Nowadays, the quality of life has improved. Therefore, more and more families have high-quality requirements for the shower room. Then, shower room industry has a huge market.

Statistics show that China’s shower room industry has a market of hundreds of billions.

Moreover, it has a rapid growth rate of 20% every year. The growth rate of the overall bathroom is as high as 26%.

Meanwhile, the growth rate of bathroom cabinets reached more than 40%.

Therefore, China’s shower room industry has great development space and potential.

Next, we will analyze the shower room industry from three aspects:

  1. Products and features available on the market
  2. End-user needs
  3. The development characteristics of the shower room industry in the future.
shower room industry

Types and features of the products available in the current market.

First, let’s get to know what is it.

What is a shower room

The Shower room is a separate shower cubicle.

Usually, people put it in the bathroom.

The enclosed shower room has three parts:

  1. The mixing valve
  2. The tray
  3. The space it occupies

Moreover, it usually includes bathtub and shower facilities.

Accessories of the shower room

Shapes and sizes of shower rooms are various.

Therefore, manufacturers should choose the metal package that can bear the weight.

For the long cut, cheap components will often break. Therefore, cheaper components are more expensive overall.

Moreover, for high-pressure shower rooms, people need to use 2-3 wide sliding filters. For this kind of shower room, it is necessary to use metal components. And this can bear the weight.

Shower tray

People usually decide if using the shower tray according to the size of the shower room. Although there are many types of shower rooms, most of them are suitable for shower trays. However, manufacturers need to pay attention to the material of the shower tray. Generally, users compare different brands of shower tray materials.

Steam Shower Room

A steam shower room is a closed shower room with a steam generator.

It is beneficial to certain respiratory diseases. Moreover, it can clean the skin very well.

Usually, there will be a seat or a small bathtub in the steam cabin. So, it is convenient and comfortable for people to take a bath.

Its surface is toughened safety glass. Meanwhile, the sealing between its components can make the steam shower room better.

For use,  it takes one minute to warm up. And then the steam fills the cabin. This steam can generally last for 20 minutes. Similarly, people can also set the time according to their needs.

Some steam cabins can also add essential oils. Moreover, some steam cabins also have the function of steaming their faces. Therefore, it is very popular with high-end users.

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Shower room doors

Generally, Users want to enter the bathroom easily and comfortably. Therefore, bathrooms generally use revolving doors or hinged doors. Moreover, people can push sliding doors and folding doors to both sides. So, this can avoid other accessories may prevent the door from opening.

Various design of shower room

With the improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements for bathroom design. Therefore, many manufacturers will customize bathrooms for customers.

Commonly, shower rooms have various shells.

Shower rooms have a lot of various shapes and sizes. For example, many shower rooms have special geometric shapes. And this provides a lot of space and potential for design.

By the way, you can find more design information on Window and door design ideas

various design for shower room

Ventilation is important

Nowadays, many bathrooms have plumbing. Excessive steam will cause a lot of water mist on the glass and mirror.

This not only looks ugly, but also could produce mould. And then it will destroy your decorations. In worse cases, it will destroy the structure of your construction. So, installing good ventilation devices is important.

There are several fans designed for ventilation for a shower room. Usually, people install them on the ceiling.

Moreover, some fans can adjust humidity. When the humidity in the bathroom is high, users can turn on this feature to exhaust.

Security of shower room

The safety of the shower room is very important. Because the shower room is usually slippery, people will do a lot of anti-skid measures in the shower room.

Then, for manufacturers, they must ensure that all products in the shower room meet national standards. This can ensure that people are safe when taking a bath.


End-users demand for shower room

Classification of users

  1. For high-end customers, manufacturers can develop some high-end products to meet their needs.
  2. For rural users or shower rooms of ordinary families, manufacturers can design some simple products. This meets the needs of ordinary families and affordable housing.
  3. Due to the country’s vigorous economic development, the demand for commercial shower rooms such as hotels will be great in the next few years.

Demand of users

Manufacturers in the market provide the products best suitable for user demands. Commonly, users want shower rooms with low cost and good durability. If it can be better, users wan shower rooms with good appearance.

Nowadays, the consumption concept and consumer groups of shower room are changing. And we analyzed the development status of the shower room industry.

Many users used to pursue luxurious shower room products. For example, massage tub, steam room.

Now, with the shower room products entering more and more families. They change to want practical products. For example, a convenient, water-saving, energy-saving, and space-saving shower room.

Meanwhile,shower room products are growing at an average rate of 20%-25%.

Moreover, according to statistics, 80% of the existing bathroom sales are for the shower room of high-end hotels.

So, the development of commercial shower room provides the shower room industry with more room for growth.

a high-end hotel

Main Production Region


  • First, its location is good. It is in the south-central part of the Pearl River Delta and connects Guangzhou to the north. Moreover, it is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau. Therefore, his water and land transportation is very convenient.
  • Second, Zhongshan has a number of well-known manufacturing companies. However, there are lots of small companies to produce shower room products. So, there are 150 companies in total.
  • Third, its production scale is very large. It has 4,200 mu of land for production. And it invested more than 50 million to build industrial bases and warehouse buildings. These bases have also attracted many companies to settle in.


In the early 1990s, some of the larger shower room companies in Xiaoshan were mainly engaged in processing and supporting production.

And then, these companies also began to transform their own production of shower room products.

After more than ten years, Xiaoshan has developed into the main production area of the shower room in China.

Now, there are more than 60 large companies producing shower room products.

Meanwhile, its output accounts for 20% of the country’s total output.


Shower room companies in Foshan are mainly in Nanhai district and Chancheng district.

Moreover, Foshan is the leader of China’s shower room industry. Therefore, the productive ability and quality of its products are very strong in the entire production line of the shower room.

Besides, two companies in Foshan have been selected as the “China’s top ten shower room brands”.

Moreover, their ideal is to create a professional brand. And it has a great influence on the overall bathroom.

New sales growth point is in rural areas and second-tier cities

China vigorously develops rural urbanization. Therefore, more and more farmers will become urban residents. And they will need a suitable shower room.  Moreover, in recent years, they have improved their living environment and their quality of life. Meanwhile, they also slowly showed their spending power.

Therefore, the shower room industry will see greater growth in rural areas and second-tier cities.

rural life

Characteristics of market development

Currently, the existing overall shower rooms in China are mainly in budget hotels, long-term rental apartments, public rental houses and other places.

Manufacturers should upgrade their products based on user habits and decoration design in existing uses.

In the future, the overall shower room will gradually spread to hardcover residences and luxury hotels.

It is estimated that China’s overall shower room industry will exceed 10 billion in 2020.

And by 2021, the overall scale of the shower room industry will reach RMB 17.3 billion.

Among them, the residential shower door industry will reach 16.4 billion RMB.

New products can develop the industry

Shower room products have come up late in China. Now this industry has only the most basic framework. Therefore, it has great potential for development. For example, a new type of shower room with steam shower room and other functions.

Besides, the shower room can produce new products in terms of glass colour, material selection or door design.

Assembly line production is an inevitable trend

The shower room cannot be produced on the assembly line. Therefore, its price is generally high. However, its product circulation is not convenient.

Therefore, the customized production is the development trend of the shower room industry. Meanwhile, this also laid a good foundation for future development.

Water-saving and energy saving 

China is now building a conservation-oriented society. Therefore, the country has also set a higher standard for water and energy saving of shower room products.

Large companies will occupy a larger market share, and small companies will gradually withdraw from the market

China’s shower room industry has entered a mature stage. Therefore, powerful companies have good technologies in material, quality, and appearance. Therefore, their market share will continue to increase.

However, the difficulty of competition for small and weak enterprises will increase. They are likely to exit the market in the event of survival of the fittest. And this is also beneficial to China’s shower room industry to develop healthily.

Users demands

Users’ requirements for the shower room are still high quality, low price, good quality and durable.

Meanwhile,with the improvement of people’s living quality, they also have new demands for the shower room.


The artistic sense of the shower room is more attractive to the residents’ rooms and hotels.

Smart shower room

With technology integrated into people’s lives, users’ demand for smart shower room products is also increasing.

Moreover, smart products are good for users experience.

Besides, they are also safer and more convenient and can provide more functions.

Therefore, smart shower room products will be the top priority of the future industry development.

energy saving


In recent years, with the development of the national economy. The Chinese shower room industry has entered people’s lives, and also to the world.

In the current market, there are mainly the following shower room products:

1.Shower tray

2.Steam shower room

3.Shower room doors

Besides, when manufacturers produce shower room products, they should pay attention to their accessories to be firm. And the design needs to meet the needs of users. Moreover, the ventilation and safety of the shower room are better.

For end-users, they mainly need residential shower room and commercial shower room. Moreover, the main user group has changed from a preference for luxurious products to practical products.

In China, the main production areas for shower room products are Foshan, Zhongshan and Xiaoshan.

The future market will continue to maintain high growth. The main growth points are in rural areas and the new second line.

Moreover, new products will bring new development opportunities to the market. National policies support more water-saving and energy-saving products.

For end-users, they prefer smart products with a strong sense of art.

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