Many people think that the aluminum alloy windows and doors industry is too complicated, so when the newly renovated owners choose aluminum alloy doors and windows, they always feel that they do not know how to choose. When they view the article online, they can only see countless newcomers vomiting about the opaque price of aluminum alloy windows and doors and the unsatisfactory installation and experience. And there are a few really useful and helpful articles. In the windows and doors industry, glass is a key factor. So today we first introduced a variety of different door and window glass, and finally, we will introduce excellent glass windows and doors manufacturers in China.

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The importance of window glass

Why should we consider the type of glass when buying doors and windows? This is a question for many people. If it is placed in the past, the installation of windows and doors only needs to consider that the wind and rain will not drift into the room. Of course, any glass can be used. But now it is different. Now the glass is responsible for lighting, heat preservation, sound insulation, safety, beauty and so on. And now there are more and more types of glass, each family can choose different types of glass according to their needs. The aluminum alloy, glass, hardware, design and installation of a good door and window all need to be carefully considered. Glass is another main raw material for aluminum alloy doors and windows. Its performance and quality are directly related to the performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Types and characteristics of window glass

Flat glass  

According to different production processes, flat glass can be divided into an ordinary flat glass and float flat glass, and float glass is generally installed on aluminum alloy doors and windows. The advantage of flat glass is good flatness, no water ripples, and it is economical. But the disadvantages are also obvious: poor safety and poor sound insulation. Therefore, it is not recommended to install aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is flat glass after the heat treatment process and is also a kind of prestressed glass. Its safety level is higher (even if the toughened glass is broken, the fragments will be broken into small particles like honeycomb-shaped obtuse angles, which is not easy to cause serious harm to the human body), strong impact resistance and good thermal stability, it is widely used in China.

Insulating glass

Insulating glass is a kind of glass with good heat insulation, sound insulation, and beautiful appearance. The process is to evenly separate two or more pieces of glass and bond and seal the periphery so that the middle air layer forms a dry gas glass product.

Insulating glass can be divided into an ordinary insulating glass (composed of float glass, which has three basic functions of insulating glass: sound insulation, energy-saving, frost protection) and composite insulating glass (combined by tempered glass or laminated glass, coated glass. In addition to three basic functions, composite insulating glass also increases the safety and aesthetics of glass.) Although ordinary insulating glass also has functions such as sound insulation, its safety is not as good as that of toughened insulating glass.

Performance characteristics of insulating glass:  
  1. Sound insulation performance: Insulating glass is an ideal noise insulation material, which can generally reduce noise by 30 dB.
  2. Thermal insulation performance: it can effectively reduce the heat transfer coefficient u value.
  3. Anti-condensation and fogging performance: Since the insulating glass is filled with sufficient desiccant, it can effectively absorb water vapor that may penetrate into the inner cavity and the outside world, ensuring that the air in the hollow glass cavity is absolutely dry. Therefore, It has good anti-condensation and fogging performance.
Laminated glass    

Laminated glass is a composite glass made by sandwiching a tough polyvinyl alcohol butyraldehyde film (PVB) between two pieces of glass or multiple pieces of glass after high temperature and high pressure. Because the toughness of the PVB film is very good when the laminated glass is crushed by the powerful impact, the film will absorb a lot of punching skills and quickly decay, so the laminated glass is difficult to be penetrated. Even if the laminated glass is broken, the glass fragments basically adhere to the film to keep the whole piece of laminated glass from falling off, so it becomes a real “safety glass”.

Laminated glass can be divided into a flat laminated glass and curved laminated glass according to the shape of the product. Flat laminated glass is most commonly used in architectural doors and windows.

Performance characteristics of laminated glass:   
  1. Safety: The laminated glass installed on the building receives any external impact, even if the glass is broken, it can be completely kept in the original frame, and it also has a certain effect of wind and rain.
  2. Anti-ultraviolet rays: It has a great blocking effect on the ultraviolet rays in sunlight (up to 99% or more) to avoid ultraviolet radiation.
  1. Bulletproof and explosion-proof: Multi-layer laminated glass can be used to produce various levels of bulletproof and explosion-proof glass.
  2. Security use: Because the glass knife can not be used to effectively cut the installed laminated glass. The use of other tools to penetrate the laminated glass takes a long time and has a loud sound, so it is difficult to enter the room by cutting or breaking the laminated glass and it is easy to find. It has a strong resistance to malicious theft and violence.
Coated glass  

Coated glass is also called reflective glass. Coated glass is coated with one or more layers of metal and alloy compounds on the glass surface to change the optical properties of the glass. Coated glass can be divided into solar control coated glass, Low-E coated glass (also known as Low-E glass), and conductive glass.

The commonly used coated glass for home decoration is generally Low-E glass. Low-E glass has a high transmittance for visible light and a high reflectivity for infrared light, so it has good thermal insulation performance and energy saving effect. According to different models, it can be divided into high-transparent Low-E glass, sunshade Low-E glass and double silver type Low-E glass (double-layer coating). Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of building energy saving needs and people’s living concept, Low-E glass is no longer exclusive to high-end customers, and has begun to enter thousands of households.

Top glass windows and doors manufacturers in China

CIVO windows and doors 

CIVO Windows and doors are an aluminum construction provider focusing on the development, production, sales, and service of door and window products. It is a first-line brand that has attracted attention in the industry in recent years. With the slogan “Make the building more flexible”, CIVO windows and doors is committed to providing customers with quality home building materials products, so that thousands of households can experience the unique charm of high-end system doors and windows. CIVO windows and doors have been awarded “Top Ten Aluminum Alloy Windows and doors Brands” and “Top Ten Door and Window Brands” for many years in a row, and are the industry’s first-line benchmark brands.

Suifu windows and doors 

Suifu Windows and doors is an aluminum alloy door and window brand owned by Foshan Suijiafu Windows and Doors Co., Ltd. Founded in 2014, the spokesperson is Hong Kong movie star He Jiajin, which specializes in high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, sunrooms, grape racks, and other products. “It is widely known by consumers. After years of development, it has been awarded the top ten brands of windows and doors in China Building Materials Network Brand Choice Program 2019. They are the third-level enterprises of safety production standardization and have passed ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification.

Eehe windows and doors

Eehe windows and doors were founded in 2008, focusing on high-end aluminum windows and doors, sun rooms, log doors, shower rooms, etc. They are a modern enterprise dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing, sales and service of home building materials. Eehe windows and doors always gather top talents in the industry and form R & D teams; cooperate with the top scientific research institutes and universities in the country and have won many design patents. Eehe windows and doors have a modern garden-style workshop of 100,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of 300,000 square meters and a daily output of more than 1,000 square meters, with a fast supply cycle. Eehe windows and doors have established brand stores in more than 1,000 cities in 30 provinces across the country, covering second- and third-tier cities, and have broad market influence.

Red oak windows and doors

Red Oak windows and doors were founded in 2006, and the full name of the brand is “Red Oak high-end pure sound doors and windows”. Focus on the R & D, production and sales of aluminum alloy doors and windows, sun room and other middle and high-end houses. Introduce American advanced door and window system technology, equipment and management experience. There are several production lines including sliding doors, side-opening doors, folding doors, window screens in one, side-opening windows, internal opening and internal inverted bridge aluminum doors and windows, sun room, seamless doors and windows, system doors and windows, aluminum-wood composite windows and doors and so on. At the same time, it won the honors of “Top Ten Brands of Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows”, “Top Ten Brands of Doors and Windows”, and “Models of Door and Window Craftsmen”.

AIWEW windows and doors 

AIWEW smart windows and doors are located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, China’s aluminum capital. It has a modern production base covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters and is committed to creating high-end intelligent energy-saving windows and doors to create an AIWEW home living experience.

Fellola windows and doors

Follola Door and Window Technology Co., Ltd. is an aluminum alloy door and window manufacturer specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of high-end aluminum alloy door and window products. Customers provide high-quality high-end aluminum alloy windows and doors products and intimate service. Adhere to the development philosophy of “customer first, innovation-oriented” which has been relentlessly pursued for many years.

Yuhuang noble windows and doors

Guangdong Yuhuang Windows and doors Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It is a professional manufacturer of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The factory is located in Sanhuan West Road, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Guangdong Yuhuang Door and Window Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely provides customers with high-quality interior door products and perfect after-sales service. We strive to strive for excellence in every link, embodying people-centeredness in every small link. Adhere to “developing with quality, growing with innovation”. Strive to become an excellent enterprise in doors and windows, and provide customers with quality doors and windows.


Glass windows and doors are compelling and easily overlooked existences, and are also very important partners. It protects the family from wind and rain, and even protects against theft. It can not only determine the temperament of the whole house, reflect the owner’s life taste, but also bring a comfortable and healthy life experience to the family. Therefore, when choosing doors and windows, we must carefully consider the choice of glass, and also choose a reliable glass windows and doors manufacturers.

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