A Homeowner’s Guide You Should Know About Sunroom

Beautiful scenery sun room

Sunroom have a nickname-winter garden which means winter garden.

It has two meanings: one is that it realizes the intimate contact between the room and the sun, people can enjoy the warmth of the sun even in the cold winter.

The second is that due to the unique thermal insulation effect of the sun room, the function of the greenhouse can be realized, and even in the cold winter, it can also create a warm living environment for the family.

Nowadays, more and more people would like to build a spacious & bright sun room for their home. In this article, we will covers all the things you need to know when building a sun room. Let’s see!

Sun room Types

Things to note before building a sun room:


Insulated bridge sections are better, glass sheds and sunrooms with wooden structures occupy a certain share, but the aluminum alloy structure with 30% to 40% higher strength than ordinary aluminum doors and windows accounts for the majority.

Reason like it’s not easy to form, its own weight is too large, its heat insulation is not safe, and its shape is rotten, etc… all of this are not the best framework structure of the sun room.

Most of the world’s leading sun rooms use thermal insulation bridge products with steel construction. This thermal insulation bridge profile is aluminum on both sides, and a plastic profile cavity is used as the thermal insulation information in the middle.

This unique structure combines the advantages of plastic and aluminum alloy materials, not only can complete a variety of appearances, but also satisfies the various needs of decorative effects, strength of doors and windows, and aging resistance.

Invincible scenery sun room


sliding windows

The first generation of sun rooms glass are basically made of PVC plastic and tempered glass roofs, which have poor thermal insulation and insulation functions. Especially when it rains, the noise is very loud.

The second generation of sun room glass was uses a hollow glass roof, which improves the heat insulation effect, but the safety function is still not high.

The third generation of windows glass is basically made of hollow laminated glass. The permeability is not very good, but the thermal insulation and safety functions are relatively high.


Whether it is a single slope, opposite slope, diamond top, or gem top, the plan is inclined top. Even the glass shed, the top surface should be slightly tilted outward to allow rain to flow. European style sun room is divided into Mediterranean, Byzantine, Victorian and Gothic

Among them, the Victorian style and the Gothic style of the minaret arches are suitable for the construction of large garden areas and the roof channels. The sun room is surrounded on three sides by air and can be connected to the living room or room.

Suitable Byzantine style villa gardens with curved tops or larger roofs for rooftops, multi-storey and small high-rise apartments.


The overall plan of the heat-insulated sun room mainly includes the supporting plans for doors and windows, heat-insulation structure planning, drainage planning, and force structure planning.

The thermal insulation function is a key criterion for measuring whether the sun room is energy-saving. More common methods of insulation include adding shutters to reduce direct sunlight into the room; low-emission coated glass is used. For the sunlight room profile, to obtain the best thermal insulation effect, it is also necessary to use thermal insulation profiles and LOW-E insulating glass, as well as EPDM rubber materials that are more used than the more common ABS materials to seal, which can effectively block outdoor high temperatures.

Sun rooms are usually built from multiple components. In order to meet the ventilation requirements, the facade and top of the sunroom are mostly composed of windows and doors. The quality of the doors and windows becomes the key to the success of the sun-room’s airtight function. Affects multiple functions such as waterproofing and sound insulation. In focusing on the sealing function, it is also necessary to be able to effectively deal with air circulation problems, so that the indoor air has a very good circulation and circulation effect.

Types of sunroom

Types #1  Conservatory Sunrooms

If you picture a single, distinct shape when you hear the word “sunroom,” you’re probably thinking of a conservatory sunroom. These spaces feature all-glass design supported by structural beams. Conservatory sunroom roofs are peaked where they connect to the main house but flare out to provide a panoramic view at the end.

Conservatory sunrooms provide perhaps the most dramatic statement piece for any home, as well as arguably the best views. These characteristics make conservatories ideal for high-end homes and homes on green belts, near rivers, and so on.

Beautiful scenery sun room

Types #2 Cathedral Sunrooms

Cathedral sunrooms, sometimes called gable or vaulted sunrooms, have the distinct characteristic of a high, peaked roof. Cathedral sunrooms can have all-glass, partial-glass, or drywall on the interior and shingles on the exterior roofs, but they all have the classic and dramatic shape also found in gothic cathedrals, hence the name.

Cathedral sunrooms offer a wide range of design options that accommodate the requirements of most homes and climates. For example, the gabled roof ensures appropriate runoff in snowy areas, which can eliminate weight bearing concerns.

Types #3 Solarium Sunrooms

A solarium is an all-glass sunroom which can have an either curved or straight glass at the point the roof and walls come together. The solarium provides maximum use of glass and affords views in every direction. The roof style can be a single slope or gable.

While curved-eave sunrooms do not look as striking as conservatories, these sunrooms offer virtually all the same benefits and tend to cost less to install. Curved-eave models can be an excellent compromise for homeowners who want the 360° views of a conservatory sunroom without the costs.

Solarium Sunrooms
frameless glass windows

Types #4 Wall System Sunrooms

In some cases, sunrooms are created out of modified porches. These sunrooms can be called wall system sunrooms or enclosed patios. Wall system rooms can feature the large glass windows characteristic of a traditional sunroom or may actually qualify as a screened room or a screened-in porch, depending on the design.

If you have an existing porch, you may want to consider a wall system as this construction type can cost less overall. However, many homeowners prefer to have a porch or patio for outdoor activities and a sunroom for year round living.

People want to build sunrooms because they enjoy being closer to nature, and some people may want to have an extra space for activities. Create a more suitable sun room based on your different applications.

What kinds of application you want the room play?

1.To broaden space

If the economic level is low, you can choose insulation board roof, plastic steel doors and windows and insulation wall as peripheral protection products. Although this kind of product is not a sunny room in the strict sense, it has a low price and is economically useful. The disadvantage is poor lighting and average ventilation. If the sunroof is opened, it will be greatly improved.

2.Grow flowers and grass

Require sun room with good ventilation and proper sunlight. Plastic steel windows should be used for surrounding protection. Sun rooms with large skylights on glass roofs are cheaper, but the indoor temperature is higher in summer. Equipped with sun shade.

3.Used for winter leisure, fitness and flower cultivation

It is better to choose the whole mobile solar room with a roof that can be opened and closed, or the full-glazed solar room, and can manufacture sunshades and skylights. This type of solar room will not have the poor lighting of the solar panels. In the summer, the temperature of the fixed-roof sun room is high.

4.Used for living room, study, activity room

Tempered insulating glass roofs should be selected and equipped with appropriate dedicated insulating glass skylights. Products with broken bridge aluminum insulating glass windows or aluminum-wood composite insulating glass windows as surrounding protection products should be equipped with special sunshade curtains, awnings, and invisibility. Gauze and other products.

Note about the decoration of sun room:

Sun room is loved by people because of its unique style. A good sun room allows you to enjoy the sunshine bath, quiet, but not very hot, giving people a special enjoyment, so many people want to build a sun room , So what do you need to pay attention to when building a sun room?

 – High-efficiency sound insulation:

The material of the window room should also be selected with strict sealing and low sound conduction material. This comprehensiveness can truly create the quiet and comfortable of the sun room.

 – Effective drainage:

The construction of the sun room provides a system drainage design mechanism to protect the sun room from the nuisance of rainwater accumulation, infiltration and condensation; the effective drainage system of the sun room is the key factor to ensure the comfort of the sun room.

 – Natural ventilation:

open more windows (side windows, skylights) and large windows. As the air gets hotter, its specific gravity becomes lighter, and the specific gravity floats. In the sun room, an arrangement layer of low-temperature to high-temperature air is formed from the ground to the sun roof. If a window is opened at the top, the specific gravity of the towel near the top Light air rushes out and is replenished by room temperature air. In this way, the cold air in the room is replenished to form an airflow, which can achieve the effect of heat dissipation.

 – Easy to clean:

The sliding roof on the top of the sun room is the best choice for cleaning the top of the sun room


How can I get closer to nature while resting at home? You need a sun room! How much do you know about the precautions for building a sun room? This article introduces the precautions that should be taken before creating a sunny room, as well as the introduction of material selection. Regarding the style of the sun room, we think you already have a choice.

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