In daily life, we can see storm doors everywhere. But seldom people know aluminium storm door manufacturer is the key to choose right storm doors.

Actually, the storm door can not only guard against theft, protect the entrance door, but also insulate heat. In this way, the outdoor high temperature will not greatly affect the indoor temperature.

If you like to open doors and windows for ventilation, the storm door can also prevent small bugs from entering outside.

Now, before choosing a storm door, let’s know what it is.

Aluminium storm door manufacturer

What is the storm door?

The storm door is usually the outer door of the entrance door. In bad weather, people can also ventilate the room with it.

Common storm doors have screen panels. This screen panel is made of glass. Moreover, it is extensile and shrinkable. People can also replace it.

People can remove some glass panels of the storm doors. In this way, when the weather is good, the indoor air circulation and quality will be better.

Pros and cons

Let’s take a look at the features of storm doors.


  1. Good ventilation
  2. Increase the visibility and light of the room
  3. Protect the entrance door from elements


  1. In hot weather, the heat of the aluminium door may damage the entrance door.
a aluminium storm door

Why install a storm door?

Most storm doors are aluminium doors. The aluminium door frame is also very strong.Meanwhile, there will be a layer of protective film on the aluminium door and its aluminium door frame. So, climate change will have little effect on the aluminium door. Moreover, the aluminium door has high hardness. Compared with wooden doors, safety and durability are better. For aluminium storm door s The higher the thickness is, the stronger the doors are.

Customize the thickness of the door

People can also choose the thickness of the aluminium door when buying a door. The higher the thickness, the stronger the door.

Glass panel

Most aluminium doors have glass panels. So, people can get more light in the room without opening the door. Moreover, people can see the outdoors when the door is closed. Besides, people can see the exquisite wooden door inside through the glass panel when they are outdoors.


Aluminium storm doors can prevent insects from entering the room while ventilating. People can open and close some glass panels. When the weather is good, it can increase the ventilation of the room. Besides, this glass plate can also be insulated. Usually, one can choose the type of glass plate. There are large glass plates, small glass plates. And, people can stretch and contract the glass plates. Moreover, there are fixed glass plates. So, people can choose the type of glass plate according to their needs. If the front door table of the house faces the sun most of the day. People can choose shade glass panels. Meanwhile, this will protect the wooden door and prevent it from fading or deforming.

Easy to install

Aluminium storm doors are easy to install. So, people can install them themselves. However, people can also find professionals to install. Commonly, aluminium storm door of a good brand, aluminium storm door manufacturer will also provide installation service.


What should I look for when buying a storm door?


Aluminium can withstand climate changes, and people can easily install it. Moreover, it has different thicknesses. In this way, people have more choices. And some storm doors have wooden cores. Therefore, they are not as strong as aluminium doors.

Door style

Aluminium storm doors have two types. One is the full view door. The other is the partial view door.

For full view door, most of it is a glass panel. People enclose this glass plate in an aluminium frame. Because of its structure, it allows the room to have more natural light.

While partial view aluminium storm doors are not as good as full-view doors. It can only provide partial natural light. However, many people use the lower part of it as a pet door.


Similar to choosing a window, you can choose Low-E glass or sunscreen glass when choosing a glass panel. Moreover, it can protect the wooden door inside.

Open options

There are lots of storm doors having many ways to open. People can choose the direction of its opening. Commonly, people choose to open the doors form on the same side as opening them.

Other details needed to notice

People have strengthened the glass of the current aluminium storm doors commonly. Therefore, when the glass is broken, it is a small fragment rather than a dangerous sharp fragment.

Besides, some glass plates with good quality are with double glass or even triple glass. Moreover, a good aluminium storm door manufacturer will use Low-E glass. In this way, Low-E glass can effectively prevent heat transfer. Moreover, it can also save energy.


First of all, there is a standard size for aluminium storm doors. It is for convenience to enter the entrance doors. So, if you want to get the proper size, please measure the height and the width of your door hole.

Now, let’s see what the standard size is.

Commonly, the entrance door is 80 inches high. However, one can customize its width.

The width of most entrance doors is 36 inches. However, there are a few doors with a width of 34 inches or 38 inches.


The cheapest anti-riot door price is about $180. If you need safety protection to your house, you can spend more than $1200 on the windproof door. Or, you can buy a high-quality windproof door for around $350. However, this doesn’t include installation costs.

By the way, choose a reliable aluminium storm door manufacturer can buy doors with more reasonable prices.

National standard

Aluminium storm door manufacturers can guarantee that.

Nowadays, the country stipulates relevant standards for lock cylinders, bolts and markings. Moreover, these standards are very important to the performance of the door. If some aluminium storm door manufacturer’s doors are not compliant. This will affect the performance of the door. Therefore, it is still necessary to buy a compliant door.

Aluminium storm door manufacturers can guarantee that.

Which is better wood core or aluminium storm door?

Storm doors with the wood core

Steel wooden door is a door that matches the interior decoration. Some aluminium storm door manufacturers can customize it for buyers. Therefore, people can choose their favourite colours and patterns. In this way, the door can be integrated with the overall home improvement.

However, its price is more expensive. However, this does not affect its good sales.

Because its price is more expensive. Moreover, the process requirements for custom patterns are relatively high. Therefore, we recommend trying to find a good aluminium storm door manufacturers to buy one.

Aluminium storm door

Aluminium storm door manufacturer uses aluminium with high hardness. This is different from the ordinary aluminium alloys we usually see.

Moreover, its colour is bright. People can also decorate many patterns on the door. Such doors look more gorgeous. This kind of door is usually the storm door of mid-range material.

Moreover, this kind of door does not fade easily. Therefore, many people will choose the aluminium storm door.


In today’s society, home safety is very important. Therefore, every household will install the storm door.

Due to the mature development of this industry, aluminium storm doors not only have high safety but usually, people will enclose glass doors on the doors. In this way, both increase the amount of light in the house. Moreover, people can see the inner wooden door from the outside. This increases the beauty of the house entrance. And people will make stretchable and contractable. And this increases the amount of ventilation in the room and prevents outdoor mosquitoes from entering the room.

So, when choosing aluminium storm doors. The following points are usually more important. They can guarantee the quality of the door. Meanwhile, they can meet specific needs.

First of all, the material of the door is very important. If some aluminium materials do not meet the requirements. The door is not hard enough. This will not play the role of aluminium storm door safety. If you cannot judge whether the material of the door is compliant, find a good aluminium storm door manufacturer to buy is a good choice.

Then, choose the aluminium storm door suitable for your home according to your needs. This way you will have a good experience.

Besides, before buying a door, people need to measure the size of their door opening. Only in this way will the appropriate door frame and door be selected.

Regarding the storm doors with a wood core, its appearance can match the overall interior style. Moreover, the wood part can have nice carvings. Therefore, its price will be higher. Besides, its hardness is not as high as aluminium.

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