In the past few years, security doors have been the rising period of its development. Meanwhile, the export of security door is also increasing. Therefore, competition in the international market has gradually become fierce for Chinese security door manufacturer.

So, let’s take a look at the current status of Chinese security door manufacturer.

First, let’s understand what a security door is.

What is the security door

A security door has an anti-theft lock. It can resist very positive opening. This gives the security door an anti-theft function.

According to Chinese regulations, people cannot pry open this door within 15 minutes with ordinary tools such as chisels, screwdrivers, crowbars, and portable electric tools such as electric drills.

Moreover, people cannot open a 615 square millimetre hole in the door using these methods.

Equipped with an anti-theft lock, a door that can resist abnormal opening under certain conditions within a certain period has certain safety protection performance and meets the corresponding anti-theft security level. Besides, people can’t make a 38mm opening in the 150 square millimetre courtyard of the lock using the above method. Such a door is a qualified safety door.

Secondly, the lock used on the safety door must be a qualified lock that has been tested by the inspection centre of the public security department.

As for the security door material. Its materials are diverse. However, these materials need to have a production permit for security products. These all strictly control the product quality of Chinese security door manufacturer.

Based on the above factors, only standard security doors can be sold as safety doors in China.

Some steel security doors have windows. Its thickness is usually 70mm.

Moreover, a single door provides ventilation and the safety of a double door.

More details about the security door are on Door security.

security door manufacturer


Generally, security doors have four levels. They are A, B, C, D. Meanwhile, their security decreases in order.

After understanding the basic information of the security doors, let’s take a look at the characteristics of the security doors.


The intelligence of the security door is mainly the intelligence of its key components. For example, electronic locks which people widely use. It has fingerprint electronic lock, password electronic lock, IC card electronic lock and so on.

With the advancement of technology, internet security doors can also implement alarm functions. It combines the smart security system in the house. And people can use functions such as video surveillance, data transmission and remote control. These all reflect the intelligence of the safety door.

After understanding the types of security doors, let’s take a look at what products produced by Chinese security door manufacturer.

smart security door

Door types made by the security door manufacturer

People mainly consider the security of the doors. And the material of the safety door is closely related to its safety.

So let’s introduce what materials used by the Chinese security door manufacturer.

Door material of security door manufacturer

Safety doors have five categories in terms of materials:

  1. steel
  2. Steel wooden door
  3. stainless steel
  4. Aluminium alloy
  5. copper

Moreover, their quality and performance are also different.

So, let’s take a look at them in details.


First, let’s take a look at the steel security door.

This is the door we see most on the market. It is also the most used material. On the other hand, most of the safety doors we are familiar with are of steel.

steel security door


The price of this type of door is relatively cheap. Therefore, its sales account for more than 90% of the total market sales.

However, the lines of the steel door are hard. Therefore, it is difficult to integrate with modern interior decoration.

Steel wooden door

There is also a steel-wood door. Its security is depending on the steel plate in the middle.

Moreover, the security door manufacturer can choose the colour, wood, texture and pattern of the door according to user requirements.

In this way, it can well match with the interior decoration. Therefore, it does not like steel doors to look so uncoordinated.

And because wood is more expensive, the corresponding design also spent extra manpower, its price is more expensive than steel doors.

Aluminium security door

The material used in aluminium alloy security doors is different from the materials of normal aluminium alloy doors and windows. So, its hardness is higher.

Moreover, its colour is more bright and beautiful. Besides, people can also add patterns and texture to aluminium safety doors. In this way, the aluminium alloy security door gives people a gorgeous feeling. Therefore, it is a mid-range security door.

Moreover, because aluminium is not easy to fade, many people prefer to choose this type.

And if you want to know How to import aluminium doors from China, you can check on here Specification about importing aluminium windows from China.

Stainless security door

The stainless steel security door is very sturdy, so it is more secure.

Now Chinese security door manufacturer can produce security doors in many colours. In general, there are silvery-white, yellow titanium alloy, red titanium alloy, black titanium alloy, and rose. Moreover, now the security door manufacturer can make many patterns for stainless steel security doors.

Although it has many advantages, its price is very affordable in the security door. Moreover, the after-sales sites of many security door manufacturer are relatively close to their factories. Therefore, its after-sales service is very convenient and relatively affordable.

Copper security door

Copper has the advantages of fireproof, anti-corrosion and dust-proof. Therefore, in addition to the materials mentioned above, some security doors are made of copper.

In terms of materials, copper is the best.

Correspondingly, in terms of price, copper security doors are also the most expensive.

The security doors that people generally see in the market are above 10,000 RMB. The most expensive copper security door can reach hundreds of thousands of RMB. Therefore, people mainly use it in financial institutions or high-end residences, villas and other places.

After introducing the materials of the safety door, let’s take a look at which door-type security doors are currently produced by Chinese safety door manufacturer.

Door types

Below we mainly talk about the structure of the safety door. Generally, it has four types:

  1. Push-pull fence security door
  2. Swing fence security door
  3. Plastic embossed security door
  4. Multifunctional luxury anti-theft door

For normal consumers, the security door for residents is mainly a flat-open anti-theft security door. Therefore, the swing door is now the best selling door type.

Security door features

The following introduction about the characteristics of the security door is mainly based on the factors considered by the user when choosing the safety door.

Meanwhile, security door manufacturer can measure its products according to their characteristics.

Appearance made by the security door manufacturer

The appearance characteristics of security doors are usually spacious. Moreover, people don’t change the security door frequently. So its colour should match the decoration of the house.

Under normal circumstances, people will choose white or the colour of the material itself. These colours are simple and generous, so you won’t feel tired even after watching them for a long time.


The thickness of the steel door has a great influence on its security. Generally, the thickness of the steel door is 70mm.

Besides, steel also affects the security of the door. Doors of the same thickness with different steel materials have great differences in security.

Good security doors use high-quality cold-rolled steel plates. However, it is difficult to see with the naked eye. Therefore, choosing a good security door manufacturer can guarantee the material of the steel door.


Regarding the sealing of the door frame and the door leaf, and the sealing of the door frame and the door leaf, now the main manufacturers have made several grooves between the door frame and the door leaf.  Her is an easy way to test the tightness. You can take out a paper card and see if it is easy to eject.

The above is the basic information on the security door. So let’s take a look at the future development of the security door manufacturer.

Development of security door manufacturer

We can divide the development of the security door industry into the following aspects.


Innovative design becomes mainstream 

On the previous market, the market demand was great, and the innovation ability of enterprises was insufficient.

Therefore, imitation and plagiarism have become the habit of businesses. However, consumers want novel products.

Therefore, in the current market, innovation is a clear and strong demand.

Simple appearance became popular

In the past, there were many shoddy products on the market. Therefore, flashy is a common problem in the past.

With the development of the internet, many exquisite and concise products have affected people’s aesthetics. And this affected the security door industry.

Now, Chinese security door manufacturer has begun to refine its products and mainly develop and produce products with simple appearance and good performance.

Product functions are more practical

In the past, many of the features of products on the market were not practical. For example, people use copper-plated plates instead of pure copper plates and use class A anti-theft lock instead of class B anti-theft lock, etc.

Now, conscious of consumer rights are raising. And these false behaviours will make the security door manufacturer lose its market.

Therefore, China’s security door manufacturer began to develop products with more practical functions.

Moreover, this shows the advantages of the brand. For example, using more energy-efficient materials to make a security door.

The structural design of the security door is better

We all know that we rely on good products to enter the market. And a good product requires a good design.

So, security door companies without design capabilities will soon lose competitiveness.

Therefore, structural design capabilities have become the core competitiveness of the security door manufacturer.

Moreover, the well-designed product also saves costs.

Intellectual property is important

Now, people’s intellectual property awareness is good. Therefore, it is difficult for a security door manufacturer that relies on imitation or plagiarism to have long-term development.

Moreover, people’s requirements for products are getting higher and higher. If some large-scale security door companies do not have their core intellectual property rights and rely on a single large-scale production, it will be difficult to obtain previous profits.

Smart anti-theft door locks become popular

With the development of technology, smartphones are no longer the only ones. Many household products and automotive products also have intelligence. Of course, the security door is no exception.

In most cases, smart door locks reflect the intelligence of the security doors.

And the most convenient aspect of smart door locks is that people can no longer bring their keys out.

Moreover, people can set time when people can use the door lock. Besides, people can also combine the smart door lock with other smart devices to realize video surveillance, combined alarm, remote control and other functions.

Therefore, Chinese security door manufacturers can also develop smart accessories. As long as enterprises follow the idea of intelligence, there are still many opportunities.

smart security door

Real estate group began to develop intelligence

Under the big wave of intelligence, large-scale real estate companies have begun to plan the establishment of smart communities. Among them, smart door locks, smart access control, and smart homes have all become popular.

Therefore, if security door companies fail to seize the opportunity of intelligence at this time, they will lose a larger market in the future.

After understanding the major development directions of the entire industry, let’s take a look at the regional development of the safety door industry.

Opportunities in the county town market

With the growth of market demand, cost-effective products gradually show their advantages in the county-level market.

Moreover, with the improvement of consumers’ economic capabilities. High-end security doors have also developed in the county-level market.


With the changes in the real estate market, Chinese security door industry has entered the early stage of rapid development.

A security door has an anti-theft lock. It can resist very positive opening. This gives the security door an anti-theft function.

Safety doors are mainly divided into five categories in terms of materials:

  1. Steel
  2. Steel wood
  3. Stainless steel
  4. Aluminium alloy
  5. Copper

Moreover, there are 4 types in term of its structure:

  1. Push-pull fence anti-theft door
  2. Swing Fence Security Door
  3. Plastic embossed security door
  4. Multifunctional luxury anti-theft door

Regarding the development of the market, manufacturers can mainly analyze the following aspects:

  1. Innovative design becomes mainstream
  2. Simple appearance became popular
  3. Product functions are more practical
  4. The structural design of the security door is better
  5. Intellectual property is important
  6. Smart anti-theft door locks become popular
  7. Real estate group began to develop intelligence
  8. More opportunities in the county market

That’s all for the status quo and development of security door manufacturer.

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