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Types of wooden doors by materials

There are many types of wood used for the production of wooden doors.

And among the large variety, there are mainly 2 categories: Hardwoods and softwoods.

Hardwoods vs softwoods: the 2 general wood categories for various types of wooden doors

Hardwoods and softwoods get their names by how easily they are likely to cut. So, hardwoods are not always harder material. And vice versa, softwoods are not always softer.

However, hardwoods are usually denser because they need longer time to grow. On the other hand, softwoods are less dense in most cases because they grow in a shorter time than hardwoods.

To go further into the 2 categories of woods, let’s take a look at their pros and cons.

Pros of hardwoods

Longevity. Hardwood products are of high quality with long service life and do not need frequent replacement.

Easy to maintain. Hardwood is not hard to clean. And there is no need to worry about serious wear and tear. Even if there are scratches and dents, it’s possible to repair.

High strength. Because of the dense cellular structure of trees, hardwood products are very strong.

Nice appearance. Hardwood has a variety of colours and finishes; you can always find the matching colours and veneer you like. Also, hardwood products are suitable for any contemporary environment.

Strong fire resistance. Compared with softwoods, hardwood has stronger fire resistance and is not easy to burn out by the fire.

Cons of hardwoods

Along with the benefits, there are some downsides of hardwoods as well.

Slow growth rate. Hardwood trees grow slowly. Thus, it takes a long time for the wood to be ready for production.

Difficult to process. Due to the dense structure of the trees, hardwood is often difficult to use in processing. So, the processing technology for hardwood is complex.

Higher cost. The price of hardwood is relatively high for the cost of production. But its quality is very good and can last for a long time. So, the cost of hardwood is high at the beginning, but it will ease you in the long run.

Renovation. In areas with heavy traffic, hardwood floors need to be renovated. In this case, the price of hardwood flooring renovation will be high, and other costs are not low.

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Pros of softwoods

Easy to process. Since the softwood trees are less dense than the hardwood, it’s easier to process them. Hence, the technology required to process softwoods is simpler. They can cover a bunch of situations and applications as a result.

Great sustainability. Unlike hardwoods, softwoods can grow really fast. And the fast growth rate leads to a shorter production period. In other words, it takes less time to produce doors with softwoods than hardwoods. For this reason, softwoods are considered as a renewable natural resource.

Lower cost. The cost of softwood is lower than hardwoods because the processing technology is simpler. The softwood production can generate more output given the same time. Then, the cost per unit is cheaper as a result.

Cons of softwoods

Less dense. The density of softwoods is relatively low, compared with hardwood, softwoods are less durable and easy to wear. There are some softwoods trees with higher density though, such as juniper and yew.

Lower longevity. The lifespan of softwood products is shorter. And you will probably need to replace them frequently when lacking regular maintenance. So, softwoods are not suitable for areas with the extreme condition. Nor the best option for outdoor use.

Poor fire resistance. The fire resistance of softwoods is poor. Without special treatment, they can easily burn in the case of fire. Thus, if you’re choosing softwoods for your doors, it’s better to buy those with fire-proof treatment.

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Hardwoods commonly used for doors: types of wooden doors by materials #1


Pros of Mahogany

Affordable than before. Due to the development of production technology, it’s much faster to produce Mahogany today. As a result, Mahogany is cheaper and easier to buy than before.

Easy to grow. Mahogany can grow normally in arid and barren hillsides, it grows well in moist, deep, fertile and well-drained soil though.

Cons of Mahogany

The merits of Mahogany come with a colour difference, as they will get black after absorbing moisture. So, applications in large areas will make the textures and grains blur. That’s why you don’t see them often in products with high requirements for colour difference.


People use Mahogany mainly to make high-end furniture, ships, cars, piano, Violin and so on. It is famous for its decent style.

If you have a loose budget and don’t care much about the colour difference, Mahogany is definitely a great option.

African Cherry

Pros of African cherry

The wood has good bending property, low hardness and medium strength.

And African Cherry is easy to process.

Other than wooden doors, you might find them common in parquet floor, pipe, musical instrument. And solid wood furniture, cabinet and some other high-level fine wood workpiece as well. They are especially suitable for making carving parts.

On the other hand, selected logs of African Cherry can serve as veneers, parapet and smooth door, etc.

African cherry wood has straight, regular texture, and dark red lines, which give them a smooth appearance.

Cons of African cherry

As for the downsides, African cherry wood is difficult to preserve and require regular maintenance.

Due to the popularity of African cherry, it’s not hard to see fake African cherry products on the market. So be careful of your choice, and find a reliable wooden door supplier like EEHE


Known for its strong hues, African Cherry creates a warm red atmosphere.

They are suitable for decorating a noble-style home.

Moreover, African cherry is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

And again, when choosing African Cherry, pay attention to authenticity.

Pacific Cherry

Pros of Pacific Cherry

The low price is one of the features that make Pacific Cherry stand out.

They are so cheap that most people can afford them.

As Pacific cherry is usually produced in large quantities, suppliers offer them with bulk orders in most cases.

Cons of Pacific Cherry

Pacific cherry is not easy to preserve and will react with sunlight. So, it’s necessary to seal it for protection.

Also, they require regular maintenance over the years.


Manufacturers use Pacific Cherry mainly for frames, panels, or other decorations to with sustaining functions.

And, Pacific cherry is ideal for outdoor use.

Softwoods commonly used for doors: types of wooden doors by materials #2


Pros of pine

Pine trees are cheap, lightweight and affordable for most people. So, it is suitable for projects with low budgets.

And because of its strong adaptability, pine can grow in various types of soil.

However, the soil will still have a direct impact on the growth of pine trees. Therefore, pines grown in a fertile soil area will have healthier growth, hence generating better wood products.

Cons of pine

As a result of their softness, pine woods are easy to scratch or dent, and easy to wear.

The service life of pine products is shorter than some heavier wood, so the cost performance is low.


Wooden doors by pine woods are best to use indoor because they are soft and not resistant to wear.

When it comes to styles, pine doors can give it a touch of the country for the house.

White Oak

Pros of White Oak

White oak has a smooth, wear-resistant cut and beautiful grain quality on raw products.

And it is impervious to water. That’s why you find them widely used in wine barrels. The feature gives it excellent water-resistant performance.

Cons of White Oak

As a member of the softwood family. The growth of white oak is slow. And the cycle can last as long as hundreds of years.

Because of its light colour, White Oak can get stains easily on its skin.

Also, it is easy to crack at the joint, plus the difficult process and defect rate. It requires undivided attention for the maintenance.


White oak is suitable for styles like a craftsman, medieval, or business workspace.

After all, White oak can fit the needs for outdoor and indoor use.

Red Oak

Pros of Red Oak

Red oak has strong fire resistance, even if the ground part is burning, its underground part can still sprout.

The wide variety of growth conditions, different climate and soil types make the appearance of sawn timber and veneer very different. This diversity provides a variety of choices for the market and widens the scope of application.

At the same time, Red Oak has a more even finish than White Oak.

And the density of Red Oak is high, the wood is hard and heavy, which makes it strong and durable.

Cons of Red Oak

Moisture can penetrate and stain the wood, because red oak is porous, open grains. And it shrinks more easily.


As well as White Oak, Red oak is suitable for craftsman, medieval, or a commercial workspace.

And they are great for interior or exterior doors.

Manufactured woods commonly used for doors: types of wooden doors by materials #3

Particle Board (Chipboard)

Particleboard is a kind of artificial wood, which is made of wood chips and wood chips bonded together with resin, which has good sound absorption and sound insulation performance.

Particleboard is a popular raw material in the furniture manufacturing industry. Many furniture manufacturers choose particleboard as raw material, especially IKEA.

Particleboard is a kind of dense wood, which is usually used with veneer and is often used in flat packaging furniture and working surfaces.

Particleboard and solid wood particle board are not the same kinds of board. The processing technology of solid wood particle board is similar to that of particleboard, but its quality is much higher than that of particleboard.


Fibreboard is a kind of cheap man-made wood, which is decomposed from hard or softwood into fibres, and then bonded together with wax, resin and heat to form a compact wood.

Fibreboard has the advantages of uniform material, small strength difference between vertical and horizontal, and not easy to crack.

One of the most popular Fibreboard is MDF, which is famous for its strength and durability. It is an ideal material for furniture products, which can make the furniture more beautiful.


Plywood is a very strong man-made wood because it is made of layers of wood veneers bonded together to form a smooth board.

Plywood is light in weight, clear in lines, strong in strength and not easy to deform. Moreover, the installation is convenient, the construction difficulty is low, it is not easy to be warped, and the tensile performance is very good.

Because of its inherent strength and anti warpage of adhesive cross-layer structure, it is very popular in the furniture and flooring industry. At the same time, plywood is widely used in aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles, buildings, furniture, precision equipment and packaging boxes.

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)

MDF is made by mechanical separation and chemical treatment of wood or plant fibre, mixed with an adhesive and waterproof agent, and then formed by high temperature and high pressure.

MDF is very powerful and much more popular than people think. In fact, many people will be surprised at how much MDF furniture they have around them.

The structure of the density fibreboard is more uniform than that of the natural wood. It also avoids the problems of decay and insect damage. At the same time, it has small expansion and contraction and is easy to process.

Because MDF has a flat surface and is easy to stick with various finishes, it can make the finished furniture more beautiful. Your furniture may be more durable than you expected. However, it is not solid wood, but it is only a small part of the price of solid wood.

MDF is very popular with IKEA, another leading furniture retailer.

In most cases, furniture built from MDF is glued to a layer of wood veneer, making it look expensive.


A veneer is a thin layer of woodcut from the periphery of a tree. A veneer is a wood material used to make plywood and other man-made boards. Gluing the veneer to a dense piece of wood, usually MDF, particleboard, or plywood. Veneers come in a variety of sizes, ranging in thickness from 3 to 6 mm.

Many people mistakenly believe that veneered furniture is cheaper than solid wood; however, a veneer is often used in high-end furniture and is more expensive than solid wood.

If you want to know if your furniture is veneered, the check is to look at the edges and check that the grain lines extend from the top to the edge of the wood. Since the veneer is solid wood, it will accept stains and finishes like solid wood.

Types of wooden doors by styles

Roller doors

Rolling shutter doors, also known as sectional overhead doors, are commonly used in garages, workshops, storefronts and storage facilities. Now you can find a lot of fashionable design, which is a good complement to the living room. Rolling shutter doors are also widely used in shops.

They are usually made of glass fibre or metal, and they are very wear-resistant. Also, you can install a rolling shutter door in the house to separate the interior from the garden or deck. Rolling shutter door is a great advantage because it doesn’t need too much space.

It requires little maintenance and is durable, which is the main highlight of this door. It also provides proper security and some much-needed privacy, mainly if your house is located in a busy area. When you have a rolling shutter door, you set up a protective barrier between the house and the outside world.

Hinged doors

The single hinged door is one of the most frequently utilized doors for the home interiors. Since one end of the door will be installed on the hinges, the other end tends to swing open from one space to another. Thus, you need to ensure that the room has sufficient space for opening the hinged door; otherwise, it will end up blocking your limited space.

You can get hinged doors just as a single piece and have them professionally installed, or you can choose the pre-hung door system with a hassle-free installation procedure.

The exterior doors have 3 hinges and are pretty heavy. But the interior doors are relatively lightweight and have two hinges. As for thickness, the exterior doors are about 1-¾ inches, while the interior ones are commonly 1-⅜ inches.

The advantage of rolling shutter door is that it is very cheap and suitable for people with a small budget. The disadvantage of rolling shutter door is that it is easy to rust, and it is easy to damage if it is pulled in too many times.

Pocket doors

Many old houses have interior pocket doors that slide into the walls when they are fully opened. Pocket doors have been around for decades; however, they have recently been upgraded to some beautiful beauty.

By the way, the operation of this door is not very complicated. You have to move the door in or out of the well-designed part of the wall. The wall space where you plan to install the door should not have any pipes or wires running through it.

Besides, you can buy pocket doors with both single and double doors. It allows you to open the door without blocking any extra floor space. This makes it convenient, especially if you’re in a particular area of the house with limited space.

French doors

If you are looking for something unique and meaningful, then French doors are most likely to meet your needs. The French door is secured by three to four hinges, which are carefully mounted on both sides of the opening. To get a clear view and a particularly wide opening, you can open both sides of the door.

The French doors add a glamorous feel to the house, they always tend to adopt the traditional design. Most of the time, people choose glass panels when choosing French doors because it makes it look better and highlights the design.

French doors are most commonly used to create a passage between rooms, but French doors also look beautiful as an outdoor courtyard door.

Pivot doors

The pivot door helps to strengthen the overall decoration of the house, which is in line with the modern style of decoration design. When the pivot door opens, the panel looks like part of the wall design.

The door frame design helps to support the heavyweight of the door. Since the pivot points support the door, one at the bottom and one at the top, there is no need to reinforce the door frame separately. However, it provides an amazing entrance to your room, which is more important than an ordinary door.

Bifold doors

The folding door has the advantages of elegant appearance, novel style and various colours. The folding door is easy to use, easy to push and pull, and can effectively save the space occupied by the door. Folding door has lightweight, heat and cold insulation, moisture-proof, fire-retardant, noise reduction and sound insulation, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and other chemical stability.

The folding door is a typical wooden frame and a full-size glass structure. In addition, it doesn’t take up too much space and is balanced with other components in the room.

The hinges of the doors are joined together, and you can see the beautiful folding door. The door is mounted on a metal track and hung on the head or top of the door. It helps open the room to the outside and is ideal for a home filled with natural light.

Dutch doors

The Dutch door has Dutch characteristics and it has a unique design with panels divided into top and bottom sections. They are divided horizontally, which makes it suitable for families with pets and children. Because you can open the top half for fresh air, while the bottom remains closed.

To use it as an ordinary door, you can bolt the two parts together.

The Dutch door can be used in the cooking area, even the front door, given that it has a powerful building.

The Dutch gate is still very popular because it has both the feel of the old world and the practicality.

Sliding doors

Moving doors are often known as bypass doors that are a must for homes that require a large opening like your closet or back patio. You cannot swing open these doors, but rather, you need to move them on a track. The door consists of steel rollers that are provided at the bottom and top that help to slide the door open gently.

This means that the door won’t protrude into your space, even if it’s placed in the bedroom balcony. It’s typically constructed with wooden frames and comes with full-sized glass construction. Plus, it doesn’t take over too much space and maintains a balance with the other components in the room.

However, you can access only a part of the opening at once. All in all, if you want a minimalist look with clean lines and a refined style, then this is a good bet. For installing sliding glass doors you can follow this link.

Barn doors

Although the barn door gives a perfect rural atmosphere, the light shield has become the fashion pillar of modern families and farmhouses.

The light shield has a retro charm, which helps to increase the separation and style of closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.

You can combine it with high quality machined hardware and amazing architectural decorative glass to make it a completely amazing package. You can select the door material according to the desired door function. For example, wooden doors are the most common. They block light, reduce the line of sight, and help to close spaces more effectively.


We discussed the various types of wooden doors in the following aspects.

Types of wooden doors by materials. Generally, the hardwoods, softwoods and manufactured woods series. And the common species used for making wooden doors for each category. For example, Mahogany and African Cherry in hardwoods, and Pine and White Oak in softwoods. We also talked about the pro and cons of each. You will find more by reading the whole passage.

Types of wooden doors by styles. When it comes to styles, we introduced the 9 popular types, including:

  • Roller doors

  • Hinged doors

  • Pocket doors

  • French doors

  • Pivot doors

  • Bifold doors

  • Sliding doors

  • Dutch doors

  • Barn doors

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