Windows are indispensable in home decoration. In recent years, the window market has developed rapidly, with many new materials and styles. Most popular and widely used windows of them are aluminium windows and vinyl windows. For aluminium windows vs vinyl windows, what should we know?

Let’s get to know the aluminium windows and vinyl windows popular currently, and the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of windows.

aluminium vs vinyl windows

How to choose the right style for home decoration?

What should we pay attention to choosing the right style for our home?


Choose windows with excellent window functions.

Pay attention to sound insulation effect, heat insulation, airtightness, water tightness, flame retardant, lighting, ventilation, and environmental protection of the windows you like.

It is recommended to choose energy-saving windows for home windows.

It can block the outdoor heat energy out in summer, and keep the indoor heat energy inside. That can save power consumption of air conditioning and heating.

The manufacturing process of windows also has a great influence on the function.

Special attention should be paid to check for welding defects, such as open welding, missing welding, etc.

Check welding defects carefully. Problems of them are open welding, missing welding, etc

Check the corners of the windows are flat, the sealing strips are tight, the door leaves and the door frames are well closed, the gap is uniform, and the window is flexible to open.

Carefully check whether the paint surface of the product is bright and the texture is clear. The paint surface must not have obvious scratches, bubbles and other defects.

Good accessories ensure and increase the service life of windows.

try to choose accessories with good performance, flexible opening and closing.

Good windows use multi-point locks. The more lock points they have, the smaller the force of each lock there is, and the windows have a stronger resistance to wind pressure.

Unqualified accessories of windows have a bad influence on the service life of the windows.


The most important thing for window selection is the material of the window.

Nowadays, most houses have large windows, and there are many high-rise buildings.

The material thickness of the selected window should be more than 2.5 mm, and the inner cavity is of a three-cavity structure. Such a window has a closed drainage cavity and an isolation cavity. That will ensure that the window will not be deformed for decades, and the windows are not prone to discolouration and aging. The material thickness of the national standard is greater than or equal to 1.4m.

Float glass has better performance. Float glass is much better than flat glass in terms of heat insulation, heat preservation, light transmission and avoiding visual deformation.

As for the surface of the aluminium material, the surface of a good broken bridge aluminium window is relatively smooth and the section is shiny.

The material of heat insulation strip, nylon material is better for the material of heat insulation strips.

Glass fibre reinforced plastic window: lighter, high strength, and aging resistance. There is no expansion under direct sunlight, no shrinkage in cold weather. There is no need for mental reinforcement and has a long service life.

Aluminium window: bright and durable.

Aluminium wood and windows are frame bodies. They are mechanically compounded with thermally insulated aluminium alloys. Aluminium wood windows are mainly made of original wood, and the overall cost is relatively high. Aluminium alloy has a protective effect on the appearance of windows.

Plastic steel window: strong and stable, thermal insulation.

The market situation of plastic windows is chaotic. The windows with the same material have different accessories and craftsmanship, and the price varies greatly. The defects of some low-quality plastic windows are obvious.

The auxiliary materials such as the bead and seal of these windows are not matched with the main material, and the appearance is rough and the sealing is poor.

Type of window

There are floor-to-ceiling windows, exterior bay windows and special-shaped windows in the current market. Different windows fit the needs of different rooms.

Suitable window types for home decoration:

  • Double hinged windows: there are two hammocks. They can be fixed up and down on the same track.

  • Framed windows: It looks a bit like a door. The frame window rotates around the hinges installed on the sides. Even in the narrow passage, the window will not bump the head of a person.

  • Pergola windows: hinges are on the top of the window, and you can open it from the bottom.

  • Sliding window: can move from side to side on the slide rail. Suitable for small spaces. You can use the small sliding window for leading to the terrace.

You can design or choose different window types according to different needs and the style of your house.

For example, the high-end hanging in-opening windows can be used in the master bedroom. You can outside flat windows for the study room. You can use sliding windows to seal the balcony. For windows with large openings, you can use combined windows. If the residence is above seven floors, not to choose out-opening the window.

Choose the suitable windows according to different climatic conditions and the way of indoor and outdoor air convection.


Do not ignore the brand of windows when choosing windows. The windows of good brands are more assured in quality.

You can check the product’s ex-factory certificate, pay attention to the ex-factory date, specifications, technical conditions, and production license number to see if the window manufacturer is regular.


The price of windows of the same brand is not the same in each construction material market. Therefore, go to the regular construction materials market to choose windows and compare prices, so as not to waste money.

Aluminium vs vinyl windows #1

What are aluminium windows

Aluminium windows are profiles with surface treatment. It is assembled with connecting parts, sealing parts and opening and closing hardware. Aluminium windows have to undergo rigorous performance tests before leaving the factory, and can only be installed and used after they meet the specified performance indicators.

There are sliding windows, swing windows, revolving windows, screen windows, shutters, fixed windows and hanging windows according to the difference of their structure and opening and closing methods. According to the different appearance and colour, There are silver-white, golden yellow, bronze, bronze, black and yellow appearance for Aluminium windows.

The aluminium windows are widely used now. Installation and after-sales service of the aluminium windows are convenient.

EEHE aluminium windows

What are vinyl windows

the main raw material of vinyl windows is PVC resin. PVC resin is a cheap alternative to wood and originated in the 1970s. In recent years, the production and application of vinyl windows have developed rapidly, especially in cold regions. They have become one of the leading products in the window market, with a service life of 20-40 years.

vinyl windows

Aluminium vs vinyl windows #2

Aluminium vs vinyl windows: Performance

Vinyl windows have better heat insulation, sound insulation sealing performance,and lighting performance than aluminium windows. This is one of the reasons why PVC windows are widely used in cold areas.

Aluminium vs vinyl windows: Appearance

Vinyl windows are more colourful than aluminium windows. They can be coordinated with various buildings. The square area of the whole window is about 4-9% smaller than aluminium.

Aluminium window paint will eventually wear out and requires maintenance and repair.

Aluminium vs vinyl windows: Durability and maintenance

Vinyl windows are made from multiple chambers and have a reinforced frame, giving them the ultimate structural integrity and strength. So you don’t need to repaint them. Hardly need maintenance, just clean the windows correctly in time.

Aluminium is very prone to sag and discolouration, and the paint is likely to wear away during use. You need to maintain and repair aluminium windows during their service life.

Condensation water on the window can accumulate mould and affect the performance of the window. There are fewer effects of temperature changes on the vinyl windows and less condensation on the windows.

Aluminium Windows produce more condensation from heat transfer from the aluminium. You need to do more maintenance than vinyl windows.

In the long run, choosing vinyl windows, you can save more maintenance fee.

Aluminium vs vinyl windows: Noise reduction

Vinyl Windows have thicker frames and are filled with foam, so they do a better job of reducing noise than aluminium Windows.

Aluminium vs vinyl windows: Energy efficiency

One of the most important considerations for choosing windows is energy efficiency. Why are vinyl windows more energy-efficient than aluminium windows?

Aluminium Windows absorb heat and emit it to your home, and the house has to rely more on air conditioning to keep cool in the summer. That will increase your electricity fee.

Vinyl Windows have insulated frames to help prevent the escape of heated and cooled air. Paired with low-radiation glass, this is the most energy-efficient window combination in the market today.

Advantage and Disadvantage

Advantages and disadvantage of aluminium window

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminium window


Long service life

The aluminium window is non-toxic, no other harmful substances and meet the environmental requirements. It is e a new generation of environmental protection products.

Water tightness and airtightness of the aluminium window is good, and keep the room from getting damp. It can protect the furniture.

Has good thermal insulation performance. Using air conditioning and heating is more energy – saving.

Good sound insulation, so that the family can have a good sleep.

Has various forms to choose, such as flat windows, push-pull windows, overhanging window.


Window frames are easily oxidized and require regular maintenance.

Advantages and disadvantage of vinyl window

Vinyl windows have corrosion resistance, and there is no need for paint maintenance. They are anti-corrosion, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance. So the moisture climates, salt fog and acid rain have little influence on them.

Meanwhile, it has a long service life and can use for around 30 years. In a natural environment, vinyl will not burn. It is good for fire prevention. Generally, vinyl windows require no paint maintenance.

However, compared with other types of windows, there are fewer choices of colours and styles of vinyl windows.

How to maintain

  1. Generally, the dust on the doors and windows should be cleaned regularly to keep the windows, glass and hardware clean and bright.

  2. Use a special cleaner to scrub the windows if they are contaminated with oil and other hard-to-clean things. And it is better not to use strong acids or strong alkaline solutions for cleaning. It will not only damage the surface easily but also damage the protective film and the oxide layer of hardware of the windows.

  3. The intensity to use windows should be moderate.

  4. Try to avoid hitting windows with hard objects or scratching the surface.

  5. If you find it inflexible to open and close the window, contact the manufacturer or the supplier of the window to repair them in time.

For more news about aluminium window maintenance, please visit How to clean aluminium windows


When you choose windows for your home, you can focus on their functions, material, types, and brand, to ensure the quality of the windows.

It is better to compared price among different window markets, and pick a substantial one.

There are a lot of advantages of aluminium windows and vinyl windows. But for aluminium vs vinyl windows, a vinyl one is better in performance, noise reduction, durability and less in maintenance fee. Meanwhile, Aluminium windows have lots of types and style to fit your house style.

Choose the qualified one depends on your need and budget, do the cleaning and maintenance in time.

If this article helps you out with how to choose the right style for your home or the information of aluminium vs vinyl windows, please share it with your friends. Keep following our blogs, more practical news is coming.