About folding windows and doors

Compared to traditional door and window systems, folding windows and doors could help your home to save more space. Traditional hinged doors use a hinge as the axis and take up a lot of space, but folding windows and doors take up much less space.

Even the sliding door is quite practical and convenient, but it can only open half of the space. However, the folding door can be fully opened, making every effort to reduce the occupation of space.

The folding windows and doors itself have good transparency, which will not affect the indoor visual effect and make space look wider.

Safety aluminum folding door

The aluminum folding door

Aluminum folding door is mainly composed of door frame, door leaf, transmission part, swing arm part, transmission rod, orientation device, etc. For multiple fans, it can be pushed to the side and takes up less space. It has the characteristics of light door, heat insulation, cold and heat insulation, moisture resistance, fire resistance and flame retardant. Easy and fast installation, long service life and convenient maintenance. In addition, the folding door structure is divided into simple and complicated. It is simple: just like the casement door, but the hinge for the folding door is specially made. Complicated: the upper and lower tracks of the door, the rotating hardware accessories.

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Installation method and precautions of aluminum alloy folding door

With the continuous development of technology and the advancement of technology, many products have folding functions or the birth of folding products. Compared with ordinary doors, folding windows and doors are more beautiful and convenient to use. They are mainly used in kitchens Place has become one of the decoration door choices for many homes. So, what are the methods of aluminum alloy folding door installation and what should be paid attention to? Let's take a look together.

The installation method as below:

#1  Confirm the length of the track
At the beginning of the process, data statistics and measurements are generally performed to determine the track length required for the entire aluminum folding door to ensure the following steps to proceed smoothly. When users select aluminum alloy doors and windows, they first select the appropriate doors and windows according to the size of the room. Specifications, according to the requirements of use, select the appropriate type of door and window.

You can take multiple measurements to take the average value. If it is too short, you can replace it or make up a section. If it is too long, you need to saw it off. However, you must ensure that the sawn wood chips do not enter the track.

 #2. Insert the aluminum folding door into the track Generally

It is bundled instead of partly inserted. After all, splitting it up will increase the difficulty of installation and reduce the quality of the installation. It will have a great impact on the results, and the duration of use is extremely short. There is no way to use it.

#3. Confirm the installation direction

The installation of the track and the iron plate is mainly to confirm the installation direction of the handle and the simple lock. This must not be wrong. This is a common-sense problem. Once it is wrong, it will be particularly easy to see.

Installation precautions for folding windows and doors

After installation, it is necessary to check, and it is necessary to check whether the door leaf switch is flexible, it must be flexible, whether the gap left is up to standard, there is no misalignment of the lock position. If there is no problem, you can If there is a problem, be sure to reinstall it, otherwise the door will fall off easily.

If you are worried that the lock cannot be locked after installation, don’t worry, now check if there is a lock plate outside the keyhole, check if the lock plate is too far in, the frame of the door must be 90 °, check whether At a 90-degree angle if the gap on the lock side is too small, you should adjust between the wall and the frame.

The above is the compiled information on the installation method and precautions of aluminum alloy folding doors.

How to choose a good quality folding windows and doors

Doors and windows join the preferred brand of high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows, with fine processing, sophisticated installation, good sealing performance, and easy opening and closing.

Poor quality aluminum alloy doors and windows, blindly selected aluminum profile series and specifications, rough processing, saw cutting instead of milling, installation is not required, poor sealing performance, inadequate opening, and closing, not only air leakage, rain and glass cracking, but also Under the strong wind and external force, it is easy to scrape or hit the push-pull part or glass, which will hurt people.

In short, the installation of aluminum alloy folding windows and doors probably includes the above three steps, but it is still necessary to pay attention to some installation details and earnestly focus on the work to ensure the quality of aluminum alloy folding doors.

About fully open folding doors and windows

The fully open folding door and window is a special window specially developed for the practical functions and resting characteristics of the balcony. It breaks through the limitation of traditional windows that can only open half, the opening area is 100%, how much, how thin and thick the vertical bars are. While ensuring energy-saving sealing, it is compatible with the concept of leisure; super-thick national standard high-quality aluminum, high-strength special alloy accessories, and perfect service system ensure users have no worries.

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This fully open folding window specially designed for balcony has 4 major advantages:

  1. Safety: Super-thickness, aviation-grade high-quality aluminum, special alloy wheel set, strong stress;
  2. Practical: double-layer insulating glass Full opening, which can save energy and heat insulation and fast ventilation;
  3. Novel: Breaking the tradition, opening area is 100%, and the balcony can be opened as large as possible;
  4. Convenient: easy to operate, convenient to dry clothes, and easy to clean glass.

 Four functions of the fully open folding window system:

– Anti-fog and haze | Anti-dust | Anti-moisture

– Noise reduction Isolate noise from the outside world, making balcony life more quality.

– Improve the privacy Through the packaging, create a balcony independent space and improve the privacy of balcony life.

Safety protection  Add a layer of protection to the balcony to prevent children from climbing and protect the safety of the family

PVC folding door

In simple terms, it is a folding door made of PVC as the main material.Folding windows and doors still have a large share in our domestic market, and doors made of this new material are used in many places. It is mainly used in workshops, shopping malls and offices. Its role is mainly effective temperature, dust, noise reduction and so on.

Compared with other opening methods, the PVC folding door has its unique advantages.

The hinged door leaf can be folded to overlap when it is opened to maximize the opening space. It allows the interior and nature to be fully integrated and fully enjoyed. Sun and fresh air. According to the user space, it is divided into large folding windows and doors and small folding doors. Large folding is generally used in open locations, such as a balcony, study, restaurant room, shop door, company interior, etc. Small folding is flexible and compact, which is suitable for Toilets and other places.

The folding door can flexibly choose the structure of the door leaf. If you need to make a large folding door with a boring of 3 folds, you can make it a combination of left fixing, 3 + 0, or a combination of left fixing, 2 + 1, etc. Wait. The aluminum alloy folding windows and doors produced by doors and windows use 45 ° angle splicing, and the gold and silver decorative lines can be freely selected; the aluminum materials supported by large folding doors are also diverse.

PVC folding door installation method

  1. Push the folding door as a whole into the entrance hole, determine the front and rear positions, fold the door leaf in the middle of the door frame and screw a few support screws beside the door frame to fix the upper wall and the side wall of the door frame.
  2. Align the impact drill with the upper, middle, and lower positions of the left and right door frames and punch a 5mm diameter hole to the inside wall of the door hole with a depth of about 10mm. Then loosen the support screws and take the folding door out of the hole
  1. Align the impact drill with a diameter of 7mm to the wall hole with a diameter of 5mm on the inside of the door hole, and expand the hole with a diameter of 7mm to a depth of about 40mm, and then drive the six rubber sleeves into the above holes.
  2. Push the folding door as a whole into the entrance hole again, find the center of the plastic hole, and use a screwdriver to screw the self-repairing screw into each of the rubber sleeve holes to fasten the door frame.
  3. Open the door of the folding door in the middle of the door frame. Tighten the screw of the hanging wheel above the folding door with screws and insert the card board at the shaft below the folding door. Tighten the screw

Generally speaking, PVCfolding windows and doors have the characteristics of convenient installation, and most of them are fireproof and antifouling. They are very popular types of door industry today. PVC is a chemical substance, but it is a very stable chemical substance, and it is not easy to emit harmful gases. Therefore, the folding door made of PVC is more resistant to corrosion and also resistant to wear. Its advantages determine its widespread use.


The folding doors and windows is a very high-quality material, and it is also a very creative result of contemporary times. It is still a great idea to choose a folding door for modern home decoration, because the folding door looks more fashionable and the overall appearance is more elegant.

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