With the people’s awareness of fire prevention increasing, the market demand is also growing. So, the fire door manufacturers are developing rapidly.

Fire doors are fire isolation devices that play a key role in various buildings. Whether the fire door works when a fire occurs is closely related to the damage caused by the fire.

Faced with the increasing demand, Chinese fire door manufacturers also need to improve themselves in terms of product quality, industry concentration, and industry standardization.

Next, let’s get to know what fire door is.


What is the fire door?

People use fire-resistant glass, gypsum, steel, aluminium and other fire-resistant materials to make fire doors.

Moreover,fire doors can prevent fire and smoke from spreading in the building. This maximizes the safety evacuation time of personnel.

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Moreover, when installing fire doors, experienced professionals is better to install them. This ensures that there is no gap between the wall and the door frame.

Then, this can prevent flooding from spreading from one room to another.


People usually install fire doors in fire compartments, evacuation stairwells and other places. It can remain the stability, integrity and heat insulation requirements within a certain period.

Therefore, in the event of a fire, it can prevent the spread of fire and smoke. This adds a lot of time to the evacuation of personnel.

Generally, in industrial areas, hotels, high-rise apartment buildings, hospitals, airports and other places, people use steel fire doors.

Let’s take a look at the types of fire doors.

Door types made by fire door manufacturers

Actually, there are many types of fire doors.

Divide by material

According to the materials of fire doors, we can divide fire doors into the following types:

  1. Wooden fire door
  2. Steel fire door
  3. Steel-wood fire doors
  4. Other fire doors, etc.

Next, let us understand them in detail.

Wooden fire door

People use flame-retardant wood to make door frames, door leaf skeletons, and door leaf panels. Such doors are wooden fire doors.

So, it is more beautiful than other types. But it is also more expensive.

wooden fire door
National Standard for Wooden Fire Door

According to needs, people can install Class A composite fireproof glass on the door leaf.

Moreover, its hardware accessories also need to have fire resistance.

The main hardware accessories are:

  1. Fireproof hinges
  2. Fireproofbolt
  3. Fireproofdoor lock
  4. Fireproofsequencer
  5. Fireproofdoor closer

According to the fire resistance limit, people divide the fire doors into three categories: Class A, Class B, and Class C.

People should treat wood with fire retardant and dry the wood. And its moisture content should not exceed 12%.

When the production conditions are limited, the moisture content during production should not be greater than the local equilibrium moisture content.

Besides, the wooden fire doors need to meet the following standards.

  1. Completeness:
  • No continuous flames burning for more than 10s on the back fire surface
  • If there are cracks, holes or other pores on the fire-back surface without flame, they can’t ignite combustible materials at a distance of 20mm~30mm from these pores within 10s~30s
  • The fire cannot burn the wooden fire doors
  1. Thermal insulation:

When the temperature of the temperature measuring point on the solid wood fire door reaches the following conditions, people regard its heat insulation as lost.

  • The average temperature rise of the temperature measuring point reaches 140℃
  • The temperature rise of any temperature measuring point reaches 180℃

Steel fire door

People use steel to make fire door frames, door leaf frames, and door leaf panels. Sometimes, people fill the door leaf with fire-proof and heat-insulating materials that are non-toxic and harmless to the human body.

Therefore, its fire resistance is very good.

For steel fire doors, people also have the following standards:

  1. The door lock must have the function of preventing prying. Moreover, people can quickly open the door lock.

Meanwhile, the door lock and the cat eye must have a fire detection report.

  1. People can install a collar to Class B fire entry doors . But can’t install it to the Class A
  2. The fire door manufacturersmust provide a fire protection type approval certificate, a fire protection test report, and a metal entry door test report during acceptance. Moreover, they also need to provide the approval certificate of fire detection report of locks and cat eyes.
  3. The opening direction of the door is the direction of rapid evacuation and cannot be inward.

Then, fire doors used in different occasions have different functions.

Now, Let’s take a look at them.

Divide by function

Normal fire door

Professional fire door design should meet the most stringent requirements for life safety in commercial and industrial sites. And they need to meet the highest standards in India, the UK and the US through testing and certifying

Besides, people divide their fire grade into 60,90,120,180,240 minutes.

Glass fire door

The glass fire door is very beautiful. It not only can increase the lighting, people can also decorate its surface with various colors and textures. Therefore, people often use them in entrances, elevator halls, server rooms, and corridors.

Moreover, the glass can remain clear and transparent throughout the fire disaster. In this way firefighters can have a clear vision to save lives.

Besides, they are very flexible. Without compromising safety, the architect can consider natural lighting to design them.

Similarly, it also needs to comply with the highest standards of building codes in the world.

glass fire door

Science fire door

So, in scientific places such as pharmaceuticals, food processing plants, hospitals, computer server rooms, R&D laboratories, etc., people need to use scientific fire doors. These doors are embedded doors.

Moreover, people use galvanized and stainless steel to make scientific fire doors.

So, its structure is compact, stable and strong.

Therefore, it can meet the sanitary conditions of various occasions.

Moreover, its maintenance cost is very low, and there are many colors and specifications to choose.

Development of fire door manufacturers

How is the development of fire door manufacturers?

We will introduce to you from the following aspects.

The Market share will expand

The consumers of fire doors are from Chinese working-class and rural markets. Therefore, the general size of fire door manufacturers is relatively small. However, this also makes the fire door market with anti-risk capabilities.

Meanwhile, as an emerging industry, it has not been affected by the financial turmoil of the previous two years.

Therefore, no matter from which factor, the market share of fire doors has a trend of further expansion. This is a good thing for fire door manufacturers.

Price advantage of fire door manufacturers

The materials for fire doors are not expensive. Therefore, its price is very advantageous.

Meanwhile, prices are rising and the transaction volume of commercial housing is sluggish. This has caused many developers to reduce their budgets for house decoration. This allows fire doors to get the market that originally belongs to wooden doors.

On another aspect, after several years of development of the fire door, its production process has been more and more mature.

Meanwhile, its innovative products are also increasing. This will help increase sales of fire doors.

Therefore, fire door manufacturers can vigorously develop their businesses at this time.

Industry organizations effectively promote the development of the industry

The fire door industry has established its organization. This will promote the formation of industry standards, thereby changing the current phenomenon of scattered vicious competition.

Moreover, these organizations also help consumers to understand the industry and products better.

All in all,these factors have promoted the good development of the industry.


Currently existing problems of fire door manufacturers

  1. industry is a typical “small company in a large industry”. There are a large number of fire door related companies, and most of them are small-scale companies, with low market concentration.
  2. Meanwhile, in terms of production, my country’s fire door manufacturing process, new material application and independent innovation. And more companies are in the imitating stage, and the product quality cannot reach the international level.
  3. Due to loose market supervision, shoddy products in the fire door market are still everywhere in the market, and the industry is in urgent need of rectification in the future. From the current point of view, my country’s fire door market is relatively fragmented, with low standardization and uneven product quality. In the future, the industry needs to develop towards high-end and branding.
  4. At present, Chinesefire door manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other regions.

Now, the market structure in the fire door industry has not yet formed. And there are fewer large companies and brands, and no national leading brand.



As the Chinese people’s awareness of fire prevention has increased, the market demand for fire doors has also increased. So this industry is developing very fast now.

As a result, many fire door manufacturers have appeared in China.

The fire door is also a kind of fire protection device, which plays a key role in the fire. So, the degree of fire damage is also closely related to the quality of fire doors.

According to the materials of fire doors, we can divide fire doors into the following types:

  1. Wooden fire door
  2. Steel fire door
  3. Steel-wood fire doors
  4. Other fire doors, etc.

According to the different functions of fire doors, they are as follows:

  1. Normal fire door
  2. Glass fire door
  3. Science fire door

They meet the fire protection requirements and standards of different occasions.

Now, the development of Chinese fire door manufacturers has the following advantages:

  1. The Market share will expand
  2. Price advantage
  3. Industry organizations effectively promote the development of the industry

However, there are also problems the security door manufacturer faces:

At present, most of them are small-scale enterprises with low market concentration.

More companies are in the imitating stage, and the product quality cannot reach the international level.

The fire door market in my country is relatively fragmented, and the degree of standardization is low. And the product quality is uneven

Fortunately, industry organizations are effectively solving these problems.

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