacturers will install the galvanized steel sections inside the profiles. Similar to the logic of the steel in the concrete for the buildings.

Installing the glass

After all, manufacturers will fit the glass into the profiles. Until the glass installation is complete. Then it also completes the manufacturing process of uPVC windows and doors.

Thank you for your patience and keep reading till here. We believe you understand more about the windows and doors industry. And get to know how the windows and doors become products from the manufacturing stage. Every detail during the manufacturing process can affect the quality of the final products. We highly recommend you to check the manufacturing process during the factory visits.

Bring this guide with you when doing your purchase of windows and doors in China. Ask the staff and do the comparison accordingly during and after the factory visits. You will be able to distinguish the good windows and doors by yourself.

Other than product quality. The result largely from the manufacturing process and technology. The packing/packaging quality of windows and doors contribute to the quality of your purchase experience as a whole.

How to import directly from Chinese window and door manufacturers

Step 1 of import directly from Chinese window and door manufacturers

The first part is the most important one—choosing a reliable supplier of manufacturer in China. We strongly suggest you choose only from registered manufacturers with verified certifications. And it’s best to see the copy of these certifications. Besides, customer reviews on the internet is another tool you can use to evaluate one supplier. When you make the decision that which manufacturer you want to do business with. You can write them on the list. We should avoid a mistake that only put our eyes on the designs and competitive prices when we choose a supplier. The point we should pay more attention to is focusing on the quality of products and date of delivery.

Step 2 of import directly from Chinese window and door manufacturers

When we get around this mistake, we can further narrow down our possible suppliers list. And then we can go on to the second step—Asking quotations from suppliers. One quotation needs to include prices, delivery periods warranties, terms of sale and how to pay the money, who will pay for the shipping, insurance and transportation costs, and duties to be paid. Through the second step, we can get a final list, including the most professional and quick-responding suppliers.

Through these two steps, we already find the trustable windows and doors suppliers. What we need to do in the next step is about how to transport the products from China to your countries.

Step 3 of import directly from Chinese window and door manufacturers

This is the third step we will talk about—contacting a sourcing agent. A professional sourcing agent can make a big different in doing business with Chinese manufacturers. They can do a lot of things from product quality inspection to the transportation of doors and windows from China to the place you live in. Especially when you buy a great number of furniture, a quality inspection from a third party is necessary. You can ask your manufacture to send some photos about their product details. Or you can ask for a sample, but you may need to pay for it and wait for the time of delivery. The best option is delegating your sourcing agent to do such thing.

About the transportation

As to the transportation, we should have a clear knowledge about tariffs and countervailing charges.

A tariff is tax levied by governments according to the value including freight and insurance of imported products.

China has established a new tax law on import and export. If under tariff rate quota (TFR) schemes, goods imported within the quota are subject to lower tariff rate, and goods imported with higher quota are subjected to higher tariff rates.

Countervailing charges are applied to goods that can be cheaply imported into your country because the manufacturer was given a subsidy by the government as these inexpensive goods are not competitive with the local business (may vary from different countries)

It would be better if you can make a research to know the law of your country on taxes and charges before paying money. In such doing, you don’t need to pay unexpected money for your product.

About the freight

Second, you need to have your good sorted and figure out the cost when you product landed cost refers to the total cost of the product once it has arrived at the buyer’s door. Every fee, clearance, tariff, duties based on goods, import custom clearance and a long list of all importation transactions are included in the landed cost. It would be more advisable to negotiate with a sourcing agent who understands all these requirements. Third, we can hire a shipping company, or a customs broker. The customs broker will straighten everything out for you, what you need to do is contact their staff to trace your shipment. All above is the first approach to import windows and doors online, we will provide the second way to do so.

Make use of resources by Canton Fair

We can get used of the Canton Fair in Guangzhou China. As a platform for the Chinese businessman to show their products, Canton Fair will be held in a yearly basis in Guangzhou China. This massive trade fair offers a chance for the exhibitors to show their products from electronics and household electrical appliances, building materials and hardware, machinery, equipment, fabrics and textile, and many more. Without these three days, you can talk to the exhibitors freely. Admission to Canton Fair is free, but you may need to apply for a visa for entering China. In addition, Language barrier is the problem we should consider, it would be better if we can hire an interpreter.

As we can see, if we choose the second approach, we can discuss with the suppliers face to face and touch the samples manufacturers provide, enabling customers to have a better feeling of products’ quality. The disadvantage is that buyers must make a trip to China and find a way to overcome the language barrier. More money will be costed in this process. When the doors and windows you buy travel all the way to your house, it’s time to ask the local builders for help, you need their help to install the beautiful windows and doors to your house. Before making a phone call to the builders, you should remember to ask the installing specifications of your door and windows from suppliers. Or you can choose to do it yourself If you’re patient enough and have a lot of time. You can install them by yourself. But installing furniture is a complex process, which need you to know a lot about furniture instruction. And there are lots of procedures which are difficult for one person to finish.

Common issues in import and export business

Delivery time

The delay of delivery is common to see especially in international business. For the transportation in long distance. Your goods experience a series of transit from the Chinese window and door manufacturer to your hands. Even if you pay great attention to the details. Still, there are chances for unexpected events. Delays can result from many reasons. Such as holidays, bad weather, political events like G20 or so.

However, you hardly see these issues with strong manufacturers. Although might be issues from time to time still. A strong supplier will handle that much better and lower your loss. For their professional service and cooperative teamwork as a result of their rich experience. Thus, it’s important choose a reliable manufacturer like EEHE for timely delivery of your windows and doors.

Incomplete Documentation

Incomplete documents will slow the shipment of your ordered doors and windows. The cost of delivering Bill of Lading, Packing List, Commercial List, and other documents through courier are often paid by the importer. But if you place a high volume of order, suppliers will be willing to pay this charge for you.

Damaged Packaging

doors and windows are fragile and may easily be damaged while being transported because of their raw material. Products may not be protected well if the supplier do not pay more attention to the packing process. It would be better if we can emphasize the protection of products in your contract, or the manufacturer will pay for any damage.

Colour Difference

if there is a different between the colour of the sample and that of the products we receive. We should contact the supplier for returns and refunds. Or we can write terms about colour difference in the contract to avoid troubles.

Also read The ultimate guide to buying windows and doors in China. Then, you will get more solid advice for your purchase from Chinese window and door manufacturers. Also, some useful tips of how to avoid the issues and traps.

In this section, we discussed the general process of importing directly from Chinese window and door manufacturers. And the problems we might meet during the process.

Keep reading the article, we’re going to talk more about the key points. To help your further in your successful import business from Chinese window and door manufacturers.

Certifications you need from Chinese windows and door manufacturers

Please pay extra attention to this part. Especially when you are a starter in import and export business. Because we share the key tips below to help your goods enter the country successfully. On the contrary, if you don’t miss some of the parts, the customs might reject the entry of your cargos.

Customs require necessary certifications for windows and doors from China to enter your country

Product certifications of windows and doors are like the passports of ours. It’s easy to understand this when you think of the experience of travelling abroad. Both the customs of our mother country and that of the other side ask for our passport. To check if our records are clean enough to exit or enter the countries. And there is a set of standard and criteria for that. Just we don’t know much about the details in most cases.

It remains similar for the goods you bring from overseas. Customs will check and inspect the products to see if they meet the standard of the country. In other words, only products compliant with the requirements and standards can enter the country. Or there are chances you pay for your goods, but they end up rejected by the customs.

And that comes with a bunch of certifications required by the customs. You might have heard about that. If you have the experience in import and export business.

Also, the standards and certifications vary from one place to another. So, it’s wise to do a full research on the requirements by your country. And ask the Chinese windows and door manufacturers before the deal. Make sure they can meet the standard and provide the documents of the certifications.

Australia for example, have made a bunch of certain standards for windows and doors.

For Australian buyers dealing with Chinese windows and door manufacturers

All windows and glass used in Australian homes must comply with the following Standards:

  • AS2047 Windows in buildings – Selection and installation

  • AS1288 Glass in buildings – Selection and installation

Windows made from timber, aluminium, uPVC or other materials undergo the following performance tests to verify product performance claims.

  • AS4420.2 Deflection Test – positive and negative wind pressures are applied to the face of the window to test the maximum deflection under wind load.

  • AS4420.3 Operating Force Test – verifies that an opening sash is capable of opening and closing without undue effort.

  • AS4220.4 Air Infiltration Test – air leakage of a window is tested to ensure energy and acoustic efficiency.

  • AS4420.5 Water Penetration Resistance Test – ensures no water leaks through the window into the building.

  • AS4420.6 Ultimate Strength Test – negative and positive wind pressures of at least 1.5 times the specified wind pressure are applied to the window to ensure it does not fail in unusual wind conditions.


That’s a lot, right? We do know that. But try to ask the manufacturers in China. They will probably figure it out for you. Once you get the hang of it, you’re going to move a great step. For your money-saving journey with the Chinese window and door manufacturers.

Find more details about the standard of windows and doors on the Window & Glass Regulations in Australia.

There are also several requirements for the energy efficiency level of the windows and doors. The Australian government has put it in legislation. Although the requirements might vary from different states. But all windows and doors in Australia will need to meet the standard of energy efficiency.

And the good news is, you can find a bunch of energy efficient options for your windows and doors. We’re saying, from the quality Chinese window and door manufacturers of course. Use the shortcut to get a quote of the energy efficient windows and doors from EEHE.

For buyers from other countries

When it comes to the other countries, the logic is pretty much alike. Contact the import and export regulatory authority in your country. Or find the requirements on their websites. We believe you’ll get your answers.

Another way that might ease your eyes in the overwhelming information online. That is, find the import and export agents at your side. They are likely to have more sources and will answer your questions quickly. Given their experience in the overseas business.

A gentle reminder again. No matter where you’re going to import your windows and doors. Remember to figure out the certifications that your country requires. And this is the guarantee of your products to enter your country.

All in all, there’s a key to your successful import business of windows and doors. That’s the capacity of your supplier or manufacturer. Thus, selecting the supplier, best the manufacturer you could trust remains the hard core.

The secret of selecting Chinese window and door manufacturers

It’s a big deal purchasing windows and doors from overseas. And we believe that you are going to ask for a bunch of suppliers. Make a list and make your decision from the selections. Because you want to find a reliable manufacturer rather than a trader who doesn’t even own a factory.

To ease your effort, the easiest answer could be deal with EEHE windows and doors. The top Chinese manufacturer of windows and doors among the many.

Still, we’re pleased to share with you the secret to make your selection more effective. We believe that you will likely choose us in the end though.

Find the secrets on The ultimate guide to buying windows and doors in China.

Top Chinese window and door manufacturers

Top Chinese aluminium window and door manufacturers

EEHE windows and doors

The company started the windows and doors business since the year 2008. They focus on quality aluminium windows and doors with high-level performance. Aluminium windows, aluminium doors, sunrooms, wooden/timber doors, and shower rooms are all specialities of the company.

EEHE windows and doors is the leading company in the industry. They own a factory with a size of over 100,000 square metres. And the annual production capacity can reach 300,000 sqm with a maximum daily output of 1,000 sqm. That’s a leading level in the windows and doors industry.

Also, the company shows a strong R&D ability. EEHE windows and doors work with universities as well as top research institutes. The innovative designs and fine quality combined with excellent service lead to the success of EEHE. And the number of stores just well witness that. Today you can find EEHE’s stores of windows and door in over 1,000 cities within 30 provinces across the country.

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Top Chinese uPVC window and door manufacturers

Dalian Shide Group

Long history of establishment

Dalian Shide Group was established in 1992. After more than 20 years of rapid development. It has become a large-scale enterprise oriented to the chemical construction materials industry. The head office is in Dalian. Shide is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chemical construction materials. Shide has an annual production capacity of 700,000 tons. This company has been awarded “Chinese Chemical Building Material Industrialization Base” by Chinese Ministry of Construction.

This company use advanced foreign imported equipment. It keeps developing unique processing technology. It has excellent quality control system. The quality of Shide UPVC products are already comparable to the top global competitors. Today, Shide Group has China’s most complete CBM research institution. One of them is “Dalian Shide Chemical Building Materials Research Institute”. The other one is “postdoctoral research and development workstation. All of them make Shide walk ahead in technology, quality and new product development.

Approval of various certifications

For decades, the scale of Shide is going on continually. However, Shide Group has continuously obtained ISO 9001, 9002, 14000 standard system certifications. In 2008, Shide won the “famous brand” honor of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China Trademark Office. It has been recognized by the German DIN certificate and the Japanese JIS certificate as well. The European Federation of Plastic Window Manufacturers (EPW) and the American Association of Building Manufacturers (AAMA) have granted membership to Shide. After years of unremitting efforts, Shide UPVC profiles have been widely recognized.

Boosting export trading market

On August 14, 2013, Shide Group and BASF held the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation at Shide headquarters. Through the introduction of new products and new technologies, it will surely deepen and fasten development of China’s energy efficiency construction. International construction energy-saving will be greatly influenced.

Currently, Shide has 140 branches all over China. The improvement of marketing ability and after-sale system means the competitiveness of Shide UPVC profile. Export trading is also outstanding in Shide’s business sector. The transaction volumes of Southeast Asian, Indian and Russian markets are amazing. The markets of Mongolia, UAE and South America are also full of potential. Shide’s sales network provides high-quality and economical products to the world.

Comity Building Materials Group CO., Ltd

In 2006, Comity Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. was founded. It is a large-scale building materials group. The company has research & development, production and sales. There are five companies under the group. Among them, Sichuan Comity Doors and Windows Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in UPVC windows and doors. Other companies are engaged in the construction of various types of products, such as building profiles, and industrial aluminum.

Strong supply system

At present, there are two major production bases in Southwest and East China. The two bases take a very large space of more than 400,000 square meters. The production capacity has very excellent performance. The production capacity of building plastic profiles reaches 80,000 tons per year. The production capacity of industrial aluminum materials reaches 15,000 tons per year. The production capacity of construction aluminum profiles reaches 30,000 tons per year. And the system doors and windows have production capacity of 50,000 square meters for every year. It has no worries for the large supply in China.

At the forefront of the industry

The company has an average annual growth rate of about 30% since it was founded. And the share of comprehensive market has been increasing year by year. The market share in some regions ranks in the top three in China. It is at the forefront for the industry.

So far, the group has successively set up 12 marketing centers and many offices in Chengdu. The sales net covers more than 10 provincial administrative regions in the country. The Group has cooperated with many famous real estate groups in China. The market provides many high-quality building materials for Chinese construction.

In the future, Comity will continue to focus on every customer, specialize in every product, and concentrate on service every time. Comity commit to creating new value for our partners and promoting the development of China’s building materials industry. Based on the present, looking to the future, and working hard to become a respected global company.

Zhejiang ZhongCai Merchants Investment Group CO., Ltd

The Group has a total asset of about 300 million US dollars. It is a socialized, marketized, and modern enterprise. You can find their business in many fields. Such as chemical construction materials and real estate. Investments and guarantees. They also deal with domestic and international trade. The Group shows a strong potential in development. The cooperation framework of Zhongcai Group consists of three members. They are Zhongcai chemical construction materials industry, Zhongcai Finance Wide Angle and Zhongcai Futures.

The company was established in 1995. And chemical building materials is one amongst the key industries in the company. The company has been enormous with a turnover of USD500 million during this field after 8-year development. The company ranks prime three both in each the plastic profile and plastic pipe trade in China.

The company is one of the necessary high technology enterprises in China. It’s also the manufacturer for the national project Xinghuo Plan. Besides that, the the company is a member of Plastic Pipe Committee in China. It’s also a core committee member unit of China Standardization Committee (SC3).

The company owns a professional technical team in their cement research institute. In addition, a national chemical construction materials quality supervision and inspection center is in their production base.

All the production enterprise under Zhongcai Chemical Building Materials Industry are honored high technology enterprises. Its sales network goes all around the globe. It has 9 headquarters in China. They are in Hangzhou, Xian, Tianjin, Chengdu, Guangdong, etc.

More details of Zhongcai Windows & Doors

The company provides various windows and doors. It Includes casement, sliding, single or double hung, shutter, folded and other windows and doors. Specialized design service is offered for different needs. Such as hardware, accessories and machines for PVC windows.

The types of windows below are all in their wide range of product lines.

  • Double Hung Window

  • Single Hung Window

  • Casement Window

  • Hopper Window

  • Picture Window

  • Bay/Bow Window

  • Slider Window

  • Awning Window

To meet the special requirement, they can also adjust our production formula customize the exact mould and change the style for windows and PVC door profiles. They have enough technology and ability to satisfy customer in every market. If you want PVC door profiles, our PVC door profiles are the best.

This company can offer services with more flexibility. They can adjust the producing method and make an exact mould. You can find out your own style here.

BNBM Group

Beijing New Building Material (Group) Co., Ltd. (BNBM Group) is a subsidiary of China National Building Material Group Corporation Ltd. (CNBM). This is a state-owned enterprise directly administered by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of State Council. It is the biggest manufacturing factory to produce building materials by getting invest from national government. Now, it is an enterprise group that in charge of many flieds. Such as building materials investment, housing business, forest products and global trading services. By the end of 2019, it has nearly 20 subsidiary corporation companies and more than RMB 18 billion total assets.

As one of the 500 top companies in the world. BNBM Group is leading China’s new building materials industry by its brand effect, quality, technology, producing scale and so on.

The main ideal of BNBM Group is “Efficiently use the resources,serving the Construction” to produce green heath and energy-saving construction to the whole world.


So, in this article we have discussed the following topics.

  1. The Chinese window and door manufacturers benefit from the market growth of the industry. Especially manufacturers involved with windows and doors with the materials: aluminium, uPVC, and wood/timber.

  1. It’s good to work with windows and door manufactures in China. Because they require much less cost while offering the same quality. And the competitive prices come with various options with materials, styles, glass and other special requirements. Also, their replies to your inquiry are more quickly than any other countries in the world.

  1. We also talked about the manufacturing process of windows and doors. And it covers the 3 popular types by materials on the current market. So that you can understand the industry deeper and better.

  1. After that, we discussed what you need to prepare for buying windows and doors from the Chinese manufacturers. A detailed and specific guidance for your import business of windows and doors. And the topics cover from transportations, freight and the common issues.

  1. Then, we shared the tips on getting the certifications from Chinese manufacturers. And introduced the requirements for windows and doors by regulators in Australia. Similarly, you can pretty much save it as a reference for the case in your own country.

  1. Lastly, we shared the ways to select the good Chinese windows and door manufacturers among the many.

  1. And we offered the valuable list of top manufacturers and suppliers of windows and doors in China.

By reading through the whole article, you will definitely get deeper into the Chinese window and door manufacturers. And the industry of windows and doors as well.