People are often misled by the fitting of accessories and become a supporting role in doors and windows in their hearts, which is essentially a misunderstanding. Hardware fittings are the key parts that determine the performance of doors and windows. Hardware fittings are the parts responsible for the tight connection of the door and window frame and the fan. Without it, the door and window will only become a dead fan, and the meaning of the door and window will be lost.

Common aluminium windows and doors accessories

Aluminium windows and doors accessories #1: Latch

The door and window hardware has a hardware called a latch. The latch is relatively small. Generally, the latch is mainly used for anti-theft. It is to prevent the doors and windows from opening from the outside, so that thieves can take advantage of it. The structure of the bolt is also simpler than that of the lock. The bolt can only be opened from the inside, not from the outside.

Aluminium windows and doors accessories #2: Handle

The handle believes that everyone knows what it is. We need to use the handle in many places, such as when opening and closing windows, as well as wardrobe door handles, shower door handles, etc. The materials of most handles on the market are mainly copper or stainless steel, and their colors and shapes are relatively variable. They are mainly used to match the overall home style and the color of doors and windows. In a safe state.

Aluminium windows and doors accessories #3: door closer

The characteristics of the door closer are that the closing speed is slow, and there is no collision sound when closing. The door closer is used more in high-end hotels. Its function is equivalent to a double spring hinge, which can automatically close the doors and windows after opening.

Aluminium windows and doors accessories #4: Window opener

The window opener is used to open the ventilating window with high position. The executive part of the window can determine the width of the window. Its deformation determines the ability of the window opener to adapt to different window types and different installation conditions. Operation mode: Handle or lever type, and manual window opener, as long as the manual window opener is suitable for hanging inside and hanging outside.

Aluminium windows and doors accessories #5: Hinge

Hinges and hinges are accessories that are used in the opening and closing process of doors and windows. When selecting hinges, pay attention to the selection of the ball bearing in the bottom bracket. The gloss of the paint and plating determines the flexibility of the drawer. And noise.

Aluminium windows and doors accessories #6: Sliding stay

Sliding stays exist as a substitute for hinges. When the living floor is relatively high, it is used to fix aluminum alloy outer sash windows or outer casement windows. The sliding stays have stronger wind resistance than hinges.

Aluminium windows and doors accessories #7: Door Stopper

Basically, every home will be equipped with a door suction, which is installed on the indoor wall. When the door is opened, it can be sucked firmly to prevent the wind from closing the door.

Door and window hinges are important components that affect the opening and closing of doors and windows. Hinges and hinges are often confused, but in fact there are very obvious differences between the two, so they use different places.

Because the structure and function principle of hinges and hinges are different, naturally the scenes and objects suitable for use will also be different. However, both are used to open and close cabinet doors, doors, windows, and doors. But this one has its own expertise. For example, hinges are usually installed on aluminium windows and doors, and hinges are more commonly used on cabinets. The inverted window in aluminium windows and doors is generally suitable for fixed installation with hinges, but if it is an oversized casement window, the hinge is not enough. At this time, it is better to use multiple hinges. Normal opening and closing of oversized casement windows, etc.

The hinge is usually used to keep the aluminium windows and doors open or closed to rotate, and the hinged sash can be rotated and translated. Since the hinge does not have a spring hinge function, the door panel will move once there is a horizontal load (such as wind), so after installing the hinge, you must install various bumpers, and the hinge itself does not provide sufficient friction. It needs to be installed with the use of a brace; the different hinges in the open state are mainly subjected to horizontal loads (such as wind) and vertical loads (such as gravity). Moreover, it can provide a certain amount of friction and can be used alone.

Choosing aluminium windows and doors accessories, pay attentions to these

Proper selection of load-bearing components-hinges

The latest Sicilian / Legend / Promise Swing Series launched by Siniman Doors and Windows caused a warm response as soon as it was launched. In addition to continuing the consistently excellent product performance and outstanding design, a great deal of effort has been devoted to the safety of the casement windows, especially to the residents in the coastal areas or the northern windy areas. Worried about the risk of falling from high altitude.

For example, the following gear hinge has a high-quality hinge with a strong bearing capacity and a maximum load of 50kg. It can still be used after 25,000 repeated opening and closing. Good sealing, closed state, the sharp corner of the front end of the support arm bears against the arc surface of the front end of the base, which enhances the tightness of the window and the anti-theft function. The fan anti-sag design is added, the base surface is added with a lifting gasket, and the stainless steel material is wear-resistant and durable. A rotating clamping piece is added to the base to prevent the sash from falling off. And it is flexible to open and can be stopped at any point.

windows and doors accessories

Opening angle

The maximum opening angle of the window can be controlled to 85 degrees, flexible opening, easy operation, and can be stopped at will. The outer flat windows with hinges must be limited by additional limiting devices such as wind bracing to limit the maximum opening angle.

Leave space

There is no need to damage the external rubber strip during the installation of the hinge to ensure the overall tightness of the window. When the hinge is opened, there is room for wiping the window from the interior, which can effectively avoid the danger of people falling into the building when wiping the outdoor side glass.

Note the size

Due to the constraints of product structure, the size and weight of the outer casement window using hinge products should not be too large. The sash is too heavy or too wide will cause the sash to fall, affecting the normal opening and closing of the window or reducing the sealing and thermal insulation performance of the window. Combined with the human body structure, considering the safety of the operator when opening and closing, the width of the opening fan should not be greater than 570mm when the outer flat window is designed, and the size of the fan should be within 570 * 1200 (W × H).

In order to ensure the durability of the sash, the length of the hinge for the outside sash window should be 2/3 of the width of the sash, and the load-bearing level should be selected after the glass is added to the profile and the safety factor is 1.3.

After reading the above detailed introduction, I believe you have a deep understanding of the opening method of the casement window and the optional installation of the hinge. Of course, in the specific installation, we still need to listen to the opinions of professional teachers.


Through the above knowledge, we know that door and window accessories will affect the experience and duration of doors and windows, so how should the aluminium windows and doors be maintained and maintained?

  1. Aluminium windows and doors should be used in a ventilated and dry environment. Keep the windows and doors clean and tidy. Do not contact with corrosive substances such as acids, alkalis, and salts.

  2. Aluminium windows and doors should be cleaned with a neutral water-soluble detergent, and no corrosive chemical agents should be used.

  3. The drainage system of doors and windows should be checked regularly to remove blockages and keep it smooth.

  4. Door and window chute, transmission mechanism, hinge, sliding support, handle and other parts should be kept clean to remove dust.

  5. Door and window hardware, such as door and window hinges, pulleys, handles, etc., should be regularly inspected and lubricated to maintain flexible opening without seizure, hardware damage should be replaced in time, and inflexible opening and closing should be repaired in time.

  6. When the sealing strips and sealing strips of aluminium windows and doors are damaged, aged or shortened, they should be repaired or replaced in time.

  7. One year after the completion of the aluminum alloy door and window project, the door and window project should be fully inspected, and a return visit inspection and maintenance record should be made.

  8. If problems occur, they should be repaired and replaced immediately. If hidden safety problems of doors and windows are found, they should be dealt with urgently.

Today I introduced so many things about door and window accessories, do you have a deeper understanding of door and window accessories? Details determine everything, and door and window accessories should also be included in the scope of investigation of door and window quality. Coupled with good maintenance and maintenance in the later period, I believe that you spend the same money as others, but you can have a better experience and a longer lifespan, which is definitely earned!