Aluminium windows and doors market

Today, the market for windows and doors is growing fast. As a result of the thriving real estate and construction business. And aluminium windows and doors are one of the main market shareholders.

Since their popularity from the past decades, aluminium windows and doors have been with us for a long time. And they are still popular until today. Aluminium windows and doors remain a great choice for homeowners. For their unique features and benefits. The high-level performance and outstanding strength in particular.

The other popular materials of windows and doors are uPVC and wood/timber. These 3 types of materials are the stars in the windows and doors market now. And they are likely to propel the market growth of windows and doors industry. According to the report on by Kiran Pulidindi and Hemant Pandey.

Among the others, windows and doors with high energy efficiency will hit the trend. Evolving technology has enabled aluminium windows and doors to be more energy-efficient than ever. The 2 of them have established their reputations in the industry. You might have heard their names somewhere. And they are “thermal break” for the profiles and “double/triple glazed” for the glass.

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Many homeowners and business are looking for aluminium windows and doors. But suffer from the pain of little information and guidance. Thus, we are here to ease that. As an experienced manufacturer and supplier of aluminium windows and doors for over a decade. We created the ultimate guide of aluminium windows and doors. If you are hesitating on how to choose your windows and doors. Or looking to buy aluminium windows and doors. This ultimate guide is going to help you out.

Aluminium windows and doors vs other materials

Now let’s take a look at the popular windows and doors materials. You might wonder what features make the aluminium stand out over the others. Keep reading and find out the answer by the following comparison.

Aluminium windows and doors

Pros of aluminium windows and doors

Highly durable. The high strength of aluminium alloy gives them strong structures than other materials. It pretty much eases the worry about deformation and breakage over a long time. These issues often occur to wooden/timber and uPVC windows in the long run.

And the weather-proof nature makes them safer in extreme conditions. Heavy rains, high wind, and the corrosive air along with the coastal areas. These are all killers for many windows and doors. Except for the aluminium ones. As enhanced surface treatments today give aluminium windows and doors another protection layer. As a result, aluminium windows and doors retain their performance in an extreme environment.

More views available. As a result of the strength of the material. Aluminium windows and doors work with slim frames and profiles. You rarely find slim profiles with other materials. Because the other materials are not as strong as aluminium. Slim frames and profiles allow more views through larger glass panels.

Safe for large sizes. Also, for the sake of its strength. Aluminium windows and door are safer with large sizes. Think about tall buildings. Most large windows and doors are made of metal. And the majority of them are aluminium.

Less need for maintenance. Aluminium windows and doors keep their beauty throughout their service life. They do not rust or fade. Thus, they require only little effort in maintenance occasionally. Such as cleaning with a wet cloth or wiping the dust from time to time. Typically, once or twice a year.

Eco-friendly. Aluminium is 100% recyclable and reusable. And more friendly to the environment than uPVC and fibreglass. Because uPVC and fibreglass windows and doors require more processes to recycle and reuse. Also, using aluminium windows and doors help save more wood/timber.

Cons of aluminium windows and doors

Price, not the lowest. The benefits of aluminium windows and doors come with a price. Generally, aluminium windows and doors are more expensive than the uPVC ones. Meanwhile, many aluminium windows and doors sold at lower prices than the fibreglass and wooden/timber ones.

Lower thermal efficiency for traditional models without thermal break. The wooden/timber, uPVC and fibreglass windows and doors can keep the heat inside. While traditional aluminium windows and doors tend to bring the heat and cool in and out. But fortunately, technology today has greatly improved the thermal performance for aluminium windows and doors. The thermal break on the profiles and the double/triple glazes for the glass. They both help your aluminium windows and doors keep the warmth inside even during the cold days.

Not as stylish as the wooden/timber and fibreglass ones. Take a look around the market of aluminium windows and doors. There are much more options for patterns and styles than ever. Still, you will probably find more possibilities for designs with wooden/timber and fibreglass. Meanwhile, more expensive bills come along the creative designs.

Wooden/timber windows and doors

Pros of wooden/timber windows and doors

Various designs. There is a wide range of options for the designs of wooden/timber windows and doors in the market. Thanks to the diverse types of wood and the carving technology. The possibility of creations by the material is infinite.

Make the temperature more friendly. The wood materials are natural air conditioners. And so are the wooden/timber windows and doors. When you adopt wood materials for your windows and doors, the solid wood in particular. You will find your home cosy in winters and cool in summers.

Cons of wooden/timber windows and doors

High demand for maintenance. Wooden/timber doors tend to sag, warp and rod easily with low maintenance. Especially the exterior wooden/timber doors. Since exterior doors confront the sunlight, humidity and complicated conditions directly. And the wet and extreme weathers are killers of wood material.

Higher Prices. The prices of wooden/timber windows and doors vary from one to another. But generally, you are likely to pay more than the other materials with similar performances. And prices will likely continue to grow as the tight supply of wood. Wood materials are much more precious today than ever, especially solid wood.

uPVC windows and doors

Pros of uPVC windows and doors

Lowest price. The low price is the main reason that makes uPVC windows and doors popular. The prices of uPVC windows and doors are the lowest among the popular materials. Thanks to cheaper prices in raw material and easier processes in production.

Good at noise reduction. uPVC is a decent insulator because of the attributes of the material. It reduces the noise effectively. And you could pretty much enjoy the tranquillity at home and office. Especially when you want to take a rest or focus on the important things.

Great thermal performance. This is also a result of the insulation feature of uPVC. uPVC windows and doors can keep the heat inside of your place. That way, you’ll feel warmer in the cold days. And furthermore, you are likely to save some money from your energy bills. Because you don’t need to turn on the radiators and A/C as much as you did.

Cons of uPVC windows and doors

Less strength. The weaker strength is one of the main drawbacks of uPVC. For large sizes in particular. Although manufacturers add some metal inside to reinforce the structure of uPVC windows and doors. The nature of the uPVC material makes them less strong than the others. The difference is obvious in severe weathers and conditions. uPVC windows and doors tend to lose their shapes more easily. And they can crack exposed to too much heat or coldness. Be careful if large temperature differences always happen in your area. And you might put uPVC windows and doors the last option in extreme climates.

Less view is available. Because of the strength matter. uPVC windows and doors require thicker profiles. Given the limited sizes of windows and doors. Thicker profiles lead to the sacrifice of views. As the sizes of the glass panels are smaller as a result.

Fewer options for colours and patterns. White or tan is the main colour for the vast majority of vinyl windows and doors. Although other colours are also available for them. But the uPVC material tends to fade over time. And that’s why many manufacturers remain cautious about other colours. It’s a waste of money and resources if they produce but no order.

Fibreglass windows and doors

Pros fibreglass windows and doors

Durable. Fibreglass windows and doors are a durable option as well as aluminium ones. Unlike wooden windows and doors. Fibreglass windows and doors do not easily warp, rust or corrode. They stay strong in most cases, as long as no heavy strikes occur to them. But keep in mind that heavy strikes can crack the fibreglass. So, protect your fibreglass windows and doors from heavy strikes. And they tend to remain their shapes without much demand for maintenance. Regular maintenance will definitely extend the service life of your windows and doors though.

Editable colours bring more possibilities for DIY. Yes, you can change the colours of fibreglass windows and doors. Thanks to the attribute of the material. You can wipe down, paint and repaint the fibreglass windows and doors as the way you want! This makes it easier to change the styles of your windows and doors. And better match the styles of your home or office. Especially when you like to change the themes of your property from time to time.

Excellent performance in noise reduction. The fibreglass material offers great protection for you from the noise. When you close your fibreglass windows and doors. You can pretty much enjoy your private space with little disturbance by the noise outside.

Energy-efficient. Their energy performance is another thing makes fibreglass stand out. The fibreglass material can reduce the impact of the outside temperature. In other words, fibreglass windows and doors keep you cooler in summers and warmer in winters.

Cons of fibreglass windows and doors

Tend to crack by heavy strikes. This makes fibreglass windows and doors less safe in an emergency and extreme situations. Thus, think twice before you decide to adopt fibreglass for your entry doors. Some difficulty in breaking and cracking brings you more safety for your property and privacy. And double-check if you have little fighters who love to hit and kick on your windows and doors. Indeed, some children like to practise their martial art with the windows and doors.

Higher prices. Compared with the other popular materials. Fibreglass windows and doors sold at higher prices in the market. Partly for their freshness in the windows and doors industry. Partly for the price of the raw material.

The sizes. Although fibreglass windows and doors can pretty much fit the standard sizes. But in the case of smaller sizes, it remains difficult for fibreglass. Manufacturers rarely make single fibreglass windows doors with smaller sizes. In the words, you will need to look for other windows and doors solutions except for fibreglass. If the openings of your windows and doors do not come in standard sizes.

Which materials to choose?

Honestly, there’s no perfect solution for windows and doors. As the variety of options cater to various needs. You can find them all serve in different applications and situation. And it largely depends on your needs to see if the solution is proper.

Generally, aluminium windows and doors are cost-effective ones. Given their durability, fewer needs for maintenance and high performance. They are a viable option for your windows and doors solution, especially in the long run.

And wooden/timber windows and doors give a more nature and traditional look for your place. While they require more care and maintenance.

Fibreglass windows and doors allow more elements for DIY. If you like to change the colours and themes from time to time.

As for thermal performance. uPVC remains the champion for its low conductive attribute. However, it is easier to damage or lose shapes in extreme weathers and conditions. And they will probably make it too hot during summers because they tend to keep more heat inside.

How to measure the sizes for your aluminium windows and doors

It’s of importance to know the sizes of the openings. If you’re looking for the right sizes for your new aluminium windows and doors. Some buyers paid for their lovely windows and doors. And ended up struggling to sell them out. Just because they have the wrong sizes offered to the suppliers. We tell you this not for your laughter. Although we are happy to make you happy. But seriously, many people REALLY DON’T KNOW how to do the measurement.

By mistakes, they probably measure the sizes of the frame instead. And that’s quite understandable. Guess few will learn how to measure the windows and doors unless they really need to do so. And not every supplier will think of that point and teach you how.

That’s easy to find an supplier. But not all of them can offer professional service as EEHE does.

Thus, we are going to tell you how to measure the sizes of the openings. So that you will have the correct sizes for your new windows and doors.

Generally, there are 3 principles to measure the sizes of windows and doors.

  • Use millimetres

  • Measure the width and length, brick to brick, each in 3 different places

  • Take off 10 mm for the final sizes

Use millimetres and be accurate

When it comes to sizes of windows and doors. Accuracy matters indeed. Because a small difference can lead to a totally different result. For example, if the sizes of your windows and doors come bigger than your openings. You will probably end up struggling to get the new ones so that they could fit. And all begins with the correct sizes. So, use millimetres instead of inches to get a more accurate result. Also, be careful and try your best with accuracy. And being accurate to millimetres is fine enough. So long as you get the right measuring method. We don’t need a microscope for the measurement after all.

Besides, there are some other key points to know below.

Measure the width and length, brick to brick, each in 3 different places

Also, we need to measure in 3 different places. Or more places if that doesn’t bring you much difficulty. But 3 places at least, on a safe side. So, 3 places for the width: from the top, middle and bottom. Take the smallest number among the 3. Then, another 3 places for the height: from the leftmost, centre and rightmost. Likewise, take the smallest number. Doing so is to make sure we have the correct data. Since the openings are not likely to appear in perfect shapes. And more or less, they may lose their shapes over time. And if the windows and doors can fit the smallest width and height. They will fit the big ones. We’ll just need some spacers and fillers to fill the gaps later.

And remember to measure from BRICK to BRICK of the OPENINGS. NOT the sizes of the frames. NOR the sizes of any other parts of the windows and doors. And take the render off a bit so that you can reach the brickwork and do the measurement. In the case of rendered places.

how to measure your aluminium windows and doors

(image credit:

Take off 10 mm for the final sizes

The minus 10 mm is critical for the sizes of your windows and doors. To ensure the safest fit. We’re going to tell you why by the example.

John had the opening sizes with exact numbers. And he did not take off the 10 mm. With the data John offered, the supplier produced the windows and doors. And the sizes of the windows and doors perfectly matched the data from John. John was happy when he got the windows and doors. Then, he shared the excitement with her wife Jane. And Jane was so happy that she couldn’t help calling for installation service at once.

As a result, some of their products get bent or damaged during the installation. And it remained difficult to apply spacers and fillers to better position the windows and doors. Since there was too little space between the windows and doors and the openings. Although the worker tried their best to fix them. John and Jane were struggling to buy new ones. Meanwhile, that’s going to add to the increased credit card bills. Also, another potential payment for taking the existing windows and doors off.

Now we believe that you understand the importance of the 10 mm leeway. And it’s easy to do that. Simply take off 10 mm for the result of the width. And the height as well. For the final sizes of the openings of your windows and doors.

Also read How to Measure Interior Doors if you’re interested in the topic.

Well. If the measurement remains a tough task for you. It’s better to hire a professional to do that. We understand it’s not an easy job for everybody. And you’ll probably need him for the installation later as well.

Styles of aluminium windows

It’s important to have the right sizes. The styles of your windows and door matter at the same time. As they play the part of your interior decoration. There is a variety of aluminium windows and doors on the market. For aluminium windows, the following are the popular stars on the market today.

Aluminium casement windows

EEHE aluminium casement windows

Casement windows are common to see as a member of the traditional windows family. You can easily recognize a casement window by the outward opening sashes.

The window is attached to its frame by one or more hinges at the side. They are used singly or in pairs within a common frame, in which case they are hinged on the outside. Casement windows are often held open using a casement stay.


You could find casement windows in many old buildings. And the new trend of old-fashioned look has rekindled the popularity of casement windows. And the new technology has greatly improved their performances. Especially with the new aluminium material. In old times, casement windows are generally made of wood/timber. Today, aluminium profiles give the new casement windows more strength. At the same time, aluminium casement windows are more durable in the long run. While they are lighter in weight and capable of more views. And the various colours, patterns and grains offer more options for the styles and appearance. As a result, aluminium casement windows have been the choice for many homeowners.

Check the aluminium casement windows series on EEHE.

Aluminium awning windows

EEHE aluminium awning windows

Aluminium awning windows open outward as casement windows do. But instead of opening horizontally. Awning windows open up along the hinges at the top. When they open widely, awning windows look like the awnings. That’s why they get their names.

Besides the look, aluminium awning windows work with the functions of awnings as well. That is to say, you can open your awning windows even on rainy days. As they will keep the raindrops flow down. And thanks to the durable aluminium profiles. They remain healthy and robust in the rain. So, you can enjoy the views of the rain falls and breathe some fresh air. Without getting wet at the same time. That’s why aluminium awning windows are popular especially in rainy areas.

Also, you might find aluminium awning windows common in low-level buildings. As aluminium awning windows offer protection from potential intruders. With the open from the bottom edge to the top. This makes it harder to get into the buildings from outside. Meanwhile, they are likely to bring in less air than the casement windows though.

If you’re looking for aluminium awning windows as well. Our selection of aluminium awning series can pretty much cater to your needs.

Aluminium sliding windows

EEHE aluminium sliding windows

That’s probably the type of windows you see the most from the 90s to early 21st century. And aluminium sliding windows are still popular until today. Both in homes and office buildings. For their simple structure and generosity of views through the large panels.

As a result of the simple structure, aluminium sliding windows are low-maintenance. And they are likely to serve you longer. Since they require fewer accessories than the other windows styles. Thus, less likely to damage the spare parts. While large panels can keep more fresh air away. Because you can’t have all panels open at the same time. The closed panel remains the block of air.

Still, aluminium sliding windows are good choices when you prefer to save effort from regular maintenance. Find more sliding windows here on EEHE

Aluminium fixed windows

EEHE aluminium fixed windows

To talk about simplicity and cost-saving. The aluminium fixed windows are the winner among the various types. Large sizes, slim profiles and frames and excellent views at a time. Just you can’t open them. So, fixed windows are not the 1st priority for windows at home.

But you can find many aluminium fixed windows in office buildings. The skyscrapers with full glass façade in particular. Many aluminium fixed windows serve as not only windows but the transparent walls. For their low-cost merit. And aluminium windows are safer with large sizes because of their high strength.

Also read Types of architectural windows and doors and how to choose? for information about architectural windows.

Meanwhile, the low cost comes with less ventilation. You probably understand why the offices always have the A/C turn on.

Learn more about our aluminium fixed windows from our architecture projects for the buildings. And contact us anytime if you have any project demand.

Styles of aluminium doors

Aluminium hinged/swing doors

EEHE aluminium hinged/swing doors

It could be your first time to hear this name. But it’s pretty easy to understand. Look at the picture up there. We believe you see them often almost everywhere. People name the hinged/swing doors for their way to open.

A door frame, a door leaf and several hinges. Those are the main parts of a typical hinged/swing door. As you can tell, hinged/swing doors are still common and popular today. While the first hinged door appeared at least 2600 years ago. Today, aluminium is available for hinged/swing doors.

With their durable, water-proof, and lightweight features. Aluminium hinged/swing doors are common to see in bathrooms, kitchens and offices. Select the high-performance aluminium doors on EEHE.

A gentle reminder. When you choose an aluminium hinged/swing door. Remember to save some space for it to open and close.

Aluminium French doors

EEHE aluminium French doors

Aluminium French doors swing open and work with the hinges as well. But unlike the single-leaf hinged/swing doors. French doors come with 2 door leaves. And the 2 leaves swing open and close on each side. French doors can enhance the view of the scene. As you open them from the centre.

Using an aluminium French door between your patio and house. Then the amazing view will surprise you. When you open your aluminium French doors slowly from the centre. You open the doors to a beautiful world. With a nice camera or simply a decent mobile phone. You could create your Insta-worthy montages freely anytime.

Start your Insta-worthy journey at your home/office by choosing aluminium French doors on EEHE.

Aluminium sliding doors

EEHE aluminium sliding doors

Aluminium sliding doors have gained much popularity today. People make their choice for aluminium sliding doors to save more space for the floor. Given the rising price of space nowadays. The merit of space-saving of aluminium sliding doors thanks to the way they work. As you slide open them instead of swing. That way, no space needed for the door leaves to swing.

Meanwhile, along with the saved space for the floor. Sliding doors require bigger openings than hinged/swing and French doors. As they need the space for the large door panels to stand together. If you prefer more space on the floor, aluminium sliding doors can help you out. Also, with the large glass panels, you can enjoy more views through the aluminium sliding doors.

Pick your favourite aluminium sliding doors among the bunch of fine selection here. Many customers choose our versatile aluminium sliding doors. For their kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, patios, sunrooms, offices and shops.

Aluminium bifold/folding doors

EEHE aluminium bifold/folding doors

You can find aluminium bifold/folding doors in many patios, sunrooms and bathrooms. Like sliding doors, bifold/folding doors work on tracks when they slide open. At the same time, the multiple panels of bifold/folding doors are foldable. As much as you can see from the picture.

The foldable function of aluminium bifold/folding doors provides a larger space of the entry. More convenient for people to come in and out. While you can enjoy as much view as the sliding doors with the large panels.

On the other hand, bifold/folding doors require more floor space than sliding doors. As they need the space for the multiple panels. Especially when they fold up all together in the stacks. As well, bifold/folding doors work with large openings like sliding doors.

Looking for more beautiful aluminium bifold/folding doors? Here’s the shortcut for you.

The manufacturing process of aluminium windows and doors

To better know about aluminium windows and doors. We need to know how the manufacturers make them. Thus, we’re going share with you the manufacturing process of aluminium windows and doors.

Order the profiles

Typically, the manufacturing process of aluminium windows and doors start with ordering the profiles. Do you have the question? Why manufacturers order the profiles instead of making by themselves? That’s a good one. And the cost is pretty much the answer to it. Since it requires much more investment and space to produce aluminium profiles. It’s costly to extrude the raw aluminium material to be profiled. Generally, it costs even more than the entire process of manufacturing aluminium windows and doors.

Process the profiles by machining

After the profiles arrived at the factories. Manufacturers need to process them. So that the profiles are ready for the assembly of aluminium windows and doors later.

As the fundamental step. The process of profiles is of great importance. Since it affects the following steps of the entire manufacturing process.

Typically, the machining process includes blanking, punching, pressing, drilling and milling. To complete all these motions, it involves a bunch of machines and experienced engineers and workers.

EEHE adopts reliable machines, engineers and workers for the entire manufacturing. We care about the detail in manufacturing. And we are serious and sincere in offering quality solutions for your windows and doors.

Also, the quality of profiles is the key to the energy performance of aluminium windows and doors. Because the thermal breaks are created during the machining process of the profiles. And aluminium windows and doors with thermal breaks save much more energy. In other words, the thermal breaks make you feel more comfortable by offering a more friendly temperature condition. Furthermore, you are likely to pay less for your utility bills. As you will need the air conditioners less than you do.

Take a closer look at the windows and doors with advanced thermal break technology.

Mount the accessories

While the profiles play the main parts of the strength and thermal performance. The accessories are also important for the quality of the whole thing. After all, you pay for your windows and doors with the accessories altogether. And it might be awkward to have strong profiles and weak accessories.

Like when you widely open your windows just about to get some fresh air. Suddenly you see your windows knobs down on the street. And it’s difficult to find another one well matches your windows.

We believe you want your windows and doors remain robust and strong. Altogether with their accessories. Such as rubber strips, angle brackets, corner joints, hinges, handles, rollers, and etc.

EEHE windows and doors ease your worries by selecting the fine accessories for your windows and doors.

More about aluminium windows and doors accessories on Things about Aluminium Windows and Doors Accessories You Want.

Install the glass

Did you know the glass plays a key role in the energy performance of aluminium windows and doors? Yes, not only the thermal break in the profiles. The glass has an effect on the thermal efficiency of aluminium windows and doors, too. For the purpose of increasing energy efficiency, both double and triple glazed glass are the main helpers.

By using windows and doors equipped with double glazed glass, people can save money from their energy bills. And the number is up to 115-120 Euros every year. A study revealed the data in England, Scotland, and Wales. When it comes to Northern Island, the number can reach 145 Euros according to the study. And the energy performance of triple glazed glass is even better than the double glazed. Thus, more savings from the energy with triple glazed glass.

In conclusion, both double/triple glazed glass and thermal-break profiles improve the energy performance of aluminium windows and doors. And if you use the combination of them for your aluminium windows and doors. You will probably smile at your energy bills.

Find more energy-saving aluminium windows and doors on EEHE. There are a bunch of windows and doors available for double glazed and triple glazed glass.

Finish the assembly for final products

After installing the glass. Manufactures complete the manufacturing process by several steps to finish the assembly. Such as closing up the profiles with the screws.

Read more about the manufacturing of aluminium windows and doors on How to Manufacture Aluminium Windows and Doors?

Packing/Packaging matters for your aluminium windows and doors

The manufacturing process determines the product quality of aluminium windows and doors. At the same time, packing/packaging for the products remains critical for the entire purchase experience.

Poor packing/packaging can damage the whole thing. Even if you find the best product quality in the world. While excellent packing/packaging ensures a safe journey of your aluminium windows and doors. After all, your products might travel half of the globe before the final delivery to your place.

Particularly in the case of overseas transportation. And the journey across countries is much likely the case of your aluminium windows and doors. Given the fact that China manufactures the majority of the products in the world. Among the huge number of manufactures, there are OEMs for the world-leading brands. You can easily find the evidence by the obvious “Made in China” labels. Your smartphones for example. And of course, aluminium windows and doors are not an exception.

So, other than the product quality, keep an eye on the packing/packaging as well. Since the packing/packaging is the protection of your aluminium windows and doors.

When it comes to protection for your aluminium windows and doors. We do care about it. See our concern by our packing/packaging process.

  1. Protect the corners of windows and doors by EPE foam or cardboard

  1. Wrap and fix the windows and doors with shrink wraps and/or bubble wraps

  1. Cover with carton box and reinforce the packaging by strapping bands

  1. Cover with a wooden case when necessary

All these for the safe delivery to you. Reward us by your orders if you feel worthy. Click to get a quote now.

Where to buy aluminium windows and doors: China is the place to go

As for the place to buy aluminium windows and doors. China is just the right place, especially for a large quantity.

As you know, China manufactures most of the aluminium windows and doors for the world. Thus, buying aluminium windows and doors in China is just a great idea. That way, you can deal with manufacturers directly rather than donate your money to the dealers.

Below are the ways to find the manufacturers and suppliers of aluminium windows and doors in China.

Aluminium windows and doors online: China’s eCommerce websites

Before your personal visit to the suppliers in China. You can pretty much make use of the Internet. For example, sourcing on China’s international eCommerce websites. We’re going to introduce the places where most buyers make their visit to. Get as much information as possible. As well as the quotes for your aluminium windows and doors online.



You may have heard this name before we tell you. And its famous founder Jack Ma.

The Alibaba Group starts in China with the headquarters in Hangzhou. And now the multinational company has become the world’s largest B2B sourcing portal.

The company provides consumer-to-consumer (C2C), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-business (B2B) sales services via web portals, as well as electronic payment services, shopping search engines and cloud computing services. (source:

Made in China

Website: is another leading B2B e-commerce sourcing platform from China. The website launched earlier than Alibaba in 1998. Although it’s not as famous as the Alibaba Group today. It’s a place with regular visits from buyers across the world.

By development throughout the years, it has grown to be the leading global B2B portal.

The website provides Chinese products and suppliers of information from China. It hosts the product information of 27 categories with 3,600 sub-categories.



AliExpress is part of the Alibaba Group. The AliExpress website launched in 2010 as a B2C and C2C platform. It is a place for Chinese suppliers to sell their products to consumers all over the world.

The Alibaba Group set this website to be the place for online shopping. But many people use it for sourcing purpose from China. Mostly the buyers with a low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).

DH Gate


Just the next year after the birth of AliExpress. Another website appeared as an online wholesale marketplace. DHgate is its name. is the world’s leading online wholesale platform for goods made in China. (source:

And it hosts over 30 million products in a wide range of categories. A competitive price is one of the features of the products on

There’s no product of aluminium windows and door on for now. But still, you can save it for your sourcing plan in the future.

Well. Along with convenience, there are risks. Fortunately, you can distinguish and select good suppliers with some easy tricks. And always be sensitive and alert with suspicious requests especially of payment. You will have a more secure trip for online sourcing.

If you also want to know how to select the manufacturers and suppliers of aluminium windows and doors. Find more on The ultimate guide to buying windows and doors in China. There’s a section called How to select the good manufacturers and suppliers of windows and doors in China?. It will guide you through step by step.

Top manufacturers/suppliers of aluminium windows and doors in China

As a reward of your patience reading this all. Please feel free to take away the list of top manufacturers/suppliers of aluminium windows and doors in China below. (If you skip to here directly, you just missed the essence of aluminium windows and doors).

  • EEHE windows and doors

  • Paiya Windows and Doors

  • Xinhaoxuan windows and doors

  • MZX windows and doors

  • Hennissy windows and doors

  • S.Milan windows and doors

  • PHONPA Windows and doors

  • Rolansini windows and doors

  • Feiyu Windows and doors

Find more secrets of the top suppliers on Aluminum windows and doors in China

How to install aluminium windows and doors

After you get your new aluminium windows and doors. You need to install them. And it is pretty much about how to fit the frames into the wall. While it’s a challenging but important part to the success of aluminium windows and doors installation. If you prefer to save some budget and get some exercise. You might as well try to install your aluminium windows and doors by yourself. Check the aluminium windows and doors installation guide below.

Double check the size of your aluminium windows and doors

Remember we have the sizes of the openings before doing the purchase? Yes, we need them before the installation. Compare the sizes of the openings with the actual frame sizes of your windows and doors. Make sure the openings are slightly bigger than your windows and doors (10 mm in most cases). So that there is enough space to fit.

If you have the guideline earlier in this article to measure the openings. Just need to make sure if your manufacturer/supplier produced according to your sizes.

Lift and fit them into the openings with 2 more people

When the sizes check all passes. Ask your teammate for a hand. Don’t underestimate the workload. Both for aluminium windows and aluminium doors. A team of 3 people will make it easier to complete the job. Get more helpers if you’ve got large sizes.

Here’s how it works. 2 people to hold the frames of your aluminium windows and doors. So that they don’t fall through either side. Then, you lift the frames until they fit into the openings. Try your best to lift the level to the inside wall.

It’s important to have the frames in position. Because when the frames fit well, it eases the installation of the other parts. Meanwhile, if the frames do not work in the right place. Your windows and doors might end up hard to open or become squeaky over time.

Make sure your aluminium windows and doors are level with a spirit level

After you’ve got your aluminium windows and doors in place. Place a spirit level on the ledge to check the result. This time, use a packer/spacer under the spirit level instead of moving the frames. As a slight move can have a great impact on the balance. When you have the frames in the accurate level position. Move the packer/spacer from the ledge to under the bottom of the frames. That way, the packer/spacer will serve as a support and keep your windows and doors level.

Fix the frames to the wall

Now we have the windows and doors level. Then, we can fix the frames to the wall. Don’t give up, you’ll just complete the whole thing after fixing them! And cheer up your mates holding the sides to keep your windows and doors level all the way. Because it requires great patience and strength to do so.

Well. It could be challenging to complete the entire installation. If that remains too hard for you, hire some professionals instead. The installation quality of the windows and doors is critical to the safety of your home after all.


In the ultimate guide of aluminium windows and doors, we’ve talked about the following things:

The aluminium windows and doors market. The 2 technology has propelled the growth of aluminium windows and doors. Under the trend of energy efficiency. The thermal break and glazed glass technology.

The pros and cons of aluminium windows and doors. With comparison with the wooden/timber, uPVC, and fibreglass ones. Aluminium windows and doors remain the cost-effective ones. In terms of the long run particularly.

It’s important to remember the following 3 things while measuring the sizes for your aluminium windows and doors. Use millimetres. Measure the width and length, brick to brick, each in 3 different places. And take off 10 mm for the final sizes

There are 3 popular styles of aluminium windows on the market. Casement, awning, and sliding windows.

The popular styles of aluminium doors on the market are hinged/swing, French, sliding, and bifold/folding doors.

The manufacturing process of aluminium windows and doors. It determines the product quality of your aluminium windows and doors.

Pay attention to the packing/packaging, besides the product quality. Because packing/packaging offers the protections for your aluminium windows and doors. Especially in the case of overseas purchase.

Ways to find the manufacturers and suppliers of aluminium windows and doors online. Make use of China’s eCommerce websites.

How to install aluminium windows and doors after your purchase. It’s the key to keeping the frames level to the wall.

How to maintain aluminium windows and doors. Always use a soft cloth and gentle cleaners. Regular maintenance on a monthly, 6-month, and annual basis.

Hope the ultimate guide will help your sourcing journey of aluminium windows and doors.

How to maintain aluminium windows and doors

Key points to maintain your aluminium windows and doors

As we discussed before, aluminium windows and doors are low-maintenance. This is probably one of the reasons you will choose them. But regular maintenance for your aluminium windows and doors can extend their service life. And it will give it a more comfortable look to your home.

Keep your aluminium windows and doors as dry as possible. Especially the metal parts. Use a soft cloth to clean out the water if they get wet. Water and humidity do not hurt their strong bodies. But if the water stays longer, the more strength you will need to clean them.

Always use water or neutral detergent. Mild soapy water is just enough for cleaning your aluminium windows and doors. Since acid or alkaline detergent will hurt the metal.

Use a soft cloth and avoid scratches. Cleaning tools with the hard surface are likely to leave their footprints on the aluminium and glass. While a soft cloth and your gentle treatment will pretty much save them from scars.

When and how often do you need to clean your aluminium windows and doors?

We suggest regular maintenance for aluminium windows and doors based on monthly, 6-month, and annual level.

Monthly maintenance

Clean the glass for your aluminium windows and doors every month. The glass panel is the soul of windows and doors, especially for windows. By cleaning the glass, you will keep your aluminium windows and doors with brighter and clearer views.

Clean the aluminium surfaces. When you live in coastal regions in particular. Since the salty wind and corrosive air can darken the appearance of your aluminium windows and doors. Aluminium is resistant and will remain robust though. Still, a monthly cleaning job will keep them give them a new and fresh and look. And you might surprise your friends as they see you have new windows and doors once a month. But you know, you just clean them once a month.

Clean the hinges and mechanisms. This is going to help improve the experience of your aluminium windows and doors. If you find the old aluminium windows and doors remain smooth to use. Monthly cleaning is the secret.

6-month maintenance

Other than the maintenance above. It’s good to clean the rollers and tracks of your aluminium windows and doors. Before the dirt stays too long on them. The longer the dirt stays, the harder to get them out. For those in the slot of the tracks in particular. But your regular maintenance will save your windows and doors out from the dust.

Annual maintenance

For the weather-stripping seals. An annual visit to the seals of your aluminium windows and doors is good to them. As the protection to keep the weather from hurting your home. They always keep a low-profile and remain easy to be ignored by many. So, show you care for these little soldiers by annual maintenance. Before they get too old and brittle.