Look around your home. You’re sure to find plenty of walls you’ve decorated and beautiful displays throughout. But, what about your interior doors? How to decorate and measure interior doors? In many residential properties, these are some of the most undervalued and even rarely considered components to a home. But, when you choose different doors, perhaps those with a few embellishments, you can add flair, beauty, and character to your home.

If you haven’t done so yet, consider a few key things about these doors including how to choose the best ones for your home. In this article, we first introduce the types of interior doors and the style of interior doors. Then introduce the key materials that make up the interior doors, and finally how to measure interior doors.

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Types of interior doors

Flush Doors

Flush doors are perhaps the simplest type on the market. They have a flat surface. They do not have any detailing on them nor any type of raised area. They look and feel just like a single piece of wood. These doors are very common because they tend to be very inexpensive. They are also simplistic in terms of matching them to other doors or décor in the home.

They tend to be available as both solid and hollow core doors. Most are still very lightweight to allow for easy hanging and use. You can complete them with a variety of stains or even paint. Choose what matches your home.

Panel Doors

By comparison, panel doors offer more interest, appeal, and detail. Panel doors are simply doors divided into panels or different panes. They have a frame and then have panels built into them, in most cases. The panels can run horizontally or vertically. A variety of styles are available here. Most common is a raised panel door where the panels are raised off the flat surface. They can also be recessed.

Panel doors can be completely wooden or have panels of glass. They can also be solid or hollow core, depending on your goals. And, like other doors, you can stain them to match your home or paint them. They do offer more dimension than a flush door.

Popular Door Styles

While you have some basic information about the types of doors available, don’t stop there. There are numerous styles of doors to consider. Take a closer look at some of the most popular options to determine how well each works in your home.

Hinged Doors

This is the most popular type of door in houses today. They are the simplest of types. The door features hinges on one side to allow it to swing open and close. The hinges can be on either side to allow for the proper movement based on the entranceway of the room.

Most hinged doors are sold pre-hung. This means the door is already hung and leveled within a frame. The frame is then added to the opening in your hallway or room entrance. Pre-hung doors are easier to install because much of the hard work is already done. However, it is possible to buy hinged doors that are not in frames.

Sliding Doors

In some homes, a sliding door can be ideal. Its most commonly found in homes with an Asian design to them, but works well in homes anywhere. In short, these doors slide open instead of swinging open. They move in a horizontal motion, usually by gliding along a track that’s mounted either on the base of the floor or on the upper portion of the frame.

Folding (typically bi-folding) Doors

Bifold or folding doors work just like they sound. When the door is pulled open, it folds into two portions that jut outwards. This type of door is ideal for closets or in areas with limited space.

Slab doors

Panel doors, also known as slab doors, contain patterns of square or oblong panels and are a classic choice. A door may contain two large panels, six small ones or some other configuration. Choose panels with straight or curved tops to suit your decorating needs.

Accordion doors

Accordion doors are ideal for closets and entryways with space constraints. They may consist of a few large panels or multiple small panels that fold in on themselves and rest against one side of the door opening.

Different Interior Door Materials

The next consideration is the type of material used in the door. You can choose from a wide range of options here. Some common options include:

 # Solid Wood

The most expensive style of door, but also the most durable, solid wood doors offer a number of benefits. They offer a variety of grain patterns depending on the type of wood used. They also offer the most noise-blocking of all doors. However, solid wood can change over time based on humidity changes.

 # MDF

The most popular option, medium-density fiberboard, or MDF, is a moderately priced option for most homes. It is an engineered wood door, which means it doesn’t warp like wood but it feels and looks like it. The door is easy to paint and does not have any grain pattern to it.

 # Hollow Core

A more affordable option is the hollow core door. These are made of molded composite material or plywood, but instead of being solid all the way through, the interior is hollow. The door is lighter in weight, but also allows more sound to pass through it. However, these doors are easily hung and tend to be common for lower-end budget options. They work well for any room of the home from the bathroom and bedroom to a kitchen pantry door.

# Glass

As the name implies, glass doors are those with a wood or metal frame and glass panes. It is possible to purchase fully glass doors, sometimes called frameless doors. However, they tend to be significantly harder to install. Metal and glass or wood and glass combinations are commonly available and tend to allow for more beauty and light flow through the area. Best used inside, these can be very modern doors for offices or dens.

# Solid Core

A bit different, solid core doors are designed like hollow core. However, they are filled with a type of wood fiber blend. They are not made of solid wood, but rather with an engineered filler product. This adds more sound protection and temperature control but tends to keep costs down a bit more than the true solid wood door.

 Importance of measure interior doors

Special attention should be paid to the installation of doors. Not all doors can be installed when the owners decorate. In the first place, you have to choose an interior door suitable for your home design style. Generally, the wooden door is the first, but before installing the door, do you know how many doors you want to install?

If you don’t know, please quickly measure interior doors. No one wants to encounter decoration rework. In rework, it is more common that the door is not suitable and the size is not suitable. The original measure interior doors data is not correct, so that the last door cannot be installed, or is not suitable for installation. It seems that more attention should be paid to indoor door size measurement.

interior doors wooden

The size measurement of the wooden door must be the top priority. In many cases, the size measurement is inaccurate or the size of the order is wrong. Once it is installed on site, it is a variety of copper leaks. It is likely to be reworked and reworked in the end! The production cycle of the wooden door is generally 2 weeks, even 4-5 weeks, how terrible this will be, so measure interior doors must be shut down.

About wooden door measurement method

Marker pen makes it easy to record the measurement result on the wall. It is recommended to number each hole and write the size on the side of the hole, which is where the wall is thick, so that it will not be erased during the decoration process. It is easy for workers to find the hole when installing the wooden door later. When measuring the rough room, the ground size (the size after the ground is completed) is planed. It is recommended to mark the wall with a horizontal line, which is not easy to make mistakes. For houses that have already been paved, the measurement is relatively simple.

Measurement method of swinging wooden door

Height measurement: The tape measure is measured from top to bottom, measuring the left, center and right three points, whichever is smaller.

Width measurement: The tape measure is measured from left to right, measuring the upper, middle and lower three points and taking the smallest size.

Wall thickness measurement: on the left wall, measure three points in order from top to bottom and take the maximum size.  (Measure the size carefully, both sides of the hole must be measured)

Small measurement problem: (Taking height measurement as an example)

The values are not much different. For example, the left value is 2000, the middle value is 2010, and the right value is 1990. Naturally, the value of 1990 is prevailing.

The values are too different, for example, 2000 in the left, 1980 in the middle, and 1950 in the right. In this case, if 1950 prevails. When the wooden door is installed, the face line of general width may not cover the hole, and the relative firmness is not good.

Sliding door measurement method

Everyone knows that sliding doors can be divided into internal sliding doors and external sliding doors. The measuring method of sliding doors is similar to that of opening doors, but there are a few points to note:

  1. Measure the inner sliding door, the wall thickness is too thin. In fact, the wall thickness of the inner sliding door is required, usually the wall thickness is more than 13 cm. If the wall is too thin, you can consider thickening the wall; if the conditions do not allow, the door cover of the wooden door should be more than 13 cm wide, and the thickness of the face line increases.
  1. Measure the external sliding door, the wall separated by hollow wood is not suitable for installing the external sliding door, because the focus of the external sliding door is on the wall. So when encountering such a wall, if the wall can be reinforced, you can consider installing it, otherwise it is not recommended to install an external sliding door.
  2. When measuring the external sliding door, consider whether the width of the wall has room for sliding, and whether objects that hinder the sliding will be placed in the sliding range.

Flat wall opening measurement method

  1. A flat wall on one side or a flat wall on both sides, the size of the wall stack should be cut away during measurement. If the face line of general width is customized, you can consider adding two layers of large core boards on one side.
  2. If the wall is not completely flat, if there are two or three centimeters on the wall, consider adding a layer of large core board.

The introduction of the above wooden door measurement method seems complicated, but it is actually very simple to implement step by step. The key point is that you will not need to rework in the future.


The door is the face of the house, and choosing the right wooden door is very important. Whether it is production or installation, an important prerequisite is measure interior doors. If the door is not installed in your new home, if you want to install a wooden door, the above wooden door measurement method can be used for reference.

Interior doors help ensure privacy, reduce noise and can also hide rooms or areas that are untidy. Interior doors come in a wide variety of styles, which makes it easy to match or complement an existing trim and finish in your home’s decor.

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