The second and third generation owners of Germany HOPPE Group visited the headquarter of EEHE Doors&Windows Industry Co., Ltd.

After Mr. Eric Kersten, the Asia Pacific CEO of Germany HOPPE Group, visiting the headquarter of EEHE Doors&Windows Industry Co., Ltd. on March 13th, with the leading quality and the spirit of craftsman, EEHE again attracted the attention of international leading enterprises, and gained a high degree of affirmation!


On May 9th, a delegation of Germany HOPPE Group which is composed of Mr. Christoph Hoppe, the second generation owner, Mr. Christian Hoppe, the third generation owner, Mr. Eric Kersten, the Asia Pacific CEO, and Mr. Schütz, the financial director, visited the headquarter of EEHE Doors&Windows Industry Co., Ltd. again.


With warm reception and company by Mr. Zeng Kui, the chairman of Guangdong EEHE Doors&Windows Industry Co., Ltd., general manager Mr. Hu Chao, general engineer of the construction projects Mr.Wu,senior managers of EEHE Nanjing branch company,the delegation of Germany HOPPE Group visited from the 1000sqm modern showroom to large-scale systematic production workshops, leaving a number of wonderful and moving communication moments.



The senior leaders of the enterprise introduced the development history,band spirit,production and management of EEHE to the family members of the Germany HOPPE Group delegation.At the same time, the two sides exchanged views on the current and future direction of in-depth strategic cooperation. The owners of Germany HOPPE Group highly valued the innovative products and quality of EEHE, especially the extreme craftsman spirit of keeping pursuing perfection.



For more than ten years, EEHE has formed a unremitting and strict production and quality system. Quality control throughout the procurement of raw materials, process tracking, finished product inspection,installation and repair of the whole production and after-sale process.It gives an important guarantee to each family with best quality. In 2019,EEHE not only achieved four upgrades in the full protection system, but also established a strategic cooperative relationship with Germany HOPPE Group,the international hardware leading enterprise.This not only indicates the important determination of EEHE will continue to maintain the leading product research and development, but also marks the way of synchronizing with the world technology and creating the quality for noble enjoyment as the top 10 brand of windows and doors.


After the visit and communication, EEHE and Germany HOPPE will give full play to their respective resources and ability advantages, aimed at the perfect combination of EEHE and Germany HOPPE, to create a rich life of continuous transcendence, people-oriented and nature respect. It is believed that on the road of pursuing good quality, the brand cooperation between the two sides will form a strong core competitiveness of products and bring unprecedented premium experience to families around the world.

Germany HOPPE visit EEHE