After the windows of the home are installed for a while, they are prone to cracking and peeling. Not only affect the beauty of the window but also distress the money spent in the pocket. The window maintenance starts from daily. How to maintain the windows to avoid window damage and other phenomena? The article will introduce the basic knowledge of window maintenance. Especially in the hot summer, how should the windows be maintained? In this article, we will introduce in detail how we should replace the weather strips and new windows in this rainy season. It also explains how to remove water stains.

Windows clean

Tips for daily window maintenance

1.  Do not open the door lock with wet hands, or splash corrosive solvents on wooden doors and door locks. Do not use excessive force when opening the door lock or turning the door lock handle. Hinges, door locks, and other frequently moving hardware accessories should be tightened immediately when loose. When the door lock fails to open, you can add an appropriate amount of lubricant such as a pencil lead to the keyhole for lubrication.

2.  When wiping the glass, do not let the cleaning agent or water penetrate the gap of the glass bead, so as not to deform the bead. Do not use too much force when wiping the glass, otherwise, the glass may be damaged and hurt people. If the glass is broken, please have it repaired by professionals.

3.  Do a good job of checking and repairing the tightness: The balance hole is an important part of maintaining the tightness of the window. The balance hole needs to be protected in daily life. The balance hole is a hole for draining and decompressing the window frame and sash of plastic steel doors and windows. Daily maintenance should avoid the obstruction of the balance hole.

4.  usually cleaner up track blocking and rusting of doors and windows are factors affecting rain and water resistance. Therefore, in daily maintenance, you must pay attention to cleaning the track regularly to ensure that there is no blockage of particles and dust; secondly, wash with soapy water to prevent surface rust.

5.  Cautions for use of doors and windows: push and pull the middle and lower part of the sash when opening the window, to improve the life of the sash; secondly, do not push the glass hard, otherwise the glass is easy to loose; finally, the track window frame should be avoided from being hit by hard objects, otherwise Deformation of window frames and tracks affects rain resistance.

How to maintain the hardware of windows in summer    

The hot summer is coming. The severe heat is not only testing everyone's endurance, but it is also testing our door and window hardware. How to maintain these door and window hardware and extend the service life of doors and windows. In general, door and window hardware is mainly divided into hinges, handles, lock bodies, mortise locks, window hooks and so on.

First of all, talk about hinges, casters, hanging wheels, etc. These parts are easily contaminated by dust in the daily use of doors and windows, which will cause its performance to decrease. It is recommended that you regularly apply some lubricants. Most of the frequency is once every six months.

Of course, you should check it frequently according to the frequency you use. Then talk about the lock body, specifically the lock core. During the use of windows and doors, the lock core is extremely prone to dust.

At this time, the lock body hair shaft will appear, and the feeling of smooth movement will appear. In some cases, you only need to pin the pencil lead slightly, just blow it in gently, because the main component of the pencil lead is graphite, and graphite is a wear-resistant lubricating material. It is often used as a lubricant in the machinery industry. Remember, you cannot use lubrication. Oil, not only does not have a lubricating effect but also increases the stickiness to dust, which is worse.

Let ’s talk about the handle again. Many handles are now integrated with the lock body. When opening doors and windows, you should not use too much force.

This not only protects the handle effectively but also protects the lock body. Here we need to remind children who have children at home.

Don’t let your child hang on the handle to play. The load of the door handle is not so large, it is easy to cause harm to the child, and it will also affect the life of the handle. When there are stains on the handle, use a soft cloth and wipe with a little water.

Finally, I want to remind everyone that it is rainy in the summer. After the rain, you must use a dry cloth to clean the water in the chute to avoid the increase of friction and damage to the windows and doors when the windows are opened and closed.

How to install elastic metal weatherstrips for windows

manufacturers package elastic metal weatherstrips in rolls and provide brads for installation. Although the installation of such weather strips may seem simple, it does take some patience.

  • Adjust the position of the vertical bar so that the flared flange faces outward. The middle weatherstrip should be fixed on the upper window frame with the flange down, while other horizontal weather strips should be fixed on the top of the upper window frame and the bottom of the lower window frame with the flange outward. Use metal scissors to cut the elastic metal weatherstrip to the proper size. Make sure the windows can move freely.
  • Attach the weatherstrip to the window frame. Properly adjust the position of the weatherstrip, paying attention to hinges, locks or other hard objects that may cause interference. Trim the metal strips where needed. Then cut out the end of the weatherstrip at a certain angle, so that the horizontal bar and the vertical bar are pieced together. Nail one at the top and one at the bottom of the weatherstrip. Do not nail more nails at this time, nor nail the top and bottom nails. Since some vertical bars do not have nail holes, you may need to use a pointed cone or crushed ice cone to make some guide holes.
  • Make sure the weatherstrips are straight and in place. Then nail in the center of the weatherstrip, but still don’t nail it completely. Drive more nails between the first nails. To avoid damaging the weatherstrip, never nail any nails with a hammer. Instead, a nail punch is used to press the nail in.

1. The general process of the door and window removal: Before the door and window removal work begins, the person in charge of door and window installation needs to provide comprehensive safety and technical understanding to the installation workers. Enable installers to grasp various precautions that should be noticed in the removal of doors and windows.

①  Remove the door and window leaf first. Use a screwdriver and hand hammer to remove the door and window leaf first. During the disassembly process, one person should dismantle and one person is responsible for the stability of the door and window. After dismantling, the door should be handled gently.

maintenance Windows

②  Remove the door and window frame. After removing the door and window leaf, you can remove the door and window frame. Generally, firstly use a blade to cut the sealant inside the door and window frame. If the door and window are connected to the wall with expansion bolts, you can directly remove the expansion bolts with a screwdriver; if the expansion bolts are rusty, you can use an impact drill to Shattered; if it is connected by a connecting piece, an impact drill can be used directly; if the window frame is difficult to remove, a hacksaw must be used to remove the upper part of the frame against the wall.

③  Cleaning and repairing the door and window openings. When the doors and windows are dismantled, it may cause certain damage to the door and window openings. If it is not treated, it will not be conducive to the installation of new doors and windows. Therefore, after disassembling the doors and windows, it is necessary to check whether the size of the opening is correct, whether it has been made horizontal and vertical, and handle the opening that does not meet the requirements.

2. General procedures for the door and window installation:

①Fixed brackets

②After foaming, after the doors and windows are adjusted, you need to foam and fill the gap between the window frame and the wall. After the styrofoam is cured, the excess styrofoam is cut off.

③ Install door and window fans and other accessories. After fixing the door and window frames, install the door and window fans and other accessories. Pay attention to installation.

④ Applying sealant After the foam is applied, apply sealant evenly on the periphery of the door and window frames to prevent rainwater from seeping into the room through the installation gaps of doors, windows, and walls. The general process of door and window installation is to first install the frame, then check whether it is secure, and then fill the gap with styrofoam. Then install doors and windows and other accessories, and finally sealant to prevent water seepage.

 How to remove water stains and sewage from glass ?

1.First, we can use our white vinegar.

Pour the white vinegar into a watering with water then shake it. We sprayed the white vinegar solution on the glass, wipe it which can make sure no water stains and dirt on the glass finally, we can use the newspaper for wipe after spraying

2. Wipe the glass with some white wine which can clean the glass very cleanly and no stains. As we all know the volatility of liquor is strong enough for 100% sure there are no water stains in the glass.

3. Clean with toothpaste on our glass and wipe it.

the toothpaste contains abrasives that can clean our glass very effectively


Time entered the midsummer season with the rise of temperature. At the corner of the street that was pouring rain day by day, the water curtain fell along the window sill.

Rainy in summer, the window as the first line of defense of “rain and moisture”, must choose high-quality products, and pay attention to maintenance.

The surface of the window and the surrounding rainwater need to be cleaned in time to ensure that there are no excess water stains on the hardware and the window. The hardware and accessories of windows should be checked regularly.

Because the long-term activities and support of accessories, lubricating oil should be added regularly to ensure smooth and flexible use of windows.

Due to the large area of doors and windows, care should be taken to open them lightly to reduce the depreciation rate of doors and windows. If the damage is encountered, the weatherstrip and window glass need to be replaced in a timely manner.

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