The window is the most direct interface between the inside and the outside of the office. How to decorate effectively? In addition to designing in accordance with the rules of decorative aesthetics, office decoration design also needs to take into account the needs of internal employees. Such as lighting, light transmission and ventilation effects, as well as partitions and decorative effects. In this article, we first introduce the different types of office windows, then introduce tips on designing office windows, and finally put forward what factors should be considered when installing office windows.

What are the styles of office windows?  

 1. Rotating window

All watertightness and airtightness that exceed the double-slot sliding window must be supported by a rotating shaft. Rotating window cleaning is more convenient. However, it should be noted that large windows with an area of more than 4 square meters, or windows that are off-center, use revolving windows and must be carefully studied before they can be installed. Because of the position of the window, sometimes the installation needs to be off-center, but it will have an adverse effect on the hardware and it is best to avoid it.

2. Single fan sliding window  

The performance of single-sliding sliding windows is better, and the airtightness, water tightness, and sound insulation performance far exceed that of double-slot sliding windows. This is because the movable fan has a clamping mechanism and can be made into many linked clamps. The general window is 6 Point clamping is practical and simple.

Safety aluminum folding door
3. Flip the window  

Although the performance of opening windows is lower than that of opening windows, the inside-turning windows can obtain higher air tightness and water tightness. Because sliding windows are supported by sliding pins, the installation and strength of sliding pins are not carefully checked in advance. There is a danger of injury after falling off. Try to avoid sliding windows for windows that are too large, and there is no such danger when turning inward.

4. Lifting window  

There is no big difference between the performance and the double slot sliding window, but now the double slot sliding window is rarely used, and the lifting window can be opened and closed in the plane.

5. Special heat insulation window

In order to prevent condensation on the surface of the window frame, or to reduce the temperature of the window frame surface as little as possible, or to actively increase the indoor temperature, most of the methods adopted today are to construct thermal insulation materials inside and outside the window frame, so-called thermal insulation windows.

6. Sound insulation window

There are two types of sound insulation windows. One is double-layer windows, and the other is single-layer windows with improved air density. The double-layer window is a double-layer structure that separates the glass by a certain distance. The effect of the glass interval is less than 20cm is not good. Even if the single-layer window has good air density, it is difficult to increase the sound insulation value due to the weakness of the glass. Therefore, there is no special place called soundproof window but the airtightness is improved but the sound insulation performance of glass is not improved.

How to design windows for office decoration

There are several common windows for office decoration, some are large glass windows on the countertop, and some are small glass windows. The indoor ventilation can be adjusted while maintaining the lighting; there is also a full-length glass wall surface, which has good light transmission and strong decorative effect. However, these are the characteristics of the building. If you want some excellent decoration effects, you need to improve the decoration image from the office decoration design.

A gap can be left at the junction of the window sill surface and the office-renovated wall surface, but the gap should not be greater than 3mm. The office decoration should be seamed with window sill sealant after the wall surface is completely completed.  If you want to use stone when decorating the window sill of the office decoration, you can directly use the stone glue to bond to the terrazzo precast block. But it should be noted that its horizontal height must be lower than the sash of casement windows.  In terms of engineering construction, the stone joints on the window sill must be smooth and tight, and the edging must be smooth and straight. In this way, the entire window sill can become a great point in the office decoration, and can better highlight the grade and effect of the office decoration. If you put some green or vitality, it will be a higher level.

6 tips about the functional design of office windows

In all decoration, the window itself is used for indoor and outdoor communication, followed by lighting and ventilation design when necessary. Therefore, how to design an office window is not so simple. In addition to the beautiful appearance, more needs to consider the functional design.

Built by the window, the beauty of neatness

This is a separate lounge with two windows facing each other. A concrete platform was built under the window sill, and the marble on the ground extended to the facade of the couch. The atmosphere was neat and tidy. The soft couch does not make any modification and only lays a thick soft cushion above the concrete platform. For the space with low storage function requirements, simplicity is the best way to deal with it.

Attic bay window Bay windows are a major feature of American-style buildings.

Especially for sloping bay windows in the attic, it is more suitable for taking advantage of good floor views and low and private style features. Customize a couch in front of the window in a suitable size. Wooden couches with soft fabrics show the practical function of reclining and sitting, and also interpret the leisure and comfort of the attic bedroom.

The gorgeous bay window transforms into a sofa  

On the window side of the office, a huge bay window occupies a whole wall. In order to use the bay window sill more effectively, not only the window sill is wrapped in marble and wood, but also a leather-textured sofa cushion is designed above the window sill to make it a gorgeous sofa seat. A few velvet bags, a violin, and a window in front of the window make it a practical meeting and leisure area.

Recessed corner Casual corner

Using the structural characteristics of the convex corner windows, a small set of low cabinets is made, which is both casual and can be stored. The window in the middle protrudes 10 centimeters more than the small windows on both sides. The artificial stone countertop is a small window sill with fresh green plants, full of vitality.

The entrance corridor can be used as a wall cabinet

This is a long corridor at the entrance. A wall cabinet for storing debris or books can be designed next to the window. Because of the low height of the window sills, a row of low cabinets were made by the windows, and the countertops of different widths formed a sense of stagger. You can change your shoes or take a break when you go out or go home, which is very practical. The display of flowers, decorations, etc. is also a good leisure display area.

The window of scenery can make you more relaxed

The windows are small but the light is good. It is also very suitable for a comfortable soft couch with suitable size to form a functional and practical sofa area. The white wooden frame window is suitable for a fresh white wooden soft couch. Under the couch is a drawer for storing objects, and soft cushions are placed on the couch to build a comfortable and relaxing corner.

What you needs to consider when installing office windows

1Consider the material of the window

The window material here mainly refers to the material of the window frame, which will affect the tightness of the window. Especially in winter, poorly sealed windows will cause the indoor temperature to continue to drop, affecting the office efficiency of employees. Therefore, in order to better reduce noise, double-glazing can be used for window decoration, so that the sealing of the window will be better.

2Consider the size of office windows   

The size of the windows determines whether there is sufficient light in the office, and we should pay enough attention to it. In order to achieve a better lighting effect, the window decoration can set the window frame bigger, so that more sunlight can come in and create a bright office environment for people. Such an office environment will also make employees feel more efficient. Of course, office windows are not as large as possible, but too large and unsightly. Generally, it is more appropriate to keep one-seventh to one-eighth of the indoor floor area.

3Consider the direction of office windows  

When renovating an office, it is necessary to take into account the direction of opening of the windows in combination with sunlight. Generally speaking, it is necessary to avoid opening windows westwards, because the west windows not only are not conducive to better lighting, but also have an annoying “western sun” phenomenon. Therefore, when decorating the office, please open the east or south window. Opening the oriental windows can make the office bathe in the morning, which makes people feel energetic. Opening the south window can cool summer and keep winter warm.


The sunlight is just right, the light is sprinkled from the grille through the blinds, sweeping across the entire space, giving the space a naturally changing energy. Let natural light participate in the indoor construction. In the office. Large areas of glass successfully borrowed scenery: high mountains, tall buildings, and endless stream of cars. The transparency of the glass weakens the sense of cramps brought by the small space. The office atmosphere is not dull and depressed, making the space more layered and temperature. The good design of office windows, all of which are simple aesthetics that naturally appear after simple design, create an experience that combines space and nature.

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