Aluminium is an insulating material. Therefore, the performance of aluminium windows is very good. However, the colour of aluminium window frames is relatively single. If you want to make aluminium windows look better, many people choose to paint them. Then, how to paint aluminium windows?

It’s easy to paint aluminium windows.

Now, let’s have a look together.

Why should we need to know how to paint aluminium windows

  1. When people improve and update their houses, the cost of replacing aluminium windows is relatively high. Then, people use paint to cover aluminium windows frames. So, it can make the house look new. Moreover, the cost isn’t expensive. Besides, people can buy the main materials and tools in paint stores. So, it is very convenient and cheap.
  2. Aluminium windows are now very popular in residential and commercial buildings. However, its single metallic colour can hardly satisfy the diverse design styles. Therefore, spraying aluminium frames can make aluminium windows have various colours and patterns. In this way, it can meet the aesthetic demand.
  3. The effect can be maintained for a long time.
  4. Easy to operate
hwo to paint the aluminium windows

What you need to know before painting

Before understanding how to paint aluminium windows, people usually choose the right paint first.

Choose the right paint for your windows

Bad paint may cause decease to the body for long term use.

So, choose the right paint for your windows is important for how to paint aluminium windows.

When choosing paint, choose a paint with strong adhesion and environmental protection.

Some paints on the market are not compliant. If this kind of paint cannot last for a long time, it will come off.

There are many harmful chemicals in some paint materials. Long-term inhalation will cause damage to the body. For children with weaker bodies, it is likely to cause respiratory diseases.

So, when choosing paint, choose a paint that complies with both materials and environmental protection.

Besides, it is best to choose the paint that people can use it outdoors and on metal.

Here is universal news about paint , you can check on Paint.

Pick a colour

The choice of paint colour depends on your preference and the style of the house.

Old-style houses are suitable for darker coloured windows, such as black and brown.

The stylish and simple house style is suitable for white or grey windows.

The red and blue make the house look special.

Rural houses are suitable for green or log-coloured windows.

In short, people can choose a variety of colours according to their preferences.

So, when is it more suitable for paint aluminium?

choose a right paint

The right time to paint

Change windows before the temperature start to drop and the night gets shorter

In a day, not all time is suitable to paint your windows.

If the temperature is high, the paint will dry very slowly and very unevenly. In this way, human activities are not only easy to damage dry paint. Moreover, uneven drying of the paint may affect the adhesion of the paint.

Moreover, strong light is likely to affect the colour of the paint.

Then, in the evening, the temperature has dropped and the light is not strong. This time is most suitable to paint the aluminium windows

Next,let’s start the steps on how to paint aluminium windows.

Steps for how to paint aluminium windows

The material you need to prepare in advance

First of all, people always prepare the materials and tools they need.

You can check the list below and prepare what you need.

  1. Electric screwdriver
  2. Safety knife
  3. Cleaning cloth
  4. Vacuum cleaner: it can clean the tracks and window sills of sliding glass doors
  5. Drip meter
  6. Paper tape: 2-3 inches thick tape is most suitable
  7. Non-porous plastic sheet
  8. Stirring knife
  9. Base paint
  10. Small paintbrush or small brush
  11. Coating paint
  12. sandpaper
  13. All-purpose cleaner
  14. A roll of vellum or wrapping paper

Specific steps 

Remove window frames

If the window frame is removable, people will easily paint it.

But if the window frame is not removable, people will first remove the curtains and other removable parts. Only then will there be enough space to paint.

Clean the window frames

If the window frame is very dirty, the adhesion of the paint will below.

Moreover, the remaining stains may affect the colour of the paint.

Therefore, cleaning dirt and grease is particularly important in the painting process.

  1. First, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust in the small gaps between the window frame and the slide rail. Then, people usually soak it in soapy water or with a clean cloth or sponge. Then use it to scrub the window frame. And the soapy water must be salt-free soapy water.
  2. Then, rinse off excess soapy water or detergent with clean water.
  3. Clean the inner and outer surfaces of the window frame with solvent cleaner
  4. Apply a thin layer of lubricant on the entire aluminium window frame. Moreover, scrub with a small brush or toothbrush. This can clean difficult-removed stains.
  5. After that, please dry the window frame with a clean cloth.
  6. If you need information about how to clean the whole windows, please visit How to clean windows and doors to prevent the COVID-19
clean the frame first

Sanding the frame

If it is the oxidized aluminium window frame, its surface will slightly pulverize. In this case, people need to polish it with sandpaper. This is a tedious and difficult process.

However, if you do not polish the powdering window frame, the paint adhesion greatly reduces. This means you will repaint it soon.

And for the polished window frame, its surface is denser. This will allow the paint to last for a long time. Moreover, the appearance of the paint is better.

If there is no sanding machine, people usually sand with sandpaper.

Commonly, people use 120 grit sandpaper for sanding.

However, if the aluminium window frame is slightly oxidized, people use 240 grit sandpaper to polish it.

Moreover, for aluminium window frames with severe oxidation, people need to polish the aluminium frame with 60 grit sandpaper. And then, sand it with 120 grit fine sandpaper. This will smooth out traces left by coarse sandpaper

Wrap the aluminium frame with paper tape

Before applying paint, people need to stick paper tape on the place where the glass and the window frame connect. Moreover, you must attach to the outside of the frame of the window frame. This can prevent the paint from splashing or falling on other places.

For this process, 2-3 inch thick tape is most suitable.

In addition, some people will stick tape all over the window glass.  And this protects the glass.

Spray the paint

After finishing the above preparations, you can finally paint the window frames.

To better paint the corners and gaps of the window frame evenly. People usually choose spray paint method.

First, open the paint can. Stir for one minute with a suitable stirring knife. This will make the paint colour uniform.

Then, people have to apply a layer of base paint on the window frame. This primes the metal surface so that the paint adheres to the window frame correctly. It takes up to 8 hours for the base paint to dry.

For specific methods, use a small paintbrush to dip the base paint.

Then drag the brush slowly and smoothly on the window frame. Paint the entire window frame in this way.

Then, wait for it to dry completely.

By the way, one coat of base paint is enough.

Second, start spraying layer paint. At this time, you need to spray a thin layer of paint on the entire window frame.

Then, repeat this process until the light of aluminium is no longer visible.

What we need to note in this process is that you must apply another layer of paint after one layer of paint dries.

Moreover, the drying time can refer to the time on the painting manual.

Besides, the window frame painted with this method is harder. Moreover, this coating is more attractive.

Besides, it can keep the effect longer.

Third, when the paint is completely dry, people will use a scraper or razor to remove the paint from other places.

Then hold the blade vertically and scrape along the edge where the glass and frame connect. This can form the sealing and waterproof function of the paint.

Remove the tape

After the paint is completely dry, you can remove the tape.

So far, people have completed aluminium window painting.

In this process, many things need attention. Next, Let’s have a look together.

Tips for spraying the paint

Here are some tips you need to pay attention to.

Before knowing how to paint aluminium windows

  1. Commonly, inexperienced people will skip preparations. For example, cleaning window frames. This will not only damage the durability of the paint. Moreover, it may also affect the colour of the paint.
  2. It is difficult for people to remove paint dripping on the floor. Therefore, before painting, it is best to use a drip board to protect the floor. This will prevent the paint from dripping on the floor. Especially some wood floors and marble floors, the process of removing the paint may damage them.
  3. When sticking tape, don’t try to stick a perfect long straight line along the joint. Instead, tear off the tape a few sections. Then, paste it section by section. In this way, its tightness will be much better. Moreover, this can also cover all surfaces.
  1. . This will make the paint colour more uniform. Moreover, the shaken paint is easier to spray, and it is not prone to blockage.
  2. People should wear protective masks when using paint. This prevents people from inhaling harmful chemicals.
  3. Sometimes the paint will form a thick, ugly spot on the window frame. I think this question is also very simple. People should keep a distance of 6-8 inches between the paint and the window frame when they need to paint again. Then, move along the aluminium frame at a slow and steady speed. This can avoid uneven spraying.
  4. After spraying, turn the paint can upside down and shake it for 5 seconds. This allows the paint to maintain its good fluidity. Moreover, this is also convenient for using next time. In the spraying process, be sure to spray paint in several layers. The painted paint will be denser. Moreover, the colour is more b
wear a mask to protect yourself


Aluminium windows are undoubtedly the window of choice for people now. It is durable, waterproof and soundproof. Moreover, it is easy to maintain.

However, its colour is relatively single. This is difficult to blend with the current various house styles. Therefore, people usually choose an aluminium window frame to spray paint.

Only complaint and environmentally friendly paint can maintain good results for a long time. Moreover, only can people use environmentally friendly paint.

The steps to spray paint are simple.

Here is a quick guide:

  1. Remove window frames and curtains, screens, etc.
  2. Clean the window frame carefully
  3. Polish the window frame
  4. Paste isolation tape
  5. Apply base paint
  6. Spray coating paint
  7. Remove the tape
  8. Install the window frame back

Moreover, cleaning the window frame and polishing are essential parts. When spraying paint, it is best to wear a protective mask to protect yourself.

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