People often see the door with windows in older hospitals or classrooms. This may not look as good as a wooden door, and it is not as safe as an iron door. So why do people choose to use the door with windows?

Next, let’s take a closer look at the door with windows.

What is a door with window ?

Door with windows is the older door. They are also inlaid with glass. So,they can increase the height of the door. Meanwhile, this can also improve the day-lighting of the door.

Besides, the room can be light-transparent or people outside can see the indoor situation. For example, the door of the ward, the door of the classroom, mainly play the role of increasing light and ventilation.

Moreover,door with windows some are on the door. Some door with windows have windows above the door.

classroom door with windows

Advantages of the door with windows

  1. ventilation
  2. Better views

The disadvantage of the door with windows

  1. Not easy to clean
  2. Take up more space

Moreover, the ventilation system and lighting system can solve the problems the door with windows solved.


Bathroom door with windows

In the past, the main reason for the use of glass in the bathroom door was to light the darkroom.

The bathroom was small and the daylight rate was low. Therefore, the door with glass can let in some light during the day. Even if the bathroom does not have windows and other lighting places, it will not be very dark with the door with windows.

As the layout of the building changes, day-lighting is no longer a problem. The bathroom door with glass is not only for day-lighting, it also serves as a warning to avoid situations.

Nowadays, when the public toilets are partitioned, people usually leave a blank space below for the same purpose.

Meanwhile, for families with elderly, children or mental patients, keeping the glass in the bathroom is also good for safety.

Besides, for the shortcomings of the glass bathroom door. Even though the glass is with frosted or embossed pattern, people can also see the figures inside through the glass. And this is not very elegant, especially the bathroom is in the living room.

In an age when day-lighting and ventilation are no longer a problem, these people can still use other types of doors.

Security door with window

The anti-theft door with window is to install a small door inside the door. People can pull it away from the inside. In summer, it can increase indoor air circulation.

Besides, anti-theft doors with windows can increase the ventilation of your room. For the indoor environment, it is better to have windows.

However, the disadvantage is that when the upper window of the door is open, people who pass through the corridor can see the indoor situation. So, it’s not good for personal privacy.

Moreover, people must also consider safety factors. It is easier for people with bad intentions to destroy the material of the window than the material of the security door.

Glass door

For the ventilation and lighting problems, people can now use other methods to solve them. So, the most commonly used door with windows is the glass door.

With the improvement of living standards, traditional wooden doors can no longer meet people’s needs. Therefore, a lot of glass doors appeared.

Moreover, glass doors are more attractive than traditional wooden doors. In terms of day-lighting and vision, glass doors are much better than traditional wooden doors.

Next, let’s take a look at what is a glass door.

glass door

What is a glass door?

The glass door is a special kind of door.

First of all, in terms of thickness, it is not a solid door.

However, it does not belong to the alien door.

The characteristics of glass determine the performance of glass doors.

For example, a glass door with toughened transparent glass makes the door more transparent. Glass door with frosted glass, its door leaf is semi-transparent.

Similarly, people prefer to use a glass door as the bathroom door. If you want to know more about it, you can check on Choose the right shower room glass door is important.

Next, let’s learn more about the types of lower glass doors together.

Types of glass door

Under normal circumstances, people divide glass doors into the following types.

Decorative glass door

There are many kinds of decorative glass doors. For example, frosted glass, patterned glass, cut glass, glazed glass, sprayed glass, ice glass door, emulsified glass door.

The patterns of these glasses are different. Moreover, their colours are also different.

However, its gloss is very good. Therefore, the glass door has a good decorative effect.

Besides, the glass door material has the advantages of corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, and erosion resistance. Therefore, they can maintain their decorative effect for a long time.

Safety glass door

The glass of the safety glass door includes steel protective glass, bulletproof glass and laminated glass.

Moreover, it has good day-lighting and it is easy to clean. Meanwhile, these glasses have high strength and good thermal stability.

Moreover, even if the glass is broken, it will not fly away. Therefore, these fragments are not easy to hurt people.

Energy-saving glass door

The glass of the energy-saving glass door has a special craft and colouring. Therefore, it can absorb the heat of solar radiation. And this achieves the effect of energy-saving.

Moreover, these glasses can also absorb ultraviolet and visible light. Therefore, this prevents the influence of ultraviolet rays in the room. Moreover, the indoor light is softer.

Coated glass door

The effect of the coated glass is very similar to what we usually see in technology movies. Light can only pass from one side to the other. So, its privacy is very good.

Besides, the coated glass door has the function of thermal insulation. Meanwhile, its sound insulation effect is also very good.

Therefore, people usually use coated glass doors in halls, hotels, restaurants, hotels, banks, and hospitals.

Sensor glass door

Induction glass doors are usually integrated by the functions of glass doors and induction doors. It is a kind of glass door. Meanwhile, it is also a kind of induction door.

Usually, people call the sensor glass door an automatic door.

sensor glass door

According to the way of opening, people can divide the glass doors  into the following types:

  1. Pan glass sensor door
  2. 90-degree casement glass sensor door
  3. Curved glass sensor door
  4. Sliding glass door (Sliding glass door)

Moreover, people can also classify the induction glass doors according to the door types:

  1. Aluminium profile framed glass sensor door
  2. Stainless steel framed glass sensor door
  3. Frameless all-glass sensor door

Besides, the sensor glass door also has many smart functions. For example:

  1. Microwave induction glass door
  2. Infrared sensor glass door

The use of induction glass doors has the following advantages:

  • leave air conditioning energy
  • l Reduce noise
  • windproof and dustproof

After understanding what the glass door is and the type of glass door, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of glass doors.

Features of glass door

There are many advantages to glass doors, so now people will use it widely.


High transparency

The glass used in the glass door is currently the best transparent polymer material. Its light transmittance reaches 92%. Therefore, its light transmittance is much better than ordinary glass.

Maybe people have not carefully observed the glass door in their lives, so they don’t know much about its light transmittance.

Now let’s take an example: people call the tube of a sun lamp an artificial sun. And 100% of ultraviolet rays can penetrate it. Meanwhile, 73% of ultraviolet rays can pass through plexiglass. But for ordinary glass, the ultraviolet light that can penetrate it is only 0.6%.


For the same size, the weight of plexiglass is only half of the ordinary glass. Metal aluminium is a light metal, and the weight of plexiglass is only 43% of its weight.

Therefore, people feel effortless when using glass doors. From this aspect, glass doors are more advantageous than wooden doors and aluminium doors.

High mechanical strength

Because of the molecular combination of plexiglass, its strength is very high.

Therefore, it is tensile and impact resistance is 7-18 times higher than ordinary glass. For example, even if you use a nail to drive into the glass, it will not crack.

Similarly, even if a bullet penetrates the plexiglass, it will not break into pieces. Therefore, people use stretched plexiglass as bulletproof glass.

Moreover, the canopy of military aircraft can also use this kind of plexiglass.

However, glass doors also have their disadvantages.

Disadvantages of glass doors:

The mechanical properties of glass doors are relatively poor. This means that when the glass door receives the second impact, it will easily break.

Glass door hardware accessories

There are several types of hardware accessories for glass doors, let’s understand them one by one.

Door clip

The door clip is put down from the top and bottom to fix the glass door. In this way, the door clip protects the glass door.

Meanwhile, it is also an accessory that controls the opening and closing of the door.

And the glass door is different from other doors because the door clamps used for framed glass doors and frameless glass doors are of different specifications.

Moreover, the door clip can also keep the glass door from deviating from the track.

Door lock

The door lock and door handle of the glass door are separate. However, for safety reasons, it is more appropriate to install the door lock near the door handle.

Like the door clip, the door locks used for different glass materials are different. So, people need to pay attention to this when choosing door locks

door lock

Door hinge

The hinge is an accessory used in all doors. It connects the door leaf and the door frame.

But because the product characteristics of different doors are different, their hinges are also different.

So, the hinges of glass doors need to use special glass door hinges.

Floor spring

The floor spring can bear the weight of the glass door to prevent the glass door from touching the ground.

Meanwhile, people also regard it as a special hydraulic door closer for glass doors.

Moreover, the floor spring allows the glass door to rotate forward and backward. Therefore, people can open and close the glass door in both directions.

How to choose glass door hardware accessories?

Since the hardware fittings of glass doors are so important, thus, how should people judge whether these fittings are good?

door hinge


The hinges, slide rails, and locks of the glass door determine the sealing performance of the glass door.

So, people can pull the glass door several times to see if it can close well.


People should choose locks with good flexibility. When choosing, you can plug and unplug the key a few times to see if the lock is smooth. And if it is labour-saving when people open the lock.

Generally, these methods can check the flexibility of the lock.


The appearance of the glass door hardware fittings should have a good plating lustre.Meanwhile, the touch should be smooth. Also, do not choose hardware accessories with defective appearance. These hardware accessories are easier to break in use.


There are many kinds of Door with windows, the most common one is the one you usually see in the classroom or bathroom. Its glass is above the door.

This kind of door increases the brightness and ventilation of the room.

However, the current ventilation system and house design can solve the problem of room brightness and ventilation. Therefore, this kind of door is rarely used now.

Moreover,there is also a security door with windows. Similarly, the windows on this door can also increase the ventilation and lighting of the room.

Besides, people can see the outdoor scene without opening the door.

However, compared with the all-steel security door, its security is a bit worse.

So,the most popular one is that the door with windows is a glass door.

Because the material of the glass door is special. Therefore, its performance is mainly determined by the glass material.

Besides, the accessories of the glass door are also very important. When purchasing glass doors, people generally need to check door clips, door locks, hinges, and floor springs. This ensures that the glass door can be used normally.