Environmental protection is a topic that the country and consumers are very concerned about, and it is also an important link for door and window companies to rectify and improve. The environmental protection storm swept the door and window industry, and it has not stopped until now. Relevant departments have even issued a view that environmental protection remediation is open throughout the year. In addition, the country promotes supply-side reforms and proposes to eliminate backward production capacity. These two factors are superimposed, which makes door and window enterprises also face transformation and reform. In this article, we first introduce the development status of sustainable windows and doors, then explain in detail what types of sustainable windows and doors, and finally will introduce you to China’s top brands of sustainable windows and doors.

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Windows and doors are not only the eyes of the building, but also the shield of home products. High-quality environmentally friendly windows and doors create a quiet and relaxing home for consumers. Healthy and comfortable life starts with the selection of environmentally friendly products.

The proportion of sustainable windows and doors gradually increased

Driven by building energy-saving policies, a large number of new environmentally-friendly energy-saving windows and doors, such as aluminum alloy sustainable windows and doors, FRP energy-saving windows and doors, and aluminum-plastic composite windows and doors, continue to appear in the market.

According to incomplete statistics, the current market share of sustainable windows and doors in buildings has increased rapidly, and has accounted for 50% of the entire door and window market. Therefore, the vigorous development of sustainable windows and doors has obvious effects on social benefits. As China’s building energy efficiency standards have been introduced, energy-saving windows and doors are increasingly favored by the market. In fact, in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities, there have been many successful examples of energy-efficient buildings that have been enthusiastically sought after by consumers.

According to analysis, China is currently in the heyday of construction, with an area of nearly 2 billion square meters built every year, which exceeds the total annual construction area of all developed countries, but it cannot be ignored that more than 97% are high-energy buildings. If calculated from this, it is estimated that by 2020, the country’s high-energy-consumption building area will reach 70 billion square meters. Therefore, if we do not pay attention to building energy-saving design now, it will directly aggravate China’s energy crisis.

At present, among the more than 40 billion square meters of existing buildings in China, more than 90% are high energy-consuming buildings. In high-energy buildings, the energy consumption of windows and doors accounts for nearly half. As analyzed by industry insiders, the key to building energy efficiency is the energy saving of windows and doors. Therefore, the use of sustainable windows and doors, and energy-saving renovation of existing buildings and doors, are the objective requirements of China’s energy situation and the inevitable trend of market development.

In order to promote energy conservation in the whole society, promote the development of sustainable windows and doors, and alleviate the contradiction of energy constraints and environmental pressure, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the “Special Plan for Energy Conservation in the Middle and Long Term”. This is the first energy-saving medium and long-term plan formulated by China since the reform and opening up. Since the beginning of this year, the use of environmentally friendly sustainable windows and doors is gradually increasing due to the building energy efficiency policies issued by the state.

How many kinds of environmental protection and energy-saving aluminum alloy windows and doors?

Broken bridge aluminum windows and doors is an upgraded version of the original aluminum alloy windows and doors. With its advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, powerful functions and durable use, it has gradually been favored by high-end consumers in recent years.

Broken bridge aluminum sliding door  

The sliding door is a door that can be pushed and pulled, and the material is divided into wood, metal, organic and inorganic materials. The sliding door originated in China and spread to North Korea and Japan through Chinese culture. The specific time cannot be verified. However, scattered sliding doors can be seen in some ancient paintings in China. For example, the Song Dynasty landscape paintings have sliding doors.  The original sliding door was only used for the sliding door of the bedroom or locker room. But with the development of technology and the diversification of decoration methods, from the traditional plate surface to glass and aluminum alloy profiles. The functions and scope of doors and sliding doors are constantly expanding, and their applications are becoming richer. In addition to the most common partition doors, sliding doors are widely used in bookcases, wall cabinets, living rooms, exhibition halls, sliding doors, etc.

Broken Bridge Aluminum Suspended Window  

Broken bridge aluminum upper suspension window is a kind of aluminum alloy door and window opening method that appeared later, it is a new form developed on the basis of the broken bridge aluminum casement window.  There are two ways to open the upper suspension window of the broken bridge: the flat way and the push way from the top. When the aluminum suspension window of the broken bridge is closed, a gap of about 10 centimeters can be opened by pulling the upper part of the window inwards, so the window can be opened a little from above, and the opened part can be suspended in the air, connected and fixed with the window frame by a hinge or the like.

Advantages of aluminum suspension window on broken bridge: It can both ventilate and ensure safety. Because of the hinge, the window can only open a 10 cm gap and cannot be reached from the outside. It is especially suitable for use when there is no one at home. This function is not only limited to flat windows, but sliding windows can also be opened upside down.

Top brands of sustainable windows and doors in China

# Fuson windows and doors

Fuson windows and doors were established in 2002, and the spokesperson for the image was Zhiwei Zeng. The products have complete functions and different styles. The company’s core products are folding doors, sliding doors, sliding doors, heavy aluminum alloy windows and doors, aluminum alloy windows and doors, sliding windows, casement windows, broken bridge windows, intelligent windows and doors, system windows and doors and other high-end aluminum alloy windows and doors. At the same time, it was awarded “Top Ten Brands for Windows and doors”, “Top Ten Brands for Aluminum Windows and doors”, “Top 100 Home Furnishing Enterprises”, “Consumer Favorite Brands” and so on.

# Eehe windows and doors

Eehe windows and doors were founded in 2008, focusing on high-end aluminum windows and doors, sun rooms, log doors, shower rooms, etc. They are a modern enterprise dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing, sales and service of home building materials. Eehe windows and doors always gather top talents in the industry and form R & D teams; cooperate with the top scientific research institutes and universities in the country and have won many design patents. Eehe windows and doors have a modern garden-style workshop of 100,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of 300,000 square meters and a daily output of more than 1,000 square meters, with a fast supply cycle. Eehe windows and doors have established brand stores in more than 1,000 cities in 30 provinces

MZX 门窗
# MZX windows and doors

MZX windows and doors specialize in the production of sliding doors, swing doors, sliding windows, swing windows, and sunrooms. It is a brand of Hong Kong MZX International Building Materials Co., Ltd. and is headquartered in Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong. MZX windows and doors have more than 500 specialty stores covering more than 30 provinces across the country, providing customers with personalized windows and doors customization services at any time. After 20 years of hard work, Meizhixuan windows and doors have achieved fruitful results, becoming the national industrial and commercial industry unit and passing the Chinese environmental label product certification.

# Awing windows and doors

Foshan Awing Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. The company’s headquarters is located in Foshan, Guangdong. After 15 years of development, it has become China’s larger windows and doors. Since its inception, Awing has been awarded honorary titles such as “Top Ten Brands in China’s Doors, Windows and Wardrobes”, “Green Brands” and “Top Ten Competitive Enterprises in the Industry”, with more than 400 specialty stores nationwide.


We know that windows and doors are now developing towards low-carbon windows and doors, and only sustainable windows and doors are the development trend of windows and doors in the future. In order to ensure the quality of products and protect the environment in which humans live, environmentally friendly windows and doors must use environmentally friendly and green materials in the manufacturing process, and use harmless materials to ensure that the produced windows and doors will not produce harmful substances after installation. So as to achieve rational development and effective use of energy and maximize the utilization rate of materials.

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