With the development of the social environment and the improvement of living standards, the upgrade of consumer demand is also further improved. The aluminum windows and doors in China have undergone great changes.

From the current point of view, the aluminum windows and doors industry is at a stage of rapid development, with many brands appearing. In such a situation, a good brand that truly understands the needs of consumers is easier to win. In this article, we will introduce the ranking of China’s top aluminum windows and doors brands. Aluminum alloy windows and doors in Foshan, Guangdong represent China’s aluminum windows and doors industry. So, what are the characteristics of aluminum windows and doors in China?

EEHE Aluminum windows and doors

Top aluminum windows and doors manufacturer / supplier in China

Eehe windows and doors

Eehe windows and doors were founded in 2008, focusing on high-end aluminum windows and doors, sunrooms, log doors, shower rooms, etc. They are a modern enterprise dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing, sales, and service of home building materials. Eehe windows and doors always gather top talents in the industry and form R & D teams; cooperate with the top scientific research institutes and universities in the country and have won many design patents. Eehe windows and doors have a modern garden-style workshop of 100,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of 300,000 square meters and a daily output of more than 1,000 square meters, with a fast supply cycle. Eehe windows and doors have established brand stores in more than 1,000 cities in 30 provinces across the country, covering second- and third-tier cities, and have broad market influence.

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Paiya Windows and Doors (Foshan Nanhai Paiya Windows and doors Products Co., Ltd.)  

Paiya Windows and Doors was established in 1990. It was one of the earliest enterprises in China that entered the windows and doors industry and was the pioneer of aluminum alloy windows and door. It covers an area of 300,000 square meters, and its manufacturing scale ranks first in the aluminum windows and doors in China. As the chairman of the Aluminum Windows and doors Special Committee, Chairman Li Junhong has been leading the windows and doors industry to continue to develop. Under the premise of achieving a comprehensive strength and a large scale, it has been insisting on originality and leading the industry for 28 years. This is the biggest success of Paiya.

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Xinhaoxuan windows and doors (Foshan Xinhaoxuan Door Industry Co., Ltd.)  

Xinhaoxuan is a powerful name in the windows and doors industry, and it is also a resounding brand. The company was established in 2003. After fifteen years of development, with excellent R & D capabilities, it has hundreds of product patents, including aluminum alloy doors, Seiko wooden doors, Seiko steel doors and other companies. They have won: “ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification”, “China Red Cotton Design Award”, “2016 CCTV1, CCTV13 broadcast brand”, “China’s top ten brands of aluminum alloy windows and doors ” and hundreds of honors.

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MZX 门窗

MZX windows and doors

MZX windows and doors specializes in the production of sliding doors, swing doors, sliding windows, swing windows, and sun rooms. It is a brand of Hong Kong MZX International Building Materials Co., Ltd. and is headquartered in Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong. MZX windows and doors has more than 500 specialty stores covering more than 30 provinces across the country, providing customers with personalized windows and doors customization services at any time. After 20 years of hard work, Meizhixuan windows and doors have achieved fruitful results, becoming the national industrial and commercial industry unit and passing the Chinese environmental label product certification. MZX windows and doors always consider people’s health and environmental protection. Always consider how to maintain a stylish home life. They adhere to the concept of integrity and innovation, and continue to progress toward the goal of “becoming the world’s first brand of green home”. The windows and doors products launched by MZX windows and doors are highly respected by consumers, home improvement companies and engineering customers. The company takes “quality is life, integrity is fundamental” as its business philosophy, and “development of high-grade life” as its development goal, and adheres to the tenet of “quality first, reputation first”. It really makes consumers have excellent treatment.

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Hennissy windows and doors (Foshan Xuhui Hardware Development Co., Ltd.)

The “Hennis HENNISSY” brand was founded in 2004. Hennissy windows and doors are committed to the construction of “global environmentally friendly windows and doors business”. In 2016, they successfully acquired the Australian windows and doors brand SOLIDI. Relying on the advanced technology advantages of SOLIDI, they invested in the establishment of “Hennis windows and doors overseas technology” R & D Center “, and invited well-known Australian designer Matthew as a product consultant. Hennissy windows and doors products are located in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Europe, Oceania, North America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The brand has a significant influence in the windows and doors industries in China and abroad.

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S.Milan windows and doors  (Foshan S.Milan windows and doors Co., Ltd.)   

S.Milan specializes in the production of aluminum windows and doors  and sun rooms. Currently, the self-built industrial park covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters. It has established strategic cooperative relations with German Haobo, Sigiriya, Italy Reguidi, and Germany Ensinger. Continue to invest in research and development and upgrade products, adhere to the strict standards of each product, and make excellent products. Mainly provide consumers with safe and soundproof system windows and doors products, and bring a comfortable home life experience.

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brand of windows and doors

PHONPA Windows and doors (Guangdong PHONPA Home Technology Co., Ltd.)  

The PHONPA windows and doors are deeply trusted by Chinese and foreign consumers. The PHONPA windows and doors is the first choose brand of domestic high-end aluminum windows and doors consumers, and has established a solid position as the leader of the Chinese windows and doors industry and the advocate of “high-end soundproof windows and doors “. As an advocate of the new Seiko standards for windows and doors, the PHONPA windows and doors redefine the craftsmanship of windows and doors. The intricately crafted craftsmanship combines tradition and fashion, and the long-lasting aesthetic light perfectly interprets the new ideas of high-quality windows and doors craftsmanship.

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Rolansini windows and doors  

  Rolansini windows and doors were founded in 2008, focusing on high-end aluminum windows and doors, aluminum-wood composite windows and doors, sun rooms, building curtain walls, etc. Roland Sini windows and doors , as a leading integrated high-end windows and doors service provider in China, by introducing European production equipment and windows and doors processing technology, integrating global high-end windows and doors accessories resources, creating a benchmark for China’s high-end windows and doors brands with global quality, winning the home industry for two consecutive years Oscar Award.

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Feiyu Windows and doors (Chengdu Feiyu Windows and doors Co., Ltd.)

Feiyu windows and doors, focusing on windows and doors for 38 years, entered the windows and doors industry in 1980, founded the Feiyu brand in 2004, focusing on the development and production of aluminum alloy windows and doors, and established production bases in Guanghan, Sichuan and Foshan, Guangdong. And prepare to build a third production base in East China. There are more than 900 dealers nationwide, and three major marketing centers provide operational support.

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What are the characteristics of Foshan aluminum windows and doors?

An essential item for building decoration, such as windows and doors, is widely used in various cities. Its development characteristics are different for every city. The types of buildings are different, and the types of windows and doors are also different. Therefore, the aluminum windows and doors brand in Foshan also has its own characteristics.

Speaking of the characteristics of Foshan aluminum windows and doors, it must be mentioned that are aluminum alloy windows and doors. It is not the same as ordinary windows and doors. The windows and doors are all made of aluminum alloy. You should know that like the previous windows and doors may be made of some aluminum or material with relatively high iron content, the windows, and doors produced in this way will easily produce rust every year, and the service life will not be too long. And once the windows and doors are damaged, there will be a great danger.

And this kind of aluminum alloy windows and doors does not need to have such worries. Through the role of aluminum alloys, this kind of windows and doors have very strong heat resistance and corrosion resistance, which can save the installer a very large maintenance cost. In addition, there are many kinds of windows and doors styles like this Foshan aluminum alloy windows and doors brand. In this case, no matter what kind of building windows and doors can be selected, of course, if the building’s windows and doors type is really special, it can also be customized.


The competitiveness of the brand of the windows and doors market in the future will be more obvious. China’s big brand windows and doors industry has always been a sunrise industry. The value of windows and doors in Foshan, Guangdong Province is mostly reflected in the functions of windows and doors, and the market of high-end aluminum windows and doors is going to the world. In addition, environmental protection windows and doors are more and more respected by people, especially with the improvement of the quality of the people, the environmental protection awareness of energy conservation is becoming stronger and stronger.

Coupled with the direct threats of automobile exhaust and formaldehyde, people are particularly concerned about the environmental protection and health functions of windows and doors. Therefore, green environmental protection windows and doors will become the focus of people’s attention in the future.

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