As the shower room consumer groups become younger, the demand for shower room products will also change to some extent. Nowadays young people are chasing fashion personality, simple functions can no longer meet their needs, so if the shower room industry wants to win in the future market, we must work hard on product development.

In the near future, shower room products will break the traditional shower room with a single structure and simple function product model. The shower room will become more intelligent.

In this article, we’re going to introduce the market development of the shower room industry in China, then analyze the current status of the market operation of the shower room industry in China, and then introduce the competitive landscape of the shower room market. Finally, we analyzed the development trend of China’s shower room industry.

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What is the status of the shower room industry

The shower room is a separate shower cubicle, which can make full use of the bathing space and place the shower room and sanitary ware in one room. Nowadays, with the improvement of quality life, more and more families begin to pursue high-quality shower rooms, and the requirements for shower rooms are also increasing. When there is demand, there must be a market.

Three major development characteristics of the Chinese shower room market:

  1. Compared with other bathroom products, the shower room was born relatively late. The shower room product is only the most basic framework, and it also has relatively large development potential. For example, a steam shower room integrated into the steam function, and a new shower room with other functions. Whether it is glass color, material selection, or simple sliding door design, it can lead to the emergence of refreshing new products.
  1. The biggest difference between the shower room and other bathroom products is that it can not be standardized on the assembly line, so this non-standard customized production, the product circulation is inconvenient. The non-standard customized production of the shower room has caused its high price in the market. If customized products will be the inevitable trend of the development of the entire shower room industry, the efforts of the shower room industry today will inevitably lay a solid foundation for future development.
  1. The vast majority of shower room enterprises are small in scale. In the traditional manufacturing industry where channels are king, small-scale enterprises will have insufficient capacity in channel construction, so it will further affect the development of the enterprise itself. The basic needs of customers for shower rooms are always high quality and low price. Market possession is the process of satisfying customers’ consumption, and in this complex process, the weak are weaker and the strong are stronger, so the final situation may be that several large stores and brands will occupy a large share of the entire bathroom market. Therefore, the future shower room industry must have better space.

What is the development trend of the shower room industry?  

1Strengthen product support and provide quality services  

The customer’s consumption concept is changing to the “one-stop” bathroom matching direction.  Therefore, we remind you that if you are still fighting alone with the single product of the shower room as before, you cannot achieve long-term stable development. Manufacturers can cooperate with each other and join forces. Manufacturers must strengthen in-depth and horizontal support and use a one-stop service to attract customers.

2.The high-quality customization of the shower room will attract more attention

Shower room products are widely used, and its unique advantages determine its broad market prospects. Under the premise of exerting its own advantages and improving the use process, high-quality shower room products have begun to enter the line of sight of consumers, and consumers’ demand and expectations for high-quality shower room products are increasing. The tentacles of high-quality shower room products have been extended to many consumers. The market demand for shower rooms will gradually build up to high quality, and the sales volume and growth rate of high-quality shower room products will also develop steadily. For some high-end customers, manufacturers need to develop high-end products to meet high-end demand. While satisfying high-end customers, manufacturers design and provide simple and marketable products to meet the needs of ordinary families and affordable housing.

3.The demand for personalized customization becomes more apparent

According to statistics released by the media, the total amount of customization in the domestic market has reached 60-80 billion yuan per year. The future market share will also increase, and the potential of the customized home market is unlimited. Shower room products are more artistic. For the future changes in bathroom products, in addition to meeting the needs of residents’ living, modern bathroom products have strong demands in residential areas, public places, hotels and hotels.

4. Promotional activities are developing in a rational direction

In the past, promotion became an important factor in driving the development of the shower room industry. However, with the consumer’s consumption habits, traditional promotional methods have been difficult to ignite consumers’ buying enthusiasm. In this regard, the rationalized demand in promotional activities will once again be “awakened”; therefore, shower room companies and distributors need to be more rational in dealing with changes in the market and consumers in order to promote the continuous development of their careers.

5. Service value chain will improve the shower room industry  

Many shower room companies pay attention to the branding and differentiated development of shower rooms. In the shower room industry with highly homogeneous products, service is a good entry point to distinguish the differences between enterprises. With the increasing demand for offline services on the Internet, more and more shower room companies attach importance to the introduction of services and strive to use service to drive product sales. At that time, the “product-driven service” model will obviously be replaced by the “service-driven product” sales model.

6. E-commerce channel “competition” is more intense

The impact of the Internet on the shower room industry is huge. Although there are still many imperfections in the current shower room e-commerce model, many shower room companies have been involved in the e-commerce field in recent years; in addition to the typical online marketing, Merchants ’sales channels have also gradually diversified. The shower room industry, which takes service as the value demand, will examine its e-commerce development strategy more in-depth. While e-commerce consumption is returning to rationality, more companies will choose to use the Internet to guide offline passenger flow and maximize the role of the Internet in its publicity. At the same time, consumers’ urgent need for product experience has also led shower companies that rely on the “e-commerce tribe” to improve their offline layout to better cope with future challenges.

7. Innovation and change are still the driving force for enterprise development

With people’s deep understanding of the concept of “two innovations”, innovation and change will surely be the “main force” for enterprises to break through the encirclement. Now shower room companies urgently need some innovative products to circumvent the brutal competition in the market. In 2020, China’s shower room market will enter a new stage. Each brand, manufacturer, and distributor need to have more innovative thinking and operating modes to “break” into a world of development, so innovation is the trend.  China has become the world’s largest producer of sanitary ware products. In the future, more high-tech factors will be added to the shower room to become part of the smart home. In addition, due to the risk of self-explosion of the glass in the shower room and the problem of the glass being difficult to clean, consumers’ attention to shower room products is increasingly focused on one keyword: safety! Therefore, security protection will become the key to the future development of the shower room market point.

8. Transforming the home improvement market

No matter the size of the shower room, enterprises must devote themselves to the development and design of products with high quality and excellent experience. On the basis of stable engineering orders, we should pursue the home improvement market and the personalized order market. In the face of economic pressure and the high inventory of real estate, the quality of the shower room truly emerged in front of users. The shower room enterprises that emphasize service, reputation and trustworthiness will become the mainstream.

 9. Shower room products comply with the national industrial policy  

Shower room products are a necessity for people’s lives. With the advantages of energy-saving, water-saving, and environmental protection, it is in line with the trend and becomes a necessity for people’s life. At the same time, it complies with the national industrial policy and the government’s vigorous support, taking the shower room industry as the main industry, has become a new economic growth point. Manufacturers should vigorously develop to meet market demand.  Water-saving and energy saving is an eternal theme in the shower room. Responding to the call of the country to build a conservation-minded society has also raised higher standards for future sanitary products. Water-saving is still the trend of sanitary product development and an important goal of the sanitary industry.


With the development of economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the decoration of toilets has been paid more and more attention. Modern life is under great pressure, so taking a hot bath after returning home can not only clean and sanitize, but also eliminate fatigue, which is beneficial to physical and mental health. In the past, people used bathtubs more and now shower rooms are more and more popular with consumers. Correspondingly, the shower room industry has begun to be valued by more and more enterprises in the entire bathroom industry. The current Chinese city has entered a period of cultural bathroom enjoyment. The shower room is developing towards health and leisure.

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