Doors and windows are required for house repairs and newly built houses. But the door and window market is large, and it has developed fast in recent years. It is not an easy thing to choose the home door and windows for people who are busy with work or unfamiliar with the home door and windows market, especially the suitable ones for their houses. A guide on door and windows is necessary now.

Compared with other furniture, home door and windows have a more important function. They have a long service life and are not easy to replace. Therefore, it is important to choose a door and window with good quality, durability, and suitable for your home.

Let’s check out what home door and windows are in the current home door and windows market, how to choose home door and windows, and how to maintain and replace them.

Types of home door and window #1: Door

Now there are four popular kinds of home doors. Let’s take a look.

Wooden doors

Timber composite door

The door core of timber composite doors is mostly made of pine, fir or imported filler materials.

Generally, high-grade timber composite doors have high-quality white pine cores and wooden veneers on the surface. it is easier to control the moisture content, due to the small density and lightweight of white pine. Therefore, the weight of the door is lighter, and it is not easy to deform and crack.

Timber composite doors feel smooth and have soft colour. It is very environmentally friendly, durable, thermal insulation, impact resistance, flame-retardant, and sound insulation is the same as wooden doors.

Original wooden door

Original wooden doors refer to wooden doors made from selected natural wood. The materials of the components of the door leaves are all made from wood with the same tree species, both inside and outside.

There are lots of advantages of original wooden doors. It is made of natural and precious wood. The material of the original wooden door is generally a precious tree species. It has a very good texture. The processing technology is carefully sculpted and looks more luxurious.

The amount of adhesive used in original wooden doors is reduced by nearly 50% compared to timber composite doors, so the formaldehyde emission of a good original wooden door is far below the national standard.

Among various types of doors, original wooden doors are heavy, high density and have thick door panels. So the sound insulation effect of them is best.

Folding doors

EEHE folding door

Folding doors are multi-folded doors. They can be pushed to the side. So they occupy less space.

It is mainly used in workshops, shopping malls, office buildings, exhibition halls and home.

Both the inner and outer of a house can install folding doors. And it has a lot of merits.

  • The folding door is light, free to push and pull, and effectively saves the occupied space.

  • The door is heat and cold insulation, moisture-proof, fire and flame retardant, noise reduction, sound insulation, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.

  • It is non-sticky, easy to clean, and suitable for kitchen, bathroom, toilet.

  • Original wooden doors are easy to maintain and have a long service life.

  • The installation of the original wooden doors is simple.

However, the tightness and thermal insulation are slightly worse than other types.

Components of them such as pulleys and hinges are easy to wear. So they require high-quality accessories.

Swing doors

EEHE swing doors

The spring door relies on their elasticity to open and close the door, and is also called “automatic door”. it will close automatically after opening. Generally, the track of the swing door is made of high-strength, wear-resistant aluminium.

Due to market reasons and the swing door is easy to hurt the head of a person when closing, it has been rare in the home door and windows market.

Sliding doors

EEHE sliding door

Sliding doors refers to doors that can be pushed and pulled. They are commonly used in families.

With the development of technology and the diversification of house decoration methods, sliding doors have glass, fabric, rattan, aluminium alloy profiles, folding doors, partition doors, and The function and use of sliding doors is expanded.

A smooth and silent sliding door can be installed on the balcony to enjoy the sunshine and scenery.

Install a smooth, silent sliding door on the balcony. Then you are luxuriating in sunshine and scenery.

More information about types of wooden doors, pleas visit why choose wooden front door?

Types of home door and window #2: Window

The development of windows in recent years is also rapid. Let’s see which windows are available for home decoration.

Aluminium awning windows

EEHE aluminium awning windows

Aluminium awning windows are slim, so you’d better think twice when choosing.

Due to its functional design, aluminium awning windows are ideal for kitchens where windows cannot be easily accessed.

Another feature of the aluminium awning window is that they can be opened partly open during inclement weather to allow continuous ventilation and don’t let in any of undesirable natural elements.

The aluminium awning window also has many merits.

  • Its hinges can increase its strength.

  • Lockable key winder of it can improve safety.

  • Has a foldable handle to avoid blind window shades.

  • Suitable for windy days.

Casement windows

EEHE casement windows

The hinges of the casement window are on the side of the window. And you can open it inward or outward.

Casement windows have many advantages. The opening area of them is large. And the ventilation, sealing, sound insulation, heat preservation, impermeability of them is excellent. It is convenient to clean, and they don’t take up space when it is opened outward.

However, casement windows have some disadvantages.

  • They are small normally, and the view of them is not wide.

  • The opening parts of the outer window are easy to be damaged on the windy days.

  • The inner parts of the windows occupy some space of the house.

  • It’s not convenient for the use of a curtain.

  • Rain may also seep in the house if the quality is not good enough.

Casement windows are widely used in urban commercial, residential buildings, villas and other mid-to-high-end buildings.

Sliding Window

EEHE sliding window

The sliding window has a pulley on the sash. It can slide on the track of the window frame to open or to close.

They are push-pull windows, so it’s flexible to open them. They don’t occupy other spaces of the house.

However, you can open only 50% of the sashes at most. And the airtightness of the closed window is poor. So they are rarely used in developed countries.

How to choose the right home door and window fitting your style

Compared with other furniture, home door and windows assume more essential functions. So it’s important to choose a good home door and windows.

Lots of people may ask: How should I choose the right style windows and doors for my home? What should I pay attention to? Let’s check it out together.

How to choose the right home door and window #1: Door

Function of doors

In addition to considering the security factors of anti-theft, the entrance door can choose a beautiful, strong and heavy wooden door.

Create a warm atmosphere and private space for bedroom is necessary, so the poor light transmission door is more suitable.

A door with good sound insulation effect, light transmittance and strong design sense are well-suited with a study room. Such as a wooden door with an ancient window rib pattern and it looks more elegant.

A door with good waterproof and tightness is appropriate for the kitchen, to effectively block the oil fumes generated by cooking.

focus on privacy and water resistance when you choose a door for your bathroom.

Quality of doors

It’s hard to ensure the quality of doors through the production process by visiting manufacturers. But They can also assess the quality of the product through simple visual inspection:

Check the frame, panel, and corners of the door with your hands to ensure the door is soft, delicate, and no scratching. Then stand on the side of the door toward the light to see if there are uneven waves on the painted surface of the door. By these two methods, And consumers can buy a door with good appearance quality.

Paint is one of the factors that must be considered. It directly affects the texture, moisture resistance, environmental protection, and durability of the door.

The high-quality living room door is also made of high-quality hardware accessories. You can open the door freely without noise.

You can open the closed package at first when buying doors, and smell whether there is a pungent odour. High-formaldehyde-released doors cause tears and sneezing

Brand of doors

Try manufacturers with good brand reputation is a better choice. The relevant qualification certifications of them ensure the relevant industry standards and the qualified release of various harmful substances.

Style of doors

Consider the overall design and coordination of the living room. If you use straight lintel above the door, use straight lintel, and if you use arc lintel, use arc lintel. The size, height, width of the door, position of the lock, and the shape of the door lock are as coordinated as possible.

How to choose the right home door and window #2: Window

Windows are indispensable in home decoration. Let’s take a look at how to choose windows.

Aluminium of windows

The national standard of window thickness is 3mm.

n order to reduce the cost of products, many manufacturers use the second best, which is difficult to identify with the naked eye. To prevent bad windows from being bought, it is best to look at the relevant product materials book.

Many manufacturers use unqualified aluminium to reduce the cost of products. It is better to look at the relevant product material manual to avoid unqualified windows.

Glass of windows

Insulating glass can effectively enhance the sound insulation effect and thermal insulation effect. The powerful sound insulation effect can resist the noise of the city.

Tempered glass conforming to the national standard will have the 3c safety certification. Meanwhile, it is necessary to check the authenticity of the certifications

Composite film

The composite film has corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high gloss, and also has a certain fire protection function. So choose windows with the qualified composite film is necessary.

Window sealing

There are no gaps in the splicing part of windows of good sealing performance. And windows with poor sealing performance not only leak wind and rain but also easily break the glass of the window.


There should be no colour difference on the surface of components of windows, and there should be no burrs and other stains, and there is no adhesive overflow at the assembly connection.


Generally, the price of high-quality home door and windows is 30% higher than that of normal home door and windows.


Choose manufacturers with a good reputation and service quality. They are more standardized in product quality and service system.

Way to purchase

Online shopping:

Online shopping has a cheaper price and more types to choose from. And it is easy to buy the home door and windows cost-effective and suitable for your house.

However, we must negotiate with the seller about transportation, installation and after-sales issues.

Offline shopping

Offline shopping may have a limited choice of home door and windows and more expensive price. And it takes a lot of time and effort to choose.

The advantage is that there are fewer problems in transportation, and installation and after-sales are more secure than online shopping.


According to the style of your house and your budget, choose the good sealing, qualified, eligible home door and windows as you like.

Maintenance for home door and window

Anything will gradually damage without maintenance. And suitable maintenance can also increase the longevity of home door and windows, making the doors and windows look cleaner and more beautiful. Now let’s take a look at the maintenance strategies for home door and windows.

Suggestions for maintenance

Hinges, door locks and other frequently moving hardware accessories should be tightened in time.

You can add an appropriate amount of lubricant such as a pencil lead to the keyhole for lubrication once every three months.

Wet the stains on the surface of the wooden door and wipe it with a soft cloth. Don’t use hard cloth. It can easily scratch the surface.

Use neutral detergent, toothpaste or furniture-specific cleaning agent to clean the particularly stubborn stains.

Wipe the wooden door immediately after decontamination.

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the wooden doors.

To maintain the surface gloss and service life of the wooden door, it should be clean once every two months.

Use a special curing liquid for wooden decoration products to maintain the surface of the wooden doors.

Keep the indoor well-ventilated, and keep the safety door at a normal temperature, humidity environment. It can prevent the safety door from being deformed, and metal accessories from erosion, edge banding, and falling of.

Tip for maintenance

Do not hang heavy objects on the door leaves and avoid bumping and scratching with sharp objects. Do not use excessive force to open and close home door and windows

Do not open the door lock with wet hands, or splash corrosive solvents on the wooden door and the door lock.

Do not use excessive force for door locks and handles.

Do not allow the cleaning agent or water to penetrate the gap of the glass bead.

That may deform the bead.

Do not use excessive force to wipe the glass. That will damage the glass or hurt yourself. Call a professional person to repair the damaged glass.

Do not rub the corners of the wooden doors frequently. It will discolour and damage the decorative materials of the corners.

A regular time of home door and window maintenance

Clean home door and windows once a month

Maintain home door and windows every three months.

For more details of how to clean and maintain aluminium windows.

How to replace home door and window

Replacing the window is a decoration project. It requires a high level of craftsmanship and cares for workers.

Once the installation is not suitable, rain and water seepage will occur.

What should we pay attention to when replacing the window?

Let’s check it out together.

The steps of the home door and windows replacement

  1. Remove doors and windows: Use a screwdriver, hand hammer and other tools to remove the doors and windows first. put them down gently after removing. And don’t push them down from height strictly.

  2. Remove door and window frame: Use a blade to cut the sealant. If the doors and windows are connected to the wall with expansion bolts, remove the expansion bolts directly with a screwdriver

  3. Clean and repair the place where doors and windows are installed.

  4. Fixed bracket.

  5. 2 Fill the gap between the frame and the wall with styrofoam. Cut off the excess styrofoam after usually takes 2-3 hours, and it takes longer in winter.

  6. Install home doors and windows and other accessories.

  7. Apply sealant evenly around the door and window frames.

Tips of the home door and windows replacement

  • Check door and window materials before replacement.

  • Be careful of placing home door and windows.

  • Check carefully after replacement, find problems in time and fix them.


There are four kinds of home doors popular in the current market. They are wooden door, folding door, swing door, sliding door.

And mainstream window types are aluminium awning window, casement window, sliding window.

Choose your favourite doors and windows, and maintain them regularly according to the correct method.

When the doors and windows are aging or you want to replace them with new ones, follow the correct steps and methods, or let a professional person change them.

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