Things to consider for bathroom interior doors

If you are thinking about how to choose the bathroom interior doors. Here are some useful tips for you.

We are going to discuss the aspects of material and styles.

Materials of bathroom interior doors

The ability against the moisture remains the most important for the performance of the material. Because the bathroom door offers its service in the place of water. Guess you prefer the moisture from the bathroom within itself instead of elsewhere.

Have you ever considered a wooden door for your bathroom? You probably need to think twice before you make the decision if so. Usually, wooden doors are not the first option for bathroom interior doors. Because wooden doors get damaged easily in humid environment in the long run. You might want to choose other materials with better performance against moisture and humidity instead. Especially when you want to save more effort for cleaning and maintenance. Wooden doors in a humid place can easily have issues of peeling, bubbling and warping. We’re sure you don’t want your bathroom door to end up like this.

[image of a humid broken wooden door]

The popular materials for bathroom interior doors today include aluminium and fibreglass.

Aluminium bathroom interior doors

High strength protects from deformation.

EEHE’s aluminium doors come with strong profiles. And our various series provide unique enhancement for a variety of applications. Because of that, your bathroom door remains its shape and extends its service life.

Guarantee for your safety and privacy.

Unlike the entrance doors, you might invest less in safety for your bathroom interior doors. This is quite understandable. Meanwhile, it is important to consider the safety performance of your bathroom interior doors. Because we believe that you prefer more privacy in the bathroom. Especially when your lovely kids like to play around the “water park”. (No kidding. The bathroom is one of their desired amusement parks in your house.) In this case, you need a bathroom door strong enough to hold the hits by your little Kungfu stars. Although we know that you care your little ones even more than yourself. But you also enjoy the private moments inside more than the view outside through the door debris. So, we offer reliable aluminium bathroom interior doors to protect your safety and privacy.

Flexible in designs and large door sizes.

The physical features of aluminium offer more flexibility in designs. Also, more options in large door sizes. Accordingly, the sizes of a quality aluminium door can be up to a height of 2700 mm. And a width of 1260 mm. Thanks to it, you have more choices of styles in your bathroom door portfolios.

Excellent durability and long lifespan.

Aluminium doors are resistant to diverse environmental conditions. They remain durable even exposed to chemicals as of acid and alkalis. As a result, your bathroom door looks new even after years of use. Another result of this, it requires little effort for maintenance.

Environmentally friendly.

Materials of aluminium doors are 100% recyclable plus the durability of aluminium. It is less likely to lead to impacts on the environment.

Less energy efficient

Fibreglass bathroom interior doors

One of the staring points of the fibreglass doors is the editable colours. The coating layers offer various options of colours, textures and grains for the bathroom interior doors. But have you thought about editing the colours to match your new style after renovation? Yes, you can change the door colours to your favourites. You can wipe down, paint and repaint the fibreglass doors as the way you want! If you love changing the themes of your bathroom, the fibreglass door is a good choice.

Energy efficiency is another feature makes fibreglass stand out. The fibreglass material can reduce the impact of outside temperature. In other words, fibreglass doors keep you cooler in summers and warmer in winters. While aluminium doors tend to bring the heat and cool in and out. Fortunately, the technology today has enabled better thermal performance for aluminium doors.

Generally, the fibreglass doors have got almost all advantages of aluminium doors.

However, the strength is an exception. The aluminium doors are better than fibreglass doors in strength. If you strike it hard, the fibreglass doors will crack. But the aluminium door will most likely remain the shape. Thus, in terms of safety, the aluminium doors have the advantage over the fibreglass ones.

Also, fibreglass doors come with a higher price than aluminium doors. This is one of the reasons why homeowners choose aluminium doors for their bathrooms.

Now that we have figured out the materials, let’s go to step 2.

Styles of bathroom interior doors

Styles is another key factor to consider for choosing bathroom doors. And the styles of the doors largely depend on the space.

So, have the right measurement of space.

And the first space for your bathroom door is the size of the opening. Most of the door should be smaller than the opening size. Both in length and width. Like, the width of the jambs should match the thickness of the wall.  This is important to know when you are planning to buy a pre-hung door.

But on the other hand, a few door styles come in bigger sizes than the opening. Because these bathroom doors work alongside the wall. The sliding barn doors for example.

You will find more relations between the space and styles below. And the tips for making your choice as well.

Hinged Doors/swing doors

[image of a hinged door]

Hinged doors can be the most common doors for many years. Or you find them with another name: swing doors. The typical structure of a hinged door/swing door is like this.

The door frame and the door leaf are the parts you see the most. Then the hinges connect the one end of the door to the door jamb. A door jamb is a vertical side of the door frame. And the other end of the door swings inward or outward. Some hinges allow the door to swings in both ways. Usually, you see the door knob or door lock on the end that swings.

As the other interior doors, many buy a hinged door for their bathroom door. You probably want to do so.  In this case, remember to calculate the space for your door to swing.

French Doors

Compared to hinged doors/swing doors, French doors swing on each side. The door leaves of French doors take up less space than hinged doors. While both require the same size of the opening.

In the meantime, French doors enhance the view by opening from the centre. French doors fit your taste, if you want to emphasize the beauty of your bathroom.

Pocket Doors

[image of a pocket door]

Pocket doors are kind of a trendy style of the bathroom doors. Actually, the pocket doors have been with us for numerous years. But they have gained their popularity recently due to their good performance in space-saving. Because pocket doors do not swing open. Instead, they hide into the wall when you slide them open. This definitely helps you save the floor space in the bathroom. Then you have more space for the other functions. The space-saving feature is amazing when you have small bathroom in particular.

Sliding Doors

[image of sliding doors]

As well as pocket doors, sliding doors are appealing due to their space-saving feature. They can save the space for the floor of your bathroom. But unlike pocket doors, sliding doors usually require a large opening. Therefore, sliding doors fit your need for more space, when you’ve got a big opening or plan to make one.

Bifold Doors

[image of bifold doors]

You might find bifold doors common in today’s interior designs. Especially for the patios and sunrooms as divides from the living rooms. The structure of bifold doors generally consists of the following parts. A track, several door leaves, and a set of hinges accordingly. The hinges connect the door leaves from on to another. And the track hangs from the top is for the door leaves to open and close.

Similarly, the sliding doors also work with a track. But bifold doors allows more space at the entrance. While sliding doors offer only a part of the opening accessible at a time. Both of sliding doors and bifold doors require a large opening though.

Meanwhile, Bifold doors take up more space on the floor than sliding and pocket doors. Because the bifold door leaves need the space to fold. Leave some space for the door leaves if you adopt bifold doors for your bathroom.

Dutch Doors

[image of a Dutch door]

You can easily recognize the Dutch doors by their unique style. Typically, Dutch doors have different panels for the top and bottom. And each of the panels can swing without influence on the other. There are times you want some fresh air outside while keeping your privacy in the bathroom. The Dutch door can well cater you need in the case. Just keep an eye on the gap between the 2 leaves of the door.


Hopefully the article makes it easier for you to choose the bathroom interior door. If you’re struggling with the options. Don’t hesitate to tell us. Our experienced specialists are more than happy to help you out.

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