Nowadays, Aluminum windows are increasingly popular because of their longevity and low maintenance cost, more and more people choose to use aluminium windows is becoming a trend. Even so, it also raises a new issue: How to clean aluminium windows?

There are many difficulties when we try to do the cleaning and maintenance. Such as maddening streaks, oxidation, grease, absorbents, and stains on the frames.

If you are confused by how to clean aluminium windows and the upkeep tips, this article will help you out.

importance of how to clean aluminium window

Key points to know before cleaning 

If you are already professional about these two topics below, please skip this part and go straight to how to clean aluminium windows.

Causes of stain formation on aluminium windows

  1. more dust will accumulate on the windows than usual In windy weather
  2. small debris and dust in the rainwater will also remain on the window after the raining, and the raindrops dried up unevenly on the glass will also form visible steaks on the window glass. It has a bad effect on the cleanliness and clarity of the window.
  3. Some dirty things could stick to the window when open and close the window by hands
  4. a small bird flying over occasionally, may leave bird droppings on the windows.
  5. when the cooking fumes go through the window, they will form stains on the window that are difficult to remove, especially for the kitchen window.
  6. The aluminium windows near the seaside, due to the salt component of the sea breeze, will form white spots on the windows and could have corroded the aluminium window frames.
  7. Rust will cover some aluminium window frames that have been used for a long time, due to the water and oxygen that the windows is often exposed to. if someone uses the wrong detergent and tools to scrub it off, may cause damage of window frames.

Difficulties of cleaning aluminium windows

  1. Unsuitable cleaning steps would leave traces and streaks on the window glass.
  2. Tools and detergent for aluminium window cleaning are required, otherwise, it will slightly or seriously damage the aluminium window frames.
  3. The grooves and little gaps of the window frames are too small to be cleaned. if you use unsuitable tools or force too hard to do the cleaning, will damage the sliding grooves of the window and it will cause bad effect on use.
  4. A lot of users have no idea about why there are oxidation spots and rust and treat the aluminium windows as windows made from other materials. It will slightly damage the window frames.

So, it is better to look at specific practices for how to clean the aluminium windows, to make your windows clean and tidy, and to maintain its good function, rather than do the cleaning in a wrong way. Correct maintenance can also improve the longevity of the windows.

Now, let us see how to clean aluminium windows!

How to clean aluminium window

So how can we clean these dust, stains, and oxidized spots and rust?

Just follow the steps below.

Step to clean aluminium windows

Prepare a complete set of tools

  1. An old towel
  2. A buckskin cloth or a dry rag
  3. A sponge: used for dipping detergent
  4. A bucket or a basin
  5. A small brush: a relatively common tool for cleaning glass windows, used to clean up the dust or spider webs around the window glass.
  6. A window cleaner: measure your narrowest window and chose the suitable width that can fit in. It will save a lot of time and avoid frustration during the cleaning process.
  7. Detergent specifically for aluminium windows:avoid corrodes materials.
  8. Waste newspaper: there is rag debris left on the glass after drying the windows with a rag. With pleated newspapers, you can remove them easily.


Cleaning process

  1. lay an old towel under the window before cleaning the windows in the house to absorb the dripping water.
  2. clean the dust or spiderwebs around the window glass with a small brush
  3. Fill the bucket or sink with warm water, then add a small amount of detergent
  4. Soak the sponge in water with detergent added
  5. cleaning from the upper left corner of the window and drag the sponge directly down.
  6. Scrub the glass from top to bottom to wipe the water off with a window cleaner.
  7. Dry the window cleaner up with a buckskin cloth or a rag.
  8. Cleaning the next line from the left to the right of the window.
  9. Scrub the whole glass with a deerskin cloth or a dry rag
  10. Clean the rag debris left on the glass with waste newspaper


  1. Choose a suitable weather

Do not do window cleaning in hot sunlight, the water in the detergent will dry quickly and unevenly, leaving streaks on the glass. So weather without direct sunlight would be a better choice.

  1. Don’t forget a dry rag

After cleaning each line, don’t forget to wipe the wiper with a buckskin cloth or a dry rag. Otherwise, there will be obvious wipe marks on the window glass.

a picture of how to clean aluminum windows with sponge

How to clean aluminium window frames

The groove of the window frame is prone to accumulation of dirt and grime, small stains. That makes the cleaning difficult. Therefore, many people find it impossible to clean the window frames.

Aluminium is a relatively soft material, improper use of tools or trying too hard, may damage the window frames.

Aluminium windows are often exposed to oxygen and water during use, resulting in the oxidation of the window frame. Over time, they may even rust, which makes cleaning the window frame a problem.

Tools needed for cleaning aluminium window frames
  1. a small brush: for dust and spiderwebs around the window frame.
  2. a vacuum: for windows frames with a lot of dirt in the grooves and small gaps.
  3. a thin bamboo stick wrapped by a cloth: for small gaps of the frames.
  4. A bucket: the container for mixing water and detergent.
  5. Warm water: have a better effect in dissolving detergent than normal temperature water.
  6. Neutral detergent: aluminium-friendly.
  7. a non-abrasive cloth: avoid scratching the aluminium surface.
  8. a soft absorbent cloth: prone to drying the frames up after cleaning.
Cleaning steps of aluminium window frames
  1. Wipe the dust away in the window grooves with a small brush. If there is a lot of dust, a vacuum would be a better choice.
  2. Clean the narrower gaps with a thin bamboo stick wrapped by a cloth
  3. Fill the bucket with warm water, then add a small amount of neutral detergent, which is suitable for aluminium surfaces.
  4. Soak the rag in water with detergent added
  5. scrub the aluminium surface gently with a non-abrasive cloth
  6. Clean the oxidation
  7. Dry the frame with a soft absorbent cloth.
  1. Do not use strong acid and alkali detergent.
  2. Clean the aluminium frames with a non-abrasive cloth.


How to Clean Oxidation From Aluminum Windows

Oxidation spots

we can see some white spots on aluminium window frames sometimes.

Those are oxidation spots.

There are salt components in the sea breeze. When sea breeze goes through aluminium windows day after day, these components form white spots on the aluminium windows, and they could even corrode the aluminium window frames. That must be confusing you by how to clean oxidation from aluminium windows. It is not difficult to clean.

Rub it with the finest sandpaper until the white spots disappear

Oxidation rust

Aluminium windows are always exposed to oxygen and water, they will oxidize the aluminium frames and form rust.

If the oxidation is not serious, you can use a fibre brush with clean water to remove the rust.

If the oxidation is more serious, please follow the steps below, you can remove it easily.

Tools for how to clean aluminium windows are important. All you need for oxidation cleaning are a knife, a dry rag, and soapy water.

  1. scraped off the rust with a knife gently,
  2. wash the frame with soapy water,
  3. wipe with a dry cloth.
  4. polished with wax and polished with a dry cloth.

How to maintain aluminium windows – upkeep tips

Although the performance advantages of aluminium windows are outstanding, regular maintenance is beneficial to its longevity and neat appearance.

Here are some tips for you

  1. Dry the windows in time after rain.
  2. don’t pull and push hard when it is stuck, check your window and remove obstacles first
  3. Keep the windows clean, clean the window glass once a month and the window frames every two months.
  4. Do not step on the aluminium frame during cleaning, and do not pull the frame as a support, it is easy to wear window frames.
  5. Clean the grooves and sliding rails at the joint of the window leaf every three months to ensure the normal use of the hardware.
  6. Lubricating oil lubricates hardware rotation and sliding and locking points of the window. Use lubricating oil every three months.
  7. dripping lubricating oil in hardware rotation, sliding and locking points of the window, opened and closed the window 3-5 times to ensure thorough lubrication. It can increase the flexibility and service life of the hardware rotating mechanism.


The aluminium window is a product of good quality and longevity, but you still need to do regular cleaning and good maintenance to have a better experience with it.

Prepare a complete set of tools and use these simple and effective operations provided in this article to wash windows regularly

clean the aluminium frames with a neutral detergent,

be careful not to scrub aluminium windows with abrasive cloth.

Remember to apply a layer of wax to the window frame after cleaning oxidation.

And do the maintenance and upkeep in time, not only increase the period of use of aluminium windows but also improve your life.