At present, the aluminum window industry is still a traditional manufacturing industry. Although the product design has been upgraded, more of the overflow value still comes from the brand and product added value. At this stage, China’s aluminum door and window market is still growing. The demand for customization makes the marketing of the aluminum window industry diversified. So in this article, we are going to introduce the development trend of the aluminum window industry? How to improve the energy efficiency of aluminum windows?

Aluminum Windows Industry Six Development Trends

#1.  Aluminum windows enterprises have always been in the front of the door and window industry, and are chased by the “Internet + aluminum windows”. In the future, the competition of aluminum alloy door and window market brands will be more intense. If Huawei is a representative of domestic mobile phones, aluminum windows may become a representative of the window industry.

#2.  Individual demand drives product innovation of aluminum windows. In recent years, people’s living standards have been greatly improved, and consumers have shifted from necessity to practicality and even applicability. In the future, with more and more people born in the 1980s and 1990s becoming the main force of market consumption, their ideas will also change the development trend of the market. They are a new consumer group that pursues fashion, enjoys life and has a personality of the masses. In this market environment, design elites should urge to design aluminum windows and open their imagination to create more fashionable and more valuable products.

#3.  High value-added aluminum windows are occupying the market heights. The added value of aluminum windows is reflected mostly on the function of aluminum windows。Traditional mass production function products are gradually eliminated from the market ,and the product of high added value aluminum windows is occupying the absolute height of industry market quietly. In addition, consumers born in the 1980s and 1990s who pursue individuality also have higher requirements for the added value of products compared with the previous generation.

#4.  Green environmental protection aluminum windows are highly recommended. Along with the promotion of national quality, everybody is more and more intense to the environmental protection consciousness of energy conservation respect。 Due to the direct threat of haze, automobile exhaust, and formaldehyde, people should pay special attention to the environmental protection and health functions of aluminum windows.

#5.  The industry chain of aluminum windows is complementary. Due to the reorganization of the industry, some aluminum windows enterprises that have no core value and no large financial support have been eliminated from the market. The other is the combination of industrial chain and complementary chain under the effect of the market economy. The restructured industrial chain of aluminum windows can more flexibly cope with various market shocks, and rely on large brands again, which has an important role in production, sales, and channels.

#6.  It is a necessary trend for the brand of aluminum windows to penetrate into the rural market. The economic development of rural areas is better than one year, and the urbanization of rural areas is also faster than one year. After the reform and opening up, the living standard in rural areas has been continuously improved, some of which even exceed the general living standard in urban areas. There is no doubt that rural areas have become unused land in the domestic aluminum window market, aluminum windows market although most suitable crowd for urban residents, but the saturated market town now and can’t let excess capacity of aluminum  windows industry quickly digest。 Rural market has become the inevitable development direction of aluminum windows industry.

What factors can improve the energy efficiency of aluminum windows?

Double glazing

Double-layer glass is to install two glass plates in the window, and there is a gap between the two glass plates. It is considered an essential factor for all energy-efficient windows and dramatically reduces all forms of heat transfer. The most important element of double glazing is the space between the glass panes. This space should be fully sealed and acts as an insulator. It can also be filled with gases like argon, which have low conductive properties to further limit the transfer of cold air.

sliding windows glass

In an extremely cold climate, many people also choose three layers of glass ,however, it’s important to remember that more panes aren’t always better. It’s best to talk to an experienced window manufacturer to find out which would best suit your local region.

Warm edge spacers

It is commonly thought amongst the building trade that around 80 percent of energy loss through a window occurs at its edges. For the reason why warm edge spacers are popular addition to energy-efficient windows. These products are made from thermally energy materials and fixed in the construction of a double or triple-glazed window unit. They firmly separate and seal the glass panes to prevent and heat transfer between the air space and the edge of the window.

Low-E coatings

Low-E glass is a pane covered with a low-emissivity film. This is a near-invisible coating that can be fitted to the inside or outside of glass. It is designed to reflect heat back in the direction it came from whilst still allowing light through.

Weather seals

Gaps and cracks around the frames of windows are a common cause of thermal efficiency. Warm and cool air can easily escape or enter through these holes and so good quality seals are essential to true energy efficiency. Compression seals are a favorite for achieving total sealing.

Window frames

Window frames give necessary structure. Window frames provide structure for the whole product.
The traditional aluminum frame is a single extrusion. This allows heat to pass freely from the inside to the outside. With the advent of modern manufacturing technology, we can now improve this performance by thermally breaking the extrusion to increase energy-efficiency.

Other qualities of aluminum window frames

Aluminum is a popular material for window frames and they offer many advantages in the long term. Here are some of the key qualities of aluminum windows:

Highly durable: Aluminum frames are highly robust and are corrosion and water-resistant. Unlike other materials, aluminum will not swell, crack, split, or warp over time.

Cost: Aluminum provides many of the benefits of other framing materials without the cost.

Maintenance: Due to its durable qualities, aluminum window frames need very little maintenance to perform to the highest standards over their lifetime.

Aesthetics: Aluminum can be finished in a variety of ways to fit with whatever decor you may have. This includes metallic and timber finishes in almost any color.

Eco friendly: Aluminum is a sustainable material that can be recycled once used.

What is an energy-efficiency window

The energy-efficiency window of traditional mass production function products is usually defined as minimizing the energy needed to heat or cool the home by creating a thermal insulation layer and minimizing heat leakage. This is achieved through a number of different components working together to provide thermal protection, to guard against both heat loss and heat gain.

When using thermal break technology, there are two main formats, a resin-filled channel, perfect for double glazing, and a reinforced polyamide bar which is inserted between the inside and outside aluminum profiles suited for double and triple glazing, both creating an insulated barrier within the window frame. This will conduct heat, cold, and noise 1,000 times slower than standard aluminum.

ultimate awning window

How to measure and determine the energy-efficient windows

Energy-efficient windows help to lower costs. A combination of energy-efficiency function helps to reduce the cost of temperature control. When we need to detect the energy-efficient windows , we must know the R and U values.

R and U values are usually mentioned together with window energy efficiency, and both are useful measurements when determining the best window material. These values may be related to all components of the window, such as glass, frames, and Low-E coatings.

U-value: Measures how well a window prevents non solar heat loss or gain, or the rate of heat transfer through a material. The lower the U value, the greater the resistance of the window assembly to heat flow, so the better the insulation value.

R-value: Measure how resilient a material is to heat transfer. This is defined by factors such as thickness, material type and so forth. In contrast to U-values, the higher the R-value, the better.


Regarding the development trend of the aluminum window industry, it must eventually return to environmental protection. With the advent of a well-off life, consumers are increasingly demanding their own living environment. Green consumption has become the dominant concept that leads to the construction consumer market.

Therefore, to meet the needs of green consumption, not only from the appearance of the building, but also from the overall design of the window and the ecological environment. Excellent windows must have good performance and reduce pollution to the environment to create a comfortable environment for people. At present, China’s energy efficient windows industry has formed a certain scale, and backbone enterprises have been formed. Under the huge potential of innovative products, door and window enterprises only have to find the direction, and the prospects will be unlimited.

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