Due to the rapid development of the real estate, the global windows and doors industry has developed rapidly in recent years.

So, many manufacturers want to know the general situation of the door and window market.

Then, this article will introduce in detail the status and development of doors and windows industry. This includes the types of doors and windows, materials, end-users needs. And what do the manufacturers do? What are the chances and challenges of the windows and doors industry?

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Classification of windows and doors industry


The material of windows and doors industry are steel, aluminium, plastic and glass.

Next, let’s introduce them in detail.

  1. First, a solid wood door is usually the front door of a house. Moreover, it has a good sound insulation effect.
  2. Second, the durability of the aluminium door is excellent. Moreover, It’s not expensive. Therefore, it is often as garage doors, anti-theft doors and shutters.
  3. Third, the rigidity is very high. Therefore, steel products are also in establishments that require high safety.
  4. Fourth, the appearance of the glass is very good. Therefore, glass is often used indoors and windows as patio slides and windows. The way people make and handle sliders and windows determines their strength.
  5. Fifth, the molecular structure of ethylene is very strong. Therefore, people often use it to make glass door frames.
  6. Sixth, people call unplasticized polyvinyl chloride as uPVC. It has a lot of advantages. For example, it is lightweight, durable, easy to install, and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, it has become a substitute for wood. Moreover, it is cheaper than wood. Compared with windows and doors made from steel, aluminium and wood, it doesn’t need the extra coating.
  7. Seventh, fibreglass doors and windows are newer products on the market. And It has good waterproof and sound insulation effects, so we can often see it in closets and terraces.
  8. Eighth, there is another material called epoxy resin. People usually use it as a window. The material of the environment will not rot it. Therefore, the window frame made of epoxy resin has a longer life. Also, people don’t need to paint it.
epoxy resin doors

Types of end-users

According to the types of end-users, people divide the windows and doors industry into residential doors and windows, commercial doors and windows, health-care doors and windows, and hotel doors and windows. And these fields are developing rapidly, so these segments have similar market shares.

Next, let’s see how the global windows and doors industry is now.

Current global windows and doors industry

These increases mainly come from people replacing aging doors and windows in residential and commercial areas.

he growth of residential doors and windows slowed down slightly in 2018, correspondingly, it remained stable during 2019-2021.

However, in 2019, the growth of sliding skylight doors declined.

Fortunately, until 2021, the materials used for swing doors, stairs and track panels will continue to show growth.

The growth of the market

The development of residential and non-residential buildings has greatly affected the door and window market. According to research, people’s expenditure on house renovation has increased. Therefore, in the following years, it will continue to promote the growth of the market.


Residential doors and windows account for 60% of the total market. The reasons why they are so important are as follows:

  1. Consumers spend more on house decoration and renovation.
  2. Increasing residential construction is driving growth in this area.
  3. People’s demand for improved security and privacy is promoting the market growth.
  4. The surge in demand for single-family houses has also expanded the market for residential doors and windows.
  5. Housing trends and people’s living standards are constantly changing. Therefore, the market has also grown. For example, the integration of indoor and outdoor living is a new trend. In 2016, construction companies meeting demand increased by 61%.
  6. In general, the residential windows and doors segment dominates the windows and doors industry.

Now, housing construction in developed countries begins to recover. Therefore, the demand for doors and windows in the office and commercial occasions has increased. According to reports, the non-residential door and window market shows great growth potential.

New product

Manufacturers producing new products can also promote market growth.

new smart product for windows and doors industry


Product release

Now many manufacturers in windows and doors industry regard product release as their main development method. This allows more users to know their brand and products.

Strategic acquisitions

Manufacturers make strategic acquisitions to strengthen their market position. And, it can gain a competitive advantage. Such as manufacturing capacity. At the same time as the acquisition, Manufacturers also gained their larger market share. Meanwhile, this can expand its customer base. Sometimes, manufacturers will maintain fierce competition in the market through acquisitions.

Headway of manufacturers

Besides, Manufacturers’ technological innovation has also promoted the growth of the door and window market. New products can also promote the growth of the door and window market. For example, the new material uPVC has low energy requirements for its production. Moreover, its emissions during production are low. Meanwhile, there are many benefits that traditional materials do not have when used. So, this promotes the growth of the market.

Besides, energy-saving doors and windows can use solar energy. This saves a lot of energy. Therefore, it also promotes the development of the market.

energy-saving products


North America

North America also occupies a considerable share in the windows and doors industry. the entire door and window market.

Now, let’s take a look together.

In North America, consumers are spending more on house renovations. This has promoted the development of this industry.

By 2019, the overall new housing in the United States also maintains positive growth. Therefore, single-family housing has also become a major growth area in the United States windows and doors industry.

Besides, there is also a great demand for smart doors and windows in developed countries. Manufacturers can use this as market entry. In this way, the market may become larger.


The Trump administration recently resumed taxation on Canadian aluminium. In other words, the United States imposes a 10% tariff on Canadian aluminium.

Asia Pacific

The Asia-Pacific region accounts for 40% of the global windows and doors industry.

Now, the government has stepped up investment in infrastructure. It’s to attract foreign travellers.

In this regard, China is still the main participant.

For developing affordable residential space and commercial space, China has used many methods. This can address the growth of local and multinational companies.

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Windows and doors industry of Europe is mature. So,the growth of it won’t be huge. Moreover,the technology and automation are better and more productive than the US.

Therefore, to sale products to Europe is not easy for sales. Meanwhile, it causes a lot of companies from Europe to sale their products to North America.

However, the energy costs a lot in Europe. So, they need products advanced in technology. If we have cheaper energy or advanced products saving energy, it may be a way to sale products to Europe.

european map

Forecast and development direction of the windows and doors industry


Growing part

The business of doors and windows is good, and the opportunities are ripe now.

So, let’s take a look at the development of the market in the future.

The rapid development and commercialization of cities is an important factor in the growth of demand. Therefore, the global non-residential industry will achieve higher growth rates.

According to statistics, global windows and doors industry will grow at an annual rate of 4.5%. By 2021, it will reach $214 billion.

Descending part

However, before 2021, hinged patio doors will continue to decline. Moreover, the growth rate of windows in commercial workshops will also decline.

Expectation of Clients

So far as we’ve mentioned, the development of the windows and doors industry is worth looking forward to.

Then, consumer demand is the direction of product development.

Moreover, more and more users are now concerned about energy-saving doors and windows.

Besides, many customers are interested in low-key and fashionable design. And the appearance of the farmhouse is still popular.

As technology is a part of our lives, users are also very interested in technology and automated products.

In general, today’s customers are looking for products with good properties and a long service life.

Expect these factors, how should our products enter this growing market?


In the subsequent market development, the sales of ethylene windows and doors will grow faster than them made from wooden or metal.


Now, users have their own requirements for the appearance of doors and windows. Therefore, in order to meet this, colour is also an advantage that our products need to have. So, the manufacturers might change painting them to using the laminate.


Countries have issued stricter policies. This can regulate the quality of products in the door and window market.

Therefore, the demand for products with good performance is increasing.

However, as the door gets bigger and wider, the places where people install the hardware is getting smaller. Therefore, the product must with good hardware. And this hardware is like half the space occupied as before.

Popular Types in the future windows and doors industry

In the future, the popular windows and doors of houses are larger than before.

Moreover, minimalist doors and windows will be more suitable for the future market.

Besides, The obvious trend is that doors larger than before will be easier to sell in the future.

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minimalist doors

New trend

According to research, consumers increasingly prefer to choose smart doors and windows. Moreover, when users renovate their own houses, they also prefer to choose smart windows and doors. This has also prompted many companies to develop smart windows and doors.

Users think smart windows and doors increase the security and durability of the houses. Moreover, this improves the value of their houses.

Besides, users can control the windows and doors with smart mobile phone and computer, etc. This is very convenient and relaxing for them to use and manage the windows and doors. Moreover, high-tech can bring a lot of interesting to their life.


In the door and window market, we can analyze the market situation according to the materials and types of doors and windows.

Now the doors and windows are steel, aluminium, wood. But in the future, uPVC will be popular.

Moreover, we can also analyze the door and window market according to the classification of end-users.

Residential users still account for a large market share. But non-residential demand will continue to grow in the future.

The current market share of doors and windows mainly comes from users renovating their houses.

In addition, commercial recovery also has a lot of demand for non-residential doors and windows.

Besides, the government strongly supports commercial development, so there are lots of commercial windows and doors needed.

In the future, the government will invest in commercial houses. Therefore, the global door and window market will continue to grow.

Moreover, minimalist doors and windows, doors and windows with good performance, and smart doors and windows will be more popular.