Customize windows and doors

What you should know before customize?

With the development of the customized windows and doors, there is not only a trend but also a real style of home decoration. This mode of building material customization can freely choose materials, styles and functional equipment.

People can freely choose any things from materials, design styles to functional equipment. All the detail sections can be decided by yourself which can fully reflect your personalized needs both in appearance and use.

In this article, we are going to introduce all the detail from your start to customized and the steps for customizing windows and doors. You should know the obvious advantages of customizing windows and doors!

Customize windows and doors
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Why do we need customize windows and doors

 #1. Safety of customized windows and doors:

Most home thefts are due to the security loopholes of windows and doors, Therefore, the first consideration of customized windows and doors is how to improve the security performance of windows and doors. It’s very important to choose a reliable supplier of windows and doors, reliable suppliers have perfect workmanship of windows and doors accessories, and all aspects of accessories must meet the security system of home doors and windows.

To improve the safety of home, the security of doors and windows is the main reason. Therefore, how to improve the safety performance of customized doors and windows is the primary consideration. It’s very important to choose a reliable supplier of windows and doors The door and window accessories of the reliable supplier are of fine workmanship, and all accessories should conform to the safety system of home doors and windows. Improve home safety.

 #2. Health of customized windows and doors:

windows and doors are the bridge connecting indoor and outdoor, which can not only light but also ventilated. Only by selecting the right material of windows and doors, can we improve a healthy home environment.

 #3. Energy saving of customized windows and doors:

According to the data display by the industry: at this stage, the building energy consumption accounts for about 40% of the total social energy consumption. windows and doors are the most weak part of the building. The energy loss through the windows and doors accounts for 45% – 50% of the building energy consumption and 20% of the total social energy consumption. Therefore, windows and doors are the key references when checking whether your home is energy-saving.

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 #4. Comfort:

Both dust and noise are a serious bad for the family, we can see the dust seriously affects the quality of breathing while the noise seriously annoying people daily life. These seemingly unimportant problems have actually destroyed a comfortable home. To solve these problems, the key is to improve the performance of windows and doors.

What you need to consider before customize?

# Confirm the types of windows and doors based on your space areas

the size of the windows and doors is usually determined by the area of your house. If the spaces are limit, you should customize a type of sliding window or folding doors

The styles of windows and doors should be simple and practical as possible, and any customize should base on actual as well

# The home-decoration style:

The home-style is very important for custom windows and doors, it must be suitable for the style of decoration. For example, the color and style of windows and doors should be matched with the wall, so as to make the visual of the interior more comfortable and achieve the satisfactory results.

# Arrange reasonably:

Some people ignore the actual use of windows and doors when he choosing to customize. You may have a good idea about how to custom windows and doors, but it should be suitable for the family at last.

Therefore, when customizing windows and doors, all materials should match with the homestyle as well as the practicality and aesthetics of windows and doors should be considered.

Never forget the simple and practical is the best feature of windows and doors.

Steps to customize windows and doors 

Previously we talk about the several points you should consider before customizing windows and doors, and now it yours step to ready for the custom windows, here are 5 steps to guide you what to do next:

1.Selection of customized windows and doors:

Choose reliable brands for your plan, who will give you the most professional suggestions and provide high-quality accessories for your customize.

2 Measurement on-site:

Arrange a professional installation worker to make an appointment for inspection and measurement, determine the size of windows and doors openings and wall structure, get ready for the dustproof in your home, ensure to the clean of your indoor environment while installing windows and doors


based on the investigation and measurement, the supplier should arrange professional windows and doors designers to prepare the renderings according to your demand, the supplier will make a quotation after they confirm the shape, material, area, configuration and other detail with you.

4. Style:

According to the style of renderings, combined with the decoration style of their home and their hobby. Then choose the color, material, and style of windows and doors which should match with the homestyle, to maximize the use of space and color matching, bringing infinite creativity and fun to the home environment.  

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5. Installation:

After you pay the balance, the windows and doors supplier should deliver the goods and finished the install according to the consumer’s demand and the contract. There should have a self-inspection during the installation process.

Customize windows and doors should meet the needs of design

When most consumers are ready to decorate, they can choose the style of windows and doors before customization. Due to the rapid development of the industry, professional door and window design talents are scarce, not enough to meet the market. Some senior door and window designers also work for major brands. Therefore, many doors and window design types in the market are being plagiarism.

Nowadays, a variety of home styles and decoration emerge in the market, while most windows and doors are relatively popular in design, which is difficult to meet the personality requirements.
Therefore, to achieve professional customized windows and doors, we need to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Customize windows and doors - meet all the need for every house

Face to face communication with the customer can help the supplier know more clear about what the customer needs.

The owner can also buy the windows and doors which can suitable for his own house type according to the customization. Some owners have unique house types, with missing or sharp corners, so they can’t buy finished windows and doors at all. Customize windows and doors can match the shape, size and house type, which will not lead to an improper situation of buying home. This point can not be achieved by traditional windows and doors.

The main materials for windows and doors generally include three aspects: aluminum profile, glass and hardware accessories. When we select windows and doors products, we also need to pay attention to the profile of windows and doors, for example, whether the aluminum profile conforms to the national standard, whether the specification of glass and the brand of hardware accessories are matched with higher requirements.

Good raw materials can provide better performance for windows and doors as well as be used for a longer period of time.

Customize windows and doors can make sure the quality of the product

 All requirements of customized windows and doors can be changed. The supplier can change the size, color, glass style, recommend and design the most suitable customized scheme for you. Truly meet the personalized pursuit of different consumers, and create a unique high-quality, safe and comfortable home life for you!

After we confirm the good materials, the next step is to inspect the processing of windows and doors. As we all know the technical content of windows and doors is kindly depends on different manufacturers. The big brand is usually produced by foreign precise processing machinery which means the precision and gap of windows and doors are higher than those of small manufacturers and their performance is also higher.

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From the appearance, if the aluminum surface of the windows and doors is repainted and cracked, the accessories are deformed, and the components have obvious cracks, etc., That means poor quality of this product.

Product performance is also an important part of testing product quality. Good products need to be tested for water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance and sound insulation effect of windows and doors.

These capabilities are usually not directly visible. We can ge this information through the door and window inspection report issued by the authorized national inspection department.

When you customized windows and doors - choose a reliable brand

Customize windows and doors, when you choose a brand, it depends on the brand reputation and popularity, as well as its quality and appearance. We must choose products with a guarantee and regular production, choose big brand windows and doors, choose appropriate styles, design our own exclusive windows and doors, make our home a new look, and make customized windows and doors bring you a better life.


In the current situation, a variety of windows and doors let consumers don’t know how to choose. So “customized windows and doors” has become a trend. Some consumers choose to customize windows and doors because it is difficult to find personalized products that meet their own needs in the home market.
Another part may say that they choose customized windows and doors because of the house type and their love for high-quality home products. This article has introduced the advantages and process of customized windows and doors to help people learn more about door and window customization.

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