In the past 2019, too many market changes have taken place in China’s home building materials industry. Every industry is constantly changing, and those who cannot keep up with the changing trend will eventually be abandoned by the times and unable to board the ship of the new world. 2020 is a year full of challenges. This kind of challenge not only comes from the challenges to the industry and market but also from the self-challenge of practitioners in the whole building materials industry. In this article, we are going to introduce what problems exist in China’s windows and doors industry in 2019, so in the face of an unknown market, what will happen in China’s windows and doors industry in 2020?

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Problems of China's windows and doors industry currently facing  

#1 The development of the windows and doors industry leads to fierce competition

By the end of 2019, the high development of the windows and doors industry has led to fierce market competition, which has also reduced the profits of various companies. The increasingly rich products in the building windows and doors market have made the market develop in a diversified structure. The application of new materials and new technologies will certainly spawn more new products, but windows and doors products are less differentiated than other industries, so competition is also fiercer.

#2 Industry structural adjustment caused by industry transformation pressure

Affected by the industrial development cycle, the windows and doors industry began to undergo an industrial development model transformation. Manufacturing companies have gone from decentralization to intensive, from rough to lean, from energy consumption to efficiency enhancement. This process will inevitably cause pains of transformation, but it is better for society and the industry in the future. Through transformation, on the one hand, the industrial structure was restructured, on the other hand, the production capacity was concentrated to large enterprises, and the released market resources were taken over by large enterprises.

#3  The integration period of single-category companies is coming

Restricted by their own product output capabilities, there are many single-category development companies on the market, and the head companies among them are affected by their own performance pressure, and they must find new ways. Under the current situation, the market transformation cannot be realized in a short time, so horizontal acquisition, merger or reorganization of some industry-related enterprises has become the easiest way to increase market sales.

#4 Further disintegration of the retail market  

The retail market has always been a major contributor to the cash flow of windows and doors companies. In 2020, and for a period of time in the future, on the one hand, it will be affected by the fine decoration model of real estate, and on the other hand, by the upgrade of consumption, consumers will switch to a new consumption model. For example, consumers prefer to seek decoration companies, designers, home improvement bureaus, etc. This has greatly dispersed consumer demand. Consumers are no longer limited to a single retail market, and traditional sales channels have gradually been disintegrated.

What are the possible development trends of China's windows and doors industry in 2020

Benefiting from the acceleration of China’s urbanization process and the advent of the era of consumer upgrades, consumers are increasingly demanding the performance of Windows and doors products while pursuing the level of Windows and doors. Such a demand market will enable China’s windows and doors industry to continue to grow rapidly. In the next 10 years, more than 11 billion square meters of windows and doors will enter the replacement period in China, and the market value of the renovation of existing buildings will reach to 10 trillion yuan. Advanced Windows and doors will become the mainstream of the windows and doors industry.

# Higher value and requirements for products

In recent years, China’s windows and doors industry has been fiercely competitive, and the industry will still be in a critical period of major adjustment and integration for some time. With many companies going public and young consumers having a new definition of the traditional decoration process, if companies want to have new developments in this melee, windows and doors companies must upgrade to enhance the value and efficacy of Windows and doors.

The extra value of Windows and doors is mostly reflected in the functions of Windows and doors. The traditional mass-produced aluminum alloy Windows and doors are gradually being eliminated by the market due to the single product function, and the aluminum alloy Windows and doors with additional functions are quietly occupying the industry market.

# Innovation is the main competitiveness

In recent years, people’s living standards have been greatly improved, and consumers have shifted from necessity to practicality and even applicability. In the future, as more and more young people become the main force of market consumption, their concepts will also change the development trend of the market.

A new consumer group that pursues fashion, promotes individuality, and enjoys life, is increasingly demanding on the personality of windows and doors consumption. Under this market environment, the design elites of the aluminum windows and doors industry are urged to open their minds and create more stylish and creative Products with appreciation value. Therefore, in the future aluminum alloy Windows and doors market, no matter who has mastered the main driving force for innovation, he must have become the market’s top competitiveness.

# The market is developing from the town and the countryside

With the continuous promotion of urbanization and the improvement of people’s living standards, the living standards in rural areas have also undergone great changes, and some have even exceeded the general urban living standards. Make the third and fourth-tier cities release a wider space. Enterprises must promote to cities and towns through good channels, obtain more sales with different marketing schemes, and at the same time reconstruct consumer relations and create new consumer markets. There is no doubt that the urban and rural markets have become a new trend in the domestic aluminum alloy windows and doors market.


“Customized Windows and doors” become a fashionable way of consumption  

With the rapid development of social economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, finished furniture can no longer meet consumers ‘pursuit of personalized life, and consumers’ demand for customized home Windows and doors is becoming more and more obvious. A new generation of young people is becoming more and more conscious of their pursuit of personality. With the wide application of new materials, new technologies and new processes, and the increasing convenience of sales channels such as e-commerce, the cost of personalized production of Windows and doors continue to decrease. Therefore, meeting the needs of customers’ customized Windows and doors has become an important key point in the transformation of many traditional enterprises.

“Environmental protection” becomes mainstream

In recent years, environmental protection has become a hot topic, and this topic has also caused consumers to pay attention to environmentally friendly homes. Studies have shown that 53.8% of consumers in China attach great importance to the environmental protection of products when purchasing, especially for Windows and doors, and 36% of consumers regard environmental protection as the primary standard.

Environmental protection Windows and doors are more and more respected by people, especially with the improvement of the quality of the people, the awareness of energy conservation in environmental protection is becoming stronger and stronger. Coupled with the direct threats of automobile exhaust and formaldehyde, people have caused environmental protection and Health functions are of particular concern. As a result, green and environmentally friendly health Windows and doors are increasingly becoming a focus in the future.

Minimalism is more popular

Minimalism can usually achieve an outstanding effect. Since the 1950s, German modern furniture has begun to design minimalism. Nordic minimalist furniture is popular all over the world. Japan has also embarked on a unique way of combining traditional and modern. According to relevant statistics, consumers are more inclined to “minimalism” in the choice of windows and doors product materials and decoration styles.

The arrival of the intelligent era, intelligent Windows and doors become a trend

With the development of technology, “intelligence” has become a lifestyle and social trend, and the official commercialization of 5G has also provided new impetus for the development of the Internet of Things. To cater to this trend, people will gradually realize a smart and intelligent family living environment. In the windows and doors industry, the combination of smart Windows and doors with smart homes will definitely become an industry trend, especially for consumer groups that have a strong dependence on smart homes such as the 80s and 90s.

In addition, the role of the industry with “intelligence” as the key word will be more obvious. Next, companies must use information technology to combine new technologies such as the Internet and big data with industrial production to achieve data exchange between factories, consumers, and products. Then reconstruct production methods, sales methods and after-sales methods. With “intelligence” as the chain, there is a broader space for enterprise development.


The development of the windows and doors industry is inseparable from the current society with the environment of development and change. On the one hand, it is the gradual increase in the level of productivity development, on the other hand, the constant changes in consumer demand. In this 5G era, every industry has undergone major changes. Then, of course, the windows and doors industry is also changing. Committed to reform and innovation, China’s windows and doors industry is bound to make the progress with rapidly.

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