When it comes to home security, the security for windows and doors remain the key roles.

The reason is, many burglaries start from the windows and doors.

Security for windows and doors#1: Why important to ensure the security for windows and doors?

One of a family’s top priorities, its safety. Sometimes it could be challenging to determine which options are better to ensure your house protection, that’s why we are here to guide you and help you to achieve that goal.

Before we define which strategy, we will use to secure your household.

First, we must comprehend the matters that affect your home and family’s safety and in which ways we can prevent incidents as burglary to happen.

We will tell you by answering when, where and how.

Security for windows and doors#2: How do burglars break-in?

Most of the time we see on the TV that, burglaries occur during the night when everyone’s asleep. But, it’s not like that! Most of the time it occurs during the daytime, considering that kids might be at school and parents at work.

As much as we like a good action movie, thieves are not exactly as shown in Hollywood, such as like being a mastermind planning elaborate plans to break into a house. They target the easiest points as empty houses, where they are most likely to go unnoticed.

Where do they enter from?

It’s a simple job for burglars to enter your house if it’s not equipped with the right appliances.

The most common entry’s ways are:

  • Front door: over 30% of burglars walk right in just by twisting the doorknob.
  • First-floor windows: more than 20% break into your home by a first-floor open window.
  • Back door: over 20% use the back door to come in.
  • Garage doors: about 9% make the garage as an entrance.
  • Basement: 4% choose the basement to enter from.
  • Any unlocked areas, sheds, and storage: Another 6% will simply try for any opening that isn’t locked down,
  • Second-floor window: A daring 2% will go for the second-story window.

By safeguarding these specific areas of your home, it will reduce any chances of a break- in to happen.

How do they enter your home?

Have you ever wondered how do they enter your home, or which options they opt to use? These are some of them:

Unlocked doors

Thieves always check if by any circumstance there is an unlocked door, so they can avoid doing extra efforts to break in. Also, because any neighbour wouldn’t find suspicious if someone enters directly from the main door as they were entering their own house without damaging it.

An unlocked door might not be a tool, but it certainly what most people tend to forget before leaving their houses. In most cases, break-ins are results of not having a deadbolt lock (A smart lock made for forgetful people)


Dressing up not only makes them less recognizable but also, it gives them an easier way approach to a house. It’s not as in a spy movie when we are talking of burglars. Burglars would choose to dress up as a “typical” person, such as a delivery guy or a salesman or even a police officer. Mostly because it doesn’t create suspicion.

Dog treats

Families often opt to have a guardian dog, because as we know, dogs are man’s best friend and they always protect us! But it always comes handy for a burglar to have some treats in their pocket to distract the puppy from barking and avoid drawing attention while they break-in.

Is your home an easy target?

Some homes have a higher risk than others, burglars look for signs of emptiness when deciding which house to break in.

Let’s check which signs are those:

  • The mailbox: While we are on vacations the mailbox can pile up and burglars can quickly understand that the household went on vacation or aren’t home for a while. To avoid that, request your trusted neighbour to hold your mail during your vacation.
  • Delivery packages: When you have a package delivered, they mostly leave the package on the front porch, which might lead to a burglar to understand that no one is at home. Always try to schedule the time of delivery for when can be at home for retrieval.
  • Untidy lawns and overgrown shrubbery: While time passes our grass can grow high, which it’s an indicator that no one it’s at home to mow the grass. Hire a gardener or a neighbour to get the job done while you are away.
  • Social media posts: If your accounts are public it can grant information to burglars to know if you are on a vacation or in a party. To avoid it try setting your accounts to private that only your close friends and family can have access or wait to return home to share all your snapshots.
  • Homes without security equipment: Homes without a security system are more likely to get rob because it’s easier for a burglar to have access. Most burglars would scout for an alarm system and avoid houses which such features.
  • And homes located in areas of low visibility: Decreased visibility allow burglars to break in without being detected. Whether they are shrouded by trees or situated in an area of low lighting.

If your home hits any, you might need better security.

Security for windows and doors_01

Security for windows and doors#3: Reinforce your front door

Most burglars tend to break-in through the front door. There are many methods to open a door easily even more if it doesn’t have the right security system. You can considerably improve your front door security just by applying one of the following methods, however, combining at least a few of these methods could give you even better results.

Here are some highly effective methods you can use to improve your front door security:

Reinforce or install a heavy-duty, high-quality deadbolt

When It comes to home security, a high-quality deadbolt is a, must have. A deadbolt avoids forced entries, such as kick-ins, which is a common way to get through a front door. Always, make sure to choose a deadbolt that meets security standards such as The UL (Underwriter Laboratories) 436 security test. This certification ensures the quality of the deadbolt.

Reinforce your door frame and hinges

These take an important role in your front door security. Reinforcing them it’s not complicated, you could either do it yourself or ask the help of a professional.

Hinge bolts are small metal bolts that sit in a hole in the jamb when the door is closed. To reinforce them, install hinge bolts below and above them. Always make sure the hinges are at least 21/2 inches long. Because Screws shorter than 1 inch are a serious security threat. If there aren’t any hinge bolts installed, they could simply remove the crooks from the outside and get into your house.

As for the door frames,

To reinforce them, we recommend using one of the ready-to-use kits. These sets substantially improve your front door security by making them more resistant to force attacks. This kits usually come with metal jambs, hinge shields and a secure deadbolt strike plate which fits most standard doors. However, we must keep in mind that it doesn’t protect your door from key picking or bumping.

Install a door barricade to secure your front door from inside

Installing a door barricade, it’s also a great method to improve your door security by securing your door from the inside like a keyless door lock. They come in two main parts: the barrier plate and the barrier itself. The base plate goes screwed down to the floor. This means that, if by chance the burglars bypass the deadbolt and other security methods that are attached to the door or the jamb, they still wouldn’t be able to access your home.

There are portable and permanent door barricades. However, we suggest you use a permanent one, they last longer and provide a higher level of security.

Security for windows and doors#4: Reinforce your windows

Use windows locks

Windows already come with their own locks but adding an aftermarket lock can enhance your window security. There are several types of locks that you could add to your window, it would all depend on which type of window you own.

Some of them are:

  • Pin locks- These can prevent intruders from lifting your windows
  • Keyed locks- This lock makes your windows only be opened or closed with a key
  • Hinge wedge locks- This lock prevents the window to be opened either from the bottom of the top. And it can be adjusted so you can partially open the window if it’s installed higher from the frame of the window.
  • Sash Locks- Sash locks allow windows to open or hold it shut in place. They are commonly used for double-hung windows.
Security for windows and doors_02

Replace a regular glass with tempered glass

Tempered glass is four times stronger than annealed glass This type of glass will crumble rather than breaking into pieces. Therefore, burglars will have a harder time trying to get into your home, without creating any disturbance.

Plexiglas or polycarbonate windows are also good options

This is a high priced option; however, they have an outstanding performance. Plexiglass is made of acrylic, it might not be glass but, its impact-resistant and ten times stronger than any regular glass. This type of windows would totally discourage burglars from breaking in.

Reinforce with window bars

Window bars are an additional measure of security because even if the burglar smashes the glass, they wouldn’t easily bypass the bars. You might feel hesitant by adding bars to your windows. But there many options for customizable bars that could fit your home’s style.

Go natural and get help from thorny shrubbery

Plants aren’t only for good for your house appearance, they can also be used as a home security method, if a burglar attempts to enter your house during the night, they would not be able to recognize your house thorny shrubbery and they’ll face an unfortunate surprise.

Motion lights frighten the burglars away

Motion lights are designed to co-work with security cameras, so you can see the activity happening in your house while you are outside. Some models have motion-activated alerts, that would be sending notifications to your phone or sound an alarm to scare any intruder.

Window sensors make it even smarter

These devices are designed to detect any motion occurring in your door/window, whether it’s being opened or closed.

Find more ideas on making your home smarter and enhance the security for windows and doors.

Security cameras monitors are all the rage

If you want to keep an eye on your property, one commonly used solution its adding security cameras around your home. There are outdoor cameras come with HD video recording as well as night vision.

If you want to monitor the inside of your home, you could purchase HD indoor surveillance cameras.

There’s another great feature that you could look forward too. A 2-way indoor camera that allows you to connect the camera with your Smartphone. That way, you can beware of what happens anywhere you’re at.

Read more about the security for windows and doors.

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So, in this article, we’ve discussed the following points of the security for windows and doors.

  • Why important to ensure the security for windows and doors?
  • How do burglars break in?
  • Ways to reinforce your front door
  • Methods to reinforce your windows

Get some solid tips from this article? Then don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. And keep your eyes on our website, you’ll find more useful tips about windows and doors.