As an emerging industry, the wooden doors have a prominent social status and broad market prospects, attracting investment and favor from many people in the home industry. With the rapid development of the wooden doors industry, many domestic wooden doors companies have also sprung up like mushrooms. Among them, enterprises with a high degree of mechanization and large-scale factory production have gradually shown advantages and become the mainstream in the industry, representing the current level of development of the Chinese wooden doors industry.

Wooden door enterprises want to occupy the market, the most fundamental thing is the product. Not only has the wooden door achieved innovation and upgrade in its external form, it has also been highly recognized and praised by consumers in terms of functions and user experience. In the future, differentiated products will definitely become the next outlet in the wood door industry. With insight into trends, wooden door companies can stand out.

Impact of housing on demand for wooden doors

In general, rough houses and simple houses occupy the main part of newly-built houses in China, and the proportion of finely decorated houses is relatively low. According to statistics, the average proportion of finely decorated houses in the country in 2011 was less than 10%. Only some large cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen account for more than 30% of the well-decorated houses. Due to the high price, uniform style, and the poor quality of the decoration, it is difficult to promote finely decorated houses in a short period of time across the country. At present, most consumers still prefer to buy rough houses and then Self-renovation.

In addition to new house decoration, the secondary decoration market is also an important demand for the wood door industry. Generally speaking, the general household decoration cycle is about 10 years. In the past ten years, China’s real estate industry has developed rapidly, and the number of existing housing stocks has continued to increase. With the improvement of residents’ disposable income, the secondary decoration market for existing housing has gradually formed a scale. Especially because of the unreasonable structure of early commercial housing and poor decoration quality, the demand for secondary decoration by families is increasingly urgent.

interior doors

According to statistics, in 2014, the total number of registered households in mainland China was 443,300, assuming that it will be renovated once every ten years, then more than 40 million households need to be renovated every year. The scale of the secondary home decoration market continues to expand and has gradually formed a continuous and stable demand for the wooden door industry.

From another perspective, China’s second-hand housing transaction market is active, and after the transaction is generally accompanied by the need for renovation. The turnover of second-hand housing in first-tier cities is far ahead of other cities. In Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, where housing prices are high, the market’s enthusiasm for second-hand housing transactions will continue. At present, the proportion of secondary decoration in China’s first-tier cities accounts for nearly 40% of the decoration market, while in developed countries, this proportion exceeds 60%. This shows that there is still much room for China’s secondary decoration market to improve, especially in second and third-tier cities.

This positive news indicates that China’s wooden door industry will continue to develop at a high speed, and more and more national brands will be born in the future. In addition, most wooden door companies are transforming into the field of solid wood packaging or increasing the development of solid wood packaging products. This is also a powerful input for the future development of the wooden door industry.

The appearance of consumers' three major mainstream demand for wooden doors

# Environmental protection

Environmental protection and energy saving is the constant theme of today’s society. Environmental protection is not only the general trend, but also the responsibility of enterprises to society and consumers, and the direction that consumers are pursuing. The production of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, simple and generous flat doors is bound to be welcomed by the market. Wood doors adhere to the use of environmentally friendly materials during production, and the materials used are generally fir, oak, beech, etc. The process of wooden doors is relatively simple and easy to produce. Environmental protection and energy saving are not only reflected in the manufacture of the product itself, but also in the appearance of the product, using renewable, degradable, and environmentally friendly materials. The environmental protection concept runs through all aspects of production.

# Features

A small door not only has to bear the basic functions of sheltering from the wind and rain, but also needs to be constantly explored in terms of sound insulation, thermal insulation, and intelligent functions to meet more and deeper consumer needs. Any improvement in the product’s functionality should ultimately be for consumers. All are to make consumers more convenient and comfortable to use, otherwise, no one will pay for such improvements. Therefore, the improvement of products should be developed towards humanized use. There are various types of wooden doors, and modern design styles meet the different needs of consumers. The wooden door does not have too much decoration, and the simplest door panel is used to express the owner’s emotions intuitively.

# Fashion

Fashion is what every industry is pursuing. Under the influence of modernization concepts, as society changes, people have a deeper understanding of fashion. The family chooses a stylish and simple wooden door as the decoration, which can make the whole space more beautiful. With the change of interior design style and the change of people’s aesthetics, the integration of wooden doors into the interior design makes the home space more personalized and humanized. As people’s living standards improve and consumer demand improves, the style of wooden doors also changes with them. More and more wooden door companies realize that only simple, elegant, and environmentally friendly wooden doors can attract customers’ attention in the first place.

New consumer-led retail

With the prevalence of the Internet, consumers’ needs are varied, and personalized demand and private custom prevail. A large number of traditional wooden door stores will also fall into a trough. The market has entered an important period of transformation, from a “product-centric” consumer society to a “new consumer-led” new generation consumer society. The rise of consumer sovereignty will inevitably set off huge retail changes, and the impact of new retail on the terminal store will become greater and greater.

Specific to subdivided fields, focusing on the continuous enhancement of consumers’ health awareness and environmental protection awareness, the paint-free doors in the wood door industry will continue to grow rapidly. Especially high-end paint-free doors will usher in greater development space. Affected by users’ consumption habits, there will be more and more intersections between the wardrobe industry and the wooden door industry in the future, and they will merge and cross each other.


The impetus brought by the high-quality industrial chain is becoming more and more important for the accelerated development of wooden door enterprises. Suppliers and wooden door manufacturers will further deepen their understanding of the experience that hardware gives to wooden doors. Product enhancement also pays more attention to the user’s personal experience. In the information age, obtaining valuable information has become an inevitable development of the information age. Although “big data” cannot produce new material products or create new market demand, it can greatly increase productivity. Therefore, in the future, the factory will pay more attention to the informatization construction and improvement of production and sales. It aims to realize the benefits of the three parties of enterprises, distributors, and users.

No matter how the wooden door market changes in the future, sticking to the brand building will be a long-term and arduous task. Based on the present moment, how will wooden door manufacturers find their own competitive edge?

 1. The uneven development of the industry, serious two-level differentiation

With the development of the industry and under the influence of the general environment, the wooden door industry has developed, but the overall trend is to a two-level differentiation state. In 2017, only 10% of the wooden door companies continued to maintain stable and high-speed growth, but the growth rate reached more than 30%; about 30% of the wooden door companies have entered a low growth rate or even stopped growing; 20% of the wooden door companies have experienced declines in performance and insufficient income ; 40% of manufacturers have closed their doors.

In subdivided fields, affected by national policies and environmental storms, the oil-to-water process of wooden door manufacturers has advanced and accelerated. Many wooden door manufacturers have completed the transformation of oil-to-water coating lines and put them into production. Sales of paint-free doors, which are healthier and have less impact on the living environment, have increased significantly, while sales of paint doors have declined compared to the previous year. In addition, with the change of consumer groups, whole-house customization has become the development trend of the times and is favored by many wooden door manufacturers, but the final development result is not very satisfactory. In terms of individual product sales, the growth rate of wardrobe sales is much faster than that of wooden door products. The consumption upgrade and the increasing demand for secondary decoration in the market have caused China’s high-end wooden doors to become more popular and have a promising development prospect.

  2. Active brand marketing innovation shifts from product to user

The major wooden door manufacturers are more fiercely competing for the market, mainly as follows:

1) The change of product promotion form. Low price promotion has been difficult to stimulate market enthusiasm, and the effect of driving terminal sales with star interaction and new product release forms is more obvious;

2) With the continuous increase of material cost, labor cost and environmental protection pressure, the profit of wooden doors is further compressed, and the supporting products become the guarantee of profit;

3) As the industry has matured and developed, whether it is a wooden door manufacturer or a packaged enterprise, major changes have taken place in product design and marketing concepts, gradually shifting from focusing on products to focusing on users, and focusing on meeting the differentiated needs and experiences of users

4) Channel competition is becoming increasingly fierce, with overcapacity and serious product homogeneity. The many constraints and bottlenecks existing in traditional wooden door companies have caused the current industry’s development dilemma. Whether it is consumers or wooden door manufacturers, everyone increasingly recognizes the value protection and premium space that brands bring to themselves. Manufacturers expect to achieve breakthroughs in an era of excess products and serious homogenization;

5) In terms of sales channels, the sales channels of major manufacturers are more diversified, and the proportion of sales through home improvement, engineering, and export methods is gradually increasing;

6) The advent of the Internet and the era of big data has made wooden door manufacturers’ online and offline sales more closely integrated, and the number of enterprises actively embracing new retail is increasing. Wooden door e-commerce giants with huge online traffic are also accelerating offline layout, and traditional physical wooden door manufacturers that master offline customer groups are also accelerating the pace of online layout.


Based on the above analysis, we believe that for the development of the wooden door industry in 2020, wooden door enterprises will gradually shift to standardization and scale. Moreover, the two-level differentiation of the industry will continue to expand. Market resources gradually tend to flow into companies with brand influence. For marketing, the corporate brand’s operating philosophy will be closer to terminal sales and more grounded from the perspective of consumers. The business focus of wooden door enterprises shifted from single production to product and brand parallelism.

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