Nowadays, homeowners are getting more and more demanding, and they are trying to understand all aspects of the decoration.

Sliding Windows – as one of the styles of the most common windows in our home, you may be familiar with it.In this article, you will be introduced all the detail information about sliding windows. For example, what’s sliding windows? What are its characteristics are? The article will also explain the components of sliding windows and the choice of glass. Finally, the maintenance and advantages of sliding windows are introduced.

What is sliding glass window

window mainly refers to the door and window which are vertically pushed left and right along the horizontal direction. It slides on the track of the window frame with a sash equipped with wheels. It has not only left-right push-pull, but also up-down push-pull. Using a high-grade slide rail, push it gently to open flexibly. Then with a large piece of glass, it not only increases the indoor lighting, but also improves the overall appearance of the building. The sash has a good stress state and is not easily damaged.

The windows do not take up extra space whether they are open or closed, and the structure is relatively simple. Sliding glass windows are generally most suitable for high-rise buildings with more than two floors, because the sliding method is to open the window, and the window will not be outside like a casement window. In order to avoid falling objects from the sky, sliding windows are most suitable for high-rise buildings.

Performance characteristics of sliding windows

First, it will not take up indoor space: First of all, this aluminum alloy sliding window has one of its characteristics in the process of use, that is, it will not take up our indoor space during use. There is also a very good lighting effect, which can allow more indoor lighting, from the appearance of the overall shape is also very beautiful.

High quality aluminum sliding window

Second, the switch is flexible: It is for this type of doors and windows that it is also very flexible in the process of use, because it also uses high-end slide rails when completing its installation. Users only need to push lightly when opening and closing, it is very flexible, and the force it receives is also very uniform in use, which is not prone to some damage.

Third, the use range is very wide: In addition, for this type of doors and windows, it can be installed and used in a very wide range, it can be installed and used in some residential areas, can also be used in some public building facilities, It can also be used in many commercial places, etc. We can see it in many different places.

 Components of a sliding window

  1. Viewed from the exterior structure, it consists of an outer frame part and an inner fan part. Outer frame part: the part that can’t move directly connected to the wall. Inner fan part: The part that can be pushed and moved in the outer frame.
  2. From the perspective of the composition of the window, it is composed of aluminum, glass and accessories.
  3. You can choose different types of glass: hollow sliding window, single glass sliding window. In terms of profile, generally the same as the window frame profile, except that there is a difference in the glass slot of the inner frame.
  4. From the perspective of the window profiles, the general sliding window profiles are as follows: flat upper rail, upper fixed lower push-pull, lower rail, upper push-pull lower fixed, frame, double border, upper, lower inner, lower outer, light enterprise , Widening light enterprises, widening small hook enterprises, large hook enterprises, closing, upper fixing, center pillar, frame cover, outer cover, corner, I-shaped, etc.

Types of main glass for sliding windows  

1.  Insulating glass, which is composed of two layers of glass with a vacuum between the two or more layers. It has good heat insulation and sound insulation functions. 5 + 6A + 5, 5 + 9A + 5, 6 + 9A + 6, 5 + 12A + 5, 6 + 12A + 6, etc., where the number of two sides is the thickness of the glass, and the number of A in the middle is the thickness of the vacuum.

sliding windows

2. Single-layer glass, its cost is lower. Commonly used single-layer glass is 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, etc. Floating glass is usually used for ordinary single-layer glass on sliding windows, which has the advantages of good flatness and good light permeability.

3. Tempered glass. Its glass is strengthened by tempering to make it stronger.

4. Color glass refers to glass differentiated according to color. There is no color called white glass, there are brown glass and green glass.

5. Laminated glass is two or more pieces of float glass sandwiched with a strong PVB film. It is compressed by a hot press to discharge as much intermediate air as possible, and then placed in a high-pressure steam kettle using high temperature and high pressure to remove the remaining small amount. Air is dissolved into the film. With high strength characteristics.

sliding windows glass

How to make window glass more sealed

The crimping wire is used to fix the glass. The inner fan material can make the window move back and forth through fixed glass. The size of the glass notch of the fan material minus the thickness of the glass still leaves about 5mm-6mm of space to clamp the strip or glue. If the gap is slightly larger, you can also adjust the thickness of the sealant strip. In some cases, a gap of 2mm is enough for glue sealing. The algorithm for fixing the crimping line is to press the crimping line on the fixed frame to obtain the size of the glass slot. The latter algorithm is the same as the fan material.

Unique advantages of sliding windows

①Ventilation volume can be adjusted: Natural ventilation can improve the cleanliness of indoor air, exclude indoor hot and humid air, and at the same time in the hot season where the temperature needs to be reduced, there is an air flow due to natural ventilation in the work or activity place, which helps Strengthening the human body’s convection and evaporation heat transfer can play a role in preventing heatstroke and cooling. Horizontal sliding window is a better way for wind pressure and heat pressure ventilation.

As long as the two sides of the two sliding windows open different areas, even if there is a slight breeze, a large pressure difference will be formed, so that the entire room has air circulation. This is unmatched by other window types.

②Pressure ventilation can be realized: External window members can produce air penetration only when there is a pressure difference on their sides. The driving force for forming the pressure difference is wind and air buoyancy, which constitute wind pressure and heat pressure, respectively.

When there is a temperature difference between the inside and outside of the building, heat pressure is formed due to the difference in the bulk density of the air. Hot air rises inside the building, creating a negative pressure above the neutral floor and a positive pressure below the neutral floor.

sliding windows

Advantages of balcony sliding windows

Balcony sliding windows are driven by external forces acting on the sash to drive the rollers to open and close the sashes. They are single, double, or multiple doors and windows that are pushed to the left and right. The sliding glass window of the balcony is simple and beautiful, with a large window width, wide field of vision, and high daylighting rate. It is easy to clean glass, flexible to use, safe and reliable. The window opening position and ventilation openings can be selected relatively freely without occupying indoor space when opened. Opening in a plane, it is easy to install and use screens and curtains. And it has a long service life, economical price and good sealing performance.

  1. After the doors and windows are installed, the surface protective film of the profile should be removed in time and wiped clean; otherwise, the adhesive of the protective film will remain on the profile in a large amount, which is difficult to clean.
  2. Casement windows and sashes should be closed in a windy day.
  3. Do not hang heavy objects on the casement window ‘s handle.
  1. The casement window can be opened differently by changing the direction of the switch handle. It is necessary to understand how to operate to avoid damage.
  2. When the sliding window is in use, the sliding track should be cleaned frequently to keep the track surface and groove free of hard particles.
  3. Plastic steel doors and windows are equipped with drainage systems in window frames, sashes and other parts to ensure the air-tight and water-tight performance of doors and windows. Users should not block the drainage holes of doors and windows during use, so as not to cause the drainage performance of doors and windows to decline.
  1. The pushing point of the sliding window during sliding should be in the middle or lower position of the window sash. Do not use too much force during sliding to avoid reducing the service life of the window sash.
  2. The gauze fan can remove the adhesive tape that fixes the gauze, take off the gauze, and wash it with water-soluble detergent.
  3. When the screen fan of the sliding window is in use, please note that it coincides with the vertical frame of the inner rail sliding fan, which can maintain good sealing.


Windows are an important part of a building. Architects design a building, in addition to the overall shape and color, the most particular about the facade of the building. The general rule of division is that it can be kept high and even, equal in width, aligned in length, and horizontal and vertical.

No matter what kind of doors and windows are used, do not damage the flatness of the entire surface of the building, so usually choose to design sliding windows. The function of the window is daylighting and ventilation, which also plays a great role in the overall decoration of the building. At the same time, sliding windows are currently the most widely used window type in the Chinese market. The article introduces you to the components of sliding windows, the advantages of sliding windows and much more. Help you learn more about window types.

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