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Bathing time is the most relaxing time of the day. You can take a good rest and take off the fatigue of the whole day. However, the joyful mood cannot be separated from the clever design of the shower room. The shower room is an indispensable part of the bathroom space. Therefore, how to design a shower room? What details should you pay attention to when decorating?

In this article we will also introduce more knowledge about shower room one by one, Let’s see!

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Before designing a shower room, you need to consider:


When designing a shower room, you need to consider the size of the bathroom at first, choose the layout which is suitable for the bathroom, and choose the frameless or framed series products based on your own preferences.

Next part is about the choice of the treatment method at the bottom (using stone basins and stone foundations) is comprehensively designed in terms of bathroom windowsills, toilet seats, bathtubs, wall posts, distances from wash basins, toilets, door opening methods, etc., which is a whole set of comfortable and pleasant.

Generally , the shower room design will used the concept as a corner shower room which to save more space.

The 1/4 arc shower door is suitable for installation in the corner area of the bathroom. In this way, it can use the corner area that is not easy to handle and has a good design effect.

This type of bathroom door needs to be arranged in advance when installing, and then shower equipment and shower door are installed at right angles.

In the shower room design with a circular arc shape, the shower door is not only suitable for straight corners, but also L-shaped. There are various specifications of the size of the shower room base on the market. Before installation, the exact size of the installation position must be measured, and the position and size of the drain should be considered at the same time.

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The size of the shower room is based on the size of the bathroom. We should select a suitable shower room product based on the size of room as well.

If you have a larger space, you can consider from the perspective of a comfortable and loose shower. While small spaces need to make full use of the area, choose some push-pull designs and inward opening designs that take up less space, and combine the boutique shelves to make full use of the space.

When choosing a shower room style, you should also consider combining the overall effect of the shower and the bathroom. The shape (such as a corner or arc) should be as coordinated as possible with the shape of the washbasin and toilet. A reasonable layout can create a relaxing environment.

For the height of the shower room, the ceiling height is generally 2.4M, so the height of the shower room is usually 180cm. The size can also be adjusted according to the height of the family. In addition, it needs to pay attention to the position of the shower, if the shower too low is easy to splash water, but if it’s too high is an inconvenience.

The requirement of the shower room width is based on ensuring that the body can rotate freely without hitting the glass wall easily. General shower room size is 90cm * 90cm.

If your family is relatively fat or tall, it is recommended to make 100cm × 100cm; if the bathroom space is limited, it can be made 85cm × 85cm, but it is best not to be less than 80cm.


The choice of shower room glass is important, but it’s not that the thicker as the glass the better is. Generally, the shower room with flat door has a larger glass and is relatively inferior in stability. Therefore, you should choose a glass that is later, preferably larger than 5 cm; and showers such as fan-shaped, diamond-shaped, square, and movable doors. Room can choose 5 cm thick glass.

Anti-seepage treatment

Although it is said that everyone will make waterproof before decorating the bathroom, the shower room is the area where water is most concentrated after all, so you must treat it seriously. You should observe more water leakage to avoid inconvenience in the future use.

After you check every details as previously, you can consider the design and more specific layout of your shower room. Here, we also list a several ideas which can help you more:

#1 Don’t let an attic constrict you

Attic bathrooms can be notoriously tricky to fit a shower into because of sloping ceilings and head heights. But there are ways to make it work. Just check out this stunning shower room with wood-effect tiling.

The shower has been mounted as high as possible, and the beam is a feature rather than a hindrance. A sleek screen keeps the space feeling as open as possible.

#2Use every bit of space

Want a cloakroom shower? Consider a wet room design that takes advantage of even the tiniest of spaces. Without any need for a shower screen or shower tray, you will easily be able to squeeze in a shower.

Other clever tricks include a space-saving basin and a recessed shelf that keeps all the potions you need easily to hand. Walnut-effect boarding also makes an interesting departure from ever-popular tiling.

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#3 Think outside the box


We all know how popular white metro tiles are, but for those of you who want something a little warmer, grey could be the color for you. Grey looks great with wood and also lends itself well to colorful accents, such as the yellow here.

In terms of the shower, the key to its success is its position. It’s a relatively narrow enclosure, but clever planning means there’s a roomy feel to the shower area and therefore also the entire room

#4 Spread out

Using the full width of the room means there’s plenty of space to walk into the shower without the need to move any doors or screens.

If you have a bath elsewhere in the house, sometimes you just want a shower room that’s stylish, practical and pretty. And you can try like this

#5 Go for spa style

White metro tiles and fixed glass panels give a simple yet smart look to a shower area. Installing a huge rain shower head will bring a spa-like feel to your morning routine, to get your day off on the right foot

#6 you can use underfloor heating and save wall space

When you’re looking to get the hottest deals in your bathroom it pays to go for energy-saving items. Underfloor heating is a great option for those looking to save money on their heating bills and it’s hidden under the floor which means there are fewer fixtures to add to the room thus giving you more space.

#7. Consider A Bath Shower Screen

If you’re not already feeling positive about sprucing up your little bathroom space then here’s one more reason why the glass is not half empty for you. If you have a shower and a shower curtain then you may be making the room feel cluttered. Although shower curtains are usually quite cheap, some styles and designs can overpower a small bathroom.

Shower Screen

When you build a shower room


In building terms, the absolute fundamental issues when planning a new wet room bathroom revolve around floor construction, floor and ceiling heights and falls – the slopes needed to drain water away. Since a shower room needs to have drainage to the floor, keeping a streamlined look, you must be able to include a slope to a plug hole, trap and drain below the lowest point in the space


A drainpipe, usually 10cm in diameter, needs a slope on it to ensure proper drainage, so if the joists run in the same direction as where you want to run your drain, the pipe can be fitted between joists within the existing depth of the floor.

However, if you need to run your pipes across the direction of the joists, they will go beneath them, which would mean below the ceiling of the floor underneath and may require a new lowered false ceiling, or above the joists, requiring raising the floor.

Waste pipes need to be beneath the floor, so as long as the issues of floor structure and construction are sorted, pipes will be concealed as a matter of course. Speak to a structural engineer and an architect or designer regarding the building’s structure and best arrangement of the space.


Always plan its location with the aim of keeping the toilet dry. Even a wet room needs careful screening to ensure key areas remain practical. A sheet of glass to separate a shower area from a loo tends to work best, and you should always aim to create space between wet and dry areas.


shower seal room

If the floor level of the shower room cannot match the room it is entered from, consider what sort of a join will be used and how this works practically. If a step up or down is required, it is best to have one 10cm step, or higher, instead of multiple steps measuring between 3 and 4cm, which could pose a trip hazard.

The water-tightness of where the floor meets the walls of the room needs to be carefully thought through, too, as if the junction of wall and floor moves, you could have disastrous leaks. A good solution is to carry the floor covering up the walls, particularly in shower areas.


It’s vital that shower room window treatments can stand up to the humid atmosphere of the space. Shutters are smart, and will regulate light and privacy effectively. Window likely to get splashed? Choose a shutter that’s specially made to tolerate water without warping.

If you prefer blinds, louvred versions are also neat and effective or try coated fabric blinds made to cope with the condensation in the room.

Conclusion :

Ensuring that your wet room design is well thought through and with no loopholes insight is a must when you take on this kind of bathroom project. We’ve rounded up simple yet key steps to take when designing your shower room, from tips before you design the shower room to the key step you should know about the shower room.

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