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Interior doors design

In modern decoration, the function of the interior door is not only to separate the functional sections of the house but also to play the role of landscaping, so that the decoration style of the entire room is integrated. This involves the selection and matching of interior door colors.

In this article, we are going to introduce how to match the color of interior doors and the home decoration style. There are three key points in matching colors: the color of the wooden door is close to the color of the furniture, the color of the interior door is in contrast to the color of the wall and the floor, and it is consistent with the style of the room.

Interior doors

The color of the wooden door is closer to the color of the furniture

Indoor wooden doors belong to the functional façade of the living room. Generally speaking, the wooden doors are relatively associated with the furniture, wall paint, and dumb covers in the home. The association with the floor is relatively small. When the living room environment is warm tones, you can choose a warmer color system for wooden doors, such as: aster wooden door, cherry wooden door, teak wooden door, Sapiri wooden door, etc. When the room environment is cold, you should choose a lighter wooden door, such as oily white and birch. The wooden door should be close to the color of the furniture and should be as consistent as possible with the dumb opening of the window cover.

interior doors wooden

Many families like to decorate the living room with a whole red “brick wall”. At this time, if the interior door is installed, it is best to choose a darker, reddish interior door.

 The contrast between interior door color and wall color

In the "color relationship" between the aluminum-wood composite door and the wall and the floor, the color of the aluminum-wood composite door and the window is relatively close to the furniture.

For example, if the room chooses a white aluminum-wood composite door, it is best to paint the wall with color. It will make the room have a sense of layering, not too flat, and the soft response of colors will also make the room feel particularly fresh.

Louis dynasty

Many owners are more conservative when decorating, and after choosing a white interior door, they still have white walls. Make the room lack of vitality and vitality, try to paint the walls into light yellow, light blue, will definitely give you a new space. If you are conservative in the decoration and worry about the effects being too obtrusive, you don’t have to worry about it.

White is a versatile color. Any color is very coordinated, and you do n’t feel that after choosing white aluminum-wood composite doors and windows, Fire doors are still white walls, does the entire room lack vitality? These two tricks are of great help to you who are undecided. The choice of aluminum-wood composite doors and windows can reflect your taste no matter how the color is matched. As long as it meets the lifestyle and needs, it is bold Match it.

The color of the ground and the door should be as consistent as possible to prevent the ground from being chaotic with the wall and weaken the room with a large sense of space in the room or a good sunny room. You can choose a darker walnut door to create a more calm atmosphere It’s all beautiful in itself. If the warm color system is warm.

The color of the floor and the door should be as consistent as possible to prevent confusion between the floor and the walls

If the color system is a warm style, then you can choose a darker walnut door to create a more calm atmosphere.
No matter how, don’t be exactly the same colors between doors and walls, because the floor will mix with the colors of the walls.

Conversely, the light combination will make the room look more spatial. If the color of the interior door is similar to the color of the furniture, the contrast between the color of the door and the wall will be harmonious. For example, the room chooses a pure white door. Then, the wall color with light spots can be light blue or light yellow. This can make the entire room look more layered.

interior doors with light

Interior door & Room style

Color matching is the key to room decoration after we confirm the room styles, we must consider whether the color of the interior door matches the style.
According to the recommendations of professional designers, If the main color of the living room is light, you should choose cold-colored doors such as white oak and birch.
When the main color of the living room is dark, you should choose teak, Shabili, walnut, and other warm color interior doors.

Nowadays, the key functions of the door can be divided into the home entrance door, bedroom door, study door, living room door, kitchen door, bathroom door, balcony door, etc.
Usually, solid wood doors are widely used in the bathroom and bedroom.
If the area of your space is sufficient, you can also use solid wood doors or solid wood doors with glass grate.

The entrance door is the facade of the family. From the perspective of aesthetics and practicality, most people will choose a strong and heavy aluminum-wood composite door with a decorative effect. The aluminum-wood composite door can be used as a bedroom door as well, which can bring the quietness and security to the owner.

The bathroom door can be made of glass. If the area permits, you can also use aluminum-wood composite doors or aluminum-wood composite doors and windows with glass grate. What’s more, the interior door is closely related to your home decoration style, it is recommended that you should have a specific plan in advance for which room to use which door.

Besides, the shape of the interior door should be as same as the room decoration style. These room styles are mainly divided into Chinese, European, Mash-up, and Classic. Therefore, if the room style is European style, the interior door was support to choose European styles as well.

Colors of the bedroom door & Homestyle 

1.European pastoral style decoration:
The pastoral style is close to nature and yearning for nature. Just like a small, fresh breath of rustic style.
You can choose the colors of the interior doors as teak, yellow maple, and Manchurian ash. The choice of wood grain color doors and windows will bring a relaxed, natural and cheerful feeling.

2. American pastoral style decoration:
Compared with the first style, the American pastoral style will look more gorgeous, so we also have to change the color of the door. We can choose the color that looks very noble, such as brown white, beige, etc. are more suitable.

3、Modern minimalist style decoration:

Compared with the luxurious and heavy European style, the pure and unpretentious modern minimalist style is simply a stream of home style! While the minimalistic design is not just a streamlined design element, it is a design full of charm. It also meets the requirements of people to reduce the pressure on life and promote environmental protection, focusing on simplicity and liveliness, and attention to detail as well.
The modern minimalist style is more casual, but the main thing is to harmonize with the decoration style of the entire house. Therefore, we can choose a wooden door with white colors, which can be also integrated into the wall to save more spaces areas.

4、Mash-up home style:

Nowadays, the mash-up home style is more and more popular with young people. Such a mix breaks the single, boring rules and regulations, incorporates more elements which are full of personalization.

Mashup promotes the matching of different materials, styles, and regions, reflecting the compatibility of multiple styles. It inspired the creative attitude that may make it longer in the future. There are no fixed requirements for the color selection of doors and windows. You can boldly innovate and collide freely, but the mix and match style does not mean that you can mix and match randomly, you also need to pay attention to coordination and aesthetic


A comfortable and cozy bedroom, good decoration and good home colors can make people very comfortable. The home bedroom is our “secret base”, an island of relaxation. Therefore, the bedroom decoration will directly affect the comfort of living conditions and indirectly improve our happiness index. So it is important to choose the right interior doors style of decoration you like.

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